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Now that I live in Marin and work for the county government (ahhh, libraries as part of government structure, another issue altogether), the whole mysterious breast cancer phenom in Marin is becoming more interesting to me. This article, oddly posted on Wired News, discusses and links to studies that have already been done, and calls for further studies, as no clear answer has been found. Various studies have said that the increased rates of breast cancer in the county are due to women not having children or waiting until later in life to have children, using hormone replacement therapy, drinking 2 glasses of alcohol a day, or adolescent exposure to local radioactive waste dumps. I’ve also heard that the fog line’s geography relates to where breast cancer rates are highest, and that drinking from plastic bottles may have something to do with the increased cancer rates. This article does point to a lot of the resources available, all in one place. A strange, and disheartening, local phenomenon.

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