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Library Kitties

March 22, 2004

American Profile has a heartwarming story on library cats this week. I want a library kitty in my library, but I always worry about three things:
1) The kitty running out the front door and disappearing forever (which would be simply horrible).
2) It’s not fair to leave the kitty alone once the library closes–perhaps the kitty should actually live with a staff member during closed hours.
3) What if staff members have allergies, not to mention the public?
Still, I wish I worked in a library with a kitty…perhaps that will be one of my criteria come the next job-hunt!

“Library Kitties”

  1. Tanuki Says:

    Kitties in libraries, kitties in shops, kitties anywhere and everywhere … What a cheerful thought. Thank you, LiB, it’s been such a dreary day otherwise … BTW, more photographs of Dewey, the Spencer Public Library cat, may be found at, “the first site dedicated to working cats everywhere.” Organized by state, not by type of location, alas.

  2. Cathy Says:

    Thanks for the link. I brought a copy of it to my library and everybody enjoy it. I don’t think I want a cat at my library.Have a few patrons were I think they would tried kick the cat. Plus one the branches have bears living nearby and if the cat got.I don’t think so.

  3. Rem Says:

    Thanks for the link.
    Have you heard about the belgian comic character “Gaston Lagaffe” ?
    There’s a cat lover too. See what happens when he takes over the charge of the librairy room

    Must leave you, stuff to sort out in the Archive Dept… ;-)

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