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And yet, another reason why I think Patrick Stewart is not only a great actor, but a stellar person as well. I listed one a while back. Here’s another. Stewart spoke out at the launch of an Amnesty International campaign on violence against women. He singled out Quentin Tarantino’s Kill Bill as “deeply offensive,” but also had the sense to speak out against some of his own former projects, though he didn’t name names. Stewart also told reporters, “The entertainment industry has been extremely irresponsible in perpetuating and stereotyping the violent attitudes of men to women. It’s a lazy and sensationalist approach. I condemn it entirely.” Mr. Stewart, I salute you. Thanks to Dr. Web for the link.

“Mr. Stewart, I salute you”

  1. alan Says:

    He didn’t seem to mind giving my Mom a spanking.

  2. Conservator Says:

    Good for Patrick Stewart!

    Good for Patrick Stewart, and for Sarah Houghton, for speaking out against Hollywood nihilism!

  3. Librarian In Black Says:

    Lucky mom ;)

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