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Blake posts on LIS News that up at PLA, the Nancy Pearl action figures are being bought as much as the Orlando Bloom READ poster (ahhh, Legolas). Congrats to Pearl, and a totally random note on Bloom: Why do librarians like him so very much? My theory is that it has to do with more than just his sheer good looks. It’s the whole Legolas-the-Elf character–intelligent, good looking, gentle, immortal–more than it is the actor himself. And elves just seem like the type of people you’d find in a beautiful library somewhere. You don’t see people swooning over Bloom’s character in Pirates of the Caribbean…swarthy pirate boy is not for me, I say. But Legolas, oh yes.

“Nancy Pearl and Orlando Bloom are Top Sellers”

  1. c1 Says:

    I almost think Will turner is cuter than legolas. That just might be me though i’ve got a thing for dark curly hair

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