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The Nebo School District in Utah created an insane number of PowerPoint presentations with money from a TLCF Professional Development Grant. They cover school-aged topics like the Pledge of Allegiance, Apollo 11, Martin Luther King, Proper Keyboarding, Bobcats, Gravity, the ABCs, Erosion, Microbiology, Spain, the Civil War, Van Gogh, Geometry, the list goes on… All in all, when printed out, they have 12 pages of presentations! I contacted the webmaster and he states that the site is meant as a resource for educators, and teachers are welcome to use them in the classroom. But, if they are to be used in any type of commercial venture, the teacher’s permission would need to be obtained. And, as always, all proper citation of this site as the source of the materials is expected. A great resource, hiding there on the web…Enjoy!

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