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Star Wars Paper Models

March 18, 2004

tie fighter model

OK, I don’t know why I’m posting so much on paper models of late (some kind of deep-rooted neurosis, I’m sure), but here’s a keeper: Star Wars Paper Models so real you’ll want to hop in and ride around in them.

“Star Wars Paper Models”

  1. dp Says:

    Paper models can be a cheap, fun and easy way for kids to learn. Canon has an excellent collection of Paper Models at the following site:
    Their instructions are very easy to understand, and the site has a lot of educational models.
    However, the ultimate ‘Papercraft’ site appears to be which under their ‘new’ link has a running summary (with preview pic) of just about every new Papercraft model found anywhere on the web.

  2. Librarian in Black Says:

    Thanks dp! Great site suggestions…

  3. Skip Oberon Says:

    I’ve used the Canon Papercraft stuff with my kids and they love it! They should really put a warning on the package though, because a couple of the kids had to go to the nurse because of paper cuts! They were okay though! LOL LOL!!! Fortunately it was lunch time and instead of shepherd’s pie, they had steamboat willie, the peskiest Piliate on the Mississippi. Pontius Pilate, why did you do it? Did your mother teach you no mayonnaise can really liven up that BLT, but for an extra special treat, try miracle gro! (TM)

  4. Mike Hungerford Says:

    The Mother of all paper models links lists is Peter Visser’s “Iceberg” site in the Netherlands:

    The site is in both English and Dutch; go to the Links page for hundreds of paper model pages, all over the world.

  5. roger Says:

    The links to the star wars paper models are outdated

  6. Sarah Houghton (LiB) Says:

    Yes, apparently the site is now defunct. This post was from over two years ago, though, so I’m not that surprised. Such things come and go on the web.

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