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Wow, excerpts from BBC interviews with cool people like Chinua Achebe, Salvador Dali, Bob Marley, and Andy Warhol. There’s even one with William Butler Yeats (subject of my thesis “Women in the Cuchulain Drama Cycle of WB Yeats: Mothers, Daughters, & Whores”). I know what I’m listening to when I get home to my happy snappy DSL connection and nice speakers. This could take a while…

“Audio Clips of BBC Interviews”

  1. grooveraccoon Says:

    Herbal Verbal

    Q: What have Bob Marley and Mahatma Gandhi got in common (apart from both being arrested by the British?*) A: They both have interviews recorded and available online at the BBC Audio Archives . via Librarian in Black .

  2. ALLABOUTGEORGE's a2g Says:

    Deal the cards, you’re good at that.

    First part of an interview with “City of God” director Fernando MeirellesBuzzMachine’s “Dinosaurs v. cockroaches”In the 2000 election, 68 percent of married women voted, while only 52 percent of unmarried women turned out. And those nonvoters would hav…

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