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Purrs and Meows

March 8, 2004
Torin The LiB has a new feline in her life. Torin (“chief” in Irish) was adopted from the Marin Humane Society; he had been found wandering the streets. He’s around one year old, looks to be part Russian Blue, has little white paws and a white ascot on his chest, and has an affinity for olives (green, pimento-stuffed). Say hello, Torin.

“Purrs and Meows”

  1. Ruth E. Seid Says:

    Congratulations on the new addition to your family. He’s beautiful.

  2. Cathy Munster Says:

    What a sweet looking kitty. So belonging to a librarian. Will he learn to enjoy books and not use them as scratching post or play things. Could take him to the storytimes. Bet he would be a hit with kids.I work at a library too. Found your site somehow,just don’t remember. But have it bookmark and have been enjoy it.

  3. db Says:

    a fellow librarian friend recently directed be to a website about cats who have and are currently living in libraries. a number of them are called (surprise, surprise) dewey.

  4. Carol Says:

    What a cutie! I say we organize a “Bring Your Pet to Work Day.” I’ll even bring in some olives to share.

  5. c1 Says:

    He’s soooo cuuuute!

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