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Just got an e-mail from which reads:

" has just broken a major story detailing how the Pentagon created a special office to manipulate intelligence data on Iraq and WMDs. It’s written by Karen Kwiatkowski, a military officer who watched this unit at work, telling us the inside story in her own words." Distressing reading, but that’s nothing new on this topic…

“Disturbing Report “from the inside””

  1. Michael Hiteshew Says:

    OK. I read the article. To say that I’m unimpressed hardly describes my thoughts. Where do I start? Hmmmmm. Let’s start at the beginning:

    “The Pentagon” did not create anything. Political appointees within the leadership there created the Office of Special Plans. That’s the way the constitution is set up. The civilian (read politically appointed) leaders run the show. The DOD is part of the Executive Branch. Therefore, the president appoints that leadership. Nothing new there. Or sinister.

    Then I run across this gem,
    “While the people were very much alive, I saw a dead philosophy — Cold War anti-communism…”

    Excuse me? Did I read that? Has anti-communism become passe’? Weren’t the marxists the single greatest tyrants and murders of twentieth century? Did not Stalin and Mao execute/starve nearly 50-75 million of their own people (that’s 50,000,000 – 75,000,000 people) between them?

    And then,
    “…evil was recognized by the leadership to be resident mainly in the Middle East and articulated by Islamic clerics and radicals.”

    Again my reaction, What? She does NOT recognize islamic-fascist terrorists as evil? They would be what then, misunderstood?

    The article is chock full of obvious resentment at the civilian leaders carrying policies whether or not the civil servent carrerists disagreed or not. Again, that’s their job. They’re there to carry out the president’s policy. Whether a GS-15 agrees or not is irrelevent. The GS-15 is not president. The DOD does not exist to carry the policies of GS-15′s. GS-15′s exist to carry out the policies of the president. Methinks she doesn’t understand the constitution too well.

    Then there’s the foul odor of antisemitism that contaminates the entire piece. Israeli/Jewish/Likud are whispered in conspiritorial tones to the reader. Just between you and me (ssshhh!) is the JOOOZZZZ who run the place. It’s all a conspiricy, I tell ya! They’re everywhere! They’re selling matzo crackers in the cafeteria! God, I hope I don’t have to touch one. They murdered Jesus, ya know.

    She throws around scare quotes like a seasoned BBC reporter. “Special Plans”, “Expanded Iraq Desk”, “Our Policy”. Oh, the humanity!
    We have plans and policies. What next?

    And how does even comment on this,
    “the disastrous mistakes made in Washington and in Iraq in the past two years.”

    I bet the Iraqis don’t think overthrowing Saddam was a mistake. Considering that she in the military, I’m surprised she unaware of the fact that the US/UK were in a low level, continuous war with Saddam for the last ten years, at a cost 10-15 billion per year.

    None of which even touches on the obvious points like:

    1. The disastrous consequences the Oil-For-Food (aka Oil-For-Palaces) program was having on the Iraqi populace.
    2. The fact that Saddam was in continuous breach of the cease fire provisions of Gulf War I.
    3. The fact that everyones intel of Iraq was the same, and wasn’t cooked up on demand by Bush, Blair or Sharon. Or if it was, explain why the Germans had the same intel we did. Ditto France.
    4. The fact that Saddam was the only person to use chemical weapons in combat, not just on a large scale (as he did), but use them at all since WWI (1918). He then used them on his people. He was believed to have retained tons of nerve gas and blister agents. A drop of nerve gas on the skin will kill a human being.

    I could go on and on. I won’t bother.

    Here’s the problem. If she disagrees with the policy, fine. Tell us why. Tell us her alternatives. Talk about the short/long term effects of those policies; the costs, benefits, risks, rewards. But spare us the conspiritorial tone, the antisemitism, the scare/wink/disbelief quotes, the political naivete and the childish arrogance of the insulated ivory-tower intellectual.

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