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Eragon gets a script-writer

February 19, 2004
eragon.jpg LiB’s favorite book of recent years, Eragon, is being made into a movie. Peter Buchman will be writng the script. Buchman wrote the script for Jurassic Park III. That particular film got really awful reviews, but Buchman has a lot of good material to work with in Eragon. Who will they cast as Eragon himself, do you think? My current vote is for Spencer Treat Clark (from Gladiator, Unbreakable, and Mystic River). To me, he just has the look…

Eragon gets a script-writer”

  1. Evie Says:

    OMG!!!!!!!!!!!! This is one of my FAVORITE books in the world (apart from Lord of the Rings, by JRR Tolkien)!!!!! I can’t believe Eragon is becomming a movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! When I heard the news I was squealling all over my house. I’m SOOOO EXCITED!!!! When does it come out?!?!

  2. Librarian in Black Says:

    Wow, OK. Someone more excited than me. Ummm, since a script writer was just assigned, it’s probably going to be a couple of years before we see the movie come out. The second book will probably come out before then, so there will be something to tide you over :)

  3. Joanna Says:

    I sure hope they don’t cast an Eragon too old for the part. Eragon starts off at age 15, turning 16 almost at once. Too old, and ELDEST might not work out right. Maybe they should wait till ELDEST is written. I suppose Christopher is going to be too old to play the lead. But that would be so cool. They’d better go slowly and do it correctly – Haste makes waste. Or so I’ve been told. JJ

  4. michael Says:

    this is so cooool i cannot belive the it is coming out already. it should come out cristmas 2005. but you know how movies are.personoly i think they should get haily joel osmond to play eragon,but thats just me{they probaly cant pay him enough}. i heard that eldest is coming out in fall 2005. to me that is too long! oh well i guest i can freez my self until it comes out.ha ha ha. some say that eragon should wait a few more years for the movie, because lord of the rings didn’t come out in theaters till a long time after it was made. but that is just stupid because nobody realy read it until i came in theaters.i mean harry potter was out for like a year before it was in theaters.
    here is my pick of the cast:

    eragon:haily joel osmond
    brom:sean coneray {ha ha ha}
    murtag: that kid tomy from “third rock from the sun”
    arya:mary kate or ashely olson
    the boy who gave brom and eragon directions to the stable in therinsford:me!{of course}

  5. harry walker Says:

    i think the book was gr8 and i can’t wait for the movie to come out

  6. anymous Says:

    Eldest is coming put in August 2005. and the movie is supposed to be coming out sometime in 2005

  7. Katie Says:

    I think if they get one of the olson twin to play Arya then I will KILL myself! I think that would just ruin it! But I have heard that Sean Connery will be brom. Now that will work! I can see that! And I don’t think that Haily joel osmond would be GROSS AS Eragon. But that’s just what I say!

  8. Erica Says:

    I agree that they should wait for “Eldest” to come out, it might have a better affect on the outcome of the movie, and i was just wondering if anyone has any clue as to where the auditions are and such stuff like that, i was interested in playing Arya, if you have any info. can you email me please? Thank you

  9. Vicki Says:

    I think haily jole osmond is 2 young well at least he looks it. Who do u think will do saphira’s voice? I would love 2

  10. Leslie Says:

    i dont think haly jole osmond should play him either, he doesn’t look the part, i wonder who will play Saphira? And i hope an olsen twin IS NOT going to be Ayra, that would totally ruin her charatcer

  11. Maiya Says:

    If they cast one of the Olsen twins as Arya, I shall not see the film at all and that would really upset me because I love the book. Paoulini is such a good writer, I can’t believe the publishers didn’t snap him up sooner! No offense to either of the Olsen twins, they may be pretty, but they haven’t got the presence of an elf like Arya. Personally, heres my list for the casting:
    Eragon: I have no idea. One of my friends said that Orlando Bloom would be good as him. I nearly throttled her.
    Brom: I can see Sean Connery in that part quite well.
    Arya: Liv Tyler (well, she has the experience of being an elf! She’ll be used to the pointy ears by now…)
    The voice of Sapphira: My grandmother, she just sounds so wise and dragon-like (especially when you make her angry…)
    The voice of Solembaum: I had a flight of fancy and thought of John Cleese, but maybe not…

    2005 is so faaaaaar away. It’s not fair! Grrr…

  12. Nick Rudkin Says:

    Im so glad they are making a movie i just hope they dont skip over as many details as the did in Lord of the Rings.i love fantasy and magic books and even, more dragon books. and Eldest sooooo!! far away it cant come out to soon in my oppinion. i wonder what the cast will be. i just would hate it if one of the olsen twins played Arya there way to prepy.

  13. Smiles A Lot Says:

    I don’t think a person in my house does not know about the Eragon becoming a movie. I have told everyone, more than once. They are all starting to get annoyed with me. But that is ok, I don’t mind it, I am just so happy.I am getting my dad interested in reading the book. I am wondering if he is just saying it to get me to leave him alone. I can not wait to find out who the cast is going to be. As for Arya I really do not care who it is as long as they fit the part.But I don’t want one of the Olsen sisters playing Arya. They just don’t seem to fit the part. Plus they are all skin and bone, how are they even going to be able to hold up a sword. Nothing againt them, they are great at acting. I just don’t want them in this movie.I think Sean Connery would be a great actor to play Brom. As for Eragon I think that Jeremy Sumpter already has the part. He knows how to sword fight and fly. And he is an amazing young actor. We are going to see many great movies from him. Why would he not get the part? As for Murtag I think they should use Jonathan Bennett. He seem to have the look for that part. I just hope that the movie will turn out as good as the book and have the same story line. I hate it when the movies are differnt from the books. Expecially if the book is really good. The movie better be good…otherwise I will really irritated! I had no idea about the book untill I saw it in the store. I read what is was about and was really excited to get home and start reading. It did not take me to long to finish the book. I am just glad that I had all the free time I wanted to read. If you have not read the book I suggest that you do. It is amazing. I would like to say that Christopher Paolini is an amazing writer, I hope the next book is as good as the first, and I hope it is just as long.Thanks for your time.. and please read the book. I know you will love it as much as I have.

  14. Sara Says:

    Mary Kate and Ashley olsen should defenitely not play Arya they are far from being elvish, plus they are way to shory Arya was supposed to be taller then most men with raven black hair. I hope the cast is not all famous people so it will seem more realistic

  15. Skylar Says:

    I read eragon and was amazed at how great it was. I read the book in 4 days, 120 pages a day. The book was amazing and i agree with many other people that the olsen’s should not be arya. I saw somone say liv tyler and that might be ok. I want the next book to come out!!!!!!!!!! and i want the movie. I like the idea of christmas 2005 as a realease of the movie! i cant wait for the movie…….see all of ya at the theater!!!


    Arya: Liv Tyler ( i think )
    Eragon: Jeremy Sumpter ( seems alright )
    Brom: Sean Connery ( all the way )
    Murtagh: Jonathan Bennett ( seems perfect )

    I am not sure about anyone else though…..i want someone to give ideas for Angela, Ajihad, and Hrothgar.

  16. debbie Says:

    all i have to say on this comment thingy is………


    ok i’m civilized now. take my comment to heart. lol.

  17. Lauren Says:

    When i found out that Eragon was bieng made into a movie i was sooo excited! I think they should make more books into movies cause it might get other ppl interested in the books. Another trilogy i would like to see made into movies is The Abhorsen Trilogy (Sabriel, Lirael and Abhorsen) by Garth Nix. I think Arya should be played by someone that’s a cross between Liv Tyler and Angelina Jolie (Lara Croft 4rm Tomb Raider) cause Liv is a good actress and Angelina looks good in all leather. Jeremy Sumpter is sooooo hot! I can definatly see him as Eragon. And i think the narrator (soz ive forgotten her name) in Peter Pan would be good for Saphira cause she has a very smooth, wise voice.

  18. Lauren Says:

    When i found out that Eragon was bieng made into a movie i was sooo excited! I think they should make more books into movies cause it might get other ppl interested in the books. Another trilogy i would like to see made into movies is The Abhorsen Trilogy (Sabriel, Lirael and Abhorsen) by Garth Nix. I think Arya should be played by someone that’s a cross between Liv Tyler and Angelina Jolie (Lara Croft 4rm Tomb Raider) cause Liv is a good actress and Angelina looks good in all leather. Jeremy Sumpter is sooooo hot! I can definatly see him as Eragon. And i think the narrator (soz ive forgotten her name) in Peter Pan would be good for Saphira cause she has a very smooth, wise voice.

  19. Emizo Says:

    some times people are talking adout people in their early 20′s and I would just like to give a reminder that Eragon is 15 years old in the book

  20. MJ Says:

    To Begin, Eragon is an engaging children’s book that was not exactly well-written. However, For the age of the author, I give him credit, and I did enjoy the book. Unfortunately, due to lack of experience, some elements of Paolini’s “masterpiece” seem to make it a stereotypical, cliche, mildly entertaining story that takes its cues directly from other works. Consider for a moment the book’s similarities to the popular movie series, Star Wars. In these movies, Luke Skywalker lives with his aunt and uncle, who are later killed. He then enlists the help of a mysterious old man who happens to live nearby. This old man, however, is more than he seems, and it is discovered that he is indeed a former Jedi, a mythical warrior knight. Luke then goes in search of the truth about his family, and in the process, learns that his father is part of the evil empire and that he has estranged siblings. Poor old Obi-Wan, the old mentor, is sadly killed in a conflict with the enemy, but the death only helps to cement the importance of Luke’s mission to become the first of the new generation of Jedis. Sound familiar? I will not bother to harp upon the similarities between Eragon and The Lord of the Rings because they are so glaringly obvious that it makes me cringe. As far as the movie goes, I say kudos to whoever can pull this one off. The director will have a challenge before him to keep this movie from crossing the line into the domain of silly pre-teen nonsense that takes all of the grevity and themes out of a relatively entertaining work of fiction. And as for you “purists”, I think that filmakers can often add interesting additions to their adaptations of well-known books without “spoiling” the plot. Adding every single detail from a novel is simply an impossibility in the field of cinematic arts. Had The Lord of the Rings movies contained every piece of information presented in the books, the movie would be ridiculously long and uninteresting. In addition, I think that hiring actors and/or actresses that are in their early to mid-twenties would be a far wiser choice than signing on young, inexperienced actors. The flavor of the movie would be the same, as most child actors usually play characters younger than they are themselves. If a 16 year-old were to play Eragon, more likely than not, it would seem that Eragon was much younger than he should be portrayed. The same holds true for the other characters. The novel deals with some complex ideas that are more than a young actor could deal with. I think that if the director looks for new talent in the making of this movie, it will be a fresher and more engaging work than if the same type-casted child actors were employed in the same roles.

  21. Lauren Says:

    Actually i change my mind, instead of Angelina Jolie, i think it should be Kate Beckinsale from Van Helsing, cause she’s beautyful, and she can pull of the action girl look.

  22. hey Says:

    one word : eragon

    Spencer Treat Clark

    thats all im done bye

  23. Yea Says:

    Just a simple reminder, Eragon is 15 turning 16…..Jeremy Sumpter does not even look 12….niether does haley jole osment (and if ur going to talk about actors and actresses, spell their names right…they’re not in movies for nothing)As to who should play Ayra, i was thinking maybe Stephanie Wood or something

  24. Yea Says:

    Just a simple reminder, Eragon is 15 turning 16…..Jeremy Sumpter does not even look 12….niether does haley jole osment (and if ur going to talk about actors and actresses, spell their names right…they’re not in movies for nothing)As to who should play Ayra, i was thinking maybe Stephanie Wood or something

  25. Yea Says:

    Just a simple reminder, Eragon is 15 turning 16…..Jeremy Sumpter does not even look 12….niether does haley jole osment (and if ur going to talk about actors and actresses, spell their names right…they’re not in movies for nothing)As to who should play Ayra, i was thinking maybe Stephanie Wood or something

  26. Yea Says:

    Just a simple reminder, Eragon is 15 turning 16…..Jeremy Sumpter does not even look 12….niether does haley jole osment (and if ur going to talk about actors and actresses, spell their names right…they’re not in movies for nothing)As to who should play Ayra, i was thinking maybe Stephanie Wood or something

  27. Renee Says:

    I believe that Murtagh should be played by Viggo Mortenson and that Arya should be played by Liv Tyler. As a matter of fact, besides the fact that the similarities between Lord of the Rings are so glaringly obvious, they might as well just resign the whole cast for a big reunion (lol) jk.
    However, Gandalf=Brom, Horthgar=Gimli, no Orlando Bloom (thank god) but Jeod=Faramir? Maybe? Viggo Mortenson HAS HAS HAS HAS to play Murtagh. Imagine how fabulous he could be in Eragon after doing Hedalgo and The Lord of the Rings (Aragorn).

    P.S. Sorry, but I personally think that, like LOTR, some unknowns should be brought to the big screen. Give us some variety!

    P.P.S. One of those unknowns could be me. I beleive that I could be a wonderful Arya. And no, I am not joking. I am tall, willowly, have long, dark hair, and look like a younger version of Liv Tyler. Sry, that’s just what I have been told. I m not just being vain.

  28. kaley Says:

    i want to be arya though i’m not a big star not even an actress,probably to young,but other than that i’m perfect loooooooovvvvveeeee elves i act just like them i hope whoever is casting the movie will look on here and notice me

  29. none Says:

    The olsens would suck because Arya is like a thousand years old. also ERAGON IS ONLY 15 so i think a new actor should play him (and Arya and Ajihad and Murtagh and The Twins and Roran and Orik and Katrina and…)

    P.S.The only actor they have so far is Cristopher Paolini (yes, i know he wrote the bbok) he wants to be beheaded at Farthen Dur

  30. Ophelia Says:

    Ummmmmmmm Idont have much to say exept for that christipher poulini should be Eragon.
    Some people are exited about it…….I’m just kind of worried. I dont know if there is anyone els who should play any one, I’m only 1O so I couldent give any good advise.

    P.S. I dont understand about the olson twins and Aria they are two people and Aria is one person.

  31. Devaroux Says:

    Just Hurry with the book will ya!

  32. BLSB Says:

    First off, I love the book Eragon. Secondly, I feel that each of the characters should be played by actors and actresses who are not well known, but know what they are doing. I’m tired of seeing the same faces over and over and it would take away from the book, I feel, if they used already famous actors. Think of the LOTR, several of the characters were new to the acting business or not well-known and look how good they did! Thanks! BLSB!

  33. Kyle Says:

    Dose any one no how to cantact peter bruchman.i am interested in playing the roles of either durza or murtagh. i have acting expeirience in school but have never been in a big movie.i am tall bout 5 9 and i think i would be perfect for durza but murtagh would be cool to. if u no where to get a hold of christopher paolini or peter bruchmam PLEASE O PLEASE contact me

  34. kyle Says:

    i would love to play thse roles i would do it for free and even use an alieouse for the making so i didnt get any puplicity. thank u that is all

  35. Jennifer Mylrea Says:

    Eragon: The kid who played peter pan(new peterpan)
    Arya: Kate Beckinsale
    Brom: Anthony Hopkins
    Murtagh: Heath Ledger
    Saphire’s voice: Angelica Huston

  36. Kamrita Says:

    Um… you guys need to relax, ’cause the casting directors use agencies and auditioning for casting roles in big movies. Don’t worry cause there weren’t many people in LOTR that you recognized.

  37. Caitlin Says:

    Hey I just started reading Eragon (it is a great book from the beginning) And the first image I had of Eragon was Ryan Merriman but I guess he is jsut a little too old to play Eragon! My opinion on Liv Tyler playing Arya, I think is sorta whack, yes she was already an elf before and pry used to it, but if she was Arya when I watch the movie, I will just keep thinking of Arya as Arwen!!!

  38. Nobody you need to know :) Says:

    WHAT IS UP WITH EVERYONE ABOUT VIGGO MORTENSEN PLAYIN Murtagh????? Murtagh is like, 17, only a little older than Eragon.

  39. Taylor Says:

    wow i think Jeremy Sumpter should play Eragon…but he needs to grow out his hair…and get fatter…but otherwise, i think he is perfect for the part…except for the lisp

  40. Cutie_Angel Says:

    I have a questoin…..Does any one now the main conflict in this book or conflicts?

  41. Freb Says:

    oslins are tooooooooooooooo prepy for it, man. you inspire me so much it would be an honor if i could be in it . heck it would be an honor just to see you in person. even though im done with the book i gard it with my life.ive never ever clung to any thing let alone a book than i have with ERAGON, the best book ever,you probly think this is some weird attempt to get in the movie ,Noooo its not yano wut you dont even hafta pay me i justwant to meet u pllllllllllllllllleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeezzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!

  42. Emily Says:

    I dont think that Liv Tyler,(or the Olsen twins)should play Arya because shes already worn the whole be-a-elf thing, they should cast some new faces.

  43. Emily Says:

    …Kate Beckinsale would make a great Arya, shes almost fits Aryas description completely. She’s a great actress, and has enough experience to know what she’s doing.

  44. MJ Says:

    Just so you know, this is not a page devoted to or even looked at by casting directors. Also, I really don’t think that the producers of Eragon are looking for, frankly rather creepy, preteen fantasy-obsessed Eragon worshipers who think they are going to get a part in the movie by typing an elongated version of “please” several times. As for the major conlict…I don’t think there really is one…unless you count self-discovery as a conflict. I hope Mr. Paolini has developed some sort of skill in the matter of writing in time for the next novel in the seemingly poorly-written trilogy.

  45. Emily Says:

    J. Sumpters cute and all, but would he make a good Eragon? I dont think he would.

  46. Bryant Says:

    I have to agree with everyone who has said Eregon needs new actors and new faces. Lets get some not very well known actors in this film. If any of ya’ll know about trying out for a part in the movie please let me know.

  47. Jessica Says:

    Here we go – Liv Tyler? Bad idea for Arya. She’s great and all, but she already played an elf and I agree with whoever said that if she played Arya that big fans of both Eragon and LOTR would great confused. I know I would. Anyway, Jermey-whatever-his-name-is is way cute and all, but NO WAY should he be Eragon! I just imagined Eragon as tall dark and handsome – main point, dark! As in, dark wavy hair that falls kinda in front of his eyes but not quite . . . . . it really should be a new or undiscovered actor. And that Jermey dude does look younger than he actually is, so that’s another reason why he shouldn’t be Eragon. Ryan Merriman might be okay but he looks too . . . whats the word . . . I don’t know, he just doesn’t fit the foerign look of the beings of Alaegsia. Um, what else . . . oh yeah! Sean Connery – well at first I was like wow that actually is a good suggestion for Brom but then I thought about it and, you know, he just seems to famous. Everybody in the movie should be completely new or undiscovered! OOOOOOOOO now I remember! *clears throat* MARY KATE OR ASHLEY?! AS ARYA?! They are so short and blonde – that’s not the way that Arya is descirbed! She is tall and beautiful and majestic – with RAVEN hair, might I add.

    My friend who is sitting here next to me says that they shouldn’t put anyone too hot in the movie or else she won’t be able to understand what it is about.

  48. lala Says:

    i wonder how you get cast for a part..please if you know tell me

  49. bandturtle Says:

    I think that they should have (mostly) undiscovered actors for the movie, but sean connery as Brom might be o.k.
    whoever put the idea of having one of the olsen twins as Arya is crazy, and whoever it was that put that stuff about Eragon being poorly written, too much like Star Wars, etc. better be glad that i don’t know who they are, because i would seriously hurt them for that!

    Where do you think they should film the movie? All of the landscapes in the book sound so beautiful, that it’s like, where the D’arvit could they find the perfect place(s)? Assuming of course that they wouldn’t just use a whole lot of green-screen for background! (if you’re wondering, “D’arvit” is from the Artemis Fowl books by Eoin Colfer- they are really fun/good books! Y’all should read them!
    well, i can’t wait for the movie to come out, you can bet that i’ll be at the midnight showing of it(if they have one) and i’ll probably see it like a million times!(assuming that they don’t completly ruin the story)
    —from a Eragon/Lord of the Rings/any good book fan!—

  50. Skipper Says:

    I think they’re probably done if it comes out this year. HAHA. Cool. We need more movies that aren’t like: “DIE. DIE. DIE.” I hate that stuff.
    I think they should use new faces for this movie. Just an… intuition.

  51. Alinati Says:

    THANK YOU, MJ, whoever you are, I SO TOTALLY GET THAT. I relate to this Paoulini guy though ’cause I’m an aspiring writer, and I tend to… copy… other people’s stories. I usually change it though… ahem. At least Eragon’s hand didn’t get cut off, then it would be a little (just a little) obvious he was copying. NOT a good idea to make it so plain.

  52. Scooby Says:


  53. Steff Miles Says:

    OMG! When I heard that that the movie of Eragon was coming out I was so exited, but I was also a little worried. One reason because many script writers and film producers who had tried to turn a book into a movie have failed greatly in the past. I’m really hoping that they will be able to make a movie that is actually relevant to the book and that they will not leave out any important details.

  54. Erik Says:

    Anyone know when or where the auditions are? E-mail me if you know. I can’t wait for the movie to come out.

  55. Erik Says:

    e-mail is

  56. Raina Says:

    I agree pretty much with what other people are saying, once you’ve read such a good book such as Eragon, then thinking about it becoming a film is exciting but also worrying. After all when you read a book you can always have this little image of them in your head, but if it’s made into a film, the actor is going to be the new image of that character, some people might have thought he would have been taller or maybe smarter looking or more naive, but when you have an actor that’s the way that character may continue to stick in your mind from the day you see the film onwards.

    Sorry I ramble.

    I can’t wait for both the next book and the movie to come out and hope both books and films will be such a successful trilogy as the well-known Lord of the Rings.

  57. brad Says:

    this book is bad ass i can’t wait for the second one to come in and the movie i just hope they don’t have the olson twins at all in this movie because their gay and it wouldn’t be cool to put them in this movie and yeah i could see sean connery as brom but they should have some one astonishingly beautiful for the role of arya well this sucks cause i can’t wait but i guess i’ll have to suffer with the rest of you guys so it’s not too bad

  58. winter Says:

    I think that like The green jedi lady in star wars wud work for Arya.(wut does it matter shes in a coma for half the book!)Sean Connery wud wrk for brom but the dude that plays bilbo bagains wud work 2! AS for Eragon the person iin war of the worlds (if uve seen it) that plays robbie wud be awsome at it! Sapiras voice could be played by the Wood elf in lotr. Angelena should be played by a crazy yet wise women but kinda buff becaese she fights.For Roran i have no idea. (olsens wud sck for Arya!) No matter wud i think the less stars the better come on not known actors ACT up! have a nice day!

  59. Winter Says:

    any casters watchin this i would be great for the little boy who directs brom and Eragon 2 the stable or if there is a flash back 2 one of broms story i wud be great as a young ragon rider trainee!

  60. Winter Says:

    PS. Viggo mortensen would not be very good for Mutagh because he is 2 old and is 2 well known. He could be Ajihad tho……..

  61. Cheeze Says:

    For u people who want to be in the movie, u HAVE to have acting experiance. And maybe have an agent, their not looking for weird book-people, their looking for actual actors and actresses. Um as for the cast… Haley Jole Osment for Eragon, Aria: somone other than the Olsen twins… WAY to preppy!!!! And Brom: Ian Mckellen. He ould do really well i think. The voice for saphira should be: i dunno

  62. Kat Says:

    i personally loved this book, and Christopher did an amazing job. i would like to see the heart throb Jeremy Sumpter play Eragon, or maybe Daniel Radcliffe( drool!!!!), i can see Sean Connery as Brom, i think that maybe Viggo Mortensen should play Mutagh(even though he is too old), i think that they should get Saffron Burrows(old Wendy from new Peter Pan) to play Saphira’s voice, as for Arya i think that they should have Kate Beckinsale for her part, unless they want me!!lol. but i just can’t wait for the movie to come out, hopfully in another few months.

  63. M.Q. Says:

    Eragon: Liam Aiken, Prince Charmont (ella enchanted)?
    Arya: Catherine Zeta-Jones, Natalie Portman, NOT OLSEN TWINS
    Brom: Sean Connery, Anthony Hopkins
    Shade: HAYDEN CHRISTIANSEN (is so sexy)
    Jeod: Ian meckellen, Dumbledore in third harry potter movie
    Murtagh: Orlando Bloom, Heath Ledger
    Roran: Benjamin McKenzie
    Ajihad: Oded Fehr (the mummy)
    Katrina: Scarlet Johansson
    Angela: Julie Walters
    Nasuada: Me!!! just kidding

    on they said that an unknow 17 year old was going to play Eragon!! His name is Edward Speelers!!

  64. lilabel Says:

    CAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the cast has to be perfect cuz this is my favorite book.

    eragon: NOT JEREMY SUMPTER!!!! he looks too pampered and spoiled, perhaps liam aiken but if he looked older and was a kind of dark sandy blonde, i always imagined him as kinda a mousey blonde (if u know what that color is)but a new face wud be best

    arya: kate beckinsale, her features almost perfectly match aryas and makeup can make her more exotic.

    murtagh: ummmm, he could be like jonathan bennet or jared padalecki, or someone younger, he has to be hot though cuz i always imagined him hot and thus hes my favorite charecter *blushes*

    brom: IAM HOLMES ALL THE WAY (bilbo)

    angela:julie christie with medium/short legenth curley hair (she played madame rosmerta in harry potter 3 movie)

    hrothgar:, hes hard, either him and orik can both be played by John Rhys-Davies (gimli)

    orik: as i sasid before john rhys-davies

    ajihad:i really dont know, someone who looks good and strong and darkly tan (not african american) and does good with bald hair, cant think of anyone like that yet

    nausuada: a darkly tan natilie portman

    but every1 knos new faces are the best because we dont link them to past movies they’ve been in!!!!!
    hope u like my choices!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  65. lilabel Says:

    also, if u want to find the pics of the names, go to google images

  66. truc Says:

    eragon is an amazing book! I just hope they dont make the movie bad. cant wait!

  67. Alex Says:

    I read an article on that they were going to cast a boy named Edward Speeler for Eragon. Don’t bother looking on the internet ther is no information, but apparently he has good charisma and a some fan girls already at his school. THIS IS NOT OFFICIAL!

  68. Baylien Says:

    Whoever said Eragon was poorly written I just have one thing to say. What planet are you from man!? Eragon is one of the best books I’ve ever read. I used to be a Harry Potter fan(key word Used)And now that has been bumped to like number ten on my top ten book series list and is not far from being taken off completely. About Liv Tyler being Arya not bad though I agree about having new faces. Jeremy Sumpter…ummmm….no(I’ll leave it at that) Sean Connery isn’t a bad person to play Brom either though we run back into the new faces issue. And about the one of the olsen twins playing Arya…What in gods name are you thinking? Two words NO WAY!!! But All I really have to say is they better not mess this movie up.

  69. Baylien Says:

    I have a few more things to say sorry I didn’t cover this in my lats post.(I know I talk too much) But that Edward Speeler guy doesn’t sound too bad. I looked him up and he looks the part(in my opinon) but if you dissagree feel free to.I’m just here to voice my opinions. Also I can’t wait till Eldest comes out. Again one of the olsen twins for playing Arya is definately out of the question!!

  70. lilabel Says:

    OMFG I CANT WAIT but if they mess it up i will like c ry cuz i love the book

  71. Callie Says:

    Ed Speeler does fit the part…for the most part. To me Eragon is to good of a character to be portrayed by anyone.. but himself (even tho he is fictional) but yes Ed does look the part (except hes blonde). Im really excited about the new movie. If you seen Princess Diaries 2 then you no that Princess Mia’s love interst looks like…if u havent, watch it. Chris Pine to me is Murtagh.

  72. Meg Says:

    Dude, i’ve seen jeremy sumpter and yeah he does look a little young (though hott)…but who the hey is the ED SPEELER? i looked him up and cant find a thing on him…and i think that since liv tyler has already been an elf that she shoudlnt do it again.(She did an awesome job though!)I really think the character angela is cool. She reminds me of myself, so they better pick someone AWESOME for that part. Someone like Kate Beckinsale sounds alrght. By the way, I LOVE ERAGON THEY BETTER NOT SCREW IT UP!

  73. Meg Again Says:

    I meant to say someone like Kate Beckinsale sounds alright for Arya…but i think she seems a little too old…for Arya…maybe the looks, but younger.

  74. lone Says:

    edwards spelleers-eragon, Sienna Guillory-arya

  75. hikari Says:

    personally i think they sould get kristen kruek (lana lang on smallville, and was also in ‘the legend of earthsea’) to play arya. i think she fits the dicription PERFECTLY & she is a very good actress.

  76. lisa Says:

    OMG!!!! Eragon is bein made into a movie! I already got to read Eldest because i preordered it. HA!!!!j.k. it is soooooooo good! Just a hint-he is physically Changed. Hee hee hee. I saw the cast for Eragon and I still don’t know how Edward Speeler looks like (I hope he fits the role). I can’t stand that the movie is coming out in 2006!!!! it’s sooooo long!!!!! this is drivin me nuts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  77. Ryanthefantasyfreak Says:

    i looked at and google and it said they are deffinetly going to cast Edward Speeler as Eragon and Sienna Guillroy(Resident Evil:Apcolipse)as Arya.
    by the way,u should go to its the official ERAGON website and has some cool games!(+ Christopher Paolini writes a letter every month on the NEWSLETTER page!!!)

  78. Ryanthefantasyfreak Says:

    o yea,and i REAAAAAAAAALY glad that 1 of the olsons arnt goin’ to be in the movie.and im sorta dissapointed Liv Tyler wont be Arya…
    o well,at least i have the great(hopefully)movie to look forward to!And maybe the ERAGON game!!!(like almost all movies that have to do anything with battles and the like get made into games.)

  79. Chelsea Says:

    Just to let all of you know…this is a movie that relates to the book and should reflect the book. When did all of these guy crazy girls start posting in here anyway??? We’re supposed to be posting who would be good for the part….not hott for the part…*shakes head in disgust* Liv Tyler is an awesome actor, but she has already made an image for the Lord of the Rings. Eragon should be made into a whole new movie. I think Sienna Guillory would make an awesome image of arya. The fierce, but softened elven look. Sean Connery for Brom is also a good one. The old and wise and worn travellor look. For Murtagh, a rugged man with the image of a “best friend” for Eragon or good archer. Let me remind you all that the book describes Eragon as a drak brown haired teenager. NOT A HOTT STAR!!! With intense brown eyes. Edward Speelers is alright, but again…he IS a blonde and his face doesnt look as described. Sorry Edward. NO LORD OF THE RINGS should be put into the movie because we a re trying to make a NEW image…got it preps???

  80. Matt Says:

    I Think Eldest and Eragon Are Some of the best pieces of Writing second only to LOTR.I think Geoffrey Rush Should Play Brom and The Actor for A-jihad is Spot on.
    Galbatorix should be played by Christopher Lee(Going Back to LOTR)

    P.s I think Murtagh Will kill his Glaedr’s Rider

  81. Matt Says:

    Oh one last thing The Game will Action/Adventure….

  82. natz Says:

    eragon is one of the best books i ever read

  83. Chelsea Says:

    theyre making a game???

  84. Matt Says:

    Of Course they are its standard Policy.Every Book made into a Film HAS to go into game-form

  85. adrienne Says:

    Edward Speleers -Eragon
    Chris Egan -Roran
    Jeremy Irons -Brom
    John Malkovich -Galbatorix
    Djimon Hounsou -Ajihad
    Sienna Guillory -Arya
    Robert Carlyle -Durza
    Garrett Hedlund -Murtagh

  86. Matt Says:

    See the Guy for A-jihad looks exactly how I imagined him in the Book

  87. alex Says:

    i cant wait for the movieto come ou does anyone know if theres a game oming out?

  88. alex Says:

    i cant wait for the movie to come out does anyone know if theres a game coming out?

  89. lilabel Says:

    WOW murtagh is eragons bro, he has to look like him though to be good in the movie

  90. Chelsea Says:

    Brothers dont always look alike to tell you.

  91. Matt Says:

    There is a game coming out roughly before the film

  92. pat Says:

    I cant believe there making a movie for eragon its the best news ever but when does it come out?

  93. Chelsea Says:

    I think they were saying 2006 or late 2005

  94. Anonymous Says:

    I think that the Eragon book is GREAT!!! Can’t wait till it comes out. But, has anyone seen any pictures of this Edward Speeler Guy because I haven’t seen any all of the three hours I’ve been searching and it’s really starting to PISS ME OFF!!! Can’t wait till the film comes out and LOVE THE BOOKS!!!!!!!!

  95. Anonymous Says:

    Don’t worry I fond one !!!!!!!!!

  96. Jadon Says:

    I think the girl that play that played Arwen in lord of the rings should play aryia

  97. Chelsea Says:

    OH my god….Jadon, you need to be smart, did u not see what everyone else was writing including me??? Liv Tyler (Arwen) is a LORD OF THE RINGS CHARACTER!!! It would not be good to mix up with Arya. Arya is already being played by a wonderful actress called Sienna Guillory who definetly matches Arya’s features.

  98. Matt Says:

    Sienna Guilorry………….Very bad cast for Arya,Kate Beckinsale for Arya.Eric Bana for Roran(favourite character) :) Sean connery for Brom,maybe in Galbatorix,

  99. Matt Says:

    Sienna Guilorry………….Very bad cast for Arya,Kate Beckinsale for Arya.Eric Bana for Roran(favourite character) :) Sean connery for Brom,maybe in Galbatorix,Russel Crowe for Oromis(Shame he has to shave the beard :( ) Spencer Trent Clark for u know who its ERagon!note:Matt Damon for Murtagh

  100. Chelsea Says:

    ok…matt? do u understand??? and all the rest of you idiots who want your favorite stars and yours only to be in the movie well forget it. Sienna Guillory already has the part and so do many others. So stop whining about it!

  101. Travis Harvey Says:

    I read the both the books just this summer. I came back to school and my freind told me she had read tham and that the movie was coming out. Most of the actore are pretty cool, but Sienna Guillory as Arya? I have to say that was a bad choice.

  102. Amber Says:

    I am a huge eragon fan i cant wait for the movie to come out if it takes to long i mite go mad oooooooooo 2006 is a long way away but then again ed speelers dosnt look like the eragon i imagend they should of found someone better lookin and youngerso ooooooo i cant wait you now they should find someone talented to play a part hey i no they should pic MEEEE to do sumat errrrrrrrrm mayby i could play rorans girl friend i dont no he isnt much of a looker than ed but there you go but OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO i want it to come out now

  103. austin mcmasters Says:


  104. austin mcmasters Says:


  105. austin mcmasters Says:

    eragon is a very good i mean… the best book ever so far, I haven’t even finished it yet and i all ready love it! I’m not just saying that because i want to be in the movie… i’m to young 2 be in the movie anyway, i’m only 11 years old! i’m sure eldest will be even better! ^-^

  106. Ryan Jakuboski Says:

    Personaly I think all the actors should be new. Its been years since we’ve had new actors. All i hear about are old actors and used meat. Also the ending to Eldest kind of pisse dme off so i really hope murtagh is played by someone sinister looking. He desearves it. As for Palaoni, i respect his hilarious choice to be beheaded in furthen durr. Being an author I’d rather much not even be in the movie then play the main role >.>

  107. Matt Says:

    k Chelsea i admit Russel Crowe And Eric bana are my Favourite actors, BUT, Sienna guilorry is the shittiest elve in the world.Looks more like an urgal then an elve >(

  108. Chelsea Says:

    What are you talking about have you seen her? shes really pretty. Anyway my opinion wont do anything and neither will urs cuz shes already been picked.

  109. Chelsea Says:

    Also, Matt, I;m not rying to start something just so you know, im actually a very nice person. =)

  110. Esha Says:

    hey i found out some of the cast members for the ‘Eragon’ movie if anyones interested:

    Cast (in credits order)
    Djimon Hounsou …. Ajihad
    Edward Speleers …. Eragon
    Jeremy Irons …. Brom
    John Malkovich …. King Galbatorix
    Christopher Egan …. Roran (as Chris Egan)
    Sienna Guillory …. Arya
    Garrett Hedlund …. Murtagh

  111. Fan Says:

    I think its great that they are making a movie as long a they dont ruin it. I read that it comes out Jun 16 or Jul 16. Cant wait.

  112. JK Says:

    MJ nobody gives a shit wat u think cause we all love it ur so out numbered ok and to all the people who wanted a part in the movie im with you but dreams can only soar so high. Eragon and Eldest are the best books ive read and im so lookin foward to the movie but im dissapionted in the choice for Arya. There were better actresses out there that looked more like Arya. Im so upsept that Arya has rejected Eragon so many times even if she is 100 yrs old they should still be together. Cant wait for the third book and the movie the suspence is killing me. MJ If you have nothing good to say about eragon say nothin at all cause we dont want to hear it. so long eragon fans.

  113. christiny from philly Says:

    nasuada should be played by megan good.

  114. Chelsea Says:

    Ok JK, I agree with most of your points, but hello??? You don’t even know what Arya looks like so you can’t say they don’t look like her. Sienna had long dark hair and slanted eyes and all the characteristics. Yes there are a lot more, but Sienna is an excellent actor. And Arya in the book, why would you want them together? It’s the perfect turn in the story. plus, 100 and maybe 20 yr old couple? ummm…gross.

  115. JK Says:

    lol. I want Arya and Eragon to be together because i love a book with romance thats all and it breaks my heart every time she rejects hi. anyway she still doesnt look 100 she only looks 20 so its the same thing. true i dont know wat she is goin to look like but i just didnt like her that much in the pictures ive seen of her thats all. i dont want to start a bitch fight im just sayin wat i think thats all. im sorry if i affended anyone.

  116. JK Says:

    chelsea, I love readen your messages u get really passionate about wat your talkin about. its really good and i get a laugh out of some of the things u say especially wen u went off at matt a while back. keep it up.

  117. Phantom Says:



  118. Chelsea Says:

    Yes, I DEFINETLY stick to what I believe in, and I’m not trying to start something. I was just saying that Arya may look 20 like Eragon, but her mind is way beyond his years. Which is like s guy marrying someone older than your Grandma. =D If I find some really cool pics of Sienna I will, but she really is a great actor. She’s really….fierce looking like Arya, but in a soft way. :D

  119. JK Says:

    But Eragon is alot wiser now than he was at the begining i know hes not as smart as Arya but still i will believe what i like and you believe what you like. I still dont know about Sienna but i guess we will find out when the movie comes out. By the way what country r u in because in Australia it is about 6.30 but it always says its about 2.00am.

  120. Chelsea Says:

    I live in the U.S.A., in Iowa, here right’s…4:50 p.m.

  121. christiny from philly Says:

    I couldn’t have chosen a better actor for murtagh than Garrett Hedlund. He is sexy, talented and able to pull off roles that nobody else could. Plus, he is AMAZINGLY GORGEOUS. Have you seen his bare behind in Four Brothers? Talk about heavenly bodies… Anyhoo, I think Meagan Good is perfect for the role of Nasuada. She is beautiful and wouldn’t sound horrible with an english-type accent. She’s perfect. I always saw Eragon as Gregory Smith from Everwood, though. Doesn’t he seem like Eragon? Jeremy Irons is spot-on for Brom. Arya should be Kristen Kreuk or Liv Tyler, and hrothgar should be the man who played Gimli.

  122. JK Says:

    Wow, ive nver been to the U.S.A but my cousins went there and they liked it, ive never been out of Australia. Anyway I agree with u Chelsea if Liv Tyler played Arya I would always be thinkin of lord of the rings and i agree with Christiny Meagan Good would be a tops Nasuada. Murtagh is just how i imagined him to be.

  123. colb-a-nater Says:

    coooooool!!!eragon is turing in2 a movie in dec!i bet the game will b cool.i wont 2 b one of the 1st 2 get the game and see the movie.i also wonder what eragon’s dragon (can’t spell it) will look like.

  124. Chelsea Says:

    Eragon’s dragon’s name is Saphira (Suh-FEAR-uh)

  125. Cale Says:

    We need some new actors, none of the same old for this movie or for the coming ones. Variety people, indeed i do like most of the actors above but come on isnt boring seeing the same faces all the time. I have to ammit though i wouldnt mind seeing Sean Connery would be a good Brom or even that king out of Kingdoms of Heaven. And for that Australia above……….IM AUSTRALIAN TOO!

  126. JK Says:

    Yer i agree we need some new faces in eragon none of the same ones all the time but most of them r so thats ggod i cant wait till the next book comes out. Nice to meet you cale i live on the central coast,NSW

  127. Chelsea Says:

    Hey, yeah, i definetly agree for new faces too. that ed speelers guy isnt really what i imagined tho.
    Eragon: tall, dark, handsome, intense brown eyes
    Edward S: tall, light, blonde, light blue eyes

    (doesn’t exactly match)

  128. moe Says:

    All you guys that think Jeremy Sumpter shouldn’t play Eragon are CRAZY!!!.He’s perfect for the role.And Heath Ledger should definitley be in the movie, because it wouldn’t be as good without him.Murtagh should be played as Shia Lebeouf’ because he’s HOT!!!
    And Arya shouldn’t be played by the Olsens, because they look to much like MIGITS!!!

  129. laura Says:

    Eragon is the most dumb book I’ve EVER read. I mean only losers would read a book that big Harry Potter was way!! better!!!

  130. Chelsea Says:

    Moe: You need to calm down. Think about it, Jeremy Sumpter doesn’t look anything like the description and I mean…his voice isn’t even all that developed and he doesn’t have all that much experience. The olsen twins shouldn’t be used because they are just….stupid. And Shia Lebeouf shouldnt be used because….come on…hes a disney channel star and he also has VERY little acting experience. We need all new actors!!!

    Laura: If you really didn’t like the book that much, why are you spending time looking at sites like these. I think you just wrote that because you are bored and maybe you just don’t like reading and don’t have an imagination. And, by the way, you do not need to be so violent and if you want to be mad at someone, do it somewhere else b/c this site is for sharing what they like about Eragon and what they think should happen for the movie. So I suggest you go to a chat room.

  131. Jani Says:

    Umm, peeps? Liv Tyler or Natalie Portman for Nasuada? Please! The description in the book is obvious that she’s not white (which I think is cool because in most fantasy books I’ve read they don’t include minorities, which sucks; she’s dark-skinned. I agree that Meagan Good would be great for this role.

  132. Rae Says:

    Sorry to tell yall, but the movie comes out in 2006 and Sean Connery does not play brom. Ary is Helen of of “Helen of Troy” not Troy, But helen of troy. Eragon is really hot. His name is Edward Speleers. And Murtagh is One of the foot ball players on “Friday Night Lights” ( Who is Really cute), Go to the website and you will find out who they all are. Oh yeah, Laura you suck. You don’t need to go dissin on Eragon. Harry Potter sucks, just get over yourself. Any way you will probaly end up seeing eragon and will end up lovin it. Oh I also have heard the songs for the soundtrack.LOVE IT. they did a really good job!CYL!

  133. Jack Says:

    http://www.shurtugal has all the info. you all will love it. cant wait until empire comes out. these books rock. Love the pics. for the movie too.

  134. Nanc Says:

    Man Chelsea you go girl. THats high spirited of you. Laura you need to get a life. and go annoy somone else. Eragon rocks.

  135. Chelsea Says:

    RAE!!!! Where did u hear the songs for the soundtrack???????? plz tell me!!!

  136. Rae Says:

    I found them at Go to Eragon Layout and go down and in the middle of one of the paragphs in blue is eragon soundtrack. But it only works on some com. Like windows XP DELL, which is mine and it worked. But on one of my friends it didn’t, so i burned her a CD, because it allows you to down load them. CYL Chelsea. You Still Rock!!!!

  137. Chelsea Says:

    Were you amazed, like others, by my fabulous speeches of what I believe in here? =)

  138. Rae Says:

    Oh I sure was….LOL. It was funny. how you talked to her. so did you find the site????? It was cool huh? i don’t know much but i know little. Oh the movie is supposed to come out in December 16 2006 but alot of them to say that it will be in june or july. they haven’t chosen which one yet i guess. Hey gotta work to…Science. Hate the subject. Hey CYL. Write back Chelsea!!!! Hope you enjoy Shurtugal!

  139. Rae Says:

    Hey Chelsea did you know that earlier on the web page lauren was talkin good about the movie and now she is dissin on it. I just don’t get it! THEY ARE SWEET BOOKS!!!!! I have never been so hooked. well i am a book worm, but still…. I love books so that doesn’t really go but hey, Eragon rooks!!! CYL again!

  140. Chelsea Says:

    Hey again! Yes I loved the music, and espeicially the guitar piece. I want to get music to that so I can play it also. I’m a bit of a guitar freak myself!!!

  141. Rae Says:

    Hey Yah, my dad is a big guitar freak too. it just gets annoying when i am studing. so is my brother-in-law. but yeah the songs on the cd rock!!!! i am sure they are going to get more songs hopefully. did you see the pictures??? Do you thing eragon is cute??? I think he is ok. I also think Murtagh is cute. any who, i will write back to night. CYL chelsea. nice talkin ta ya!!

  142. JK Says:

    Yer I thought edward didnt look much like eragon and he looked about 25. iI cant believe the movie doesnt come out till the end of next year. does anyone know the name of the next book. nice speech by the way chelsea. I dont know why people come on the site if they dont like the book.yer i hate science to Rae.

  143. Chelsea Says:

    The name of the next book isn’t finalized, but it will most liekly be a green book called empire.

  144. Rae Says:

    Yeah they said that the next book would be empire. but i don’t know either. But i so can’t wait until the movie comes out. Do you know when for sure because all the sites i have checked they all had a different date. Hey i gotta go. but i will write later.

  145. JK Says:

    oh ok cool all the sites ive been on have said it comes out in june or in december next year. i wish it was more than just a trilogy three books just isnt enough. Have you guess read the tamora pierce books their really good to. i hope the next book is really thick so the story will last for longer. I really like who they’ve chosen for Katrina too.cya later.

  146. Rae Says:

    Hey JK wat up? Hey I never have read or heard of the tamora pierce books. wat are they about?? I hope the movie for eragon will be good. and not fake, you know what i mean. more special effects.. Gotta go cyl.

  147. Rae Says:

    Hey Chelsea wat up? Do you know when the movie for sure comes out?????

  148. Chelsea Says:

    Im pretty sure they were saying in December or November of next year. Possibly, December: 16, 17, or 18

  149. Rerewa Says:

    I am absolutely obsessed with Eragon and Eldest.
    I recently re-read the book and the ending is just so amazing!
    Christopher Paolini is such an awesome writer, descibed the war scene with perfection and stunning detail.
    Im only like 13 but this book has honestly inspired me.
    I have seen photos of Ed Speelers and I think he could do well with the role as Eragon but doesnt look exactly like him.
    Garrett Hedlund is supposed to play Murtagh. Garrett looks almost perfect for the part and he also played Patroclus on the movie Troy. He’s in Friday Night Lights and Four Brothers as well.
    In my opinion I think he’s quite hot!
    Ive no idea who should play Arya but I heard their already filming the movie in Hungary and Budapest, other places like that as well.
    I cant wait for the movie to come out as it should be bloody brilliant (to qoute Ron on Harry Potter)!
    I heard that Angela might be played by the 19 year old singer Joss Stone which I think is so random!

    I just hope they do Eragon justice!

  150. Matt Says:

    Hello everyone Im back and i have been serving for the last month or so for ELDEST:THE MOVIE!!. Haven’t found much but, an interesting fact is for the Eragon: Movie they might have to tweak the story and er Chelsea im sure ur a really nice and beautiful person :)

  151. Chelsea Says:

    OK…where did that come from Matt? lol =)

  152. JK Says:

    hey Rae, the tamora peirce books have mages and knights and of course they all have romance which is what i rally like. I know what u mean about the movie i hope saphira dosnt look heaps fake. anyway catch ya later. oh Matt, ease up tiger.

  153. Matt Says:

    People think and know that they have been as bitter as wine and become sweet as maple syrup :)

  154. laura Says:

    Chelsea:You don’t have to get all mad at what I said, but Eragon does suck.HARRY POTTER RULES!!!!!!!!!!

  155. moe Says:

    Chelsea:you know what I had a opinion that I wanted to share and this is a site where you share ideas about Eragon, so stop baggin abot Jeremy Sumpter and GROW UP!!

  156. laura Says:

    OMG Murtagh is Eragons brother!!!!!

  157. Rae Says:

    Um..laura, Murtagh is his CUSIN not his Brother. Get the picture. ok. Now if you were reading eragon right then you would have found that out.

  158. Chelsea Says:

    Laura: If you think Eragon sucks, that is your opinion and I respect that, BUT if you really don’t like it, my only advice is…GO TO A HARRY POTTER FAN SITE!!! (I really like Harry Potter too, but that doesn’t mean I go to other fan sites and say that that book sucks.

    Moe: Are you reading what you are typing? You are the one who needs to grow up. I am not trying to pick a fight because that is childish, besides, I’m most likely a LOT older than you. I kno you had an opinion to share, and I shared an opinion that just happened to be on the opposite of the side you believed in, that does not mean you need to get all mad at someone you don’t even know. I do happen to like Jeremy Sumpter, but my OPINION is that he would not be a very good choice for the part of Eragon.

    For everyone else that wants a certain person to be Eragon, all Im saying is, the actor has already been chosen, so I wouldn’t get my hopes up. =)

  159. Chelsea Says:

    Oh and Rae, as soon as I read your post, I looked up the part in the book, and Murtagh actually is Eragon’s brother, not cousin. (Eragon and Murtagh have the same mother AND the same father. That means brothers.)

  160. Matt Says:

    Ok Girls Moe, Chelsea , Laura calm down this is not somewhere to insult so if u wanna say eragon sucks BOG OFF!!!!

  161. Sierra Says:

    Um, Rae? Actually, Murtagh IS Eragon’s brother. Now, if YOU were reading ELDEST right, you’d know that. They have the same mother (Selena) and supposedly the same father (Morzan.) So, as far as we know, they are siblings. Now, Paolini could throw us a curve ball and say that Murtagh was lying to Eragon, but that’s another story. Roran is Eragon’s cousin though, so I don’t know if you messed up or something, but you’re wrong either way.

  162. laura Says:

    Ha!!! I was right all along!!
    (about Murtagh being Eragons brother)

  163. moe Says:

    Chelsea:I’m 17, how old are you?

  164. Jason Says:

    Edward Speelers is so hot!!
    Hes perfect for Eragon!!!!!!

  165. Chelsea Says:

    Matt: Why are you telling me to stay out of “fighting?” I;m not by the way, I’m trying to calm the matters…:)

    Moe: I’m 22 years old and I highly doubt that you are 17. Your vocabulary seriously leads me to believe this. I do not want to start anything, I only want to be friends, so no hard feelings from me ok? :)

    Laura: Just because Rae was wrong doesn’t mean you need to snap right back at her, she really is very nice. Just saying you should get to know her first!

    Ok…whoever this Jason guy is, he must be either gay (I think that is seriously wrong), or he a girl posing as “Jason”, or actually has the name Jason, although I never knew Jason was a boy/girl name…:$

  166. Matt Says:

    Ok Chelsea what ever u say. Edward Speelers is not a very good cast be what u gonna do?

  167. Jason Says:

    I am gay, thank you very much…Chelsea

  168. Moe Says:

    Chelsea:I doubt that your 22, since you pick fights with people so much, but we could be friends…. if you stop back-talking to people!

  169. Stephanie&Rachel Says:

    Stephanie-Me and Rachel, were like TWINS, IDENTICAL TWINS!!!

    Rachel-Yeah we are.

    Stephanie&Rachel-AND WE LOVE ERAGON!!!!!!! And the ELDEST!!!!!!

  170. Moe Says:

    Oh and do you and Matt have something going on?

  171. Chelsea Says:

    Moe: The only time I picked a fight was with Matt and that was barely anything I would call a fight. If you don’t want to believe I’m 22 you don’t have to and that’s ok with me, but I am. I definetly do not backtalk to people either. Why must everything be against me Moe??? I never tried anything to be against you.

    Matt: That is your opinion, but almost everyone else here thinks differently so yeah.

    Jason: ……………….is all I have to say.

  172. moe Says:

    Chelsea: You didn’t answer my question

  173. Laura Says:

    MATT: how old are you? If your wondering about me, I’m 15.

    CHELSEA: I agree with moe, I really don’t think your 22.
    Since you don’t know your vocabulary either.

  174. Jazmin Says:

    Chelsea: From what i been reading, you seem very nice, but you should try to not be a know-it-all girl (if you even are a girl) and try to get along with more people so they don’t talk smack about you so much. (like i am)

    Moe: You should calm down too, but i love what you have been saying to Chelsea! TELL HER GIRL!!!!

    Laura: I love Harry Potter too!!!

  175. Jason Says:


  176. Jason Says:

    I was just kidding.(LOL)

  177. Chelsea Says:

    Jason: lol. I;m only kidding I dont have a problem! :) lol.

    Moe: No I don’t think I have anything going on with Matt. I think he’s really nice.

    Laura: I’m not trying to be a know-it-all…lol, ive never been called that…that’s just the way I talk. And also, I;m not against Moe, if that’s what you are thinking. And Moe doesn’t seem to be against me. So can you please not say we’re fighting?

    Matt: Yes I am 22, again, if you do not want to comprehend it, you don’t have to. And you know nothing of my vocabulary so you defiently shouldn’t be saying anything about it. If you are reffering to what I said to Moe (& i’m sorry) I was angry that day and I didn’t mean what I said. Really though…how would you know anything of my vocabulary (vocabulary= knowing the meanings of words)

    EVERYONE: Seriously, I’m not trying to be against any of you guys. Can’t we all just be friends??? And please dont answer back like this: “I’ll only be your friend if you quit acting like you do!!!” BECAUSE I’M REALLY NOT TRYING ANYTHING!!!

  178. Chelsea Says:

    Sorry about my last post, I mixed up some names!!!

    The one that says it’s to Matt is supposed to be to Jazmin, the one that says it’s to Laura is actually to Jazmin…SORRY about the mix up!!!

  179. Matt Says:

    Phew, a lot happens in 2 DAYS!!!!! geese people get on with ur lives. Oh and heres some terrble, terrible news for me Eragon might have to compete with the Spook’s Apprentice P.s. My favourite book.

  180. Chelsea Says:

    We are all on with our lives, unless everyone hasn’t dropped this yet. lol I hope we are all friends now! :)

  181. Amber Says:

    Does anyone know the info for the auditions? I have a friend who wants to try out for Katrina. If you have any info please E-mail me at or Thank you so much.

  182. JK Says:

    sorry Amber but i think they have already chosen someone for katrinas part.

  183. Chelsea Says:

    Yea sorry Amber, they have already casted over half of the parts and you can look at any of the Eragon movie sites to see the listings if you want.

  184. laura Says:

    Moe what state do you live in?

  185. moe Says:

    I live in LAS VEGAS, NEVADA. What state do you live in?

  186. Jazmine Says:

    Yeah Amber you should know that!GOSH!!!

  187. Pippin Says:

    Hey everyone, my friend Rae told me to try this site out so here I am. Don’t worry I am a total Eragon freak. Well anyways I got to go bye.

  188. Amber Says:

    Thanks everyone. I knew that they had the main parts casted and so did my friend but she insisted that I go around and ask people. Well thanks alot :). Talk to you guys later.

  189. Jazmine Says:

    Pippin I’m new to, don’t worry your fit right in!

  190. Kirstin Says:

    Eragon Cast

    Djimon Hounsou…. Ajihad
    Edward Speleers….Eragon
    Jeremy Irons…. Brom
    John Malkovich…. King Galbatorix
    Robert Carlyle…. Durza
    Gary Lewis….. King Hrothgar
    Alun Armstrong…. Uncle Garrow
    Christopher Egan…Roran
    Sienna Guillory….Arya
    Garrett Hedlund….Murtagh

    *No word yet on Saphira,or Angela
    I heared that the author,Christopher P.
    is playing in the movie as a headless worrior(WOW)
    I hope this movie is as good as Harry Potter 5(GREAT!)

    Anyway, thats all the info I know.

  191. Pippin Says:

    I heard Angela was being played by Joss Stone. I’m not really sure thogh, thats just what it says on Shur’tugal. Oh and Katrina is being played by Tamsin Egerton and Nasauda is being played by Caroline Chikezie. Does anyone know when Eragon is coming out because I heard it was coming out December 15th, 2006 but I’m not sure.

    Oh and Rae if you are on this site before monday remember the Weezer CD.

  192. Mer Says:

    If anyone cares I found some screenshots from the movie, or the trailer or something at there are some cool pictures in there from the movie but some are kinda hard to see.

  193. Jazmine Says:

    People talk!!!(or write)

  194. Chelsea Says:

    OK, hi!

  195. Chelsea Says:

    OK, hi!

  196. Matt Says:

    Ok Edward Speelers is shaping up to be an alright Eragon but…. the rest is going to be ASTONISHINg. I managed to sneak a clip off a friend and you see the egg steal. Its brilliant!!!

  197. Jazmine Says:

    I ment more than that Chelsea!

  198. Jazmine Says:

    Matt you need to calm down, it was not that great.

  199. laura Says:

    Everyone, get a grip on yourselves Eragon the movie is going to suck, because the book sure did!

  200. Chelsea Says:

    Laura please, I am not trying to be against you because I’m sure you are an awesome person, but (I’m sure I’m speaking for all of us Eragon fans) please don’t ruin the fun for the rest of us. I love Harry Potter too, but if I were you I would try going to a Harry Potter fan site instead of making the Eragon fans feel bad. This site is supposed to be good comments about the movie and the book and why they think it is a good book. All I’m asking is for you to either say what you liked about Eragon, or go to a Harry Potter web page, because you are not doing the rest of us any good. I’m sure you have at least one little thing you liked about it or else you’d have to be pretty close-minded. I’m sure you probably did like it and are just looking for attention or something. Well…you got it. Just please stop posting what you have in the past. =)
    P.S. Have you seen the Harry Potter 4th movie??? It’s pretty good huh?

  201. Meg Says:

    Thank you chelsea and Yes! I have seen the 4th HP! TWICE! It was fantastice. I havent been here since…Septermber or something…SO bear with me if i am stupid…anyways…can’t wait…and BYE!

  202. Chelsea Says:

    You are welcome! By the way, yes it was really good. I went twice also. Where are you from anyway??? (I want to know if I know you or anything) I’m from Iowa.

  203. Matt Says:

    Jasmine I got a special clip so yes i am astonished and excited. people are always going to react different to you so just dont tell them to calm down because excitment is a brilliant feeling

  204. Jazmine Says:

    Matt: First of all you didn’t spell my name right it’s Jazmine not Jasmine.And stop saying brilliant!(please)
    I get your point and thanks for not getting crazy about it like Chelsea does sometimes.

  205. laura Says:

    Chelsea there you go causing all this drama again, you have caused drama with me and Mo, like all the time! I did not write that for attention like you said, and it really hurts how you lie so much.

  206. Jason Says:

    Hey Yal!!
    I could see that the last time I wrote tension has grown on this site. You guys need to CHILL out and try getting along.If Laura doesn’t like Eragon thats her loss, but it’s her problem not yours Chelse.(may I call you Chelse)
    Anyway Moe where have you gone I really want to get to know you.You seem like the only real person on this site!(write to me)

  207. Moe Says:

    Hey guys!

    I haven’t wrote in a while and it does seem like theirs some tension going on, just like Jason said. And it always seems like it’s with Chelsea most of the time(no offense). And theirs someone new on this site caled Jazmine whose seems to be speaking her mind!
    Oh and Jason thanks for your comment it was really nice!

  208. Cindy Says:

    Chelsea you remind me of my sister who always gets on my nerves! I mean come on all these people are talking crap about you dont you feel like s***!

  209. meg Says:


  210. Tyson Says:

    You guys ars getting to crazy on this site, I LOVE IT!

  211. Jason Says:

    Your welcome Moe,
    I was wondering what your real name was? And if you could put it on the site rather than Moe.

  212. Monique Says:

    Jason: My name is Monique it’s a french name, I’m from France, but I’ve been living in America for fourteen years now.I live in Iowa now, I’m very happy about that.

  213. Chelsea Says:

    Why is everyone making such a big deal??? I never did anything wrong and you all go off on me by saying i’m some low life lying idiot which i’m not and it hurts!!! I have never said those kinds of things to anybody! This is supposed to be fun! I am not mad at anyone and I really like Laura and Harry Potter!!! All I said was that it might not be a good idea to post bad things about Eragon here. Moe, Laura, Matt, Jasmine, I’m sure you are all awesome people. Please stop making me feel like you’re all ganging up on me when I never even did anything really bad in the first place. And I don’t like the way Jasmine goes off at Matt because of the way he talks. He is probably from England and England rocks! Brilliant is a natural thing for him to say if he is.

  214. Jackie Says:

    Why is everyone being so horrible to Chelsea??? I have read everything she wrote and none of it is against you guys!!! This site is opinions isnt it? I never knew people could be so heartless.

  215. Rae Says:

    Hey stop being so mean to chelsea. Oh yeah you all have a right to get mad at me. My friend told me they were cousins but she thought i meant roaran. SOrry. Yeah they are brothers. I made a mistake ok… Don’t be so angry with me. Hey chelsea. thanks for being cool. as usual. pippin, where are you.

  216. Moe Says:

    Chelsea no ones ganging up on you, your just exaggerating don’t take it so personal.

  217. laura Says:

    Chelsea, what do you mean it hurts you? You were talking smack too. Well I apologize for what I said, but I still don’t get how the stuff I said was hurtful to you.

  218. lauraJason Says:

    Laura you are very truthful and it was kind of you to apologize to Laura, I admire you for that.

  219. Jazmine Says:

    Theres no need to apologize to Chelsea, cause I sure ain’t.

  220. Jazmine Says:

    Oh and Chelsea I didn’t go off on Matt, why don’t you read what I wrote more carefully.

  221. Jazmine Says:


  222. laura Says:

    Jazmine: I apologized to Chelsea so she wouldn’t cry about the whole thing, It’s not like I meant it.Anyway me and Moe are going to join a campaign against Chelsea want to join?

  223. Moe Says:

    I never said I was gonna join this campaign, but the hell might as well.

  224. Moe Says:

    I meant to say what the hell might as well.

  225. Chelsea Says:

    Moe, I said I was sorry to you and I really do want to be your friend. Laura, by any chance…are you Jason??? JaZmine (really sorry about the name thing, I hate that too) I’m really sorry about everything and you’re really cool. I’m not trying to be “crazy” about anything, that’s just the way I talk. lol. Can we all just end this, (by the way, whoever said I was gonna cry…ummm no I REALLY don’t think I am cuz im not that snesitive) I want to be all of ur guys’ friends and a trip to this site nowadays is like going to a hate group. When was the last time I said anything against any of you anyway??? And also, how do any of you know that I’m not going through something horrible right now anyway. I was really pissedd on the days that I said those things and I really am sorry.

  226. Jackie Says:

    Yeah, Chelsea I agree with you about the Laura being Jason thing. In one of her last posts it says: LauraJason for the author (scroll up) That means she didn’t notice her name was still in the box when she wrote Jason. I believe she is doing this to make everyone think “Jason” is on her side. Chelsea is also right about the fact that she hasn’t done anything for a long time and never even has done anything BAD in the first place. LAY OFF her!!!

  227. Jason Says:

    First of all it said LauraJason because the comment was for laura, how can you guys think otherwise?

  228. Jackie Says:

    Because, everyone knows that after you type a message on here ur name stays in the box and you tried to put in Laura, but forgot to erase your old name in it. I’m asking you, are you Laura, Jason, or both. Just asking.

  229. Jackie Says:

    oh, and if i’m way wrong about this whole thing…im really sorry. dont get all pissy with me too.

  230. Jason Says:

    What do you mean pissy, you better be talking to laura, because i sure ain’t pissy. Oh, and Jackie Chan, if you read my last message explaing why it said laura, we wouldn’t be having this disscusion.

  231. Moe Says:

    Why don’t you guys leave Jason alone, he did nothing wrong and your pestering him about stupid stuff, that’s not true!

  232. Laura Says:

    For all the people that think that I’m Jason are really dumb for even thinking that, and whoever said that it was so he could be on my side, they really need a life and should stop talking smack about people, just so they could have something to write about. And the people who actually said that were this boy/girl Jackie, and of all the people CHELSEA, what a shocker.(and whoever this boy/girl is, stop causing drama!)

  233. Jazmine Says:

    That was very nice of you to apologize Chelsea, I accept it, and im also sorry too.And whats this whole thing about laura being Jason, it seems to far-fetched to me, but it does cause a stir on the site, which isn’t so bad!!!

  234. Jackie Says:

    Jason, I’m not trying to start anything. Just asking, besides, it was my friend Liz who wanted to know.
    Laura, I’m a girl by the way, um wow, you need to calm down. I’ve barely posted like 3 messages and you get crazy. And, really quit picking on Chelsea. Everyone else has grown up and left her alone. Why can’t you be like them??? (Sush as…Matt, Jazmine, Moe…)

  235. Chelsea Says:

    Hi everyone, I hope things have calmed down. Has anyone heard the song posted by a fan on the shurtugal site??? It’s called: “Dragon Rider Life of Mine” It’s actually very good plys…I LOVE playing the guitar!!! lol. Anyone else here play an instrument?? I play: clarinet, piano, GUITAR, and tenor saxophone.
    Jackie: you don’t have to stand up for me, I’m ok dealing with my own matters.
    Laura: I didn’t mean anything personal by that, I was ASKING a question, since when was that wrong? Plus you can.t be stupid for just wondering if you were Jason, I’ve seen things like this before trust me.

    TELL me if any of you have heard any news about the date of the movie!!!!!!!!!!

  236. Jazmine Says:

    December 2006, I think.

  237. Chelsea Says:

    THANKS!!! By the way, do you know like the exact date yet? Anybody?

  238. Chelsea Says:

    Oh, and is anyone going to see the new Narnia movie???? The game is really awesome!!!

  239. Rae Says:

    Hey Chelsea, Wat up? I play the flute, piano, clarinet, violen, and sometimes goof off on my dads guitar.

  240. Chelsea Says:

    WOW!!! Keep playing! I almost played the violin, and thought about drums…who knows, maybe I will sometime if I ever get my hands on any! :)

  241. Jazmine Says:

    I loved the Narnia books, I hope the movie turns out the same.I’m going to watch it this weekend.

  242. laura Says:

    Chelsea all I said was that I’m not Jason, I’m sorry If I got to worked up for the whole matter, but wouldn’t you do the same in my situation.

  243. Moe Says:

    It seems like everyone’s getting along, how fabulous!

  244. Chelsea Says:

    JaZmine: I hope you get an opportunity to play the Narnia game because it rocks!!!

    Laura: Well, to tell you the truth, no I wouldn’t react like that. I probably would just laugh at the whole situation and ask where that came from. lol. The reason I said you went a little uphill was the fact that you were AGAIN referring to me as the “bad guy”. That’s all, no hard feeling, it’s over, lets be friends. :)

    Moe: Yeah I know, isn’t it great?

  245. Laura Says:

    Chelsea: I get your point , thanks for understanding.

  246. Chelsea Says:

    No problem. I don’t get mad easily so I’m basically pretty friendly. =) Do you play any instruments???

  247. JK Says:

    I saw Harry Potter it was really good, they missed out alot but i guess if they included everything it would go on foreva. I just finished reading the Narnia series and i loved them but the movie hasnt come out yet. I used to play clarinet and drums but i got sick of it, I can still play the drums but i cant remember anything on the clarinet. Im more of a horse rider than a musician.

  248. Chelsea Says:

    I love horseback riding too! Do you do english or western? I saw Narnia today, it’s out where I live. IT ROCKS!!!

  249. Moe Says:

    Yeah Narnia was really good, I hope Eragon gets the same results.

  250. Chelsea Says:

    I thought the part with Aslan on the stone table was really sad!!!

  251. Moe Says:

    Yeah I was ready to cry.

  252. Jazmine Says:

    Who are your guys favorite character in the book Eragon or the Eldest? Mine is Murtagh.

  253. Chelsea Says:

    I’m having a hard decision between Brom and Arya. For animals my favorite is Solembum.

  254. Jazmine Says:

    i will have to agree with you on the favorite animal thing, good choice!

  255. Moe Says:

    My favorite character would have to be Roran, he just seems so fierce!

  256. Jason Says:

    Mine is Eragon, he just seems so hot!

  257. Rae Says:

    Hey all! yeah i really want to see both movies. Eragon and Chronicals of Narnia.. CYL

  258. Chelsea Says:

    Hey nice to see you Jason…not really your message…LOL…but I’m definetly glad to see you!

    Jazmine, have any other favorites? Moe, GOOD CHOICE!!!

  259. Jazmine Says:

    Well, my second favorite character would have to be Roran or Eragon, I can’t really choose which!

  260. Jason Says:

    Nice to see you too Chelsea, well I haven’t really been on the site lately, but I’m glad to be back!

  261. Laura Says:

    Jason: I tottaly agree with you on the whole Eragon being your fav. character, he’s mine too.

    everybody: I just started liking Eragon again, I read all the books over 20 times, but I don’t know if that’s a good thing or not.

    P.s:Oh and, how do you spell tottaly!!

  262. Chelsea Says:

    Laura: Totally is spelled…well…TOTALLY. lol I’m glad you are starting to like Eragon again, it really is a great book. Have you read eldest?

    Jazmine: Yea Roran rocks too.

  263. Chelsea Says:

    I just started playing the bass clarinet now! It’s really big!!! Now I play 5 instruments. Piano, guitar, clarinet, bass clarinet, and tenor saxophone (my fav.)

  264. Laura Says:

    Chelsea you play alot of instruments, good for you. I only play the guitar, which isn’t that much.I’m reading Eldest right now, it’s pretty boring in the beginning but it’s starting to get really good.

  265. Jason Says:

    Your beginning to be soooooo nice now Laura, whats gotten into you? Well it’s a good change, and Yeah Eragon does RULE! It was really funny how people thought I was you, even though I took it kinda serious. I regret whatever I said to whoever I said it to. Oh and Chelsea thats a whole lot of intruments!

  266. Chelsea Says:

    Yes, and it’s taken a LONG time to play them correctly and not feel like an idiot. Laura, yes I thought Eldest was pretty boring in the beginning also. The middle to the end is AWESOME!!!

  267. Jason Says:

    Which book do you guys think is better Eragon or Eldest???? My choice is Eldest.

  268. Moe Says:

    Good question Jason!! Well I choose Eldest TOO, the ending was GREAT!!!!

  269. Laura Says:

    Hmmmm…. Thats a hard one I’ll have to agree with you guys and say Eldest too, you can’t ever forget the ending of that book, It was FABULOUS!! I mean it twisted the whole book and made you want to read the next one in a heartbeat.

  270. Charles Says:

    Laura do you want to marry me? You seem so sweet and lovable please say yes! I know you don’t know me, but please give me a chance to.

  271. Meg AGAIN Says:

    Wow, I leave you guys for a couple of days and I’m out of the loop. Oh well, I’m from MD by the way. I need to come on here everyday I’ve decided. I think that I like both books equally. Wow, I feel like the outsider now. *tear*…byes! Maybe you guys can talk to me on AIM. GEMSENIAH is my S/N.

  272. Chelsea Says:

    Charles: Do you even know how old Laura is? If you want to mess with her, you’ll have to get through me first! lol.

    Laura: I take it you finished Eldest, you liked it I hope? Ummm…do you know Charles? lol

  273. Chelsea Says:

    Charles: Do you even know how old Laura is? If you want to mess with her, you’ll have to get through me first! lol.

    Laura: I take it you finished Eldest, you liked it I hope? Ummm…do you know Charles? lol

  274. Jason Says:

    Whats up with the sight? It stoped working for a couple of days.

  275. Laura Says:

    Um whoever this charles is needs to stop being a pervert.Chelsea i did finish the book, it was GREAT!

  276. Chelsea Says:

    Yea really, the site was like on maintenance or something. I couldn’t post for like a week.

  277. Jason Says:

    well at least we could post NOW!! I’m heading out of town for a full week, it’s for the holidays, so I wont be writing to you guys for a while. I hope you all have a MERRY CHRISTMAS! and a HAPPY NEW YEAR!(LOL)

  278. Rich Says:

    I’m new to this site and I really like the book Eragon, so I thought, why shouldn’t I go to a site where they talk about the book AND here I am!! I’ll be posting now everyday except on holidays, because I have to go on buisness trips, but other than then, I’m YOURS!

  279. Chelsea Says:

    Nice to mett you Rich, so how old are you? And also, have you read Eragon?

  280. Rich Says:

    I’m 25 Chelsea and YES I have read Eragon If I hadn’t, I wouldn’t be on this site.

  281. Jess Says:

    MJ I TOTALLY AGREE WITH YOU!!! the similarities from LOTR and Star Wars are SOO OBVIOUS!!! how come barely anyone can see this?!?! and Evie you say that LOTR is your favorite book but did u even read LOTR?!?! ive read it and it pissed me off how this 15 or 17 year old nerd tolkien wannabe took like a fourth of the plot from LOTR and put it into this book with a pretty cover so everyone thinks that YES IT MUST BE GOOD!! and its not just LOTR theres the whole begining of Stars Wars and if you look at other people have noticed that the whole dragon rider connecting to their dragons is from another book too!!! and u guys say liv tyler to play Ayra the elf…..HELLO!!!! guess who else liv tyler played ARWEN the ELF from LOTR!!!
    here are just some similarities between LOTR for those of you who can not notice it:

    -Eragon stumbles upon something important in the forest and is just drawn to it….like when Bilbo finds THE RING!!
    -Suddenly very strange people called Shades clothed in CLOAKS later in the story come searching for the dragon because its very important….like when NAZGULS the suddenly show up in town (who are also dressed in CLOAKS) were searching for THE RING
    -A human in LOTR, ARAGORN, falls in love with an elf ARWEN….and in this book ERAGON is at least beginning to fall in love with an elf AYRA…THE NAMES ARENT EVEN THAT DIFFERENT!!!!

    oh and for those of u wondering if this book is so bad how come it got published well it did help that his parents owned a publishing company….

    and i leave u guys with a quote from Entertainment Weekly about the Eldest which names the Eldest one of the worst books of 2005 (actually its number one and i wouldnt be surprised if Entertainment Weekly named Eragon one of the worst when it was published too)

    “The loyal pet dragon breathes fire, the ageless elves speak wisdom, the doughty adolescent hero prepares to do battle with the forces of cruel emperor Galbatorix, and readers past the age of 12 want to hurl this purple, 700-page Tolkien wannabe into the Ramr River. ”

    ^so true so true.
    dont believe me? heres a link,6115,1142746_5||1141710|1_0_,00.html

  282. Jess Says:

    wait the link is too long so just click my name and it should take you to the page

  283. Chelsea Says:

    One question…If you hate it so much, why the hell are you even bothering to be on this site??? You are ruining it for the people who actually read the book and have read more than just the three parts you have mentioned are “like” LOTR. Yes it is similar, but that means you should like it more. Shades are totally different from Nazguls if you had read it CAREFULLY! Just because they wear a friggin cloak doesn’t mean they are EXACTLY like a Nazgul. Oh, and last time I checked, a LOT of characters have worn cloaks in several books. Eragon stumbling across the egg is also different, the whole damn storyline is different. Who cares if Eragon falls in love with an elf???!!! If you didn’t know, Chris Paolini even said he got some of his ideas from his favorite books! So, next time you decide to trash a book, try reading it…BETTER! (I hope I speak for everyone who is an Eragon fan)

  284. moe Says:

    You speak the truth Chelsea! Some people just don’t appreciate books today. You told her RIGHT!!

  285. Rich Says:

    So what if LOTR is similar to ERAGON, it doesn’t mean you have to say you hate it, I mean do you actually think people will care if it has some parts the same as ERAGON.

  286. Chelsea Says:

    *Takes a bow* Yea, but didn’t you notice that she only metioned “3 minor” parts from the book??? Anyway, the rest of the book and storyline is totally different.

  287. JK Says:

    nice speech chelsea very well done and i totally agree. i haven’t actually read LOTR or star wars so the is completely fresh for me. Happy New Year All.

  288. Kenia Says:

    I loved the book, im the biggest fan and i want to see a picture of ed speelers who plays eragon and a picture roran!!!! what will they look like. i am glad with who they chose to play arya!

  289. Rich Says:

    Yes I agree, Sienna Guillory is perfect for Arya. She is not well known which makes her more right for the part.

  290. Chelsea Says:

    When I first got on this site that is exactly what I said about Sienna Guillory, and NO ONE agreed with me! Finally people with some good taste! lol. She really is pretty though. And she kinda looks elvish! =) (not that i would kno…)

  291. Meg Says:

    Who was that girl/guy that was dissing ERAGON? I was about to punch my computer screen. Can’t wait for the movie!

  292. Chelsea Says:

    That would be the oh so wonderful girl named Jess who I do not know, and she really needs to have a reality check on her reading in between the lines skills. No Offense! but most of the materials she was basing her facts on were…well not strong.

  293. Rich Says:

    Well I do agree with that, me having GOOD TASTE and all. And it was quit rude how that jess girl was displaying ERAGON, I mean why did she even bother coming to this site? Her comment was really long too and very dull I even skipped a few sentences.

  294. Chelsea Says:

    Attention seeker is all I need to say…

  295. moe Says:

    How was everyones HOLIDAY? Did you have fun? Mine was quit, Hmmmmm…. How should I put this? It was quit boring. I mean it was very hectic since their was a WHOLE lot of family coming over, and I was usually in my room doing nothing but reading Ptolemy’s Gate, written by Jonathan Stroud. Christoper Paoulini USED to be my favorite author, but when you start on Jonathan Strouds books you can NEVER go back.

  296. Rich Says:

    I don’t think she did it for attention, It seemed more like she did it so we could see the comparison of the two books and the movie Star Wars. (not so sure that was made into a book, not really a big fan) I guess she thought people will be stunned by her comment.
    Moe: I am also a fan of Jonathan Strouds books, including Buried Fire and the Trilogy. He has some talent in writing, but he should explain things more carefully in his books it’s kinda hard to understand.

  297. laura Says:

    OOOOOOOOO!!!! The one thing I love more than Eragon is The Bartimaeus Trilogy, I can’t believe no one brang up that book before It’s SOOOO awesume!!!!! Your the BEST MOE LOve you!!

  298. Meg Says:

    I haven’t heard of any of these people (Don’t hit me), but I think I’ll try ‘em…I still don’t like that Jess…girl or guy.

  299. Siena Says:


    Does anyone have a link for a clip of the Eragon movie?


  300. Chelsea Says:

    No clips for the movie yet, they’re not that far into it yet sorry.
    So what are the names of these books Moe? Sound pretty good. Can you give me a description of what style they are? (fantasy hoping….?)
    Another really good book is “The Da Vinci Code” Written by Dan Brown. Holy Crap that book was good! Usually I don’t like mysteries, but that one is the kind you can never put down because of the suspense!

  301. Siena Says:

    Thanks Chelsea. I couldn’t find any clips of the movie, I was just wondering if there were any.

  302. Siena Says:

    Oh Jess, I just got around to reading your comment (incredibly boring by the way). Just because some people (namely you) can’t tell when they read an amazing book is not a reason to try and ruin it for the rest of us. Why do you care about other peoples choice of books? None of us are getting upset with you just because you like LOTR or Star Wars or whatever.

    Sorry for going back to that topic, but I needed to express my feelings about that.

  303. moe Says:

    Chelsea: 1.Amulet of Samarkand, 2.Golems Eye, 3.Ptolemy’s Gate. Those are the Bartimaes Trilogys. But other books by Stroud are Buried Fire, and the leap, which weren’t that good as much as the Trilogys. The book is Fantasy.

  304. Chelsea Says:

    Awesome, I LOVE fantasy!!! I like to paint fantasy type art too. That’s always fun!

  305. moe Says:

    Chelsea: You should check out those books their my favorite, I even like them more than Eragon. It’s great how you paint fantasy type art, maybe one day it will take you somewhere, if you choose it as a career

  306. Jason Says:

    I’m BACK!!!!!! I know you all missed me, and you know I missed you too, I mean WHY wouldn’t I? I hope you guys had a GREAT Christmas, or whatever you guys celebrate these days.
    So the topic this week isSsS.. The Bartimaes Trilogy, I could’t pick it better myself. It’s one of my all time favorites. Whoever hasn’t read it are LOSERS, I’m just kidding but you better read it.

  307. Chelsea Says:

    Hey! I AM NOT A LOSER! lol. Yes I will read them! I will most likely only do art in my free time, but moe, can I have ur email? maybe i can send one of my paintings to you, a picture of it anyway. It’s not fantasy, but its one of a killer whale in the arctic, which i also like to paint.

  308. Moe Says:

    My computer isn’t actually working now, but you can email it to my sister Melanie. Her email is Use her name so that she doesn’t think I’m giving her email away to everyone. But make sure you put from Chelsea so I could look at your painting.

  309. Ashley Barry Says:

    I can’t belive Eragon the movie is coming out! I was so exited when I heard about it.I can’t wait to see it, its going to be so cool! There is also a third book coming out soon, from what I have read it is going to be green, its going to come out in the fall of 2006, and its going to be tilted Empire. So cool!

  310. Chelsea Says:

    Yes, I’m sure every fanatic knows that lol. always gotta get the basic facts down! lol.

  311. Laura Says:

    I love Eragon, and i cannot wait til he finishes the last book!! and if you ask me, i dont think that making it into a movie is such a good idea,i mean look what they did to Harry potter, they totally slautered it!!! it isnt the same director, but it may happen. they just need to take every step from the book exactly how it happened. ooooo!! and Edward Speelers is ssssoooooo cute!!!! (eragon) and hes british. the best. i am excited. my sister and i love it to death. this is how i would cast it
    Eragon:(of course know that i know what he looks like) Edward Speelers
    Brom: Richard Harris
    Arya: Kate Beckinsale
    Saphira’s voice: Keira Knightly
    Roran: Heath Ledger

  312. Maria Says:

    Hi! I’m one of the Eragon’s craziest fans…! I read Eragon this summer and since then… you can’t imagine wht i’ve been through…!!! Imagine what i was like when i found out that my favourite book is going to “be” a film.
    (my english sucks, i’m greek!forgive me…! Well, i’ve searched… a lot about the film… So here’s what I found out:

    eragon:edward speleers(good choice…!)
    arya:siena guillory(very pretty, but … blonde…!)
    brom: jeremy irons
    roran:christopher egan
    murtagh:garrett hedlund

    you can find the rest of the cast in:
    (tell me about)eragon movie cast.

    Hey, one more thing… I read that christipher paolini is going to “join” the eragon movie cast!!!
    The movie is coming out in 2006 summer!
    Thanks fo reading!!!

  313. Chelsea Says:

    Yes, Christopher Paolini is going to play a warrior, not a big part, but he’s still in it.

  314. Jazmine Says:

    HeLLLLLLO everyone knows this already, can you PPPllllease stop repeatiing the same boring stuff down!

  315. Chelsea Says:

    lol, I try, but new people keep joining the site…all excited and they think that their news is the greatest ever. I try and keep their spirit is all…

  316. Siena Says:

    I’m new and sorry if I repeat anything. I scrolled through the page and read most of the comments, but it’s hard to know everything that has been said.

  317. Jazmine Says:

    The new people who join this site are nice to begin with but later on they show their real colors, like I did. Or laura, chelsea, moe, and jason.LOL
    Theirs probley more people that come to this site, but tthe ones I named are the only ones that write almost every day. We say what we feel Not what we think.

  318. moe Says:

    you say it Jazmine! no offense to the new people.

  319. Chelsea Says:

    Yea, no offense. Everyone was, after all, a newbie here! I know how it feels, when no one answers your posts…=(

  320. Siena Says:

    You say what you feel not what you think? ok then.

  321. Chelsea Says:

    She means, we say how we feel about the movie and the book, but we don’t say we think “the olsen twins should play arya” or “i wanna be in the movie!” stuff like that i think.

  322. Siena Says:

    Okay. Sorry, I didn’t understand what you were saying, Jazmine.

  323. Jazmine Says:

    It’s o.k Siena I forgive you. And thanks Chelsea for telling everyone what my quote meant, you got it right.

  324. Chelsea Says:

    i kno, aren’t i smart??? lol

  325. LAURA Says:


  326. LAURA Says:


  327. jazmine Says:

    that was very touching Laura, thanks for that compliment. I don’t really feel that people admire me but they can if they want. I’m not trying to sound snotty either but what can I say It’s pretty hard not to admire me.

  328. Chelsea Says:

    Well…how can you not admire us??? JaZZZZZZZmine (she likes her name spelled right like me!) and I are pretty awesome don’t you think? lol. Laura, maybe you have capslock on

  329. laura Says:

    YES I fixed it, well not me but my brother did. Didn’t you guys like my compliment, well I could see that you did. I spelled you guys name right too, HOW sweet am I.

  330. Jazmine Says:

    I do like my named spelled rigt, but who doesn’t, and laura you are very sweet but don’t get toooo big-headed.JK

  331. Jason Says:

    Hey what about me? ain’t I admiring too, I mean I’m gone for a couple of days and people just forget about me!JK lol JK lol Jk, I can’t figure out which one is better, but I know I was JK and lol. HA HA HA!!!

  332. Siena Says:

    pshh I admire you Jason.

    kind of

  333. Jazmine Says:

    HA HA HA!!!!! that was very funny Jason.

  334. Jason Says:

    What do you mean you kinda admire me? you better go the extra mile and say you admire me all the way!!! Oh and Jazmine, I know I’m funny.

  335. Siena Says:

    Fine. I admire you all the way. :-p

  336. Chelsea Says:

    All the way Jason!!! All the way. Oh and by the way lmao is a good one. or rofl or even roflmao

  337. Jason Says:

    Thanks for that insight Chelse, it was very useful but I’ll stick with the more popular ones. Anywho hows everyone if your not in high-school or middle-school or college I FORBID you not to read on!
    THe mid-terms were so awful weren’t they I didn’t study at all, I hope you guys did better than me!

  338. Chelsea Says:

    I had all A’s…so I’d say pretty damn well.

  339. Jason Says:

    How you have all A’s, man you lucky!

  340. Chelsea Says:

    No, I’m just intelligent and I studied like…way before we had to so I had everything memorized before the time we had to…lol

  341. shadowhunter Says:

    Eragon started off ok then ended well, but Eldest was good for every word. I like how Eragon and Roran/Stronghammer saw each other again. Darnit, I cant remember her name, the little girl blessed by Eragon I be t she ends up being one of Galboratix.

  342. shadowhunter Says:

    Eragon started off ok then ended well, but Eldest was good for every word. I like how Eragon and Roran/Stronghammer saw each other again. Darnit, I cant remember her name, the little girl blessed by Eragon I be t she ends up being one of Galboratix Riders.

  343. shadowhunter Says:

    Eragon started off ok then ended well, but Eldest was good for every word. I like how Eragon and Roran/Stronghammer saw each other again. Darnit, I cant remember her name, the little girl blessed by Eragon I be t she ends up being one of Galboratix Riders.

  344. shadowhunter Says:

    Eragon started off ok then ended well, but Eldest was good for every word. I like how Eragon and Roran/Stronghammer saw each other again. Darnit, I cant remember her name, the little girl blessed by Eragon I be t she ends up being one of Galboratix Riders.

  345. Chelsea Says:

    Nice job on repeating your message 20 million times…XP

  346. Matt Says:

    My Favourite Character in Eragon was A-Jihad but when he died in Eldest I was draumatised! i like books which do that.

  347. Matt Says:

    Yay it worked! I havent been able too post for a while sorry about that.

  348. Matt Says:

    Sorry I keep going on but please people keep mature here

    *applaud* for Chelsea Well done. Maybe Roran shall be the Last Dragon Rider? Who knows?

  349. Jason Says:

    Why are you *applauding* Chalsea? I mean I know she’s great and all, but why?

  350. Jasmine Says:

    Mabye she told off someone who deserved it.

  351. Chelsea Says:

    Hey…I deserve an applaud every now and then…:(
    *applauds everyone else*

  352. Matt Says:

    Oh my God Do you have to make an argument out of everything? I was applauding her on her Marks/Grades

  353. Chelsea Says:

    Wait, was that message to me or Jason? =(

  354. Matt Says:

    Both of you

  355. Chelsea Says:

    ok…I haven’t argued with anyone on this site forever.

  356. Chelsea Says:

    ok…I haven’t argued with anyone on this site forever.

  357. Chelsea Says:

    ok…I haven’t argued with anyone on this site forever.

  358. Chelsea Says:

    Sorry for all of those posts…:(

  359. ALAS Says:

    I think your all crazy

  360. ALAS Says:

    Well my fav. chacter in eragon is soloumbom hes a charcter that always keeps you guessing

  361. Chelsea Says:

    Thank you, I am crazy, but as for the rest of the people here, that may be offensive so watch your mouth. I like Solembom too, very mysterious…

  362. ALAS Says:

    Sorry it was offensive i didnt mean it. really i was jokeing around.

  363. ALAS Says:

    my friend Jibba says hi and everone here reads really fast cause hes not even done reading Eldest yet
    and said he might come on this sight later tommrow.

  364. ALAS Says:

    my friend Jibba says hi and everone here reads really fast cause hes not even done reading Eldest yet
    and said he might come on this sight later tommrow.

  365. Matt Says:

    Ok Soloumbom is very cool, but, AJihad has Wisdom , skill and Strength. And so Did Hrothgar(shame they both died)

  366. ALAS Says:

    yeah I know it sucks but what can I say in a major book at least one good charcter everyone likes dies.

  367. Chelsea Says:

    Yea, it sucks. We’re not that fast, when did he get the book though, I mean it came out a long time ago! I’ve read Eragon 26 times and Eldest 21 so far.

  368. ALAS Says:

    well he read eragon last year and had started reading eldest when it came out, but hes not that slow hes almost done

  369. ALAS Says:

    you see he likes to absorb all the words not just what happens that and some times he dosent get the opertunity to read (stuff hapens)

  370. ALAS Says:

    im very nosey,chelsea how can you learn how to so many instraments? So far Id only really learned the clarenet
    (cant spell today) I can somewhat play the paino havent started on my gutier yet.

  371. Chelsea Says:

    Well I have been playing the piano for many many years, I started when I was 6. In 5th grade elementary is usually when all of te kids start to choose their band instrument here, don’t know if it’s the same for you. I learned the clarinet and have been playing it for 5 years alomost 6. So just recently, according to my accomplishments, the band instructer asked me to play the bass clarinet. So I play the regular clarinet usually only during pep band and marching band, but I still practice it a lot. Then I started teaching myself the guitar in Christmas 2004, but I am a FAST learner and now knoew most chords and I have even written a few songs. Then finally, in my high school, clarinet can’t be in jazz band, I have no idea why and I think it’s stupid but I started learning the tenor saxophone so I could be in it. I’m not bad either. So yeah, it’s possible, plus, if you can play one kind of saxophone, you can play them all!!! And that’s my instruments stories. I’m very musical if you didn’t know. I sing a lot too.

  372. ALAS Says:

    I know it sucks that clarnet cant play in jazz band. I too have been playing for 5 years love marching havent tryed pep band yet might do that next year

  373. ALAS Says:

    what is with the clocks beside our names here its only 815 are the clocks accuriate

  374. ALAS Says:

    theres one thing I dont like about school and thats algebra Im doing horable and just know started getting help.

  375. Matt Says:

    Algebra is Easy for me. And I havent read Eldest or Eragon more than 5 times. I move on to all kinds of Fantasy. Not just Eragon

  376. Chelsea Says:

    Oh, trust me, I have read MANY fantasy books besides Eragon. Anyone read spellfall, the dragon keeper, or anything like those??? I’m really good at algebra and if you need help, you can ask me.

  377. ALAS Says:

    I know but Im geting help from my teacher know so.
    really ive only read Eragon 2 and Eldest 1,(dont realy read a lot usually Mark Twains and any books I get that I might read are at my birthday or christmas some times at the libary

  378. ALAS Says:

    the book ive curently read that I like(other than Eldest) is Magyk-Septimus Heap by Angie Saga its preety cool its about witches worlacs and wizards. fighting to protect or kill a princess who was seperated from her mother(the queen)after the queen was murded. the baby,or princess was found in the snow by a wizard and raised with the rest of his 7 now 6 childeren. its really exciting.(no offence to Eragon lovers)

  379. ALAS Says:

    the book ive curently read that I like(other than Eldest) is Magyk-Septimus Heap by Angie Saga its preety cool its about witches worlacs and wizards. fighting to protect or kill a princess who was seperated from her mother(the queen)after the queen was murded. the baby,or princess was found in the snow by a wizard and raised with the rest of his 7 now 6 childeren. its really exciting.(no offence to Eragon lovers)

  380. ALAS Says:


  381. ALAS Says:

    my friend wants to know how you learned to play the saxophone that fast because he realy wants to learn how to play it

  382. jibba Says:

    hi alas how are you, you know who this is

  383. jibba Says:

    hey anyone here read midnight for chrile boone

  384. Chelsea Says:

    Well I learned the chormatic scale in a week. I took the scale sheet home and practiced every night for a
    VERY long time. Tell him he needs PRACTICE and no slacking, that’s how I can play it so fast. And, by the way, can you please try not to stretch the pages??? Try to put all that you are going to say into one post, not a million. lol. Hi Jibba, are you ALAS’s friend? If so, get practicing on that saxophone!!! I can help on notes and fingering if you need it.

  385. ALAS Says:

    Thanks Chelsea, HI jibba< and yes were friends we go to the same school

  386. ALAS Says:

    but its not Jibba that asked it was my boyfriend hes so jelaus that you can play the saxophone. but he cant type any time soon hes computer crashed

  387. Matt Says:

    I’ve Read 3 Books that have captured my Imagination asmuch as Eldest and Eragon. One, The Spook’s Apprentice.
    INCREDIBLY scary. So I loved it. The Sequel The Spook’s Curse. The Idea od something Coming up and taking control of you to set it free is terrifying. And Orcs,
    Itll take me AGES to explai it all, so Ill just say Lots of Reality-like War ,and Adult Swearing and Gore

  388. Chelsea Says:

    Sounds cool…ALAS….are you a boy or a girl?

  389. jibba Says:

    chelsea she is a girl alas is so whay do you want to know did you not get it when she said “my boyfriend”

  390. jibba Says:

    chelsea she is a girl alas is so whay do you want to know did you not get it when she said “my boyfriend”

  391. Matt Says:

    Oh my God. Your talking about Boy and Girl friends. This site has about as much maturity sometimes as an newborn ward

  392. Matt Says:

    Oh my God. Your talking about Boy and Girl friends. This site has about as much maturity sometimes as an newborn ward

  393. Matt Says:

    Oh my God. Your talking about Boy and Girl friends. This site has about as much maturity sometimes as an newborn ward

  394. jibba Says:

    ok matt ok how about we just drop the subject ok?!!!!!!

  395. ALAS Says:

    ok fine with me and yes Chelsea im a girl

  396. Chelsea Says:

    Jeeez, Jibba calm down. There are gay people in the world you know? And please don’t post like 3 times in a row to anyone who did that. It strectches the pages. Matt, if you would have read, ALAS just mentioned her boyfriend so why don’t you just read before you start to assume thigs jeeeez. By the way you are acting, by the way, you don’t seem like the most mature person in the world either. No offense.

  397. ALAS Says:

    no offince to Matt but you tell him Chelsea oh and Jibba you really need to CALM DOWN its not like you havent made a mastake or asked a stupid question before(your question wasnt stupid) so can we stop fighting???

  398. jibba Says:


  399. ALAS Says:


  400. Matt Says:

    I just cant be bothered having to have a popularity contest. I went through this in high school and I aint doing it again. Im always told “you show him Chelsea”
    I thought Teenagers could show a tiny degree of maturity but no I say what I think. thats that. You say all this, and that And now you have managed to turn a convrsation about a book into a popularity contest, Chelsea. Now you Go say “Jeese Matt” “or Im glad your gone” fine So am I

  401. ALAS Says:

    no ones telling you to leave and I dont want you to. you sholdent leave because its said its your decission to leave not ours and if you leave it shows that you can be influensed very easely(no offense)

  402. Chelsea Says:

    Whoa, calm down, all I said was not to offend people, this has nothing to do with a popularity contest, it’s your fault if you think of it that way. Adn anyway, I’m in colledge not high school so what are you talking about???

  403. ALAS Says:

    wow, people dont right here during the weekends huh?

  404. jibba Says:

    sorry everyone it is just i am going through a hard time

  405. Chelsea Says:

    I do usually but no one replied so I just didn’t do anything. What’s wrong Jibba???

  406. ALAS Says:

    well I couldnt this weekend I was at my dads. Are you ok Jibba? You know you can call me.

  407. ALAS Says:

    Hi how is everyone today? Im in study hall nothing to study so came on here Jibba called me and wanted everyone know he feels a lot better know.

  408. Chelsea Says:

    What was wrong??? And has anyone been to They have some music and pics there to look at.

  409. ggg Says:


  410. Elise Says:

    Hello everyone. I’m new (Obviously). I read Eragon for the first time about 2 years ago. Then, I bought Eldest the day it came out.I thought they was so awesome (!) that I had to get my friend to read them and my brother. When I heard there was a movie coming out. I flipped out(In a good way). Anyways, I’m bye!

  411. Chelsea Says:


  412. Jasmine Says:

    Iv’e been to that website, it’s not that great though…

  413. fat Says:

    ggg you need to shut your trap

  414. ALAS Says:

    are you ok Chelsea,and fat we dont need to talk to others that way.
    well the website might not be good but its still usefull lots of information.
    welcome Bise hope to here more from ya!!!

  415. ALAS Says:


  416. Chelsea Says:

    Hey now, fat, do I need to tell you, like a child, to play nice with the other children??? *shakes finger*

  417. Chelsea Says:

    Why wouldn’t I be okay???

  418. ALAS Says:

    don’t know just asked.

  419. jibba Says:

    hi everyone by the way chelsea i am ok now, it was just my grandma was going through cancer and we were scared that it had came back, if it did it couldnt be cuared

  420. jibba Says:

    chelsea i fine my grandma had cancer and we were scared it came back

  421. Chelsea Says:

    Well I wish you good luck!

  422. Sarah Says:

    I went crazy when I heard that Eragon was going to be a movie. I LOVE the books so much they were awsome. But Peter Buchman writing it now theres a great movie. Jurassic Park III was a great movie. But this one will be better.

  423. Chelsea Says:

    Of course it will be better lol!!! Eragon kicks ass!!!

  424. Matt Says:

    ((couldn’t find anything a bit better to do))

    No it doesn’t.
    Its good but doesn’t kick ass.

  425. Chelsea Says:

    Well that is your opinion. I believe it is very well written. You can say what you want, but don’t say that other people are wrong just because you believe something else.

  426. Matt Says:

    Please don’t be Ultra sensitive, I simply combatted your opinion. Now back to the task at hand. Eragon was extremely well written and has opened up the path for a classic trilogy. It isn’t as good as LOTRs but will rival classics like Star Wars 1-2 (not III that rival LOTRs)

    (Chelsea please, Language its pretty offensive)

  427. Jason Says:


  428. Moe Says:

    whoever this fat is, needs to grow up or go to another site, which posts rude comments.

  429. ryan Says:

    Hey I read alot about this conversation involving chelsea moe laura and everyone else but i skipped down alot? Can someone brief me? P.S where can i get a video clip for eragon?

  430. Chelsea Says:

    I’m not being sensitive, but you can think that…I guess. lol Bad language??? If you are talking about when I said kicks “ass”, this is more of a teen site so if someone really had a problem with it, they could tell me, plus it’s not in the rules that you have to follow a strict LANGUAGE code. And by the way, comments are reviewed before they are put out so obviously it’s fine with them…just so you know.

  431. ryan Says:

    Hey I was wondering what everyone feels about the cast and if anyone finds a movie clip can they tell me the site? Thanx

  432. Elise Says:

    Happy Valentines Day Eragon Lovers!

  433. Sarah Houghton (LiB) Says:

    Hey guys. This isn’t a teen site, but I’m happy to let you all post here about Eragon. Glad to be of service. It’s actually a site called “Librarian In Black,” run by me–the Librarian in Black. It’s a “what’s new in technology” site for libraries, and I post several new things every single day. Click on the logo at the top to get to the main page with the current posts. This Eragon post is just one of the thousands I’ve posted over the last few years. So, while I’m glad to let you all have at it here and discuss your hearts out, please stop insulting each other. Keep the tone friendly.

  434. ALAS Says:

    sorry havent been able to tipe my computer wouldent let me Eragon. I think I know what the dragon language is called,Eragon it would explain why knowone knew what his name ment (because his name is the strongest word of all)

  435. Chelsea Says:

    lol cool. Happy day after V-Day!!! Thank you for reminding everyone of that LIB, I love you!

  436. Sarah Houghton (LiB) Says:

    Umm, thanks :) You know, we librarians can be pretty cool if you give us a chance.

  437. Chelsea Says:

    And I’m giving you a chance lol. You’re cool! =) How old are you then???

  438. jibba Says:

    hey chelsea if you go to shur’ you can hear music for the movie

  439. jibba Says:

    that goes for u 2 sara

  440. Sarah Houghton (LiB) Says:

    Well, Chelsea…that’s a very personal question. But here’s my “About” page if you’re interested:

  441. Chelsea Says:

    Cool, thanx! Jibba, do you mean actual music for it or just that “dragon rider life of mine” song by one of the fans?

  442. Matt Says:

    Hmm I think it would be a bit for “LORT On the Horizon” like but its quite good

  443. Matt Says:

    Sorry I meant LOTR

  444. Chelsea Says:

    Anyone else that hasn’t heard the songs for the movie???
    I, personally, like the “Finding the stone” song from

  445. Rae Says:

    Hey again, haven’t been on for a lonnnnngggg time,,, Wats up>?

  446. Chelsea Says:

    Nothing much, just saving the whales, recycling, replanting the rainforests, and pretty much saving the world one step at a time! =)

  447. ALAS Says:

    well ive got a saxaphone know I just need to learn how to play it!!!!!
    and I agree Chelsea finding the stone was cool but I liked scrying for Arya was my favoret

  448. Matt Says:

    Ok chelsea on to other issues…..

  449. aint got 1 Says:

    i heard wen eldest is comin out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!it comes out on july 20th,2008!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i caNT WAIT TILL THEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!and oviously eragon is comin out on december 15th, 2006

  450. Chelsea Says:

    Why do you hate me matt??? =( I didn’t DO anything to you…what do you mean by on to other topics anyway? I was talking about a topic. I’m sorry if you didn’t like it, but then again…when you don’t like a topic you can always post another one…just giving you hints.

  451. Matt Says:

    Please Chelsea! I said onto Eragon Issues! Not saving the Forests. And you say i hate you. well Ill give you hints. Don’t talk about that stuff because it oncurrs arguments ok?

  452. Chelsea Says:

    That last post was from me lol sorry everyone.

  453. mike miller Says:

    thak u lord. a movie for a very thrilling book. i love u guys.

  454. Chelsea Says:

    Hey, does anyone know the exact date for the movie yet? I heard december a lot and some novembers…but I’m not quite sure. I really like what they have done for Durza’s character. I LOVE IT!!!

  455. Henco Says:

    i saw on a website that it’s somthing like the 15 december

  456. Chelsea Says:

    Thank you very much! Again, anyone who has heard rumors for the date of the movie, tell me!!!

  457. Siena Says:

    Yeah according to Shurtugal that it’s December 15, 2006.

  458. Siena Says:

    To let anyone who cares know there is a pretty new forum site for Eragon. I think if you click on my name it will bring you there. If you join, the owner of the site will write to you and welcome you. If you write back tell him/her that Chianti told you about the site.

  459. icingdeath Says:

    the shots of saphira concept art are fake! lies! all lies!!!

    sorry about that. anyway, i thought that everyone should know.

  460. john Says:

    I must disagree here. I am just waitng for all this Eragon hype to die down. Many ppl have claimed that the writer, christopher, is a better story teller than Tolkien…and I think this is a crock of ****. Why would you guys think so highly of a writer who’s blatantly ripping off the LOTR with an added dragon? He was just lazy in is story-telling. He didn’t even bother to try and use his brain to give us a fresh look into the world of fantasy…instead he borrowed Tolkien’s and added a thing or two and call it his own. Eragon (Aragorn) is in love with an elf Arya(Arwen)..I’m not even going to go any further than that. Bottom line, the writer sucks, he’s a hack, his books are shameful…and, the movie is going to suck as well. Just wait and see, it’s going to go straight to dvd.

  461. Matt Says:

    They are probably fake, but someone opinionising their view. Not that bad. But it will be a lot like these pictures. Oh and I never thought I’d end up reading Eragon let alone Eldest. But when I heard its publicity I gave it a try. Like everyone here knows, I loved it.

    Oh I’m estimating the release date for Eldest, this is very rough.

    2008 april

  462. Chelsea Says:

    Does anyone know the game release date?

  463. Matt Says:

    Well John those are some claims I have to agree with. He did copy LOTRs and there are much better books then Ersgon. I personally think that my view has changed and i’m going to voice my opinion.

    Book Ratings
    My Favourite Books
    1: LOTRs Trilogy
    2: Farseer Trilogy
    3: World of warcraft: Fehorn Saga

    78: Eragon, Eldest.

    I don’t know what came over me. Damn my Sister for getting me interested in this Copyright!

  464. Siena Says:

    You have a right to like whatever books you want and to think that Christopher Paolini is a bad writer. But seriously there is no reason to come to this site and tell us how bad you think Eragon and Eldest are.

  465. Matt Says:


    Just to keep this going….

  466. Olga Says:

    Hi everyone! I’m new…as you can see…! Forgive me about my …”english” but i’m greek!I really need to “tell”(write)somebody like me(as stuck on eragon as i am) my “problems”! I know that eldest has come out but no in greece…!!!! I really NEED to read it! Fortunately, I’ve found some of the “eldest news”. Could you inform me about the rest…?! Please?!

  467. Chelsea Says:

    For me, I thought it was better than Eragon. Maybe you could order the book or something?

  468. Melissa Says:

    I abslolutely LLLLOOOOOVVe Eragon! it is my favorite book, (also eldest.)And i am soooo exited about the movie! when is it comin to theaters?I hope they get a good person for eragon. if they don’t that would just ruen the movie.well.sooooooooooooooooooo exited!!!!!;)

  469. cody Says:

    omg! i literaly cried when i found out murtagh was eragons brother. now a movie! geesh! i love this book! best book in the world it is. i think it cant be one of the twins man! there naturally blond, i know you can change the colour but still man. there too sissy to play her.

  470. Chelsea Says:

    So has anyone read the Bartimeaus trilogy? I’m beginning the Amulet of Samarkand is it good?

  471. rauri Says:

    hey, i go to college with edward speleers, how cool am i???

  472. Chelsea Says:

    It’s funny what some people will say just to get attention isn’t it?

  473. Rae Says:

    Hey again all!! Does any one know when the third book comes out????

  474. Rae Says:

    Really, you go to college with edward speelers???

  475. Chelsea Says:

    LOL! No she doesn’t Rae. That would be cool if it was true, but at least 87.6% of people lie on the internet to get attention. It’s VERY true.

  476. Angel Says:

    Hey guys! I’m new here but i’ve read everything that’s been going on over the years. I’m an Eragon addict and know just abiut everything about the books. I do like Harry Potter as well. Oh yeah. This my be really old, but English young people do not say Brilliant all the time. I should know i’m live in England.

  477. Chelsea Says:

    LOL I know they don’t but I was just trying to back that person up, that’s all. Have you gone to any Eragon or Eldest sites?

  478. Rae Says:

    Hey again Chelsea, I meant as in Really, like that is not true. So how are u?? Ok here. The eragon trailer is out, atleast thats wat my friends say, but i don’t really know. I can’t wait until it comes out!!! Chronicals of Narnia just came out too. This is a good week!!!

  479. Jay-Jay The JetPlane Says:

    A couple of points for all the littel fan girls:

    1: Jemery Sumpter should NOT play Eragon, he has a horrible hair-style, especially for a young farming child in a middle ages setting, plus he definatly looks like hes about 10 or 11.

    2: Sean Connery should NOT play Brom, hes too big a character for this series, besides, he looks like he could die at any time, seriousy, the guys like what? 70?

    3: Cillian Murphy should play Murtagh, not Eragon, hes too old for Eragon but hes just right for Murtagh.

    4: The Olsens should NOT NOT NOT NOT EVER play in this movie at all, no matter what character, although it would be pretty cool to see them shoveling poop in the background, but other than that those girls are too skinny, small and prissy froo-froo for this movie.

    5: Angelina Jolie or Liv Tyler as Arya, no. Tyler, maybe, Jolie NO. Shes to old one and shes just not right, unless you want a million african babies in the movie too. But still, smaller names than these hollywood princesses on Arya.


  480. angel Says:

    thats cool. yeah i’ve been 2 the sites.The guy playing Eragon looks pretty cool.

  481. Siena Says:

    I haven’t seen Chronicals of Narnia. Is it good?

  482. Chelsea Says:

    Yea, I’m going to go out and get Narnia too, it followed the book so well oh my god! I loved it! Anyone else who thinks Peter is hot??? LOL

  483. Rae Says:

    Your ignoring me again…I said that the trailer is out> That is an important thing.

  484. Chelsea Says:

    I’m not ignoring you lol, ever since our messages started being scanned, they come out slower…=(

    And Jay Jay the jet plane:
    Ummm…lol we talked about that stuff AGES ago just so you know LOL! And if you didn’t know, they already have all the characters posted on the movie site, so you don’t have to get worried that other people’s choices for characters (like the hated olsen twins) will be chosen.

  485. Mer Says:

    Hey Rae it’s me you know your besty best friend, from school I mean….anyways there is a trailer like thing out, I wouldn’t exactly call it a trailer its more like a featurette but its still awesome so if anyone cares I can post the link but I don’t know if you guys have already heard about it or whatever so I’ll just keep it on the down low for now. Talk to you later Rae. Cya l8erz hopefully sometime over spring break.

  486. Chelsea Says:

    Ummm…I would really love you (Mer) if you would post the link please…=) *puppy eyes*

  487. Mer Says:

    Ok here it is, hopefully that will work for you. YouTube has been haveing some technical difficulties over the past week so sometimes it won’t work. Sorry, but still ENJOY!!!

  488. Sofa Says:

    I’ve seen the online cast but this is who I believe should play the parts…….

    Omg Jared Padalecki is awesome. I love him he is so sizzling n talented! He should be Murtag because even though he’s a golden boy he’s proven in his new show Supernatural that he can be a little rough n tough lol. Murtag can definitley not be played by a pansy! Hahas Jared Padelecki or Heath Ledger. Jared’s hotter but Heath is sruffier it just depends wat your lookin 4 lolor Viggo mortenson(hes old but very murtaggish)But I’m still in love with Jared Padelecki and if he got that part n Jensen Ackles was Roran that would be cool cuz the work great 2gether(even though murtag is no wheres near Roran lol)

    anyways I’ve heard Sierra something is gonna be Arya and she is so un-elvish. She looks like a barbie princess not a warrior princess. Shes pretty but 4 one thing shes blond and it won’t be the same is she dyes it or wears a wig! Liv Tyler is a freakin awesome elf and every1 say in Lord of the rings that she can be mysterious and wise just like Arya who(as hard as Eraqon tries) blows him off. I can’t c this sierra having any edge. Catherine Zeta Jones might be good to as Arya is old but dosen’t look very old(she shouldnt be baby faced either)

    Eragon-Ed Peeler is great n hot. Chris Pine would be a horrible Murtag but I do think he would be a deccent Eragon he looks alot how i pictured him.(So does Ed Speeler though)

    Brom-Sean Connery or Dumbledore(from Harry Potter). Brom has a great beard they mention it alot in the 1st book. Jeremy Irons is beardless and dosen’t look that old. Gandalf would also be a good Brom except hes real tall. Man every1 from LOTR could be in this! Not just cuz they’re elves but they all have Eragon stunt doubles lkol every1 in LOTR has a double in Eragon it seems lol but i dont want them 2b the same so……yeah

    Durza-The guy who played Voldemort in Harry Potter(I kinda pictured Durza creepy like that even though the book said he looked human except 4 his red hair n eyes lol)

    King Hroethgar-Gimili from Lord of the rings(They both have sweet beards lol)The king of t5hat horse place in lord of the rings might b a good Hroethgar 2

    Angela-Rite Skeeter from HarryPotter I dunbno i pictured Angela with blond curls not the moronic singer Joss Stone. Man just cuz u can’t sing dosen’t mean u can act! wrteck i different movie!Madam Rosmerata maybe good 2 though.

    Urgals-Should b played buy the peeps who played orcs. Cuz they r good at being freaky

    Caroline Chikezie will make a great Nauseda

    Roran-He should sssooo be played by Jensen Ackles who is hot and talented Faramir might be a good Roran 2 . I dunno but if Murtag is only like 20 then definatley Jensen Ackles. Murtag is not 17 he is at least a few more yrs older than that. OMG! Ben Mckenziefrom the O.C! He would be great too! Except I dunno if he fits thw whole back in the day setting of Eragon. Chris Evans from Fantastic 4(Which was a sucky movie). I dunno Roran could be played by alot of people I guess

    Sloan-He should be played by ummmmm dunno someone fat n mean

    Ajjahd(Sorry can’t spell it)- African american Jedi from revenge of the sith or the guy the picked Dijimon Hounsoun is ok 2

    Katrina-Tamsin Egerton is a good Katrina i think. 2 bad Ginny WEasley wasn’t older. If she were she’d be a good Katrina.

    King Galbatorix-SHOULDNT BE IN THE MOVIE AT ALL!!!!!!!!!!He wasn’t in Eragon or Eldest yet in person so y cast him? They r so gonna wreck this movie in they better not cuz i love the books n then io will have to kill them!jk jk um or not?

    Orik-Should be Gimili if he isn’t king hroethgar

    Yeah yeah i know i picked people that r in lots of other movies but i just think they would be good ok? lol anyways whoever said Eragon is 2 much like star wars sux and i h8 your friggin guts! it is alot simillar but christopher paolini is a great writer unlike wat u say and id like2 c u do better ya poser! lol. I can’t wait for the movie 2 co9me out but I’d settle 4 the trailer rite now lol

    I agree if u take ourt as many details as u did in Harry Potter ill kill u all!!!!!!!!!!!lol



    D’arvit! hahas i love Artemis Fowl 2 whoever said that!




    I hope the movie is as cool as I excpect it to be!

  489. Sofa Says:

    Dats rite! Eragon started out a pretty boy but didn’t stay that way after his hard training with Brom! NO PRETTY BOYS IN THE MIDDLE AGES!!!Only hot boys lol oh wink wink um ok lol sorry bout that. Wat can u excpect from a kid who goes on a fan site for a book about dragons n elves lol jk jk.

  490. Sofa Says:

    Eragon is not a copyright your sister may have got u into it but if u don’t like it don’t come on this site. A-duh! lol

  491. Sofa Says:

    I love LOTR 2. I’ve read all the books)including the hobbit) 3 times in a 1yr 1/2. 1 of my teachers has the writing off the ring tattoed around her arm. Its really kool but nerdy. Real nerdy. But wat can i say im the 1 who read the books 2 times lol

  492. Siena Says:

    The link worked for me. omg i seriously can’t wait!!!!!

  493. Mer Says:

    I really do hope that Ed Speelers doesn’t screw the movie up since this is his first time acting on a big screen. If he does I am so sueing the Fox company thingy for casting him. But I do like Jeremy Irons I think he is a very good actor its just he needs to have a long beerd and maybe a few mor prosthetic wrinkels under his eyes lol. Thats just my oponnion I’m sure many people have said the same thing already.

  494. Grace Sites Says:

    Yes the book is going to be finally madde into a movie at last. I thoght that the book was excellent and I think that the movie id just going to be as good as the book.( The Dragons better look really cool, because they are my favorite creatures in the world.)

  495. Sofa Says:

    OMG! They guy playin murtag is soo un murtaggish even in costume! hes not hot like i pictured murtag lol manim tellin ya they shoulda picked Jared Padelecki! lol has new pics frommthe movie. brom dosent look old enough n his sword is red! Zarocd is red not Broms sword!The urgals look alot like people in 2 much makeup lol(n with bad clothes)There is a pic of an urgal executioner. was thast in the book? I have a feelin the flick wont b as grood as the book. Im gonna go c it though n some of the pics look ok so check em out!the 1 of the dead urgal is kinda freaky though! not gory just creepy!The set n scenery is really good though not a rip off from LOTR so thatz grood!Hahas they wear some really medevil clothes lol it cracks me up!i know thatz how its supposed 2b but some of the stuff in these pics remindsa me so much a that neverending story movie lol man i hate those! i remeber bein like 6 n bein 2 sscared 2 watch them lolwell yea um peace out! jk that was waaayy 2 gangsta!

  496. Chelsea Says:

    Wow…sofa, where to start…

    Well, for one, the characters are already all set.

    Two, the actors you are recommending would totally ruin the movie because when you think of those poeple, you think of LOTR, not Eragon.

    Three, Wow, it really doesn’t matter whether Brom has a beard or not, no movie exactly follows the book. And Dumbledore for Brom is horrible, because that particular actor in Harry Potter, in my opinion, is not all that great. Now Jeremy Irons, he has it all, the weathered voice, the old yet young at heart look. I think they did EXTREMELY well for Brom. Have you seen any with him in them?

    and lastly, please don’t post things like: “go die in a hole”….that’s a real way to make friends or make someone’s day…and anyway, there are actually younger people who read these, and I’m sure they don’t find that comforting. Just saying…please be happy! =) =)

  497. Chelsea Says:

    Sofa, what site did you see the pics for the movie, I want to know if I have seen them already.

  498. Sofa Says:

    Hey well if u read my thing properly u would have noted it says I know they already picked the characters but these r the people I think would of been good for the movie. Yeah its just my opinions u don’t have to take it seriously, Yeah anyways didn’t mean 2 affend any younger people lol i wasn’t seriously tellin any1 i wanted them 2 die in a hole! You may have seen the pics already Chelsea but they r on I don’t think thatz how u spell it but maybe) yeah lol u r right Dumbledore kinda looks slightly dead and no in fact I haven’t seen any movies with Jeremy Irons in them. Anyways I am happy lol just tryin 2 make a point n b heard I guess lol well yeah anyways this site is pretty sweet! lol (sorry 4 all the msn talk but anyways) at 1st I didn’t think my messages worked but the did which makes me quite “enthused” or however ya spell that silly word! cya

  499. brad Says:

    i glad that eragon is being made into a movie i love the books and i dont know what i want to see more the movie or the new book according to the surgtal website its mostlikely going to be named empire but the movies still going to pardon my language kick ass but im more interested in seeing the new book more than the new movie and i think that christopher paolini should write more books like these because they’re so frickin awesome and i normally hate books the only books i like are the inheritance books one and two, all the harry potter books, and all the lord of the rings books.

  500. Chelsea Says:

    MSN talk is alright with me! =)

    I know you didn’t mean the go die in a hole thing, but you know, just saying, I don’t want you to get in trouble with anyone lol.

  501. Chelsea Says:

    Then Brad, you should fit in here with all of us. You fantasy fanatic you…=)

  502. Maria Says:

    Hi, I’m new here, but I read most of the stuff that’s been posted before. I love the Inheritance books so far, and I can’t wait for the movie and the third book. So yeah I basically just wanted to say hi.

  503. jared Says:

    when is the movie coming out?
    i am going to go insane!

  504. Chelsea Says:

    Hello, nice to meet ya!

  505. Sofa Says:

    Yeah I used to re4ad alot when I was younger but I didn’t 4 a long time but then 1 of my friends got the innheritance trilogy. I can’t wait 4 the new book does any1 have any info on it? lol and when the heck is then new movie comin out? And y is the trailer gonna be attached to the x-men trailer? I hate fall out boy so y do I like A little less 16 candles a little more touch me?Y did they stop playin Supernatural on ASN? y Im i talkin about stuff that has nothin 2 do with this website? And y do I ask so many questions? I’m confused! lol yeah hope every1 had a sweet easter

  506. Sofa Says:

    I dont like Jurassic Park and y would any1 use fat as a name?

  507. Sofa Says:

    Wait i better shut up I’m named aftera piece of furniture!

  508. frank delgado Says:

    man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! im dying here its suppose to come out IN 12/15/06 I CANNOT WAIT THAT LONG GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! im never been known for my patience and i want it to go on already……..

    THIS IS 1 GREAT BOOK….. I COULDNT STOP READING EVEN FOR A MINUTE im the top reader in my middle school and this the best book ever i mean ever!!!!!!!!!!! read. i read eragon and eldest like 50 times already waiting for the next 1 to come out. it keeps you reading till the end thats all i can say i read eldest in 1 day non stop!! i didnt even sleep casue its so fantastic

  509. frank delgado(argetlam) lol Says:

    its gonna come out in 12/15/06 just incase they didnt post my other post.

    p.s. se onr sverdar sitja hvass
    for christoper:
    atra esterni ono thelduin
    mor’ranr lifa unin hjarta onr
    un du evarinya

    want the other book to come out as fast as possible but nt that fast that it isnt good.

  510. Matt Says:

    Yeah, eragon is Good. But if you read The Lord of the Rings BOOKS,(including The hobbit and Silmarillion) you realise LOTR has just a ten times bigger scale. And Chelsea, try the Farseer Trilogy. Its a work of art, just like The Bartimaeus Trilogy.

    Still Eragon The Movie. Yet another thing to look forward to. After all, if we had nothing to look forward too, what would life be like?

  511. Sofa Says:

    Hehe omg well I read Harry Potter, Artemis Fowl, Dragonrider,eldest/eragon too and they are all so great I can’t pic a fave! Anyways yeah I read Eragon n Eldest twice. The second time it made more sense the second time because I read it faster. The 1st time My mom forced me 2 space it out over 5 days because i read 2 fast lol

  512. Gilraen Saralonde Says:

    Hey, if anyone here has read the “Children of the red king” (Charlie Bone) books, (they rock!)(So does “Eragon” and “eldest”, duh otherwise i wouldent be on here)anyway if anyone has read children of the red king, there’s a fifth one comming out! And the Eragon movie comes out on December 15, 2006!!!!!!Can’t wait!

  513. Gilraen Saralonde Says:

    Hey ppl, get this, ive been telling my friend to read eragon (because she liked another book i told her to read, artemis fowl) but she wont!!!!!!! Weird, huh?

  514. Chelsea Says:

    Who is the Farseer Trilogy by?

  515. Angel Says:

    OMG! has anyone read the book the fire thief by Terry Deary. It is kinda written like the Bartimaues Trilogy but it’s really good. Is the movie coming out on 15/12/06. cos in England we write the date differently.

  516. Matt Says:

    Farseer Trilogy by Robin Hob.

    I’m onto the Harlequin Trilogy now. Its really good.

  517. Taylor Says:

    hey, whats up? im new to this, im a HUGE eragon fan, im reading eldest now, i started eragon just last month, but i love it, ive gotten 2 other people into it so far, lol, so whats up everyone?

  518. Angel Says:

    Hey matt! What’s the Harlequin Trilogy about?it sounds kinda cool! Oh1 and what’s the Farseer Trilogy as well?

  519. Matt Says:

    Harlequin is an adult/Historical Novel (If not interested stop reading now)

    Thomas of Hookton is one of the English Archers in the Hundred Years War. In the book, you witness the battle of Crecy. It is extremely historically accurate. Theres 2 more books called Vagabond and heretic

  520. Joeseph Woods Says:

    Wow i cant beleive i just figured out Eragon was becoming a movie the book was the greatest book ever read i hope the movie will be as good as the book i would like to see a movie better then a book. IM SO EXCITED I HOPE IT COMES OUT SOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  521. Angel Says:

    Cool! Thanks Matt! Is it suited 4 teenagers or young adults?

    Hey Taylor! It’s nice to see someone new! I’m pretty new here too, so we’re in the same boat!

    Has anyone heard of a book called Blink by Ted Dekker? It’s really good but i don’t know where to find it. I want my own copy. And has anyone read the Dragons in our Mist series? i read them on holiday but they are really good!

  522. Angel Says:

    Matt? R U English? Just out of curiosity.

  523. Chelsea Says:

    Could you please summarize the Farseer trilogy for me Matty??? lol

  524. Matt Says:

    Harlequin: Mostly Adults

    Farseer: First Book: The Assasin’s apprentice

    A royal bastard(no not the rude term) is brought to the house of the royal family, the Farseers.

    His name is Fitz and the 2nd book envelopes his Love life, the first one is mostly him growing into a man

    P.s. And yes I’m english. Not that long till I can join Cadets.

  525. Angel Says:

    Army Cadets? Cool! So that kinda of means you’re like 17 maybe around 20? Just wondering.

    Hey Chelsea! you haven’t written in ages.

    Joseph Woods. R U new?

    P.S.(to everyone)I’m a very curious person. Please, don’t mind all the questions! :)

  526. Angel Says:

    Oh! Although i’m probably really late, i just googled Jeremy Sumpter and i’m sorry but he is sooo butters!! ( English urban slang 4 very ugly.If you didn’t already know)

  527. Matt Says:

    No. I’m 12.

  528. Angel Says:

    Matt. r u being serious? r u really 12? Wow. u sound way older. or maybe that’s you read way older. Well, sorry 4 the mistake, and if ur joking me around, that’s not fair coz i’m pretty gullible.
    So if u really are 12, why do you read adult books?
    For curisoity’s sake what school do you go to, and are you in Yr 7 or 8?
    Wow. soz AGAIN for the mix up.
    Ur not pulling my leg r u??
    Is ur surname really Potter?
    If u want me to stop asking questions,pls just say. I get carried away :)

  529. Angel Says:

    um…. where is everyone. it seems like only matt and i are still here. where’s moe,jazmin,rae,laura,jason,chelsea ect. u know all the old people.

    uhhh…….i’m a bit of a mad person. goodnight. :)

  530. Matt Says:

    Yes it is Potter, what it too you?

    I’ll reveil no more sorry : /

    I love Adult books because if you can understand them, they put such a story into your head its like a film.

  531. Sofa Says:

    There was this one time, I was 12 so I went in cadets but it all sucked and you had to be right serious and march and stuff……so I quit…………um sorry anyways lol, haven’t been on 4 awhile was up with every1?

  532. Matt Says:

    Lol. I’m joining the Army, plus if you finish the course you get a certificate worth 3 GCSEs.

    My brother wouldn’t need to study very hard if he had that.

  533. Mirar Says:

    Mahalo people.
    I would just like to say i find you people v.v.intresting. i read Eldest in 14hrs it was so good. The movie’s ‘supposed to be coming out latest december 06. Wohoo! I think that Murtagh and Ajihad’s daughter Nasuada are gonna hit it off, whilst, eventually, Arya and Eragon do. I think the book is kinda a copy of LOTR, sorta like Aragorn’s childhood, a preface in a weird but symbiotic way. I think that one way or another Murtagh will either be killed saving Eragon and rising up against Galbatorix which’ll mean immeditate death for him and his dragon, as GBX knows their real names, or he will lose his dragon and become like Brom.

    Please accept me as one of yours, i’m a v.v.intresting person.
    Mirar Out!

  534. Angel Says:

    Hey! Mirar. Wot up?

  535. Mirar Says:

    Mahaloh again,
    I shall probs not be as regular as this. All is well o friend from above named…Angel. Sorry i’m just having a laugh. i think the movie, unless directed by Peter Jackson, (LOTR director) or Steven Spielberg, will be atrocious like the HP movies as they won’t have sufficient CG- computer graphics- to make the real special effects. It’s probs going to be as bad as Star Wars 3, though it is being directed by the SE-special effeeects director-of Star Wars 3, so oh well.

    Matt: If you like adult books you should either try the David Pelzer books, the Preistess of the White Age of the 5 trillogy by Terry someone, or hmmm, Dan Brown, Phillip Pullman, Wind on Fire trillogy etc. I’m around your age, v. close actually and i prefer adult books to kids, because they actually write maturely and try to engage you every way. Also they use decent language. Paolini’s pretty good as he had Tolkein as a role model so the Inheritance trillogy is alright.

    Aufwiedesen All!!! I’m not german, i just speak it!lol!

  536. Mirar Says:

    Hey, i’m on a writing spree, free time on the pc hehe. Hey i’m a poet. Tarah!
    Does anyone know the other LOTR book other than the Simarilion, and has any one read the Appendix? Also, The Inheritance trillogy is v.v. definetly a preface of Aragorn’s life.Aragorn’s elven name is Ellessar-hope-, wait till you find out Eragorn’s!
    Also you know Angela’s prophesy, you realize Eragon has no weapons, he’s gonna get the 1st Eragon, hiis name sakes, weapons in the last battle. I have a very intresting mind and am usaully right!

    It’s all fitting into place, including some other unaswered questions.

    I see you rising your eyebrows, i shall tell no more. no more i say!

    Adios Compadres! I’m not Spanish either, and i don’t speak it, i’m just full of worldly knowledge lol!

  537. Angel Says:

    Hey! Hey! MIra- u can talk! Has anyone read Sabriel? It’s well good

  538. Maria Says:

    Is the Eragon trailer going to be on the Mission Impossible 3 movie? That’s what I’ve heard, but I’m not sure. I hope it’s true because I really want to see it.

  539. Matt Says:

    I’m not going to be on for a while because I’m gettung 4 more books soon so I might aswell post now.

    When Mum first bought me Eragon, I was 8, I think. I couldn’t be less bothered, because I hadn’t started my reading passion.

    Then my sister read it and I read it. I got into Eldest because I needed a good read to be honest.

    Now, I’ll probably read Empire(Yes thats what is called) if I’ve finished all the books I’m reading now.

  540. mirar Says:

    Empire won’t be out for ages as it took so long for Eldest to come out lol. Can someone reply to my other meassages they were good!

  541. Angel Says:

    Hey Mirar! I’m replying 2 your other messages. And yes, they were

    Does anyone have any good books to read? I’ve finished all of mine and am really bored.
    Has anyone read Ptomely’s Gate? Last of the Bartimaeus Trilogy. I don’t know if it’s good enough to bother reading. The last one wasn’t as good as the first.
    P.S. Mirar: I think what you should of said at the end of your last post was: Adios Amigos! (I think)

  542. Angel Says:

    Wow Mirar! U sure r funny! And u talk Though the people of ‘Eragon gets a script write’ will probably except u!
    I really want 2 know when the nxt book -Empire- is coming out.

  543. Sofa Says:

    Hey everybody! There is quite a few new people on here since I made an entry so hey all u noobs!Anyways dont ask and no in fact I’m not from england. Its really nice up there though n every1 talks rite awesome!Well guys I know this has abslouetly nothing to do with Eragon or the trilogy but um does anybody on here watch Supernatural?n if u do did u c the season finale!omg if Dean n Sam r dead then the cant have a second season and I will sob(not really but i wil b so sad!)It was so random they were just drivin along and BAM! a semi being drove by possesed freak hits em!creepy!if any1 knows if upernatural will have a season 2 or not u must tell me!anyways I read some book that was somehow connected to LOTR and i 4get wat it was called but JR Toilken died before he could publish it and his son made it out of like notes n stuff his dad left behind n it was all wack n hard 2 understand i think it was the appendix or somethin anyways still a good book despite the confusing-ness. I hate x-men!!!!But I’m pumped 4 this movie!woot woot!

  544. Angel Says:

    I think it’s called the Samarillion. If that’s how u spell it. I love X-men., The movies r a bit dry, but if u watch the animated X-men evolution, they are well good!

  545. Matt Says:

    Yep Simarillion.

    Its how Sauron transforms into his fair form, convinces Celebrimbor(Elven-smith) to make the rings, and then Saurons betrays him, makes the one ring, and destroys the Elven country of Eregion

  546. Angel Says:

    wow! you must’ve have you read the book loads of times matt or do you just have a really good memory?

  547. Rae Says:

    So whoever has seen the trailer yet, do you think that it was good??? I can’t wait..!!!!!!!!!

  548. Matt Says:

    Read it twice, and Yeah, My Memory can be good, but it can be bad sometimes :)

  549. Mirar Says:

    Ahh sorry haven’t been on for yonks. Yes thank you it is called the Simarriliion, yeah it’s about the creation of Middle Earth. Mind the creation bit is soooo long. I barely finished it. Yes there was another book that Tolkein wrote and his son Christopher publisehd. (Watched the extended edition special features lol).

    Did you know the Beatles wanted to do LOTR but Tolkein’s son refused. I’m glad!!!

    I luuuurve Wolverine, and Angel the trailers look good can’t wait to see Jean Grey in X-men!

    Sofa: England rules but we have loads of chavs, type of group, trashy people who wear loads of bling-bling, and smoke. We also DO NOT speak good english it’s more like-

    ” Ello ‘ello ‘eloo. wass goin on ‘ere?” hahahaha

  550. Angel Says:

    Where can you see the trailer?

  551. Sofa Says:

    Yeah every place has some whitetrash with too much bling bling not just england….HECK THINK OF KEVIN FEDERLINE AND BRITTNEY SPEARS! i take it no one else watches Supernatural..sigh..lmao jk anyways the trailers out!!!??? i have been neglecting Shur-turgal

  552. Says:

    yup i agree.

  553. Mirar Says:

    Bonjour! Sorry don’t watch supernatural. Anyone watch CSI, or forensic stuff. Yeah chavs are so lame, they all smoke, druggies etc. You know chav stands for Council House and Vulgar. it’s kind of mean.
    Sooo, well has any one read Preistess of the White by Trudy Carhvahall or something.
    I just finished Ptolemy’s Gate, Bartimaeus Trillogy, Jonathon Stroud. I can’t belive Nathaniel DIED!!!! Him and Kitty were soul mates.
    Can someone show me some sympathy and recconcile me. I know there are Bartimaeus lovers out there. Help Me!!!! lol!

  554. Angel Says:

    Nathaniel dies?!?! Personally i think he’s a lame person. Such a wannabe. And he sounds really nerdy and pompous. Though the books are good.

  555. Sofa Says:

    hey hey yeah I watch CSI some its pretty sweet! omg anyone watch Greys anatomy?? well last nite was season finale and it was so sad the guy who needed the heart sugery n he got it n they thought he was gonna b alright n he had jusat asked Izzy 2 marry him but he had a stroke n died later that night ahh sadness! cuz hes the dad off Supernbatural n ive had 2 c him die like 2 times on 2 shows lately! gaggh! those watch-ya-call-it books sound good

  556. Sofa Says:

    Sorry im like not talkin about Eragon but rite now theres just nothin 2 say likewhen the book n movie comes out there will b rite now…………meh

  557. Mirar Says:

    Sofa: OOh, yeah i just saw an episode for Supernatural, scary just got…well you know the rest, don’t know if i’ll be able to write that on this page. Yeah it looks good, but it seems a abit ooh la la. Yeah there ain’t much 2 talk about about Eragon, we know the movies coming out blah blah blah!!! Soo u gonna watch the Da Vinci Code? I dunno if i will it sems kinda iffy. Sooo…what’s up with you?

  558. Mirar Says:

    Hey does anyone watch Beautiful People or OMG has any one seen the new episodes of One on One. OMG cor blimey! Cash is soo buff, he so fit, he’s tosh, he’s my melted marshmellows, he’s a fine lad, as my old man would say, absolutely spiffing! (actually my dad would never say that, but Charles Dickens might’ve! lol) Oh yeah Hugh Jackman/Wolverine is sooo fit, blinking ‘eck he’s lush. he he. Sooo any one on????

  559. Moe Says:

    Mirar you have a very weird way of thinking but one thing i agree with most is that Hugh Jackman is way FIT!

  560. Angel Says:

    Agreed Mirar, Cash is buff but he’s not that buff. Hugh Jackman….(in the words of Michael Kyle(My Wife and Kids)) uh,nuh!
    Yes Csi Miami ia da best. The one with Horatio! Does anyone watch Cold case? that’s good as well. Oh, when i was on holidaye we watched this show called Numbers, does anyone watch it? It’s on Hallmark.

  561. Mirar Says:

    Moe: Shall i take that as a compliment lol. It is my unique(and i stress the word unique lol) way of thinking that makes me intresting. Yes HJ is buff like no other, and X-MEN 3 is coming out on SUNDAY. I’m a gonna watch it yes i am!!!! Woohooo.

    Anyhoo…what’s up with the rest. Ooh Moe you should read my other posts. they are sehr sehr gut, weird whatever you wanna call them.

    i am amazing, i love reading and writing i am…the one…the only…MIRAR.

    he he, ‘kk i’m going now, bye!

  562. Sofa Says:

    so guyz well this is pretty lame about the davinci code thing is lame y r the religious people gettin mad about it? i dont get it? my friend told me 2 read the book is it any good? im so full of questions!!!!

  563. Mirar Says:

    Sofa: It’s cause the DCV is saying jesus had kids and their alive 2 day. People are estcatic but the bad thing about it is that jesus’ kids real or not is not important, it doesn’t make ‘em holy. Jeusus was the son of GOD cause he was holier, not cause he was born from a virgin. Get my drift.
    Also Opius Dei the bady catholic group who are massochists to ‘remind themselves of jesus sacrifice’ extremists i say, r against it ’cause it makes ‘em out to be evil, and makes them out 2 do sexual rituals etc.

    i think u should read it for the writing but remember it’s not real and don’t belive anything, it’s fact and fiction which makes it fiction, don’t belive it, and any religious stuff are mixed with fantasy so it’s not really truthfull. i was thinking of reading but i’m not sure. The others, Deception point and Digital Fortress, are SOO GOOD. I definetly recomend them for you.

  564. Sarah Houghton (LiB) Says:

    This is Sarah, the Librarian in Black site owner. Let’s be careful here about religious discussions. As always, I’m happy to let you all use my site as a discussion board, but I want everyone to be sensitive to others’ religions beliefs. Not everyone is Christian, not everyone believes in God. Let’s be careful.

  565. Matt Says:

    Sofa! The thing is it Could be real! Everything makes Sense,

    LB, This is talking about fiction.

    oh and does anyone play something Called World of Warcraft?

  566. Mirar Says:

    Okay i’m sorry i was just informing Sofa on the pessimistic views and religious views of the DCV From now on now head on contact with religion.

  567. Angel Says:

    Sofa: yup, it most definately can be true. I’ve heard that DVC is good BUT if ur a Christian or Catholic or believe in god apparantly u have 2 b strong in ur faith so u don’t get shook.

    LiB: I hope what i wrote isn’t offensive, i’m not taking sides, and i don’t want 2 offend any1. if it is i’m sorry.

    Matt: wot is World of Warcraft about? i’ve never heard of it.

    Ohh. Who here reads Manga? Japanese cartoons. If u do do u read Naruto or Bleach?

  568. Sofa Says:

    Sorry if I offeneded anyone 2! I was just curious becuz it is only a book/movie n it frustrates me when people take it seriously anyways thanks Mirar 4 the book recomends I’ll def look into them. Um no theres some kids at my skool that r obsessed with japenese cartoons but im not into that so no i don’t know anything about japenese cartoons. I don’t play video games either i kinda suck lol! Hey thanks Mirar n others 4 the info on DVC n i didnt mean 2 get u in trouble just curious. Good point Sarah every1 is not christian actually I don’t have a religion and am open to any of ur views just dont get urself in crap over it lol

  569. Sarah Houghton (LiB) Says:

    I am merely pointing out that you should respect others’ viewpoints. So, to reiterate…everyone, please respect your fellow posters, keep an open mind, and avoid personal attacks and telling the site hoster not to get herself “in a crap” over things.

  570. Sofa Says:

    Hey I wasn’t directing that “in crap” comment at u i was simply telling the other people posting stuff that i was open to there views and not to get themselves in crap(aka trouble) or being open with there thoughts. Sorry bout that

  571. Angel Says:

    that’s cool Sofa. Soz Sarah!:(

  572. Mirar Says:

    Ahh i’m back yes i have apologised, Sofa: Glad u liked my reccomendations. Well i think we should all move on k?

    Now then…has anyone read P.G.Wodehouse,Ring for Jeeves, it is sehr sehr gut, and really english, it’s absoulutely hillarious. This year i’ve been cramming all the classics like Austen’s series, P&P etc (by the way the English version of the movie is way better than the USA’S, and don’t u thing Dracy, Matthew McFadyen, is soo fit!)
    I’ve also read Rebbeca by Daphne DuMaurier it is AWESOME. It is the mother of all femal tragedy, mystery, ‘real’ (and i stress real) romance, (not Babara Cartland who though good is conrny) and is simply a literature excellence. I applaud the female writers who brought literature to another level.


  573. Mirar Says:

    Matt: If u read my other posts b4 the 1st post answering Sofa’s questions on the DCV u would understand that when she/he was asking is the DCV bad or real: That isn’t important. Decendants of Boudica are walking among us -
    (4 those of u who r not English Boudica was the 1st British Queen, and she was fiery with red hair, a warrior, and stopped Britain becoming part of the Roman Empire! That’s called Girl Power!)
    and that don’t make ‘em great warriors or army leaders! C my pint or not?

    LiB: This isn’t an argument so pls post it, thank you v.much!

  574. Matt Says:

    Mirar. Take it from me.

    Boudica was not the First British queen. The queen of the Iceni yes. She had 100,000 Troops, and was completely massacred by 10,000 Romans.

    I could go on all day about that battle, but I really enjoy War strorys such as LOTR(in its own way) The Kzin Wars.

    Mirar: Sorry If I offended you:)

  575. Sofa Says:

    we definitley should move on! so x-mens comin out soon isn’t it? does that mean the movie trailer will b online soon?is it online already? man i totally ask 2 many questions!!!

  576. Angel Says:

    yup, i think it’s already on line Sofa. We should let matt and Mirar have there book agument and trust me Matt Mirar is most definately going to reply.
    I’m going to watch DVC but i’d love to watch x-men3!!

  577. Mirar Says:

    Matt: Okay Matt fine she wasn’t the 1st British Queen, but she was the greatest, followed of course by Elizabeth, Victoria and i suppose Elizabeth again, not including all the many gr8 wives etc. But u did get my point on the corralation of Boudica and DVC right. I’m not offended anyway.

    Sofa: Yes X-MEN 3 is out!!! Angel is amazing, i’m gonnna see it on…well…soon lol!! it’s gonna be so good, but it’s kinda sad ’cause u know this is the end. I just hope, ’cause i think, Wolverine is gonna die! The trailer’s on the official website, or something.

    OOh has anyone read Isle Witch, Jerle Shamzra by Terry Brooks or something. I want to know if their any good, they seem good!

  578. Mirar Says:

    Matt: Boudica was amazing, awesome and great. Didn’t she die from posining? Men, you scoundrals, you’ll do anything to bring a strong woman down! lol! And anyway it was because of her fight against the Romans, though we were masscared, that stoped us becoming enslaved with the Roman Empire. Also down the historical road it then enabled Britain to become one of, if not the, no one of, the greatest Empire’s this world had ever seen. ‘It’s all in the stream of things the shape of things to come’, as Gordon Haskell would say!

  579. Matt Says:

    No! Boudicca Was just a speed bump for the roman empire.

    In my opinion she was pathetic. She ransacked and tried to stop the romans and failed. Gordon Haskell didn’t study the medieval period.

    If you want Girl Power look…..Queen victoria. Shes probably the Greatest British monarch whoever existed.

    Boudicca was not even close. She never won a(proper) battle and she ransacked Small Towns. A plain Old Raider, just the opposite gender. Simple as that.

    The greatest Ever monarch was definetly Augustus I of the Romans. I’ll tell you why next post

  580. Matt Says:

    Ok, Remove the gordon Haskell part! Hes a great Historian, MY BAD!!!!!

  581. Maria Says:

    Did anyone else watch the video for E3 and think it was kind of pointless? I mean I know that it was probably impossible for Mike to film anything worth watching, but still…

  582. Anonymous Says:


  583. Angel Says:

    bad move Matt. Mirar is gonna be livid! u do not wanna talk to her about girl power! besides Boudicca rocks! Queen Victoria was all ‘i am not amused’. though she did personally expand the british empire so i’ll give u that. but a more powerful queen was Queen Elizabeth now thats girlpower!!! braaaaaappppppppp!!!!!!!lol!!

  584. Matt Says:

    I’m seeing logic if she isn’t, not my problem, I’ll just sit back and laugh as she goes Berserk.

    Look at the facts, not the fiction.

  585. Mirar Says:

    Okay Matt! Fine so she might’ve been a speed bump for the Roman Empire, ranscaked etc! The point was, she was a warrior. She was in the League of some of the 1st women to really stand and fight on their own accord. Look at the Amazon Women, Cleopatra etc etc. The point is she stood and faught etc. Yes Queen Vic was pretty amazing as was Elizabeth 1st, (the Virgin Queen my but!) But anyway i think the point is, in a world where for a long period of time Men have dominated, and where females have only been potrayed as schemers, or damsel in distress: the weaker sex, it’s nice to see someone who is strong, powerful and fearless.

    I’m looking at facts and fiction, but fiction is part of fact as is fact part of fiction. Wisdom is portrayed through the eyes of those who see, fear is the first flame of courage, strength is merely a measurement of someone’s character.

    NB: For those named MATT who are to materialistic realistic and FICTIONAL, the tip is to…read between the lines lol!

  586. April Says:

    OMG i love the 2 books!!!! i hav not read in a while and i now am gonna read everysingle day i can. eragon is my second fav book series. i love harry pot head books the best and the imortals books ties up with harry pot head series. i so am excited for eragon to come in theaters. i was screamin when it was previewd on the website that it was comin in 2006. HELL YEAH, it is gonna be off the hook!! especially that for once their is a femmale dragon and not a male one!! it will be almost better than lord of the rings!! well sort of!!

  587. Matt Says:

    Why should I sink to your level, Mirar and insult you back?

    Anyway, Im leaving this forums for good, bye bye

  588. Mirar Says:

    I am not insulting you, have fun on your way out and all your other forums. Goodbye.

  589. Angel Says:

    Why you leaving us? we will miss u !lol! so u finally finished you’re fight with Mirar matt? well at least the rest of us won’t feel left out! :)
    Bye bye Matt!:)

  590. Sofa Says:

    Well its 2 bad Matts gone but at least we will be able to move on 2 a subject i understand now. Bye Matt!!

  591. Mirar Says:

    Yes that’s true. Oh well! Went to see X-MEN 3 yesterday, it was pretty good, but a slight let down. Woverine looked a bitt off, it wasn’t as BOOM (meaning action) as i though it’d be, but yeah it was alright. The stroyline was so, ‘all over the place’. I can’t belive what happened to Rogue though i do sympathise with her. Angel is so fit, but they kind of cut out some of his bits, he was like a minor charatcer instead of a major.

    Is MI3 any good. Ooh has anyone watched the new Alex Rider movie, if so is it any good?

  592. Angel Says:

    you get me sofa! have fun wherever you’re going Matt!

  593. Mirar Says:

    Hello, i agree with you about that, but it’s called being difficult. she’s a princess and has to keep him at a distance as he’ll get distracted like he does!

  594. Angel Says:

    Eragon dosen’t reject Arya! she rejects him. right!

  595. Sofa Says:

    dont fret guys he’ll get the girl in the end they always do.

  596. Xfreak Says:

    How far are they into making the movie!? I have to see it!
    Any chance of it coming out this year?

  597. Mirar Says:

    k so She rejects him but anyway, y’know they’ll hook up, it’s inevitable!!
    The movie should be coming out in December!

  598. Angel Says:

    Xfreak, you new round here?

  599. Mirar Says:

    Hey guys, you’ve been great but i’m leaving. I’m sorry, not much is happeninng.

    Sofa: Take Care keep on loving Wolverine, and reading The Inheritance Trillogy.

    Xfreak: Be good, your taking my place lol.

    Angel: Have fun dude, keep those wings high lol. I’ll see you around sis! (For real, she’s my sister!)

    LIB: Thanx so much 4 your site, you are great, and thanx for letting me be part of it. Keep on with the books, what your doing rocks for youngster and stuff, it’s cool, and a great place for us to vent our emotions on books, and our feeling and our love of literature in a safe environment. Thanx Again.

    Take Care guys, Siyanara- Mirar Out!

  600. Angel Says:

    OMG every1 is leaving!:( True she my sis! Yo Sofa!Xfreak! can we pls start talkin bout something fun?
    P.S. I don’t think Mirar is leaving 4 real! she may come back once or twice!

  601. Sofa Says:

    Well that’s kinda depressing Mirar was always the one who started new topics I’ll miss her she’s pretty kool but anyways WE DEFINITLEY NEED TO TALK ABOUT SOMETHING INTERESTING!!! Hmmmm…..hmmmmm……….hmmmmm…I like Eragon! Now that’s a convo sparker!:) jk lol

  602. Sofa Says:

    Anyone ever read a book called Sparks? It’s about a city called Ember(they were from underground) coming above ground cuz there city was ruined. They settle in Sparks but they to different groups of people start to fight. It sounds boring and confusing but read it guys it’s pretty ok!

  603. Maria Says:

    I’ve read Sparks and the City of Ember, its prequel. I thought they were both really good, especially The City of Ember. It was a really interesting and different book.
    They weren’t amazing, but they were worth the while to read.

  604. Mirar Says:

    He, he, this is a once only! Anyone read Fire Theif by Cornelia Funke or Inkspell, Inkheart same author? Their gr8. Glad u missed me Sofa, well get some new convo’s up and maybe i’ll come back!

  605. Sofa Says:

    No not amazing but I agree worth reading!

  606. Angel Says:

    nope. ain’t read it. soz. wot’s it about?

  607. Maria Says:

    I haven’t read those. I’ve read Dragon Rider & The Thief Lord, which are also by Cornelia Funke. I really liked The THief Lord, but I didn’t love Dragon Rider. I’ve heard Inkheart’s really good from other people, too, so maybe I’ll read it.

  608. Eragons True Lover Says:

    Okay, so I’ve read both of the books, right? And they are totally awesome! I really cant wait til the movie(s) come out! To clear up a few things, heres the casting:
    Edward Speleers …. Eragon
    Djimon Hounsou …. Ajihad
    Jeremy Irons …. Brom
    John Malkovich …. King Galbatorix
    Robert Carlyle …. Durza
    Gary Lewis …. King Hrothgar
    Alun Armstrong …. Uncle Garrow
    rest of cast listed alphabetically:
    Ágnes Bánfalvy …. Old Woman
    Jaymes Butler …. Warrior
    Caroline Chikezie …. Nasuada
    Christopher Egan …. Roran
    Tamsin Egerton …. Katrina
    Sienna Guillory …. Arya
    Garrett Hedlund …. Murtagh
    Steven Spiers …. Sloan
    Nils Allen Stewart …. Lord Urgal
    Joss Stone …. Angela

    okay, Edward Speelers is totally a hottie & perfect for Eragon. And another hottie would definitely be Garrett Hedlund (Murtagh).

    Im sooo going to be there the first night the movie comes out! I LOVE ERAGON & ELDEST.


  609. Angel Says:

    umm..Eragons True Lover? yeh ur like a year late. We have all forgotten Ed S. coz he ain’t even Eragon.

  610. Ashleigh Says:

    I think that the movie will be great. Btw,Edward Spellers, a young, rising English star (OMG HOT) is going to play Eragon. The guy who plays Roran is cute too. Go to to get the 411!

  611. Ashleigh Says:

    I can’t believe the trailer is going to be postponed AGAIN!!!! Argh! I’ll never make it to December. Even though I check out like every day, it’s like they never update. In case you haven’t noticed I’m a HUGE Inheritance fan. Everything Inheritance baby! This trilogy is one of the best things I’ve ever read (even IF the third book isn’t out yet) I just hope that the movie will be as fulfilling for me as the books were. That’s always a concern with materpieces such as this. Go Chris Paoloni!

  612. Angel Says:

    whoops ma bad! but still, we really need a gd topic 2 talk about. Hey Sofa! u there?!

  613. ConnArtist Says:

    I think that ian mckellen should play brom. i know, it seems kinda cliche to cast him, since he’s been gandalf, but more people than me probly think that.
    as for Arya, there should be someone new, but if not, i vote for liv tyler.
    John rhys davies should DEFINATELY be hrothgar.
    Murtag should not be viggo mortensen. it should be sum1 new.
    Saphira should be that narrarator from the new peter pan,but i have an idea that it should be sum1 new.
    i have no idea for Ajihad.
    nasuada, um no idea either
    Durza… um….um…
    Roran, well don’t ask, but i always imagined him lookin like the picture of victor crumb on the paperback of Goblet of fire.
    Jeod should be that other ian who does bilbo.

  614. laura Says:

    WOW i havent been on this site for like EVER and theirs now all these new people with all these weird names! this so SUCKS!!

  615. james Says:

    Eregon rocks my socks off because it was so good! why are there so many girls talking?

  616. Mirar Says:

    i think that we all need new people for the movie, seeing as the story is a prelude to Aragorn’s life, if we get the same people from LOTR no one will watch it because it will just be like an awful rip off. We need stuff more original.
    I don’t think Liv Tyler should play Arya i think Miranda Otto (Eowyn) should, i mean she is so strong, and powerful as Eowyn. Arya’s quite weak and Liv Tyler’s very delicate.

  617. Sofa Says:

    Ive been gone for awhile sorry but Inkheart rocks so does Dragon Rider but I hate theif Lord it might be becuase it was a class novel n I never like those

  618. Mirar Says:

    Yeah Inkspell the 2nd ones come out already it is SO good. i heard the movie(Eragon) is going to be coming out on December 26, but i think it’ll be postponed till March. Empire’s supposed to be coming out in July 2007, but with the length it took Eldest to come out Empire should hit the shelves in like 2 years time. Boo Hoo.
    Apparently Christopher Paolini’s going to take a small part in it, just like Peter Jackson did in Return of the King- he was an ork man on one of the boats, that sailed black sails, then Aragorn and the green ghost men killed him and his crew. He had a speaking line. He said: ‘Oh yeah, you and who’s army?’ Then Aragorn did his evil smile, and the dead souls came drifting aboard.
    I like LOTR way too much!

  619. Angel Says:

    Hey Laura! I may be new to you, but i’ve been here quite a while. but, hey! welcome back!! Now we can have some interesting talk here. YAY!!
    so anything?

  620. laura Says:

    Thanks for being so nice, Well im kinda done with reading all the Eragon books so im just waiting until the new one comes out. Im actually trying to beat kingdom Hearts 2. im on the last battle and i cant seem to beat it.

  621. Chelsea Says:

    Hey people! Guess who showed up 3 months later? Missed ya!

  622. Angel Says:

    Hey Chelsea!welcome back to. Matt’s left. just thought you’d wanna know.
    Laura: is Kingdom of hearts good?

  623. vahn Says:

    all of my other names would be taken if i tried to use them plus a copywright or two off the movie but here goes eragon was the best book that i have read yet this lifetime matched barely only by lord of the rings harry potter naruto and bested only by eldest when i heard that it was becoming a movie ( probably about a month or so after everyone else found out ) i immediatly made sure that everyone i knew would try to consider going to watch it if its anywere near as good as the book and they can get the grapics for saphira the magic down correctly follow the book as well as they can they’re liable to have the biggest movie relese only bested possibly by the next two ( if they do in fact follow up on it) it was a great start for a fabulous writer and im sure that if he was to make it anywere near as well as the book it is going to be unbeatble. thats all i have to say as for the actors it fits wat i reckon most of us visioned inside our minds of wat eragon would look like im mainly looking forward to a look at saphira the ancient language the sword play getting a good look at a urgal and learning more about the best book in the world.

  624. Mike Says:

    Eragon comes out December 15. check out the site.

  625. caitlin hiroto Says:

    dear james,’cause we want to.

  626. Chelsea Says:

    Well it’s Kingdom Hearts not Kingdom OF hearts just so you know =). And it’s freeking AWESOME!!!! I finished the second game within 5 days…woulda been sooner, but I was busy lol. The funny thing is…I havent’t beaten the first game yet and…heh…yea. But the whole story line is good and the music is sooooooo AWESOME I can’t get over it! I play Simple and Clean (Hikari) by Hikaru Utada all the time, it’s a really nice piano piece. It’s sooo pretty! It’s my favorite game ever and I really recommend it. Retn first if you’re not sure. =)

  627. joey Says:

    um…ya i discovered aragon in the middle of the school year and since then have red and now own both books know alot of fan sites that i go to regularly. and cant wait for the movie to come out. i even have a countdown on my myspace. its the best book i have ever read. jumped right uo to the top. even over took harry potter.

  628. Jake Says:

    the book was great and i can’t wait to see the movie.

  629. Mirar Says:

    ERAGON THE MOVIE IS OUT! I have seen the posters and the trailers, it’s AMAZING. ERAGON looks great, as does Ajihad, Durza looks like grima wormtail from LOTR, murtagh looks a Amazinng and Brom and Galbotorix. Viusit official website


  630. Angel Says:

    Vahn, u rock!!!! Naruto= awesome! ur totally my mate!! ( if u don’t want 2 then forget it, i totally extra) okay Chelsea i’m sorry, but it sounds awesome. Has anyone elese read or watch Naruto??

  631. Nick p. Says:

    OMG im so exited!!!!!!!!! i cant wait till the new movie comes out!!!!!! i have read Eragon and Eldest 2 times and i plan on reading them both a 3rd time. these r mi favorite books in the world!!!!!!! im going to see it at 12:00 A.M. the day it come out!!!!

    for all the eragon and eldest fans….
    Atragulai un ilian tauthr ono un atra ono waise skolir fra rauthr-let luck and happiness follow you and may you be shielded from misfortune.

  632. Chelsea Says:

    What sites do you fine the trailers at? I find ones that say trailer, but they all don’t work. =’(

  633. justin Says:


  634. Mirar Says:

    Trailers sites are or that’s the offocial site.

    yes naruto rocks, i love Kakashi who here reads the manga, and watches/reads Bleach! it’s sick!

  635. Matt Says:

    P.s. Calm Down Justin

    Yes, its going to be good, but theres plenty of others around.

    How long is Empire gonna take? I’ve read 7 other Book ‘Series’ during the time between Eldest and Now.

  636. Angel Says:

    The posters are up in my local cinema. Eragoen is coming out really soon!! Well maybe not really!! can’t wait!

  637. Chelsea Says:

    Ok I get to the site but what do I click from there? LOL I’m really havin trouble finding this trailer and I wanna see it bad so it makes me sad =’(

  638. Matt Says:

    Just seen Trailer, and Its Good.

    Jeremy Irons looks alot better then you would think, and Djimon Hounsou looks brilliant with braided beards.

    Now, I’m guessing they’ve almost finished filming, about a couple of weeks more, then its 2 months of editing and 1 month of shipping. The Specail Effects are already done(obviously).

    One Comment, 1 Sketch of a City Looks ALOT like Minas Trith (Pronounced Tirith) Or ‘Tower of The Sun’.

    Brilliant Cast if you think about it.

  639. Christen Says:

    I loved Eragon when I read it, and this year taught it to a class of 8th grade boys. I completely agree with the person who compares it to Star Wars. When I was teaching it, I kept using Star Wars as a way to get kids to remember and understand elements of the plot and characters. However, Star Wars was a good story, and dragons are always cool. From a 37-year-old my vote is for Jeremy Sumpter. He would be a delicious Eragon. LOVE Viggo Mortensen – but someone called it – he’s too old to be Murtagh. Remember Murtagh is Eragon’s brother – not his father. So when is this movie supposed to come out anyway? I’ve been hearing about it for years… Any word on when the third book is coming out?

  640. Matt Says:

    Hmm, Maybe. I just think if they will include Flashbacks, maybe a special sequence of Morzan’s death

  641. Cherise Says:

    I’m not sure about all the other Eragon fans, but I am totally upset that Arya is a blonde? What happened to the ‘raven black hair’ and it’s in a BUN! Okay, yeah thats just weird. And Eragon looks waaaaay girly! I don’t know how much worse the cast could be, besides if one of the Oleson twins played Arya (BARF!) But I digress. One good thing is that Katrina is pretty. All I’m saying is that the graphics better be AWESOME or I might have to walk out :(

  642. Sofa Says:

    I TOTALLY AGREE WTF!!?? A BLONDIE? I like blondes but not for Arya come off it she was supposed to have jet black hair and it was supposed to b long and loose I mean her servant/guard people were killed and who has the time to put their hair up in a sleek bun when the empire’s chasing them??!! Way to un-realisticise the movie!…and yes I made that word up

  643. Mirar Says:

    Hey guys, sorry been on holiday, as much as i love Ajihad i have a feeling that when i look at his picture he looks quite fake, he doesn’t seem to command the strength that is expressed from the book. I wonder who’s playing Nasuada, now that is a big thing, but, yes she does feature in the 1st book doesn’t she, read it such a long time ago, and what about Eragon’s Uncle or his Cousin we haven’t got any pics for them. Arya looks weak and pathetic and she isn’t meant to be. She should be eloquent and have an air about her, she looks as if she would fall for Eragon straight away! Murtagh looks good no doubt, Durza looks like Grima! Brom looks Amazing!

    I have a feeling that the dragons are gonna look like the Nazugul….
    Love the new word Sofa, unrealisticise….Honest!!!

  644. Mirar Says:

    Eldest came out 5 years after Eragon 1st came out as far as i can remember, and look at the book sizes, Eldest is a few hundred pages longer than Eragon, and as Empire is the Finale it’s gotta go out with a bang! Paolini’s probably waiting for the movie to come out as then the sale prices of all the books will rocket and he’ll make loads of profit. Also Eldest had 2 parts- Eragon and his Cousin (i forgett his name sorry!) Empire will probably have 3- Eragon and his Cousin, Arya and the Rebels, Murtagh and Galbotorix.

    Has anyone one read Wolf Brother, Spirit Walker or Montmorency, or Perfume by Peter Suskind, they all Rock!

  645. Mirar Says:

    Sorry i’ve been on loads today, but where do you watch the trailer??? And yes Sofa Arya a blonde???
    Oh are ther any americans out there? Cause if you go to or .net you could enter a competition to get 4 tickets to go and watch the premier of the movie. To bad for us Englishemen!

  646. Sarah Houghton (LiB) Says:

    Everyone: go to for info about the books and the author, and a movie premiere sweepstakes. Go to for info about the movie, IM icons, wallpaper, and more. No trailer there yet though.

  647. Angel Says:

    Matt’s Back!! YAY! and Mirar! YAY!! more convo, more! Hey sofa, you and I are the better people *sob* we stayed here through the non exciting convo time while all others gave up *sob* but we are reunited! *big smile* three cheers for Sofa! hip, hip HOORAY! hip,hip HOORAY!and last but not least, hip, hip HOORAY!!
    Anyway, where’d’you go to watch the trailer?

    P.S. matt and mirar are liars, they said that they were leaving for good, they just couldn’t resits.

  648. Cherise Says:

    Yeah, I don’t know what kinda FREAKS! Want JEremy Sumpter to be Eragon, I think he would be THE worst EVER! But I’m done judging the movie, I mean come on people it might rock the universe like the books. (CROSS YE FINGERS!)
    May your swords remain sharp!

  649. Matt Says:

    Just wondering who’ll play other Characters like Oromis (Maybe Liam Neeson) and Islanzadi.

    They’ve both gotta look very wise.And yet, Young.

    Mirar: I hope he doesn’t screw up the finale like another author who-shall-not-be-named did.I think Roran is the next Dragon Rider, since hes connected to Eragon and Murtagh by blood(Cousin), and Eragon will help train him, maybe?

  650. Angel Says:

    Nope, i don’t think Roran will, because technically the only way Murtagh and Eragon have the Riders blood in them is from there father and Roran is only related to them because there mother is Rorans father’s sister, so he doesn’t have the blood, but then again he could be the next Rider but then the last story would be focused mainly on him and not eragon and murtagh as it should be.

  651. Mirar Says:

    Who’s finale are you miffed at i’m racking my brains but in ‘book’ finale’s so far i haven’t met anyone i can currently remember who’s messed up, but i have a feeling Paolini may let us down, cause we have such high expectations and then boof down the drain they go.
    I also have to agree with Angel, i don’t think Roran will be the next dragon rider or Arya for that matter (don’t anyone even think about that!) I think, personally, that the last egg is a female, Galbatorix chases the new rider (who some how gets the egg) but the rider and dragon are gonna die so (this is where my imaginativce genius takes place!) the two fuse and become what the elves call an ‘abomination!’ Dragon and human they travel and find Eragon, blah blah blah, imaginably strong but in the last battle they fight Murtagh cause if Eragon does he’ll die as Murtagh will have to kill him. They have to fuse casue the last egg is also a female and they’ll be in danger. I think it will be some one related to Nasuada (don’t ask me why!) Then that rider and Murtagh fall in love as eragon gallantly obliterates Galbatorix and his evil dragon, Arya and Eragon eventually get it together, the two dragons of the bro’s mate and ladi da!. But maturely i think eragon will be split up from ‘the rest’ untill the final battle as i think his journey with Roran against the Ra’zac will take him to Galbotorix on it’s own,after all it’s an obvious ploy!

    Phew that was way long!

  652. Matt Says:

    Mirar:Iinteresting Points. I think Murtagh will be killed by Galbatorix or Eragon near the beggining or middle. The last dragon egg will be mysterously stolen, not by the Varden or anyone like that.Eragon will slowly drive back the forces of galbatorix, and find that Brom loved Selena until Morzan took her away.Another thought is that maybe Selena had a child with Brom before Morzan came, and they’ll be the last dragon rider.

    But on Roran,I think he has a good chance of being the next Dragon rider BECAUSE:

    1: The last Dragon will be Green, and Roran uses a hammer. Now you see a hammer, throughout almost all society as a symbol of nature/lightining. This is because it kills indirectly(like Storms and Tsunamis) and does not spill blood(like natural disasters).
    Magic for blue(Eragon is especially good with Magic)
    Sword for Red(Murtagh cleanly outclassed Eragon with the blade in Eldest)
    Black Shadow,deceit(Black Hand)
    Gold, Wisdom, Teacher and Beauty(Oromis is an Elf, and Eragon’s Teacher)

    Hammer is For Nature, Balance, Serenity.

  653. Matt Says:

    Oh, And I,personally, think that The Farseer’s Trilogy was a bit horrible and sad,not doing justice to the heroe’s great feats.

  654. Cherise Says:

    Yeah I would have to agree with Matt. I don’t think that Roran will be the next dragon rider. I think that before they Kill Galbotorix they will make him take the oath off of Murtagh and then they will all live happily ever after (even though I hate when movies turn out JUST right!). But we all need to remeber that this is only the first movie and the people won’t have to dissapoint us for many a year, so we don’t have to freak like the freaks we are for a while yet. Anyway, thats all from me!

  655. Angel Says:

    Um, people HELLO!! Murtagh and nasuada are gonna get it on! they so totally love each other! ( at least nasuada likes murtagh quite abit!) I mean when he gets stolen by the twins in the begining of Eldest she is so sad a totally admits to missing him. And matt whats this whole thing about the last book being green and that meaning Roran will be the last rider? Mirar wow! talk about your imagination running away!
    P.S. why do i get the feeling that people barly ever read my posts?

  656. Matt Says:

    Last Dragon is Green, Angel.

  657. Lynn Says:

    Hey i’m knew to the sight. i just wanted to say that although what Mirar said about brom and selena was all very interesting i would hate if the book ended that way. its way to soap opera-ish. ive no idea how this book will end but i am pretty sure that arya and eragon will end up together because of the dream/vision thing that eragon had in Eldest. as for murtagh and nasuada, they obviously have a thing but i don’t they will end up together because of the oath that galbatorix has on murtagh. as for roran being the next dragon rider, i think not. that would be way cheesy. and it would way suck if it was arya, almost as much as it does that she has blonde hair. My guess would be that the next rider is going to be nolfavrell or maybe vanir they’ve got to get an elf in there. I’m actually quite interested in finding out more about faolin and arya.

  658. Angel Says:

    Okay, i get you, but how do you know????

  659. Mirar Says:

    Matt: I totally know that the last dragon will be green as well, and Empire will be a green book. The whole thing with the hammer is v. intresting but i still don’t think Roran will be the next dragon rider. I tell you who might be though. The girl Eragon blessed, (in bad Elvish mind!) and has the gedway ignasiea on her forehead. Remember Oromis said that he had cursed her, and she can see in to the future etc. Well Eragon wont be able to, in time, take the curse off her ’cause he’s off with Roran saving his Cousins fiancee (Katrina), and somehow that kid is going to become the next Dragon Rider, but, yes BIG but, she is going to have to be sacrificed. Of course I agree with you about everything that Eragon’s going to do, Murtagh however will not and cannot die, or if he does it will be when Galbotorix dies. He will say to Eragon
    ” I’m sorry I was never the brother you wanted me to be. But kill him Eragon, even if i must die as well, there is no sacrifice to great, and it will redeem the wrong that I and our father have done. Live eragon, live and be strong.” the he will die, hehe!
    i also think Matt, that eragon wont have a blue sword however plausible or logical. He’s going to get the White sword from the first Eragon, remember Angela and Sloumbum’s prophesy with the dragon bones?

    Angel read all of this lol!!!!!

  660. c1 Says:

    Where did u find out the last dragon would be green? i agree with Mirar i think the last dragon egg will go to elva.

  661. c1 Says:

    Has anybody read books by tamora pierce?

  662. Angel Says:

    Hey Lynn!! Welcome to the site! We’re al friendly, but try not to get in Matt and Mirar’s way when they’re having one of their book arguments. And congrats for being the first newcomer that doesn’t go, I LOVE ERAGON!! and roll of a whole cast list for eragon the movie.
    Mirar you let your imagination run amok! Though i do agree about his sword being white because he will go to the cave of souls and to that tree and get power and a new sword! But i’m not sure about your idea about that girl Eragon blessed, by the way her names Eva.

  663. Angel Says:

    Typo, i mean her names Elva.

  664. c1 Says:

    where can i find an eragon trailer?

    (by the way i’ve read the whole page from top to bottom so I don’t really feel like a new person)

  665. Mirar Says:

    Hey c1 nice of you to join us. The trailer isn’t out, but if you go to and type in Eragon movie trailer, you can see some clips of the movie put together as fans which are as good as any trailer, also you could check out the sites LiB put up for us a few people up and check if the trailers are there : or :

  666. Mirar Says:

    Well it’s simply natrual red, green, blue eggs, i dunno but you kinda guess also Matt’s wonderful analysis on colours adherring to characteristics and such things it stands to reason why it should be green right?
    Is tamora peirce that woman who has those books with an asian girl on the front cover…i think i’ve seen them in Smiths, cartoon front covers right?

  667. Mirar Says:


    Uh welcome, what did i write about Brom and Selena? The ending’s got to be chessy but it will be tainted with bitterness like LOTR,though it wasn’t shown in the movie, the hobbits home was destroyed by Saruman like in the vision Frodo saw in Galadriel’s pool, Matt should remember.
    I don’t think the next rider will be an elf cause it will mean they’d be WAY stronger thean Eragon even though after the Bloodhedren Cermony he’s 1/2 elf, I still think it’s Elva or maybe no one! the only elf rider alive in the last book should hopefully be Oromis. I’m desperate like you to know more about Arya’s past and Faolin it’ll probs all be reavelaed sooner or later.

  668. Matt Says:

    Thank you Mirar :)

    About the Cave of Souls, I think maybe that the first Eragon will give the other Eragon some advice on how to kill Galbatorix.

    Either way, I think Roran will play a big part in the next book.Either as a rider or another part.

    Maybe that Smith from Eldest will will make a new sword and hide it under the menoa tree.

  669. Matt Says:


    Scouring of The Shire. Yep, True about that.
    But thats already happened with Carvahall, and I think its a little obvious Faolin and Arya were lovers. Still, would be interesting to have more info.

  670. c1 Says:

    tamora Pierce writes books with lots of diff covers I have no clue what smiths is. She writes the immortals quartet, the song of the lioness quartet, the protectoer of the small quartet, the cirle of magic quartet, the circle opens quartet, the will of the empress, tricksters choice and, trickster’s queen

  671. Cherise Says:

    Okay, If that trailor doesnt come out in two seconds I am going to go insane. Does anyone have any idea how hard it is to see the awful cast and to just be holding on to a little bit of hope that the acting is good.Oh and by the way, my mom is in love with the books too (yeah she’s hip) and she keeps asking :when is the third book coming out. Does anyone know?
    Anyway later!

  672. Angel Says:

    I think the next book will come out after the film and the film’s coming out in december. OMG i just thought after the film comes out they’re going to re=release Eragon with new front covers of people from the movie! Who’s seen the posters up in cinemas?

    c1- hi welcome! I did the same thing as you when i first joined, read the whole thing from top to bottom. It was really funny and very long!

  673. Mirar Says:

    I think Eragon is going to go into like a rift between the worlds, a Spirits world or it will be like when Aragorn goes to get the dead to fight foR him and he’ll meet the 1st Eragon, find out the true meaning about being a Dragon Rider ( trust loyalty friendship equality…) and get given his sword. The elf won’t make him one, promise!
    Roran will definetly play a huge part but not as a Rider, he will lead the men into battle with Nasuada; Arya, Novraffel and Vanir will lead the elves (like the last 1st great battle of Middle Earth!) and Eragon will fly the dragons. I also think Oromis will get healed or die, sorry.
    You have to know about Arya’s past to can secure her future, what if the 2 don’t get to gether…what if Eragon DIES!!!

  674. jibba Says:

    evie it comes out Dec 26 of this year and you should read this one book if you liked this one its apart of the grey griffen books its the revange of the shadow king. you should read it. also i am back sorry i havent left a Comment in a long time.

  675. Mirar Says:

    Even though Carvall’s been destroyed in LOTR didn’t they destroy Lothlorien as well, they could go into
    Du Weldernvarden and destroy that too, whats to stop them, two evil dragons up against one handicapped one and a bunch of Elves that sing homes out of trees?!
    (I love elves by the way just being realsitc.)
    I think it’s pretty easy for Eragon to slay Galbotrix, when the oppurtune moment arrives he simply has to Stab him in the Heart!!!

    Eragon saw the menoa tree, maybe the sword might be there when he goes back to complete his training with Oromis, but i think that the sword is figurative speech. Maybe it’s telling him he must harden his heart to destroy Galbotorix, or maybe it’s Murtagh he has to slay?

  676. Mirar Says:

    I apologise, i’m English Smiths is a book shop:
    WH Smiths?? Yeah i bought the lioness quartert for my best friend, i really want to read it, is it any good?

    I’m sure you won’t go insane, please let that be metaphoric speech lol! We’re always going to view the cast or acting as being awful becasue we all assume and read the bok with our own interrpretations, just bear with it and think, ‘Hey at least illiterate people will get a chance to experience the wonders of this novel!!’

    Empire should be out after the movie.

  677. c1 Says:

    Mirar: The lioness quartet was really good but the circle of magic books were my fav. I think he really will find a weapon under th menoa tree.

    I’m sure he can get Roran to kill Galbatorix but I doubt Roran would have a chance of even giving galbatorix a scratch. I wonder if Galbatorix died if murtaugh would be free probably not but it’s just a thought. the way I understood what Murtaugh said to Eragon it sounds as though Murtaugh would rather die than have to kill eragon. But I don’t know, I’m not one for remembering details.

  678. Matt Says:

    New Revelation!

    Maybe, Murtagh will be killed by Roran, and Galbatorix’s Dragon,Shurikan, will be killed by the grieve strucken Thor.

    I think Oromis will probably die just like Brom: Defending Eragon.

    Oh, Resemblances here to Star Wars.

    Anakin: Eragon,last of dieing Celestial Order
    Obi-Wan:Brom, Once Great Member of Celestial order.
    Vader: Morzan(if he hadn’t been killed by Brom)
    Emperor: Galbatorix.

    Oh, but one thing that must happen is Ra’Zan dead, Eragon and Arya: Arya dies, or falls in love with Eragon.

  679. Cherise Says:

    HAHA Thanks Mirar. No I wont go insane becuase I have alot of other stuff to think about but STILL When I think about Eragon its like less then 6 months till the movie so I am guessing that they will have the trailer in about what 3-4 months. Whatever. I still cant wait to see it. And coincidently it comes out the day before my birthday so I will see it a million times with all money! YEAH! HAha

  680. Ceria Says:

    For the person who commented on Garretts appearance in the shower scene from four brothers, you have become my favorite net person. He is suited for the role. and he is guaranteed to live in atleast 2 of the three movies

    They (producers and such) tweek character looks all the time. Look at harry potter cast for his aunt and cousin. Both should have had blond hair but they have dark hair. So what if his(Ed’s) hair aint dark, it makes him stand apart. And Much worse could have been casted. could you honestly see your self going to see it if Lindsay Lohan had dyed her hair blond and got the role of Arya? I sure as hell wouldnt.

    I cant wait for the movie to come out. I wanna find the nearest premire to me so i can go see it.

    Now chris if you read this and you kill Murtagh ill hunt you down (JOKING)I hate to see talent like Garrett get killed off.

  681. Angel Says:

    Wouldn’t Murtagh die if Galbatorix died?

  682. c1 Says:

    Angel: I don’t see why he would have to

  683. c1 Says:

    Matt: I don’t think Roran could kill murtaugh anymore than he could kill Galbatorix. But anything possible

  684. Chris Says:

    It’s such fun to watch all the people on here fight over what they think will happen for that bit of amusment I’ll tell you who get’s the last dragon egg.

    Wait, that would ruin the suprise… nevermind

  685. Cherise Says:

    HAHA I LOVE reading all these things. You guys have AWESOME immaginations and you should all get togther and write “The Eragon Fans’ thoughts and ideas” or something LOL. I personally dont care what color the egg is as long as there is one :) Anyway thats all from me.

  686. Matt Says:

    Damn You Chris! Giving us False Hope!

    If we did write it, it’d be longer then all 3 of the Books, and The Authors would be numbered in the thousandas :D.

  687. Mirar Says:

    I think nearly every new epic has exactly the same morals just diffrent characters it’s the ultimate story about the struggle of life over death, love, forgivness betrayal etc. If you go through history i bet you could find loads of books exactly the same. The thing that makes a writer good (i think) is how they re-tell that stroy, right?

  688. Mirar Says:

    Thanx, i don’t think if Galbotorix died Murtagh would die, wouldn’t Murtagh be free from his name-bondage if the man that bound him died, becasue then no one would no his ‘true’ name right. i mean people (i.e.Matt Cherise Angel, yeas you get the picture!) back me up here, it makes logical sense right.
    What’s the circle of magic about?

  689. Mirar Says:

    i so agree with you, Murtagh for one doesn’t exactly love Eragon that much now then does he, as because of him all the people of Carvahll’s lives have been destroyed and he’s lost his fiancee to the Ra’zac cause of Eragon. Also i don’t think Roran wants to get in volved with the ‘family-ties’ or the dragons, he just wants to get his fiancee back, and his life back. He WILL NOT i bet kill Galbatorix otherwise what’s the point of Eragon?
    I think Eragon might actually kill Murtagh as GBX will probably use the contorl over Murtagh to protect himself, get my drift?
    I do however agree with Matt and i think that Thor and Saphira will kill Shruiken together. I aslo think Glaeder will be killed by Shruiken and that will stir revenge into Saphira casue she likes/liked him!

  690. Mirar Says:

    Why are you so confident you know what’s happenning? Are you an Editor of Corgi or are you simply someone who’s hangning us bait! Any way i bet our ideas either are the truth or will make better sense than whatever might be in the new book!

    I think you’re really funny! But hey aren’t you part of Eragon’s Fans? Come on let’s hear your ideas, i bet they’re great!!!

  691. Cherise Says:

    Haha thanks Mirar, but no, I don’t make up endings becuase I get dissapointed with the authors. My only ideas are that the trailer and the movie need to come out a wee bit faster. And they better have the movie come out at the theaters by my house, which I dont think will be an issue since I live right smack dab in the middle of EVERYWHERE! But yeah, Ima counting down. Lets see……yeah okay, I lost count of how many days until it comes out but I did know i swear! Okay, I have waaaay too much time on my hands.

  692. Mirar Says:

    sorry, i meant roran doesn’t exactly love Eragon.

  693. Angel Says:

    but cos Galbortorix has that hold on him then just before he dies he could kill Murtagh with some spell. You know, but i kinda understand Mirar’s point as well

  694. c1 Says:

    Mirar: the circle of magic is about 4 young mages who have a really weird friendship that allows them to do extraordinary magic. O and by the way I think it’s chris as is Christopher Palioni (or however it’s spelled) I really don’t think eragon could kill murtaugh.

    Couldn’t the last egg be yellow?

  695. ladylilth Says:

    i think i heard the third egg is gonna be green though i wish it were white. ugh im cant wait for the movie or third book to come out. but is anyone else mad that arya has black hair and in the movie she has blonde hair thats kinda scaring me i mean wat else could they have majorly change?

    oh hi mirar its me dolamroth in case u didnt know. thanks for telling me about this place now i can talk about my favorite books whenever i want.

    oh and for anyone who wants to see pictures of the characters in the movie go to and be amazed.

    auf weidersehen!!!

  696. Matt Says:


    I don’t know how, or why but I just know.

  697. Cherise Says:

    Yeah, I went and say all the pictures of everyone and they did a-o-k with the people. I mean lots of them still suck but the graphics and the music and the acting will most likely lighten all that up. I hope that Eragon dies. Otherwise, it would be like all those stupid movies that everything turns out perfect (Lord of the Rings, I love those books!). I hope it will be like Harry Potter, no one saw Dumbledore dying but it made the story ALOT better, alot as in they were going down so they had to make something happen! Anyway, thats all from me.

  698. Cherise Says:

    Im a freak, I just read what I wrote and I TOTALLY didnt even put what the whole point of my comment was about!I hope Murtagh or Eragon dies (prefferably Eragon) anyway, I will shut up before I get myself confused.

  699. c1 Says:

    how do u get to pics on

  700. Sofa Says:

    I’VE READ TAMORA PIERCE BOOKS! anywho yeah well I haven’t qrote anything 4 awhile but Angel I agree (8) We r the best tra la la(8) Realisticise well I couldn’t think of how 2 exspress me true discomfort about a blonde Arya so THEREFORE I came up with my own word:)yeah I’m still not over that people! flip half of the 700 or however many pages in that second book were about the damn girl’s hair color! & they movie peole were still like hmmm I THINK BLONDE SOUNDS GOOD! grrr how can they settle 4 less than pefect 4 a project like this? I agree I wanna know what went on with Arya&Faolin!! flip that curiousizes(makes me curious) me! Maybe I’m just not kool enough to care but I’m less concerned about the color of an EGGSHELL & more concerned about who’ll b riding the dragon inside of it..but maybe that’s just me.. anywho yeah Murtag&Nasuada r gonna hook up I predict therefore leaving whoever rides the new dragon(if she’s a female) high N dry BUT if she is a girl maybe she’ll hook up with roran considering how I’m pretty sure Katrina’s dead OR MAYBE the new rider is Katrina therefore when she was captured not only could the capture Eragon they would have the 2 remaining riders! oooooooo ehe I think I might’ve got something here…:D any1 else getting any of this:S?

  701. c1 Says:

    Doesn’t GBX have control over Eragon too. Murtaugh said GBX knew Eragon real name. Murtaugh could have been bluffing though.

  702. c1 Says:

    LIB: r there any other forum pages on this website (I can’t find any) or does anyone else know how to get to any

  703. Sarah Houghton (LiB) Says:

    All the ones I know of have already been listed. Sorry! Just wait for more info on the official site–I think that’s the one to watch.

  704. Maria Says:

    Did anybody see the pics of Saphira on Shurtugal?

  705. Grace Says:

    The book was so cool. I can`t wait till the film comes out! When i heard the news on the website, i almost fell of my perch! I love your books so much. are you going to make Empire?

  706. c1 Says:

    LIB: I meant on other books or movies (sorry).

    Sofa: just chill a little bit the pic i saw of arya her hair was not completly blonde (mabye it was lighting). But anyway a can guarurtee your life will not end because of it. (sorry if this is offensive)


  707. c1 Says:

    refresh my memory whos Faolin?

  708. Cherise Says:

    Yeah, It took me a while to find the pictures too. But I did suceed and yeah they are a-o-k. I’ve been to see just about every new movie out there and there hasn’t been one single thing on Eragon. I found out it was a becoming a movie becuase my sister saw it when she was passing a bus stop. I mean come on! It can be on a bus stop but not in the theatres? Thats crap! Anyway, later!

  709. c1 Says:

    where on r the pictures???????????? how do u get there?????????????? and who is faolin????????????

    HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  710. Cherise Says:

    Hey c1, I think that the easiest way to find pictures are to “google” them, either the names of the people or just “Pictures from Eragon the movie” Thats what I did. Anyway, thats all from me.

  711. ADRIEN Says:

    can’t wait for the movie to come out though the pictures i saw at where sooooo not appealing

  712. Maria Says:

    I read c1′s comments and I also can’t get to the pictures. Is there an actual picture page that I somehow missed? I’m going to feel really stupid if there was a really obvious link that I missed even though I’ve looked everywhere for it.

  713. Mirar Says:

    Ahh, she has returned!
    C1 Faolin is Arya’s dead lover.

    Goodentag, wie gehts? Hey nice to know that Daryl Sanchez is someone you can trust, so just sit back relax and have loads of fun on the forums. Sorry i didn’t reply to you early on Flixster i canceled my account just before you posted. Ah well…. trying to think…..nothing….any way keep on posting!

  714. c1 Says:

    Thanxxxxxx!!!!!! somewhere on r the first 50 some pages of Pirates 3 At the World’s End. I couldn’t get to them but if someone out there can could u please tell me how Barbossa survived. Thanxxxxxx again!!!!!!

  715. Angel Says:

    c1, i think u should relaxe an’ re-read the book cos GBX doesn’t kno eragons real name cos he dosen’t even kno neither do the eleves! i’m not tryin 2 sound mean, or horrible so pls don’t take offensive, to cut it short just read the last 2 chapters of eldest

    Sofa: Hey! welcome back! i agree with u bout murtagh an nasuada an u make a gd point bout katrina being dead, but i hope shes not the nxt rider!

  716. Mirar Says:

    Has anyone gone to they have some mad, weird and infuriating ideas about the last book that are just incredibly crazy! It’s really mad some of the things they’ve come up with. It was written by some dude who calls himself Carnoc, it’s awful, they’ve gotten really deep, they think that Brom is Eragons father! Let me see…Arya is gonna be the last dragon rider (i told you it was madness!)and loads of other stupid things! It’s madness, they think that Bladgen, the raven, when he says his riddles, well it’s too long to explain but check it out. I think people should just wait to see what Paolini’s gonna write and stop writing there own ideas.

    c1: Be patient.
    Ladylith: Have you gone?

  717. c1 Says:

    Sorry Angel i just rember Murtaugh saying that Gbx knew his real name because Morzan is Eragon’s father and if their parents know their real names (?) then Mzn could of told Gbx. But I said earlier i’m not 1 for remembering details. If I’d known I would get myself into this argument I would’ve paid more attention to detail.

    Mirar: I’m being very patient compared to the pirate’s 3 movie. :-P

  718. Mirar Says:

    Even though GBX knew Morzans real name it doesn’t mean he’ll know his childrens. It’s not a genetic thing or something, every persons name is unique and sacred to that person. It’s like the name of your soul per say, you Parents don’t know that, u don’t either nor do i lol! But anyway you get my point!

    I’m sure your being v.patient maybe i’m confused, Pirates 2 just came out a few weeks ago. But then again I am English. Darn it you Americans get everything first lol!

  719. Angel Says:

    Hey c1! No need to be sorry! Just correcting wrongs, lol! besides you’re not in an argument!

    Hey guys Mirar’s right, the stuff is unbelieveable, this guys is trying to read something that’s obviously not there. If you can’t find it tell me and i’ll tell you were to check!

  720. c1 Says:

    Mirar: I wasn’t sure exactly how they got their real names I was just suggesting that their parents might give them to them some howin some weird way (baby nickname? Probably not but u get what I mean).

    Angel: POTC2 came out July 7 in America but POTC 3 was being filmed at the same time and u always have part of the script written before u start filming anyway part of this script leaked online somehow and now it’s on a myspace accout. I don’t have a myspace and I was wondering if anyone did and would be willing to look and see how Barbossa survied/came back from the dead.

  721. Cherise Says:

    Oh my goodness guys (and girls)!
    All we need to do is find something else that will preoccupy us until the movie comes out! Thats what I’m doing! The thing is I have it double hard because on the 15 the movie comes out on the 16 its my bday and on the 17 my bro is coming home and he is in the Army and i havent seen him since he has been wounded in Iraq :/ SO YEAH I AM SOOOO EXCITED BUT! I am waiting patiently!

  722. Chelsea Says:

    Well I left this site for a LONG time because, in time, great things happen. Just look at what you guys have been writing!!! Wow! Good stuff right there…but anyway can’t wait for the movie and I literally got soooo excited to see the very (if I do say so myself) well-drawn picture of Saphira on the movie poster. ( Now I’m more than excited…more like ecstatic…well nice seeing what you’ve all come up with!


  723. Angel Says:

    Saphira’s been made! OMG!! brill, thanx c1 tho i think Mirar asked u not me, i’ll tell tho. nope soz don’t have a myspace account.

  724. carnoc Says:

    its possible brom is eragon’s father becuase they said that brom killed morzan 20 years ago.. and eragon is only 16.. the ages dont match

  725. ALAS Says:

    sorry havent writen in a long while busey on the saxaphone but I have a very good gues on who will be the next dragon rider and I think it will be Katrina the time frame makes sence and that would be a very supriseing twist to the book. nice to see that your still on the site Chelsea and Angel

  726. c1 Says:

    welcome back Chelsea!

    Congrats cherise tell your bro thanks for me!

  727. c1 Says:

    If anyone is a Shur’talgal (I can’t spell)they should post carnoc’s commet there so they include it on Eragon’s father’s idenity spot. Does everybody agree that GBX doesn’t know ERGN true name. Unlees he thinks it’s the one he told Durza hhahahahah.

  728. Chelsea Says:

    Carnoc, that’s actually a VERY good point there…..I thik unless I’m being retarded lol

  729. Angel Says:

    Brom is sooo not eragons father! brom is soo old! my opinion though!

  730. Cherise Says:

    Wow that makes perfect sense I never thought about it. Hmmmmmmm

  731. 8ms Says:

    hey carnoc: brom could NOT be ersagons father cause they already told u in ELDEST that eragons father is morzan, so maybe the age difference thing was jsut a mistake cause hey sometimes people make mistakes, so.

    anyway i didnt see the saphira pics yet- how do i do that again?

  732. 8ms Says:

    also, i totlly loved the book, and i was so excited to find this site and see that i could add comments, so go ereagon and i cant wait to see the movie\

  733. 8ms Says:

    ya, i want to know the same thing c1 does: how the heck did barbossa come back and survive in pirates2? he died in the first one- they totally forgot to rewatch the first movie before writing that part in…

  734. Cherise Says:

    Huh, thats weird I never thought about that. I don’t really think that Brom is his father though because, I think Brom would have told him before he died or something. But of course since this is the ONLY thing that I have commented about in the third book you KNOW that you will be right and then I will feel like a dumb crap. SO I think I will stop before I make myself out to be more of an idiot then I am in reality.

  735. Cami Says:

    Gosh, i really hope that they stick to the story line, because some of the movie trailer whatever pages say it is about a boy who finds a dragon egg and becomes a knight. and that is no at all how the story is. well, im kind of afraid to go see the movie now. i dont want it to completely ruin the last book for me.

  736. c1 Says:

    is it like a rule i missed don’t write over a holiday weekend?

  737. Chelsea Says:

    For any of you who want a lot of questions answered…read this…yes it’s long, but just scroll down if you don’t have time for it lol:

    Who will ride the Green dragon?

    Everyone’s biggest question. First, will it be good or evil? That the green dragon and his rider will be on the good side is expected; if the green dragon were evil, the Varden wouldn’t stand a chance. There are several candidates for the third rider, so here’s the list, in order from least likely to most likely:


    The least likely candidate I’ve seen proposed to be the rider of the green dragon. People say he should be the last rider because then there would be the human Murtagh, the “elf” Eragon, and then the dwarf Orik. Supporting this theory is Orik’s apparent lack of fear when it comes to flying and the presence of Saphira herself.

    However, there is significant evidence against the theory, namely the fact that dwarves were not included in the spell that links the dragons to elves and humans, which is what allows human and elf riders to exist. You could say that just as humans were added to the spell, dwarves could be, as well. And while that is certainly possible, you must look at the likelihood of it actually happening. First of all, what cause would there be to add dwarves to the spell in the first place? No reason immediately presents itself. Along with this, why would the dwarves wish to be added to the spell? A vast majority of them have no interest in even the slightest contact with dragons, and they (or at least a few of them) are aware that the elves and humans are on the decline because of their connection to the dragons, so why would the dwarves want to be connected and thus possibly seal their own fate of declining?

    Therefore, Orik will most likely not be the rider of the green dragon.


    Only slightly more likely than Orik for the simple reason that she’s human, and thus it’s currently possible for her to become a rider. Evidence for her comes first in the form of the dragon-mark Saphira placed on her forehead, and second from Eragon’s blessing, which should bring her to do great things in her life.

    However, even in her present, magically enhanced state, she is quite simply too young to be a rider, much less a useful one. Sure, maybe she could use her magic to make herself old enough, but you must keep in mind Eragon’s promise to Angela: that he would remove the blessing/curse that he placed over her. And once he removes the magic from her, she will once again be an infant child, and that would mean that she will have no contact with the dragon egg.

    So maybe, if there are more dragon eggs in the future, Elva will become a rider later in life. But it’s incredibly unlikely that she will be the rider the green dragon.

    A character that has yet to be introduced

    It’s always possible that CP could introduce a new character in book three and have that character be the rider of the green dragon. However, this is highly unlikely because both of our present riders of the new generation, Eragon and Murtagh, were introduced in the first book and had already received significant character development by the time they were riders. If a new character were to become the rider of the green dragon with substantially less development than the other candidates… I’m sure that many of us would be less than satisfied.

    So, it’s unlikely that any newly introduced character will be the rider of the green dragon.


    Now we reach the group of four characters who are the most likely to become the rider of the green dragon. The main evidence people suggest for him is that, as Murtagh and Eragon apparently have the blood of a rider in them, Roran, who they claim also has the blood of a rider in him, should be one as well. This is wrong, however, as Roran is only related to Morzan (the rider he is supposedly getting blood from) because of Selena’s marriage to Morzan, and therefore does not have any blood relation to the man.

    Counting against Roran is first the fact that he is human and second the fact that he is male. More on why being male counts against him will come later, but here is a good place to address why being a human is bad for his chances of being the rider of the green dragon. Now, Eragon spent about four months training with Brom and about ten months training with Oromis, and even after all that time and training, Murtagh was still able to beat him, with apparent ease. For Roran to be effective in battle, he would likely have to train for even longer that, and that’s an amount of time that the Varden just doesn’t have in this war. It’s likely that the Empire could win the war in that amount of time.

    So, it’s possible but not probable that Roran will be the rider of the green dragon.


    The third most likely choice for the rider of the green dragon. Nasuada is likely for several reasons: first, she’s female. Presently every rider that’s alive is male, a rather unbalanced situation. That makes the market for a female rider that much more open. Second, she’s the leader of the Varden, and being in such an important position, she’d likely have access to the egg, once stolen, before all members of the Varden aside from those who do the actual stealing. A third point some people bring up is that she could be related to Eragon and Murtagh (highly unlikely, borderline impossible—more on that in a moment), and because they are both riders, she should be as well.

    The main argument against Nasuada is the simple fact that she’s human, as is the case with Roran above. But along with that, it must be considered that Nasuada commands the Varden’s armies. The Varden cannot afford for their army to be without a commander for such a length of time.

    Now, to address why she cannot be related to Murtagh or Eragon: if she’s related to them, it’s obviously through Selena, as we know her father was Ajihad. However, it must be considered that, first of all, Nasuada and Murtagh are approximately the same age. Yes, I know that twins are possible, but how does a woman manage to have two children by two different fathers growing in her womb at the same time? Answer: it’s impossible. There’s more evidence, but after that explanation there’s really no need to elaborate. Nasuada is not at all related to Eragon and Murtagh.

    So, it’s possible but not probable that Nasuada will be the rider of the green dragon.


    Vanir is likely for the same reason that Nasuada is unlikely: he is an elf. The fact that he is an elf means that he is already trained in the ways of magic, and that means that, were he to become the rider of the green dragon, he would need significantly less training than any human candidate.

    Against Vanir is the fact that he is male. Not that this last dragon is sexist, but as Saphira has told Eragon, whoever she or Eragon loves will affect the feelings of the other. So if Saphira falls in love with the green dragon (which is very likely—more on that later), her love for the green dragon would cause Eragon to develop feelings towards the green dragon. However, because a human can’t have feelings of that sort for a dragon, his emotions would be directed towards someone more accessible: the green dragon’s rider. It does seem likely that Eragon will develop a relationship with someone in the third book, and even more likely that that someone will be the green rider, and that he will have a child with that partner, for that reason the third rider is likely to be female.

    So, it’s possible that Vanir will be the rider of the green dragon.


    Arya is the most likely candidate to become the rider of the green dragon. First, there is the fact that she is an elf, and a strong and talented elf at that. From what we’ve seen of her skills both with magic and with the sword, she would require very little training to be useful in battle, merely enough time for the green dragon to become mature enough to fight well in battle, which would be as soon as the green dragon learned to breathe fire, around six months after hatching. Along with that, Arya is female, and not just that but Eragon’s love interest. If Saphira were to fall in love with and mate with the green dragon, that would change Arya’s feelings for Eragon and the two of them would fall in love, as well. Third, two of the most often mentioned facts about Arya are her eye and magic color: emerald green. While eye color certainly has nothing to do with becoming a dragon rider, all of the riders we’ve seen so far in the trilogy have possessed magic the color of his dragon. While there is no evidence that this is always true, it can be interpreted as foreshadowing to her upcoming relation to the green dragon.

    The main piece of evidence against Arya is that people claim she is too old. However, there is no evidence that there is a set age limit for becoming a rider, so such a point is meaningless.

    So, it is highly likely that Arya will be the rider of the green dragon.

    The Weapon Under the Menoa Tree

    Ah, Solembum’s words. “When the time comes and you need a weapon, look under the roots of the Menoa tree. But what will this weapon be?

    Some say that Eragon has already received his weapon: his transformation at the Agaeti Blodhren. They say that he was under the Menoa tree when he was transformed, and because of this, the transformation was his weapon.

    However, this is likely not the case for the simple reason that it does not match up with Solembum’s words. First, he must be looking for this weapon, and at that time he certainly was not attempting to find a weapon, he was just watching the ceremony. And along with this, the weapon may have been under the Menoa tree, but it was not under the roots of the Menoa tree, which Solembum specified as criteria for this weapon. So, his transformation likely was not the weapon.

    No, it’s much more likely that the weapon will be just that: an actual, physical weapon. Say, a sword or, more specifically, Brom’s sword. Remember, it’s said that Brom lost his sword. Seems like an odd place to lose it, though, under a huge tree far from where the fighting during the Fall (the time when he most likely lost his sword) took place. But then, that’s why we must look someplace else: in this case, the dictionary.

    Look at the definition for, “root.” In my dictionary, the #3 definition is the word, “origin.” Therefore, instead of looking under the physical roots themselves, Eragon must look to the origins of the Menoa tree: two old elven families, both of which are in possession of the swords of old riders that they salvaged from the wreckage of the battles of the Fall. One elven family will have Brom’s sword, which they will gladly give to Eragon when he comes to see them. As for the other elven family with a sword… They’ll give it the third rider, whose green dragon will match the sword in their possession.

    The Vault of Souls, its Location and its Contents

    Once again, it’s time to look at what Solembum has told Eragon. “Then, when all seems lost and your power is insufficient, go to the rock of Kuthian and speak your name to open the Vault of Souls.”

    Where is the Vault of Souls, first of all? Some say that it is on Doru Areaba, the great city of the riders. Others say that it is the Star Sapphire of Tronjheim. However, there is one location that seems much more likely: Helgrind.

    Now, if you examine the description of Helgrind, you’ll notice that it looks strikingly similar to a rock formation in New Mexico known as Ship Rock. If you switch the words around a bit, you get… Rock of Ship. Looks a bit like the Rock of Kuthain, doesn’t it? The other reasons for Helgrind to be the likely location of the Rock of Kuthain become clear later, in the discussion of the contents of the Vault of Souls.

    So, then we move onto the likely contents of the Vault of Souls. Sounds pretty basic, doesn’t it? It’s a vault… containing souls. But for what purpose, and from where? Remember when Eragon was fighting Murtagh? He discovers that Murtagh’s mind seemingly contains multitudes—multitudes of souls. So clearly, Murtagh is drawing his power from other souls along with his own, and if he was taught by Galbatorix, then it stands to reason that Galbatorix does, as well.

    But where do the souls come from? Well, if we’re supposing that the Vault of Souls is in Helgrind, that immediately reminds us of another sinister pair of characters: the Ra’zac. Now, the Ra’zac are the king’s personal dragon hunters, and also are creatures meant to prey on humans. So, it’s clear that these Ra’zac do a lot of killing. But instead of letting all the power of a soul go to waste, why not find a way to store it, instead? Say, to use a spell that, instead of destroying the soul of those killed by the Ra’zac, instead stores it in a handy vault: a Vault of Souls. This explains why Galbatorix is seemingly impossibly getting stronger every year: every time the Ra’zac kill a person, that soul is added to the Vault and Galbatorix (and now Murtagh, as well) become more powerful. Of course, the Vault of Souls is also a physical place, so why not throw in any dragon eggs for safekeeping? Namely, that of the green dragon.

    And said contents explain why opening the vault will be so important: not only will it give the Varden access to another dragon egg and soon another rider, but it will also make Galbatorix and Murtagh both substantially less powerful, and give Eragon a fair chance at beating one or both of them (with help from the green dragon’s rider, of course).

    The True Identity of Eragon’s Father

    Hear me out on this one. A lot of you are screaming one very misinformed and meaningless thing right now: “Murtagh said that Morzan was his father in the ancient language, and since you can’t lie in the ancient language, Morzan must be his father!” However, this is not at all true, and in reality Morzan is not Eragon’s father. It is Brom.

    First, you must understand that it is possible to tell an untruth in the ancient language. You see, just because Murtagh said it in the AL doesn’t mean that it’s true, just that he believed it was true. That was the entire reason Eragon wrote a poem for the Agaeti Blodhren: so Islanzadi could tell Eragon that it was possible to tell untruths in the AL, if you really believed that they were true. So because Murtagh has seen no evidence showing that Eragon could not also be a son of Morzan, and because they do share a mother, he believes that Eragon was also the son of Morzan.

    Now, for the extensive evidence:

    P. 546

    “Son and Father alike, both blind as bats”.

    This is about betrayal. Brom was blind to Morzan’s betrayal, and Eragon was blind to Murtagh’s betrayal.

    Consider this quote from page 280 of Eldest: (Oromis) “Morzan was my greatest failure. Brom idolized him. He never left his side, never contradicted him, and never believed that he could best Morzan in any venture. Morzan, I’m ashamed to admit-for it was within my power to stop-was aware of this and took advantage of Brom’s devotion in a hundred different ways. He grew so proud and cruel that I considered separating him from Brom. But before I could, Morzan helped Galbatorix to steal a dragon hatchling, Shruikan, to replace the one Galbatorix had lost, killing the dragon’s original rider in the process. Morzan and Galbatorix then fled together, sealing our doom.”

    “You cannot begin to fathom the effect Morzan’s betrayal had on Brom until you understand the depth of Brom’s affection for him. And when Galbatorix at last revealed himself and the Forsworn killed Brom’s dragon, Brom focused all of his anger and pain on the one who he felt was responsible for the destruction of his world: Morzan.”

    I think that sums it up.

    Riddle #3 – This is the most important one

    p. 546

    “While two may share two,

    And one of two is certainly one,

    One might be two.”

    While two sons (Eragon and Murtagh) “may” share the same two parents (Morzan and Selena),
    And one parent of two parents, the Mother-Selena, is certainly the same one parent of both sons,

    One parent, the Father, might be two Fathers (Brom and Morzan) each having one of the sons.

    What in the world could this riddle be about if it doesn’t support the two-father theory?

    One last fact: Blagden never met Morzan so he could not have been talking about him. Morzan was never blind. He knew exactly what he was doing. He was after power. Brom was the only one who was blind by his insane idolization of Morzan.

    Eragon pages 281-282:

    While they spoke, Saphira crawled into the cave and greeted Eragon. She was glad to see him, but there was deep sadness in her thoughts and words. She laid her big blue head on the floor and asked, “Are you well again?”

    “Not quite.”

    “I miss the old one.”

    “As do I… I never suspected that he was a rider. Brom! He really was an old man – as old as the Forsworn. Everything he taught me about magic he must have learned from the riders themselves.”

    Saphira shifted slightly. “I knew what he was the moment he touched me at your farm.”

    “And you didn’t tell me? Why?”

    “He asked me not to,” she said simply.

    Eragon decided not to make an issue of it. Saphira never meant to hurt him. “Brom kept more than that secret,” he told her, then explained about Zar’roc and Murtagh’s reaction to it. “I understand now why Brom didn’t explain Zar’roc’s origins when he gave it to me. If he had, I probably would have run away from him at the first opportunity.”

    “You would do well to rid yourself of that sword,” she said with distaste. “I know it’s a peerless weapon, but you would be better off with a normal blade rather than Morzan’s butchery tool.”

    “Perhaps. Saphira, where does our path go from here? Murtagh offered to come with us. I don’t know his past, but he seems honest enough. Should we go to the Varden now? Only I don’t know how to find them. Brom never told us.”

    “He told me,” said Saphira.

    Eragon grew angry. “Why did he trust you, but not me, with all this knowledge?”

    Her scales rustled over the dry rock as she stood above him, eyes profound. “After we left Teirm and were attacked by the Urgals, he told me many things, some of which I will not speak of unless necessary. He was concerned about his own death and what would happen to you after it. One fact he imparted to me was the name of a man, Dormnad, who lives in Gil’ead. He can help us find the Varden. Brom also wanted you to know that of all the people in Alagaesia, he believed you were the best suited to inherit the Riders’ legacy.”
    Tears welled in Eragon’s eyes. This was the highest praise he could have ever received from Brom. “A responsibility I will bear honorably.”


    Clearly Brom has told Saphira of things that he wouldn’t want revealed to Eragon until he is mature enough. Eragon would undoubtedly be distraught enough after losing his mentor, and to find out that Brom is also his father would completely confuse and demoralize him at a time when survival is paramount.

    Eldest page 656:

    Saphira ruffled his hair with a gust of hot breath. “Just remember, whatever Brom’s reasons, he always tried to protect us from danger. He died saving you from the Ra’zac.”

    “I know…. Do you think he didn’t tell me about this because he was afraid I might emulate Morzan, like Murtagh has?”

    “Of course not.”

    He looked at her, curious. “How can you be so certain?” She lifted her head high above him and refused to meet his eyes or to answer. “Have it your way, then.”

    This is an enormously important quote. Saphira is waiting to tell Oromis/Glaedr (she might have done so already) about Brom being Eragon’s father. I think it’s a sure bet that Oromis will be the one to tell Eragon the truth. Just like in Book 1, Saphira knows that Eragon isn’t quite mature enough to receive this information.

    Plus, if you look at it from a logistical standpoint, you’ll notice two things: 1) Inheritance is a coming-of-age story/trilogy, and Eragon shouldn’t (and hasn’t) come of age by the end of the second book and 2) Christopher Paolini just dropped a huge bombshell a mere 4 pages ago that Morzan is Eragon’s father – that would be absolutely horrendous writing to reveal something like that and then change it 4 pages later. This “revelation” is the big twist at the end of the novel. It’s just that we’ll find out that it wasn’t really a twist after all.

    There is a chapter in Eldest titled “Inheritance.” In it, Murtagh takes Zar’roc from Eragon and claims it as his inheritance. This conveniently leaves Eragon without a sword. In the third book Eragon will get his inheritance and his proper rider’s sword (meaning that it matches the color of his dragon).

    We are never told what happens to Brom’s sword. It is only mentioned indirectly when Eragon converses with the elf sword maker Rhunon. She mentions that there are only two of her swords left (other than Morzan’s and Oromis’), and they happen to each be held by two elven families. One is Brom’s, and the other is likely a green sword that will go to the rider of the green dragon.

    This makes Brom’s sword Eragon’s inheritance, and this is the Inheritance Trilogy, after all.

    However, there are some other questions that must still be answered. For example, why, if Brom was Eragon’s father, would he not raise his own son while both live in Carvahall? And why would Brom never tell Eragon that he was his father?

    In response to those two questions: there was no evidence whatsoever to imply that Eragon would be a rider in his early life. Brom was there in Carvahall to watch over him, and he did teach his son all about the old ways. When Eragon went to Brom’s to ask him questions about the riders Brom answered all of his questions. One of the best ways to teach is through stories, and in order to have Eragon learn more he had to be interested in riders and their history. I also think that if Brom said that he was Eragon’s father and a Rider, Eragon would be a whole lot less likely to believe that the riders really did exist and that they had fallen. If you’re told that all of the riders are dead, except that this ordinary storyteller that everyone’s known for 15 years is one, the stories would be a whole lot less credible.

    There’s also the fact that if Brom told Eragon that he was his father, other people in Carvahall would probably find out and word of it might leak back to Galbatorix. If Galbatorix found out that the last remaining rider and his son were living in Carvahall, I believe he would have left Uru’baen and gone out to destroy the village.

    Thirdly, if Eragon knew that Brom was his father, he could possibly reveal it when someone enters his head (like the twins) and the odds were reasonable (and it actually happened in the book) that the one(s) who find out that Eragon is Brom’s son worked for Galbatorix. If Galbatorix found out that the newest rider that wasn’t under his control was the son of Brom, he would have to assume that he was raised by Brom, and was the beneficiary of a lifetime of teaching by Brom. Since we know Brom was powerful and strong enough to have a hand in the deaths of eight of the Forsworn, his lifetime knowledge passed down to his son would make Eragon a much more deadly enemy than if Eragon was raised by a random farmer and never had any contact with Brom. If Galbatorix believed that Eragon was Brom’s son, he himself would have flown to the battle at the end of Eldest, and it would have been a forgone conclusion.

    And the big question: if Brom is indeed Eragon’s father, then how on earth would he and Selena have a chance to “make” Eragon?

    The potential for an affair comes to mind, or for a king Arthur-type situation. Or, as we don’t know exactly how long Selena was missing from the castle (“many months” is a very unclear length of time), she could have met Brom and fallen in love with him after running from the castle. Bear in mind that around the time of Selena’s disappearance, Morzan was off searching for Saphira’s egg, which had just been stolen, so would not have been around the castle or seeing Selena at any time. And that give Brom ample opportunity to see her.

    Brom’s Seven Words

    Remember these? Just before his death, Brom tells Eragon seven words in the ancient language, then what they mean, and then he tells them only to use the words in great need. What these words could possibly be, however, is open to much interpretation.

    The first theory is that these words are Eragon’s (or someone else’s) true name, yet this is unlikely for many reasons, first because seven words is far too long to be a person’s name, second because telling a person their true name can be incredibly dangerous, and third, how on earth would Brom know? Instead of that, it could be possible that these words have something to do with the Menoa tree, perhaps a way to communicate with it in some way. However, this seems unlikely because something like that would be more of an interest than something that should only be used in great need. Another theory is that the seven words are some sort of password to be told to the family in possession of Brom’s sword so they will know to give it to Eragon, but again, that does not sound like something that should be used, “only in great need.”

    Another possibility is that what Brom told him is a spell that human dragon riders could use to boost their physical attributes to become equal to those of an elf, or perhaps the enchantments that Oromis uses to keep himself alive despite his sickness or how elves can sing to trees and other plants. That would explain why no elf knew of (or planned to teach Eragon) these spells, but Brom did. This seems unlikely, however, because Eragon has already had his attributes boosted to match those of an elf (thus making Brom’s words useless) and singing to trees doesn’t seem to be a very useful ability and especially not one that should only be used when the need is great.

    The most likely (and simplest) explanation, of course, is that these seven words are a very powerful spell (of either destruction or healing) that, unfortunately, has a terrible energy cost or other price attached to it that means the spell should only be used in the most dire of situations. Of the two choices, destruction is much more likely.

    The New Dwarf King

    The question here is simple: Orik or someone else? The other dwarves seemed to be against Hrothgar and his pro-dragon policies; as Orik also seems pro-dragon, likely the other clan leaders (as Orik is Hrothgar’s heir, he will take control of Durgrimst Ingietum) will vote for one other than Orik as new king.

    Unless, of course, something happens to change their minds before the election takes place. Now, it will be a while before a new dwarf king will be elected, as Hrothgar must be buried first, and he will have a long way to travel before he can be laid to rest. That gives Eragon and Saphira ample opportunity to do a variety of things, one of which will be Saphira healing the star sapphire. After Saphira fixes, “the heart of Tronjheim,” that likely will change the hearts of the dwarven clan leaders and cause them to act in the interest of their now pro-dragon people: to elect a pro-dragon candidate. And that candidate would be none other than Orik. However, the clan leaders likely will not act as one, and it will shape up to be a rather messy election.

    So, expect Orik to become the king of his people, but the process may not be pretty.

    Eragon’s Love

    Who will Eragon fall in love with? It’s part of Angela’s prediction, that, “an epic romance is in your future, extraordinary, as the moon indicates—for that is a magical symbol—and strong enough to outlast empires. I cannot say if this passion will end happily, but your love is of noble birth and heritage. She is wise, powerful, and beautiful beyond compare.” So, there are two possibilities: either he will fall in love with Arya, or he will not.

    If he does not fall in love with Arya, than who with? Or will he fall in love again at all? Some people claim that he will fall in love with Katrina, but that is simply idiotic: why on earth would he fall in love with a person who is already engaged to his brother? It makes no sense. Eragon will not fall in love with Katrina.

    Another option, slightly more likely, is Nasuada. People have said that because Arya does not return Eragon’s love, it does not qualify as romance and therefore his epic romance is still to come. They also claim that she would fulfill the prophecy because, as leader of the Varden, she is certainly noble. However, this is not correct, for the prophecy reads, “of noble birth and heritage,” meaning that Nasuada would have to be born into nobility to fulfill it, and as she was merely born to a man who was fleeing from the empire and not some manner of royalty. But regardless of the prophecy, it still seems unlikely that Eragon and Nasuada will fall in love. After all, Nasuada has a rebellion to lead, and falling in love with one of her vassals is certainly going to disrupt the war effort.

    And of course, the possibility remains that Eragon will never fall in love after ending his pursuit of Arya. But I believe that we will see more evidence connected to other theories that makes this option also very unlikely.

    Now, it is of course the most likely that his love for Arya is the fulfillment of the prophecy, and when Saphira mates with the green dragon, ridden by Arya, that will influence Arya to fall in love with Eragon, and there will be the epic romance. And, of course, because they are both riders and therefore understand each other perfectly, this romance will have a happy result.

    Saphira’s Mate

    One of the most important questions concerning the future of Alagaesia: who will be Saphira’s mate? There are five possibilities, some more likely than others.

    The first and least likely is Glaedr. The argument for him is that he is the only male dragon currently on the same side as Saphira, so when the situation begins to look bleak the two of them will have to mate to sustain their race. However, Glaedr has already refused Saphira once, and likely she’s learned her lesson and won’t try again.

    Another possibility is that Saphira and Eragon will search for wild dragons, and Saphira will find one willing to be her mate. However, Saphira and Eragon are going to be busy with a war, and will have no time to go and search for other dragons, making this option also unlikely. It is possible that they could search after the war, there is another theory that essentially disproves this that I’ll get to later.

    Thorn and Shruikan have pretty much the same chance, but the only real way for Saphira to mate with either of them would be if she were captured by Galbatorix. If captured, Saphira would be forced to mate with one of them, and there’s no way Saphira is strong enough to resist them. This is quite possible, but considering CP’s plot so far, it is not as likely as…

    Saphira falling in love with the green dragon. Varden gets egg, egg hatches, green dragon matures, falls in love with Saphira, they mate. Sounds simple, is simple. If Saphira wants a mate on her side of the war and Glaedr isn’t going to, the only option for her is the green dragon.

    The green dragon and Thorn or Shruikan are both equally likely based on the evidence, so you have to consider which is more likely based on what CP has written so far. Now, so far, nothing bad has happened to Saphira. That can mean one of two things: either nothing will happen to her, or she’s due for something bad to happen. But it’s more likely that nothing bad will happen to her, and she will fall in love and mate with the green dragon.

    Who Will Die?

    Who, exactly, of the major characters, is going to die? Obviously Galbatorix will; that goes without saying. It’s highly likely that Oromis and Glaedr will as well, Oromis from his mysterious disease and Glaedr from Oromis’ death. People also seem to think that Thorn will die, but Murtagh will not. It is certainly possible, as Murtagh is on the side of evil (if reluctantly), but Galbatorix will not make the mistake of leaving loopholes in his oaths again. That means that if Eragon and Murtagh meet again in battle, Eragon will be unable to show Murtagh any mercy. It is likely that Thorn will die, and Murtagh may as well, that is unclear. Whether the king’s dragon, Shruikan, will die is another debate. Some think that he will die along with Galbatorix, while others think that, because Galbatorix was not Shruikan’s original rider, the bond between the two will be weaker than normal, meaning that Shruikan will not only survive Galbatorix’s death but become good upon the death of his surrogate rider. As we have not yet seen Galbatorix or Shruikan, we cannot determine the strength of their bond and thus cannot determine the answer to this question, one way or another. However, Shruikan dying with his rider is more likely.

    One of the strangest—and, even stranger, most popular—death theories is that Arya will die. But seriously, people. One of the most obvious things in this entire trilogy is that Arya will be the rider of the green dragon. And if she is that green dragon’s rider, and we know that there are two dragons in the sky in Eragon’s dream before Garrow’s death (more on that dream later, but it is rather obvious foreshadowing for the last scene of book three), that means that the riders of those two dragons (Saphira and the green dragon) must survive the war, and therefore Eragon and Arya will survive. And while we’re on the subject of main characters’ love interests dying, Katrina won’t die, either.

    Of course, there will be some other casualties, namely a bunch of minor characters: several high-ranking Varden members (likely including Nasuada and Orrin), unimportant elves and servants of Galbatorix, villagers, etc.

    Who Will Kill Galbatorix?

    Yes, believe it or not, there are dissenting opinions regarding the answer to this question. The choice for Galbatorix’s killer is split between two people, one very obvious and one… rather odd: Eragon and Shruikan (if you think Murtagh will kill Galbatorix by throwing him into a bottomless pit filled with glowing blue electricity, please, for the sake of all mankind, commit hara-kiri… now).

    Some people seem to think that Shruikan will turn good at the last moment possible and kill Galbatorix, typically by squishing him. However, this is highly unlikely. Regardless of how Shruikan originally felt about Galbatorix, the two of them have now been joined for a hundred years. Considering how much the two of them have been though in that time, it’s quite obvious that they care quite a lot for each other, and therefore Shruikan will not kill Galbatorix.

    So that leaves one man to be Galbatorix’s killer: Eragon. As it should be.

    The New Ruler of Alagaesia

    With Galbatorix dead, who will rule Alagaesia in his place? It clearly will not be Eragon, for he will leave Alagaesia forever, as Angela predicted, and how can he rule a place when he is no longer there? And besides that, he has already expressed that he does not want to rule.

    The new ruler will not be an elf or dwarf. They already have their own rulers in their own kingdoms, so that just leaves the humans to decide who will rule. So to determine that, we must look to the past rulers of humans in Alagaesia: king Palancar and his descendants. And where did the descendants of Palancar dwell before they were driven out by the soldiers of the king? Palancar valley or, more specifically, Carvahall. So, who is in charge of Carvahall? Roran. So he will rule Alagaesia as his ancestors did, with Katrina as his queen.

    What Will Happen At the End of Book Three?

    The answer to this final question can be determined by decoding something given to us relatively close to the beginning of Eragon: Eragon’s dream in the chapter Deathwatch. In this dream, Eragon sees some people boarding a silver ship. Two of them are apparently taller than all the others, a man and a woman who are holding hands. Then the ship sails away, and a man who stayed on the beach cries out, and as the dream fades away, two dragons are seen in the sky.

    The two dragons are the easiest to decode: Saphira and the green dragon, flying away above the ship that they’re too large to land on. The presence of the two dragons means that their riders, Eragon and Arya, are on the ship as well. And as there are two people taller than all others, holding hands, that are specifically mentioned among the rest of those boarding the ship, we can assume that these two are elves and, most likely, Eragon and Arya. Them holding hands is another indication that they have indeed fallen in love. Eragon is boarding this ship because his destiny is to leave Alagaesia together, so of course his bonded partner, Saphira, and his love, Arya (and the green dragon), will journey away with him. And because Arya is an elf, where better to go but to the old home of the elves, Alalea?

    The man screaming on the beach is up for considerably more debate. The possibilities are Murtagh (which assumes that he survives the war), Roran and, in an incredibly complicated theory I’m not going to delve into that involves the son of Arya and Eragon and a spell enabling time travel, the first Eragon. It being Murtagh is unlikely for a couple of reasons: first of all, if it’s him, where’s Thorn? It’s been said as incredibly rare for a rider to survive the death of his or her dragon, yet we already know of two: Brom and Galbatorix. So for us to have met more riders that have survived the deaths of their dragons than those who have not would imply against what we’ve already been told as fact, meaning that if Thorn is dead, so should be Murtagh, meaning that because Thorn is not present, the man is not Murtagh. Second, why would he be there, and third, why would he be screaming? There appears to be nothing on that boat that he cares incredibly for. He was friends with Eragon, yes, but certainly not enough of one to scream at his departure.

    Which leaves Roran. Yes, of course he would be there to see his foster brother and brother’s wife, and the last two dragon riders in Alagaesia, leave forever. And of course he would scream in anguish at never being able to see his foster brother again, not knowing for the rest of his live what became of him. Roran fits.

  738. Angel Says:

    No..NO..NO! Brom is NOT eragon’s father! i won’t beleive it!

  739. Chelsea Says:

    Anyone who wants an explaination of Brom, being Eragon’s father should go to and look up (Book III theories) on the right-hand side of the page.

  740. carnoc Says:

    just because Murgtagh beivled that Eragon was his brother so Morzan was his father… it doesnt mean its true. Murtagh may have just bievled it so wen he said it in ancient language it was right. But if u loook at the facts its a major possiblity

  741. Angel Says:

    Yup, i’ve read it but i think it’s compete rubish!I think it’s by someone who is trying to read stuff that just isn’t THERE! maybe we should all just wait untill the last book comes out to draw any conclusions, and IF Brom is eragons dad then ….thats just mean! lol!

  742. Sofa Says:

    Thx angel&no I hope she’s not the next rider either she’s a tad wimpy but I was just trying to think of all the possiblities..AWW CHERISE! I’m sorry about your brother! WHAT Brom can’t b his father! I was under the impression his mother wasn’t a bizillion years old! Isn’tt that kinda gross the age difference between Selena&Brom eww anyways none of my buisness who fictional characters mess around with I’m just saying! And I’m not so sure i want Eragon&Arya to be together…does thaty make me a mean person? I’m just saying I think after all the stuff he’s been through he deserves someone who actually loves him as much as he loves them but w/e! guess we gotta wait for the third book. Yeah it’d b dumb if Eragon went for Katrina and I still say Nausuda&Murtagh have something going on & my theory is he’ll use it to take advantage of her postion in the Varden maybe convince her that he’s good or something so he capture Saphira or harm them in some other way.

  743. Rubi Says:

    I’ve never read either of the books or seen the movie but I have very strong opinions on who should have been cast in the roles of my favorite characters.
    Eragon should be played by Daniel Radcliffe. He would be good for any fantasy part
    Brom should be played by Mary-Kate Olsen. I think Brom is really a girl?
    Galbatorix should be played by Pierce Brosnan
    Murtag should be played by Bart Simpson (who is really a girl – Nancy Cartwright)
    Roran should be played by anyone with black hair! Not the ginger ninja in the marketing poster for the movie.
    Ok, feel free to comment back!

  744. bek Says:


    Why are you so sure that the third Rider will be female? Throughout the first two books, there is never mention of a female Rider. It is quite possible that there has never been one throughout history. I’ll admit that I had been hoping for a first female Rider, but to base all of your conclusions on the fact that it must be a female Rider is foolishness. For all these centuries, dragons have been mating, even if both of their Riders were male. Yes, they share a bond because their dragons care for each other, but it doesn’t mean they are in love. Eragon currently is deeply in love with Arya, but Saphira has not shown any attachment to her. Saphira tried to have an affair with Glaer, but Eragon felt nothing to that affect. While Rider and dragon are said to share affections, I think you’re taking it too far.

    You also say that, though Galbatorix was not Shruikan’s original Rider, they should care for each other by now. I’m not sure of that. Shruikan never swore to be evil, like Morzan and the rest of the Forsworn’s dragons did. He was bound to Galbatorix by spells and magic, not by choice. He may not be able to turn good, because he may be good in the first place, just entrapped and encorcelled like Murtagh.

    However, I do not intend to agree or disagree with any of your conclusions, merely some of the methods you used to make them. And I love your theory about the two fathers.

  745. c1 Says:

    CHelesa: I don’t mean to be mean but instead of posting somthing that long can u just give us the website.

    here’s a website
    it’s got the 1st 56 pages of the script read it if u

  746. c1 Says:

    Pirates 3 is officailly named At the Worlds End!!!!!!! LUV Capt. Jack (no I don’t think he is hot don’t even start that. WT is though he’s awesome too) I can’t wait!!!!!!!!

    Comes out May 25 or 27 (I can’t remember) 2007
    I’m gonna be cryin the day it comes out ’cause it’s supposedly the last one WAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!
    (sorry bout goin on about it I know it’s a eragon site)

    Wait will Murtaugh die or somthin’ if Morzan is not Eragon’s dad cause he said it in the anceint language?
    ugh I think I might die (not really(don’t u luv parenthases)) of impatient’s

    By the way i no how Barbossa came back if u don’t wanna read the script to find out

  747. Angel Says:

    um Rubi…Daniel Radcliff? for eragon? That guy can’t act to save his *beep beep* life!!!!( sorry LIB)

    Mary-Kate Olsen??? Brom is a GUY!! Ur seriousy…werid.

  748. Maria Says:

    Not to be annoying by trying to correct people, but some people have said that there is too big of an age difference between Brom and Selena for there to have been anything romantic between them. I could be wrong, but I thought that Morzan was about the same age as Brom, if not a little older. The reason i think this is because Brom looked up to Morzan while he was in training to become a full-fledged rider. He admired Morzan and became very attatched to him, and felt personally betrayed when Morzan became the most loyal of the Forsworn. So while there may be an age difference between Brom and Selena, it was no bigger than that between Morzan and Selena. The fact that Brom was so hurt by Morzan’s actions could be another reason that he might have wanted to be with Selena and is infact Eragon’s father. I know that this is very unlikely and that making Morzan pay for his deeds in this way is veryyy unlikely, but who knows?

  749. c1 Says:

    Rubi: please read the books they are soooooooo good!!!!!! Brom is a guuuuuy. sorry if this offends u but the olsen’s just are not the right people to be in this movie.

    by the way bek I didn’t say any of that stuff u said i did that was chelsea, so just chill (the next sentance is not said in a mean way) what makes u so sure anyway that it’s not a girl i think they have just as much chance as a guy

    Ed Speelers beat 180,000 other boys to be in this movie including Elijah Wood to be in this movie he should be the right guy.

    this is totally weird I was in religion class today thinkin about Eragon’s father and I know this sounds really weird and is probably not true at all but what if GBX is Eragon’s dad????????? Like I said it’s really weird don’t start critizing me for it ither cause I know it’s probably not true

  750. c1 Says:

    It’s really lame how barbossa came back really lame. (drum roll and suspense ful music) Tia Dalma broght him back from the dead.(see really lame)

    If roran is the 3rd rider i will kill myself.(I don’t know why but there is sumtin i don’t like about him)

    Who was Morzan’s teacher/mentor I pretty sure it said but i don’t remeber

  751. c1 Says:

    I’m writing this for a frosh newspaper how’s it look?

    Eragon, By: Christopher Paolini

    Rating: 90%

    Length: 503 pages

    Bad Reveiws: This book has some copy cating from Lord of the Rings.

    Good Review: Eragon manages to get all the interesting details together and still manages to stay interesting. Lots of unexpected twists.

    Gender: Mostly about a boy but the girl power is awesome!

    Summary: A simple farm boy finds a blue stone it the forest, and his life is changed forever, he loses the only family he has ever known, and becomes a man hunted by the empire.

  752. c1 Says:

    you guys were allowed to comment on the GBX being the dad just not yell at me

  753. Chelsea Says:

    Okay wow…what to say what to say lol.
    First it was kind of an accident that I posted that long thing…whoops.
    I think people just need to stop saying who they think should be in the movie cuz they are all saying people already are famous, we need new people like Ed Speleers.
    About the rider and dragon bond thing. EXAMPLE: Since Eragon loves Arya Saphira shares a bond, BUT she cannot love another race since she is totally different species. Saphira would end up sharing a bond with Arya’s dragon, but she has no dragon. If Arya ended up being the next rider and Saphira fell in love with her dragon then Arya would probably end up liking Eragon. Saphira ended up loving Glaedr at first and Eragon actually DID have a bond with Glaedr’s rider…Oromis, just not in a passionate way.

  754. carnoc Says:

    how do u check out eragon’s script?

  755. c1 Says:

    carnoc: I would just google eragon script it might not be out there because the movie hasn’t been released yet At the Worlds End had been leaked out it wasn’t purposely put out there

    What did everyone think of the eragon review?

  756. Maria Says:

    Did everybody see the trailer? What did you think?

  757. Chelsea Says:

    Where’s that at? AND THE TRAILER ROCKS MY SOCKS!!!

  758. c1 Says:

    Chelsea: People are saying famous people because they don’t know any not famous people (I think Viggo Mortesen would have been sweet in this movie though, he’s not extremly famous)

  759. Sofa Says:

    LMAO! aha I agree Angel Dabiel radcliffe can’t act whatsoever he will never amount to anything more than Harry potter..the whole fourth film was him making horrified faces&sweating!!!yeah really Brom a girl..that’s almost as bad as thinking the olsen’s can act…not 2b mean but uh..ooooooo good 1 ..if GBX was Eragon’s father it would b o so Darth Vader or something…it is a posiblity though i doubt it.

  760. c1 Says:


  761. laura Says:

    now everyone Jared Leto would have been perfect in this movie and i don’t care if he’s famous cuz he’s still hot!

  762. Angel Says:

    WHERE CAN I SEE THE TRAILER!!!! thanx sofa for agreeing. c1, i gree with sofa so darth vadar but not a bad idea. can’t say it didn’t pass my mind though.

  763. Chelsea Says:

    Well duh they don’t know non-famous people yet…that means they’ll just have to wait and see…lol patience people.

    The trailer is at:

    The bigger screen version didn’t work for me…so if it doesn’t work for you just try the smaller regular one.

    And c1 the third book will come out hopefully sometime next year…wish it were sooner…but it’s not…=’(

  764. Angel Says:

    thanx Chelsea!

  765. Angel Says:

    the movie trailer is CRAP!! i hate it, maybe they just choose the wrong scences. tho i did watch the large one.

  766. c1 Says:

    Has anyone read the wind on fire trilogy (wind singer, slaves of the mastery…) If you haven’t you shold while waiting for the third book (Empire?) to come out.

  767. Chelsea Says:

    Anytime,need anything or just want my opinion just ask! =)

  768. Angel Says:

    yup, c1 i’ve read the wind on fire trilogy. twice actually. it’s very good! i enjoyed, it was better than i first thought. i especially like the second book,Slaves of the mastery!

  769. lizzie Says:

    I really hope they dont take out as much stuff as they did in the harry potter movies, cus i love this book alot and i want the movie to be really good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  770. Angel Says:

    is anyone here?

  771. Chelsea Says:

    I am…that was random

  772. c1 Says:

    Angel: I like Firesong best mostly because Mumpo isn’t acting like a total idiot for most of the book. It’s really sad I almost cried when Kess went!

  773. Angel Says:

    c1: yup me too, i neary cried, i kinda like the second one best, cos it’s funnier and probs cos of the little romance bit, also Sisi gets cool at the end.

    chelsea, agreed very random, but in 2 days i was the only one that had posted!

  774. c1 Says:

    Sisi was always cool if a bit stupid at times. I really like Kess she pretty sweet I kinda want to see what would happen if one of them would lose thier head at one point like everybody else their not superhuman (well not really)

  775. Angel Says:

    Kess is never said to be pretty and she always seems a bit cold to Mumpo, who i’ve always liked. He was so sweet as a kid. Tho i agree with what you say about them losing their heads, as they never actually shout at one an other and always manage to keep their heads on.

  776. c1 Says:

    Angel: in america sweet is slang for cool so when i say pretty sweet i mean that she’s really cool

  777. Angel Says:

    ooohhh, ur american. okay, thanx for the info, we have totally different slang in England. yup, i agree kess is pretty cool.

  778. Alas Says:


  779. Cherise Says:

    Yeah I agree that the movie trailer wasnt the best and what i DID see of Saphira wow she looks HORRID! But oh well Arya looks better then I thought though Roran is AWFUL and so does Eragon. Oh well.

  780. c1 Says:

    where was Roran in the trailer

    Angel: what part of europe r u from

  781. Cherise Says:

    Haha Thats funny! I didn’t know that not everyone was from America but hey I think England is pretty sweet. Roran is the ugly brown hair dude in the trailer I thought. HHA I guesss you dont know which ONE I am talking about. Oh well

  782. Cherise Says:

    Well I have been gone sometime now but Rubi your choice of cast is very different from mine. I think Eragon shoulda been ummmm Idk Ayra: I think Liv Tyler woulda been good. I thin they did a good job with Brom and the African chick and Katrina I think Roran and Murtagh are HORRID BUT I cant think of anyone else. Oh well most people know what they are doing when it comes to movies (with exceptions to ALL the Harry Potters i think those are the WORST movies, those people sure know how to SLAUGHTER GREAT books)

  783. Chelsea Says:

    And why exactly do you think Saphira and Murtagh and Roran and Eragon look ‘horrid’? I think they did a brilliant job with Saphira considering this is Stephan Fangmeier’s first BIG directing job. I saw Saphira and she looks great, I mean, what more did you really expect?

  784. Angel Says:

    c1: i’m from ENGLAND!!!
    Cherise: i found out pretty early that just about everyone is from america, except a few of us! Yup, agree with you on the trailer!

  785. c1 Says:

    Angel: okay i got it now i was thinking u had said europe not england my bad (slang means i’m sorry)

  786. Angel Says:

    i kno what my bad means! i watch tv, and we used to use it over here. lol! What do you say if someone’s talking rubbish? We say ‘stop chatting air’!

  787. Angel Says:

    that last post is to c1.

  788. c1 Says:

    Cherise Angel: do you have sweet/cool accents?

  789. Angel Says:

    sweet/cool as in? i have many accents! i can do the England Ghetto slang accent, i can do a posh english accent when i talk to posh peopl. But my normal one isn’t posh. Definately NOT the Queens english! lol! Yeah, you might say it’s sweet/cool. To me it’s normal. How ’bout you?

  790. Chelsea Says:

    That’d be so awesome to visit England, I’m taking French right now and will probably be able to visit Paris soon, but England would be sooo cool too!

    And when someone is talking ‘rubbish’ you say: Shut up! lol

  791. c1 Says:

    Angel: Mostly we just tell them shut up! I didn’t kno there were dif kind of english accents (ack this is getting to be educational save me!!!). When people over here say English (well we say British) accents we mean like Orlando Bloom’s Susan’s (can’t think of her name) from Narnia. I have a mid-western accent (as opposed to a southern or western or north-eastern). It sounds boring to me, I pretty much talk the way a type.

    Southern/hillbilly accent is people who say hey ya’ll

    Western people use the same word we do but they sound more spanish

    Northeasteners pronoce thing weird (to me) like da’wars insterd of drawers

  792. c1 Says:

    Angel: we also tell people to shut the front door, whatever, shut your mouth, mostly thing that are somthing like shut ____________ (word for mouth) or ___________ (synonym for shut) up.

    What is Queen’s english?

  793. Cherise Says:

    Dont know if I have an accent cuase I sound regular to me its you people who have sweeet accents. What I mean by HORRID is taht next to alot of other movies are alot better SO what you think is brillant, what i saw of it is AWFUL and i hope its better. Anyway thats tight you all come from England or Europe or other places

  794. Justin Says:

    Sweet i have ch book like 5 times now and now a movie is comeing out man the eargon books and football are my life. lol now i i get hurt i can just watch the move.

  795. Angel Says:

    c1 and Cherise: if someone’s just saying nothing or talking rubbish we say you’re chattin air. If they just won’t be quite or you want them to be quite then u say shut up. There is so much slang i can’t keep track. And so many different ways of saying things, and multiple meanings to words nowadays. There are loads of different accents. There is also a Ghetto accent which is mainly spoken in & around London. Every different city has a different accent to go with it. e.g. Manchester, Birmingham, Liverpool, Scotland, Wales. I could go on and on but i won’t.
    England is very cool. London’s wicked. There are so many places to go and things to see. Very Fun.
    Sorry for boring you, and going “educational” on you *cough*c1*cough* lol!

  796. Angel Says:

    c1: The Queens English is the poshest version of an english accent you can get! All the syllabuls are rounded, and every word is pronounced properly. Only the Queen and a few aristocrats speak that posh a versioin of English, oh and well taught!

  797. Angel Says:

    who saw High School Musical?

  798. Maria Says:

    c1- I’m from the northeast, and i pronounce drawers “droors.” So… that’s probably not how to say it properly but oh well. My mom is from New York and she pronounces is “draws.” She also says “to-alk”/”twolk” for talk. The was she says talk is kinda hard to write down, but yeah.

  799. c1 Says:

    We just say shut up nothing before except mabye eye rolling. What type of accent does Orlando and Susan have?

    I luuuuuuuuuuuuuuuv that movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  800. Cherise Says:

    Not me but I would NEVER well I would but everyone I know who saw it says its absolute CRAP and the only 2 people I know who liked it are my dear lil sisters

  801. Angel Says:

    The storyline is crap, the songs are BRILL!!
    Orlando has a straight London accent and Susan’s is bordering on Posh. Not everyone in England talks like that.

  802. Cherise Says:

    I hate the people who sing I have heard most of them and I am not impressed at ALL! SO I stick my opinion even though I dont really have one since I havent seen it and I hope not to

  803. c1 Says:

    out of curiosity did high school musical just come out in England. in the us it’s been out since like last winter(?)

    Everyone I know really likes the movie I luv the songs!

    ya I wasn’t sure exactly how they pronounced drawers but I knew they said it different

  804. Angel Says:

    it’s not THAT bad! But i respect your opinion Cherise

  805. Angel Says:

    Yup c1, it just came out about two weeks ago. They’ve been showing the adverts for it for about a year! There’s another one isn’t there?

  806. c1 Says:

    I don’t know if there will be a second one.

  807. Angel Says:

    tho, after the first one they flashed an advert that said, ‘High School Musical 2′

  808. c1 Says:

    WOW people from different coutries have have really different opinions. what movies do you guys like? my fav movie of all time is Pirates of the caribbean: curse of the black pearl

    whatever happened to chelsea and larua and everybody else

  809. Maria Says:

    Yeah, I’m pretty positive that there will be a 2nd one.

  810. Nic Nac (Eragon Lover) Says:

    I love Eragon, I drive my friends mad with it. And anyone I know who has read it agrees that it is a work of pure magic and excilence.

  811. Angel Says:

    Yup, one of my friends and i have memorize the one scene in the movie. the one where orlando and deep, are fighting in the blacksmith shop.
    One of my fave movies is in fact Oceans 11. that movie is BRILL!! it is so good!

  812. Cherise Says:

    I’m not saying I hate all the movies I just am pretty picky when I actually rate it as ‘good.’ I’m not sure if any of you have seen ‘Flyboys’ but that one is like uber good! I really really really liked it besides that it was based off of the wrong war haha they messed up but they dont care we Americans dont care for facts, just entertainment. I recommend that movie to everyone.

  813. sierra Says:

    christopher paolines books rock! i almost died when i heard that eragon was becoming a movie! i marked it on my calendar! i dont really think eragon sounds like a blonde but a brunet. and arya should also be a black haired elf. i hope the movie rocks out loud

  814. sierra Says:

    murtag should have brown hair not blonde. angela should not be a preppy looking person but some one w/ some wrinkles.

  815. Chelsea Says:

    I’m still here! lol, I’ve just been really busy with studies and practicing my instruments and stuff. =)

    So what’s going on? And yes I like High School Musical, very talented singers. I respect your opinion Cherise, but hwo can you not think the people from High School Musical aren’t good singers? Tell me who you think is a good singer.

    Angel, what cool bands do they have in England?

  816. Alex Says:

    I wasn’t quite as impressed with the book as i thought i would be, but i couldn’t stop myself from reading Eldest. I was excited about the movie and i played the trailer like 50 times! Brom didn’t quite look right with Jeremy Irons but maybe it’ll come out ok. i think saphirra looks awesome, but her necks a little 2 long.

  817. Zach Says:

    When is the movie going to come out? I have heard so many different things. I’m so confussed.

  818. c1 Says:

    I can do that secne too!! but I’ve never been able to do it with anyone who knows the whole thing. actually I probably could do most any secne.

    Angel: This isn’t meant in a bad way but I think it’s interesting you used orlando and then depp (a first name then a last name) By the way is brill a good thing?

    Hi nic nac welcome to the site!

  819. Cherise Says:

    I think that Josh Grobin and Amy from Evanesanse are good but people who sing like Hilary Duff (the people in High school musical) I can’t stand. BUT dont ask me who i like in music cuase I like everything inbetween Korn and Kelly Clarkson depends on how I am feeling. I HATE country and I HATE poeple like HSM.

  820. Maria Says:

    Chelsea– Just to let you know, I heard that the people who played Troy and Gabriella both admitted that their singing voices had been changed majorly for the role. Personally, I thought Gabriella’s voice was, at times, kinda annoying and nasaly (or however you spell it).

  821. Chelsea Says:

    Sierra, it describes Angela as “good-looking” because she uses spells on herself, it’s a good match.

  822. c1 Says:

    Alex: I did the same thing with the trailer! I think Jeremy looks ok as brom but i agree saphria’s neck is too long.

  823. Angel Says:

    Note: Gabriellas voice sucked! Agree with Cherise and Maria on that. Kelly Clarkson, love her!

    Chelsea: We have the same stuff as you. Same bands, Panic at the disco, Fallout boy, etc. same RnB HipHop stuff, 50cent, Justin Timberlake, the Game, Neyo,Chris Brown, love his first song, etc. But we’ve got some homegrown people as well; Corrine Bailey Rae, she’s real good,Lily Allen, Lemar, he’s good.

    c1: i just used very very very OLD slang, which i don’t normally use. brill, is very good, i just can’t remember the London slang for that. and thanks for that thing about the first name last name thing. i take it as a compliment! lol!

  824. c1 Says:

    I liked Gabby’s voice that could just be me though. Your welcome Angel.

    I like Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood and Mercy Me and Toby Mac.

    I see how it is Nic Nac leave one comment then decide your to good for us. (jk jk jk jk jk jk)

    I wanna see Flyboys! is it as funny as the preview makes it look

  825. Angel Says:

    Flyboys? If it’s a new film i’ll be talking about in decenber or maybe even January! America always comes first! lol! c1: never mind the new comers most of the time they post once after Googling ‘Eragon’ and this site coming up! joke! Gabby’s vocie was a little bit annoying mainly ‘cos it was so popstar-ish.

  826. Cherise Says:

    Flyboys came out some time last month here in California and it isn’t a funny movie its actually based on a true story about the first Americans who flew airplanes (what else??) In France. It actually messed up on the wars and stuff. Haha I sound like a historian FREAK but in reality I have 8 people in my famliy (including my brother) In the military so I know something about it you know? Anyway it was a GREAT movie and to make it like the BEST so far it has James Franco in it Im like OH GIVE IT UP FOR THE HOTTIE YO! But yeah Ill stop rambling.

  827. Angel Says:

    who’s James franco? Sorry but london is still pretty hooked on Brad Pitt, Depp, and all those other people like the guy in desperate house wives or that guy with the big eyes who’s in The day after tommorrow and Brookback Mountain.

  828. c1 Says:

    cherise: what’s socal?

  829. Dan Says:

    Heheh, Hi. I’m new here.
    I’m a bit of a history freak aswell, and I love Eragon, and Eldest. I do think Orik might be the next rider.

    On the Fly Boys thing,Its very realistic, but I really do like it.

  830. c1 Says:

    What’s socal sarah? Is flyboys as funny as the preview makes it look? I reallllllllllly wanna go see it What do they call pop/soda/coke in england

  831. c1 Says:

    Angel: you can go to to see a flyboys preview type flyboys into the search box i think it’s the only one that comes up.

    dan: Welcome to the site!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  832. C1 Says:

    Dan: I don’t think dwarves are included in the spell that lets humans and elves be riders. I really don’t think dwarves really want to be riders anyway the way i remember it Orik didn’t like his ride on Saphira very much.

  833. Cherise Says:

    Okay, Flyboys isnt a FUNNY movie its history but SEE IT! And Sarah is my name and socal is Southern California like DIsneyland and Hollywood thats where I live. ANyway James Franco was also in Tristan and Isolde. he is SOOOO gosh darn HOTT!

  834. Cherise Says:

    So how old is everyone here? I mean you dont hafta say, Im a wee lass myself but yeah im bored and in America its small talk :)

  835. Cherise Says:

    Hmmm c1 I think you may be right….Dwarves and Dragons don’t get along. I think it will be that elf guy that used to duel with Eragon maybe I don’t know. I guess we will all hafta wait until the third book comes along now won’t we?

  836. c1 Says:

    I think it will be elva (I don’t know what happens to her age after the spell is taken off her) or Nasuada (although i don’t think it’s very probable but it would be sweet). somethin is tellin me it’s elva (but she wouldn’t be able to really fight though). It would be weird if the third rider wasn’t found untill after the whole war thing is over.

    by the way cherise/sarah I meant funny as does it have the little funny lines in it not as in is it a comedy. As in in the trailer on of the lines sombody says “will we back in time for lunch?”

  837. betz Says:

    ok guys, im from mexico & i loved the books they’re so AWSOME and the guy whos playing eragon in the movie is really HOt HEHE -please respond

  838. Maria Says:

    I’m 14

  839. Angel Says:

    hey dan and betz! welcome! I’n england we call coke, coke, spirt, spirt, fanta, fanta, pepsi, pepsi, etc. or you call it a fizzy drink or a soda, anything really. Thanx for the link c1, and Cherise yeah i know who James Franco is now. I’m a year younger than Maria, but i’m going to be her age in about 3 months.

  840. c1 Says:

    hi betz! Ed Speelers is REALLY cute

  841. Chelsea Says:

    Well of course the people from High School Musical’s voices had been changed quite a lot, but that still IS their voice, just has quite a bit of smoothing in it. I think I would know because I’m a member of all three choirs at our high school, I know they’re not the best, but they ARE actually very talented.

    ANYWAY, has anyone bought the Eragon PS2 pre-ordered or anything? I’m buying everything that comes out for Eragon, CANNOT FREEKIN wait!

  842. Cherise Says:

    C1: NOOW I see where you are coming from, and yes there are some funny lines but mostly war stuff oh yeah and a bit or romance. I think EVERYONE should know who James Franco is he is the HOTTEST thing in all AMerican for Gods sake!
    Angel: I think you are like the funniest person out there. I love how when there is someone new to the site you always talk about how you guys say things differently then we Americans, or Mexicans. Its pretty tubalor.
    By the way, to clear things up all the wierd stuff said earlier were my awesome friends having fun (socalsarah) they are CARAZZZZY but I gotta love em. As for the whole age thing (also my friends) I guess it would be only fair to say that I am 13 until December 16. YEP a day after Eragon comes out I am getting like everyone together and we will go see the midnight showing haha good times. Oh my GOODNESS people! I really am SOOO excited! Like in December I have my bday and Eragon AND my Bro is coming home from Iraq AND my sister is coming home from traveling the United States. AWWW! WELL now that I TOTALLY told you my family’s history I better jet.

  843. Angel Says:

    man, cherise you’re only a month, minus 2 days, older than me! Anyway thanx for the comment *sob* it means a lot to me! *sob. wipes away a tear, and hugs cherise* LOL!!!! reminde me to say happy b-day to you!

  844. Jon F.Kenedi Says:

    a realy good book
    its better than books
    like “el codigo Da Vinci”
    its more like “harry potter”

  845. c1 Says:

    cherise: tell your bro thanx for me (I don’t remeber if i already told you that or not) you have the same birthday as one of my friends!
    (i think hers the 16 or 14) My b-day is July 14th the day the Bastille was stormed

    You guys were right about athat whole type once and never come back thing betz is gone wahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!! (darn, we needed sombody new to spice things up)

  846. Cherise Says:

    Angel: Haha Will do and I will remind myself to say Happy Birthday to you as well.

  847. Angel Says:

    Yay! thanx. c1 your right, no new ppl! I hope this site doesn’t die out, it already did that once and i can’t keep it going for a 2nd time! lol! think ppl think! we need new convo!

  848. Maria Says:

    haha I’m kind of new but I don’t say stuff very often and I doubt I’ll be able to spice things up.

  849. Chelsea Says:

    Happy Birthday in advance Cherise!!! I’m 15 until June 27th…whoopee for me, I get to drive with a full liscense!!! =D

  850. c1 Says:

    I don’t mean to sound mean but what in the world r u talking about Jon?????????????

    I’ll try to remember your b-day’s too and say happy birthday

  851. Sarah Houghton (LiB) Says:

    Umm, the site never died. Typepad (which is the company hosting my site) had an outage that affected hundreds of thousands of blogs for a day or so once, but the site has always existed and we’ve never lost any posts or comments. I can say this, cuz it’s my site and I know what goes on with it. Don’t forget–y’all are posting on one post I made a long time ago on Eragon. The Librarian in Black site has current posts, 20-30 a week, on books, library stuff, and technology too :)

  852. c1 Says:

    Ummmmmmmmmmmmm….. who’s mad they’re english was that angel

    No I haven’t read the books i don’t want too know all the stuff they took out of the movie

  853. Cherise Says:

    Haha I feel so loved my family doesnt even say it that much haha well anyways Im a California girl from the OC (cant remembered who asked or if anyone did) but I gotta go talking to my friends.

  854. Cherise Says:

    I read LOTR and I was SOOOO depressed with the movie. Oh my socks! You all havent even MET a fan of LOTR until you meet my sister she is like Queen of FREAKS of LOTR UNTIL she got a boyfrined hahaha now she just has OCD. HAHA shes yelled at me hahahah goood times BUT anyway! I am soooo bored JEremy TOTTALy ditched me and all my other people are like doing hw SOOOO I pass the time away to writing to total strangers….oh the pleasures of life! Sooo….hmmm, trying to think of something to say…..yep cant think of anything.

  855. Chelsea Says:

    Well good luck understanding it then. Besides, the book is ALWAYS better than the movie mister.

  856. c1 Says:

    i understand the movies perfectly i read the hobbit though, by the way it’s miss

    Our friends should get thogether cherise i have a friend who’s like LOTR encyclopedia i’m comin to vistit you and bringing my friends (jkjk like my parents would let me I’m not entirely sure i want to go myself)

  857. Cherise Says:

    C1: Haha Well I dont think that is possible seeing as you like live in England (I think) And I would be chopped into soup if I EVER met up with people from the internet hahaah BUT anyway! Dude you have NOOO idea how excited I am for Halloween like I hate ALL holidays but like this time I have THE PRETTIEST dress and it actually fits me like most things are waaay big (CURSE MY HEIGHT AND WEIGHT) but like OMG i am TOTALLY partying what are you all doing?

  858. Angel Says:

    c1′s from England? I thought you lived in America. No that one wasn’t me, who said, may death come to your enemies, and who said LOTR is better than Eragon, i haven’t read LOTR. Seriously that wasn’t me!

    LiB, when i said died, i didn’t mean literally. I meant, like, there was a time when really only me an Sofa were posting regulally. Not that it died, died.

    Unfortunately for me, my mum and dad don’t celebrate Halloween, so neither do i. I’ve never been trick or treating in all my 13th and three quarters of life! everyone pity me! *sob* LOL!!

  859. Chelsea Says:

    I’m sorry C1!!! I really didn’t mean to do that…jeeez now I feel bad thanx. Well…MISSY, sorry about that.

    Cherise I really love Halloween too! Last year I dressed up as a skeleton and sat out on my porch with a bowl of candy infront of me playing my guitar. Almost everyone that came up to me thought I was fake until I started to play really loud, it was HILARIOUS! This year I’m going to play my tenor saxophone…I think. Either that, bass clarinet, regular clarinet, and maybe keyboard…it’s all fun lol. Hope you have a great time!

  860. Angel Says:

    cherise how tall are you?

  861. c1 Says:

    I live in the mid-wetesrn US angel from engaland. I goin t or t’in w/ my family

  862. Cherise Says:

    Well, I cant stand holidays they are WAAAY pointless and my family is not too fun to be with when they are stressed. BUT me friends want to go trick or treating and I say what the heck Im still young you know? SOO I will go. But with most of my family gone it will be a bummer even though I get to take my ADORABLE lil sissys so that will be ok. Alright Im not SOOO short just everyone here is freakin TALL so like its hard to find clothes. Im 5’1 BUT ITS NOT MY FAULT i had problems as an infant but there I go again rambling on and on about my life. All I gotta say now is that the OC has the BEST parties EVER!
    Happy Halloween!

  863. Cherise Says:

    Hey Chelsea tahts tight what you did my bros did the same thing but funnier in a way I also play guitar at like concerts and stuff I write song and just ahve a good time
    and Angel I pity you with my whole heart do you not celebrate cuase of your Religion or something>
    ? what religion are you? im Catholic hard core Catholic

  864. c1 Says:

    Chelsea: i was just jk’in i didn’t take offense u really didn’t know.

    I’m not from england

    I’m 5’6.5″ if anyone cares 169.164cm to angel

    Angel: why don’t u go t or t’in? Just curious.

    I was a doll this year for Halloween 2or3 yrs. ago i was a dryer. My sister was an idenity theft for those of you who watch citi commercials

  865. Chelsea Says:

    I finally decided on playing tenor sax for the trick or treaters…it’s way awesome because they all think I’m fake until I start playing..*sigh*…gotta love it. =)
    What guitar do you have? ..I just have a crappy Montana…=|…but I’m saving up for an acoustic/electric, have you seen those?

  866. Cherise Says:

    C1 haha thats great I have never been too creative with costumes cuase it always seems like 8,000 other people have the same one so whats the point? Well I hope you all have fun tonight and aren’t sick, I freakin always get sick when something comes up.

  867. Angel Says:

    I’m Curch of England, Protestant, Anglican, whatever you call it, it’s all the same thing.
    I don’t go t’in’t coz my parents don’t believe in Halloween and don’t celebrate it, but when i was younger i used have pupkin and we got to carve one as well.
    I’m 5’5.5″. very small compared to my family, very tall compared to my 2 best friends. lol!

  868. c1 Says:

    ooooooo I have protstant firneds who go t or t’in i guess over here it’s just another holiday religion doesn’t really matter. I have a atheist friend who celebrates christmas (which is pretty funny if u think about it)

    Hey cherise u see any famous people over in CA

    I play flute if anyone cares.

    A positive attitude may not solve all your problems, but it will annoy enough people to make it worth the effort. (that’s me)

  869. c1 Says:

    Angel: Did u no in england the speaker of the house is not allowed to speak

    Everybody:I hope you have the time your life (I just finished listen’n to that song)

  870. Cherise Says:

    Angel: Yeah I have TONS of friends in all different religions. Personally I am a cradle Catholic (one who was born into a Catholic home and really has no choice). But I don’t think there is a right or wrong religion, I just think we practice them in our own special ways. Halloween went fine for me. I went out with all my beautiful friends and there was this weird dude who thought we were his friend and ALL he talked about were, “Big ass Margarittas.” Of course I was friendly to him but I didn’t really care. Then we had like a group of eight guys asking our names till finally I couldn’t take it anymore and yelled at ‘em. Oh life in Southern California. ::sigh::
    C1: Well, I’ve been to rodeo drive and all that stuff in Hollywood and sometimes when we go to Disneyland like Emma Russom was there but not much. We saw Kobe Bryant but not too many famous people. Sad thing is if I even SAW a famous person I probably wouldn’t recognize him/her haha. And OMG! thats sooo tight that you play the flute! I wish I was that cool.
    Chelsea: Well, my guitar’s are the older ones cuase I like how they sound. My first one was from my Grandpa and its a Global. Then I got a Checkmate when I was like 8 and now I use my Washburn I am also have a Fender but I really only played guitar to get my Moms attention, it worked and all and I was good but I’m not a person who HAS to play EVERY second of the day you know?

  871. Angel Says:

    huh? what was that thing about the speaer of the house not allowed to speak? is that in Parliament?
    I play the alto sax.

  872. lulu italy Says:

    hi everybody!!!
    i m an italian girl,i m 14 and i love eragon and eldest…i like also ed speelers!!!for give me if i do some mistakes but my english isn’t perfect!!!

  873. lulu italy Says:

    it s so cool here in italy it is 7 : 15 pm!

  874. c1 Says:

    hi lulu it’s 9:42pm here in this part of the us. By the way do u want us to correct you english or let it go (in other words how fluent do you want to be)

    Angel: I have no idea I found that on a random facts website.

    Cherise: you’ll have to tell me if u see Johnny Depp or Orlando Bloom I’m not obsessed (nowhere near it) I just think it would be cool to meet somone whose seen them.

    My Halloween was uneventfull.

  875. Cherise Says:

    Hey Lulu Italy WELCOME to the site where all the freaks of Eragon go and talk about the movie/book! Thats sooo tight that you come from Italy i only know like 3 other people who do. I’m from California in the USA. I’ll agree on loving the books but i have NEVER seen Ed Speelers before and as far as the pictures go I’m not soo sure i will like him. BUt we got another month to wait and see what he is really like so i wont judge him until then. Well I gotta jet hope to hear from you all soon!

  876. Angel Says:

    hey lulu! it’s okay, we can understand what you’ve written!

  877. Cherise Says:

    C1: Haha I will definately let you know if I see Johnny Depp. But I am so retarded I could run into him and not know who it was. Well, I hafta go time for me to go be with my dying Grandpa.

  878. Angel Says:

    it’s okay c1, i’ve never heard of it before in my life!
    lulu: i’m from england, and you’re welcome here! ^_^

  879. lulu italy Says:

    tank u guys!!!i’m so happy!!!
    i read that before u talked about music and i love avril lavigne,mcfly..angel:do ypu know who are busted and son of dork??
    i think that garret hedlund is perfect for his role..

  880. lulu italy Says:

    thank my friends..ed speelers is tall,blond,blu eyes…it’s cool!!!
    with u i gonna improve my english!!

  881. Cherise Says:

    Hey Lulu: Haha I LOVE your English TOTALLY cute but I think it would be rad if you wrote somthing in Ittalian like the only word I knwo in Ittalian is like Prego and thats for noodles hahahaha yeah Im a lil white American who likes McDonalds kidding I hate McDonalds BUT I will stop rambling.

  882. Chelsea Says:

    Does anyon e here speak French? I’ve been taking it for a while now. My French name is Reve which means Dream…lol that’s my favorite word.

  883. c1 Says:

    I can’t wait to see if Ed is a good actor He’s a real cutie, him and Will sombody (the guy who plays peter in Narnia)

    Lulu: You english is really good much better than the italian guy who goes to my school (of coruse he has to speak it you just have to type it) And for you I will try to use correct grammer and spelling (not that I can spell)

    Cherise: sorry about your grandpa mine just had knee surgery.

  884. lulu italy Says:

    c1:where are u from?
    cherise:i don’t know anybody from california…
    i think usa are great!!!
    in italy eragon’s movie will go out in dicember i think..i said to mum that i could also go to america to see this movie!!!

  885. lulu italy Says:

    i play elecric guitar…

  886. Angel Says:

    Yup, i’ve heard of Busted and Son of Dork. i used to think busted were okay. Anyone heard of Thousand Foot Krutch?

  887. Nichol Champagne Says:

    I’ve read the eragon books, both of them, and they were my favorite books ever! i can’t wait until the third one, Gladear comes out. It will be such a hit! i was just looking at what movies were out when i saw that eragon was GOING TO BE PLAYED ON NOVEMBER 17! I am definately going to see it like the second its out. i’m so excited that i think my parents will think i’m high or something. this is sooooooo GREAT! i can’t believe it!

  888. Cherise Says:

    Hey Lulu,
    I think your English rocks for not really speacking it. I think it would be tight if you said something in Italian or something. I only know one Italian word and thats Prego and all I know it that its yummy suace that goes on noodles =] But anyway humor me and say something in Italian will ya? Thanks!!!

  889. lulu italy Says:

    yeah i will wrote something in italian…
    prego means “nothing” when u answer to “thank you”
    hi=ciao,how r u?=come stai?,goodmorning=buongiorno, goodnight=buonanotte,i love u=ti amo,i like=mi piace…
    wich words do u like to know?
    ps i speak also spanish and some thing of deutch…

    angel:i love busted and i think that james bourne and prince harry windsor r really cool!!!!

  890. Cherise Says:

    Haha Lulu thats tight. Well I guess with my whole ‘prego’ thing shows that I dont know Italian at all. I know a wee bit of Spanish cuase I’m taking it and lots of people in California speak it. I usually just say, “Mi Blanco Chica.” haha Just Kidding i’m not THAT stupid. Anyway see ya!

  891. Angel Says:

    Prince Harry? are you serious? oh well, i guess some people like him. I can speak spanish. Itallin is kinda close to spanish and spanish is kinda close to french. All the Latin languages. at least i think so. ^_^

  892. lulu italy Says:

    hi nichol !!
    c1 where r u from??
    cherise i can say to u everyword u want to know…if u haven’t understand tell me and i’ll write it again..

  893. c1 Says:

    hey nicloe where do you get ypur info from?

    I’m from Ohio (Go Bucks!! It’s a football team american football)

  894. moe Says:

    I’m sorry but i haven’t been on this site 4 ages and now that the Eragon movie is finally coming out…. I’m actually not excited. It’s as though i got tired of waiting and just forgot about Eragon. Now 4 some reason i just don’t read and i don’t even draw anymore, it’s as though i’ve grown up and just relized how boring books r now… Is their something wrong with me??
    I need ur guys advice

  895. Chelsea Says:

    Lulu, how do you say “You are my sunshine!” in Italion? Lol, it’s an inside joke with my best friend.

  896. lulu italy Says:

    chelsea:u can say that “sei il mio sole”
    ehi everybody speaks spanish,wow!i’m not so good,but i prefer english…english is a deutsche lenguge so,for u,deutsche is easier than itlian or spanish…

  897. Angel Says:

    hey moe! good to here form you again. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with you. Maybe the Eragon books were just a fantasy faze you went through and with the long wait you’ve grown out of it. Everyone goes through fazes! ^_^

  898. c1 Says:

    i’m taking Spanish as my forien language in high school. I’m from Ohio. I just started conjugateing verbs

    Moe: You probably have just become uninterested in eragon you got a bit older and realized it just wasn’t as much as it was then. you probably haven’t become uninterested in books your tastes have just changed. by the way I scrolled up to see who you were PLEASE don’t start any fights (this is meant in a very non-offensive way) i just saw you were part of the whole laura fight (not that it was anyones fault it just happened when laura was there i could have called it the cheleasa fight)

  899. Cherise Says:

    Hey Moe: I KNOW WHAT YOU MEAN! LIke i dont even like holidays anymore. I’m not trying to be Ms-Dr-Phil (I hate the man) but like somtimes things just get old. Like when you finally let go of the Easter Bunny and stuff (sniff sniff) Haha nothings wrong with you its normal.

  900. katelyn Says:

    The book eragon was awsome so was eldest and the movie is coming out december 15 2006 its going to be so coole and the people that are playing eragon and murtagh are so cute i want to meet them! =)

  901. moe Says:

    I’m glad to know now that it’s just a faze, thanks guys for all the support your comments have reassured me :)
    Oh and c1 you don’t have to worry I won’t start any fights, but yes most of it was Chelsea’s fault…LoL, JK

  902. Cherise Says:

    Anyway back to languages….I am in my second year of Spanish and it is sooooo wierd like one word means like a thousand thing….i am SO confused! But anyway I know English is the hardest to learn so I am glad I dont hafta learn that.

  903. Angel Says:

    so, what is everyone doing for x-mas?

  904. Angel Says:

    lib: does this site have any other book threads?

  905. c1 Says:

    hey moe who do you think should be the last dragon rider?

    Cherise: I made a card that gets sent out to people in the military It’s written in pink marker w/ a purple vine w/ orange flowers at the top. Just if by some really weird coincidence your brother should happen to get it, you can tell him you know the girl who wrote it.

  906. Sarah Houghton (LiB) Says:

    No, no other book threads. This blog is really mostly about libraries and technology, so the fact that you all found this one post about a book and have decided to use it as a discussion board is really cool, but since it isn’t what the rest of my blog is about, no, I’m afraid there aren’t any others really. If you are looking for places to discuss books that you like, let me recommend Storycode ( and LibraryThing (

  907. Chelsea Says:


  908. lulu italy Says:

    hi moe!!
    probably u don’t know who i am..
    so: hi!my name is ludovica,my friends call me lulu,i am from italy and i speak itlian,spanish,english and a little bit of deutsche..
    cherise:don’t worry!!!when u will understan something spanish is cool!!!
    c1:ohio is cool
    angel:i’m sorry,but i haven’t understand what u wrote..

  909. lulu italy Says:

    do u know wich is the name of the 3rd paolini’s book?
    here in itly we don’t know this and i am wating from much time!!!

  910. moe Says:

    well c1 my choice for the last dragon rider would have to be Roran, he’s my second favorite character, so yeah that’s my choice.

  911. c1 Says:


  912. jane Says:

    Dear moe
    I believe that the reason you liked Eragon to begin with was because of the human rawness and the way the fantasy aspect appealed to your imagination.
    The reason you feel that you don’t “care” about it or any books anymore is because today’s adolesence has a lot of things to occupy their minds, the reason you are not interested is because you have forgotten.
    Try it,go and get your copy of Eragon and start reading, you will soon remember

  913. lulu italy Says:

    c1:what means the thing wich have u wrote?

  914. Angel Says:

    lulu: i asked what everyone was doing for christmas. don’t worry if you didn’t understand. ^_^
    And the third book is called Empire, at least that is what everyone says.

    i do french and spanish.

    lib: thanx.

    my choice would be Nasuada. i think shes cool. but Roran’s a good choice.

    c1: what was that??

  915. lulu italy Says:

    hey guys,i’m feeling stupid!!!!
    anyway i don’t know what to do for christmas,but my parents told me that possibily we will go to visit london or new york.
    intead,what everybody ‘ll do for christmas?

    angel:thank u,i am anxious to know how eldest will finish!!!

  916. lulu italy Says:

    jane:i have done the same thing!!!!

  917. c1 Says:

    lulu and Angel: I wrote Touchdown Buckeyes (only I wrote it how how you would say it if you were a buckeye fan) The Buckeyes are the Ohio State University’s (OSU) nickname for sports and such. A Touchdown is the best way to score points in American football (what the rest of the world calls football is what we call soccer) because it is worth 6 points and you get a chance to score 1 or 2 (it’s 1 or 2 because you get a choice on what to do) points afterward.
    I wrote this because I had been watching the Buckeyes play. Don’t worry if you don’t understand you could either forget it or I would be happy to answer any further questions.

    I think the next rider should be Elva if this happened Eragon would have to take the spell off her. I really don’t like Roran (i dunno why i just don’t) Nasuada whould be a good choice but she has a whole organazation to take care of. I think the rider thing could wait till after the war but Paloni knows we would kill him if he did that.

  918. Maria Says:

    C1- my class and my math teacher have a bet on the michigan vs ohio state game. She is a huge wolverines fan but most of the kids in my class are fans of the buckeyes. If Michigan wins, we have to write a report on NFL players who graduated from Michigan, the average Michigan student’s SAT scores, and famous landmarks from the campus. If the buckeyes win, we get no homework for a week and a pizza party. So basically, the buckeyes better win.

  919. Cherise Says:

    I hope that Roran is the next rider cause hes tight and he is my favorite. My least favorite character is Eragon, he just bothers me and reminds me waaay to much of some dude i know. ANYWAY! Im not worried about Spanish Lulu, I have all ‘As’ I just dont enjoy it I mean its school COME ON!

  920. c1 Says:

    Maria: I’m a buckeye fan I can’t wait till we beat UM If UM should happen by Troy Smith or Pittman or Gonzales getting hurt (seriously that is the only way they could win considering they’ll have Ginn pretty much covered the whole time) I feal very sorry for you if UM wins (I’ll be laughing though)

  921. Angel Says:

    c1: i kinda understand the point of americsn football, it’s a bit like rugby, i just didn’t get what you said. in england football, soccer for americans, is as big if not bigger than american football. ^_^ lol.

  922. Jane Says:

    How is everyone going?

  923. lulu italy Says:

    ok c1!!!if u want to learn some more italian words i can tell u that football in italy is called “calcio”…
    so it’s cool that football is a mondial sport!!
    cherise and c1:for me roran is indifferent,i think next book will tell something about varden,elfs and dwarfs…
    my favourite personage is murtagh…
    maria:where r u from?your name is italian!!!

  924. Angel Says:

    jane, i’m doin fine? you? oh, and are you new here? if so WElCOME!!!lol. ^_^

  925. Maria Says:

    lulu- Hi! I live in the United States. Maria is actually my middle name. Siena is my first name but it is also Italian. I was named after the city Siena in Tuscany. My grandparents on my mom’s side are from Italy, so I am half Italian. I really want to learn how to speak Italian. My parents both know quite a bit of Italian (even though my dad is not Italian, he still speaks it), and I know a few words, but not much.

  926. Maria Says:

    Angel- I love soccer/football. I play for my school and city. I don’t watch games much, though. I don’t get most of the channels on which the games are televised.

    Oh and sorry that I posted a lot almost in a row and am probably getting boring. :)

  927. Angel Says:

    your not getting boring. yeah i used to play for my school. then i played netball insteda. i can never be bothered to actually watch the matches unless it’s the world cup. ^_^

  928. Cherise Says:

    Well, on the whole ‘sports’ issue soccer is right above golf and golf is RETARDED! (no offense to anyone) I would MUCH rather watch football or hockey my all time favorite to watch is basketball but all those guys are getting paid waaaay more then they are worth. Anyway, there is my opinion on sports.
    Lulu: my little sisters name is Maria and we arent Italian my rents named her Maria for Mary in Latin and/or cuase we are German. We have an Anna and a Maria so everyone is always asking why we named them all like Mexican names but in reality they are pronounced differently becuase we are German, anyway just wanted to say that, is anyone else German or Irish here?

  929. c1 Says:

    There are the rules for football

    There’s a picture of a football field

    GO BUCKS!! The game of the century is tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  930. Jane Says:

    Yeah I’m new. I know most of you are from America but I’m not, what is the general feeling over there about George Bush at the moment?

  931. lulu italy Says:

    maria:it’s so cool that u r half italian..if u want to laern some easy words,i can tell u them!!!
    cherise:i’m not German,but i have some cousines from there so i know few German words…and i reconcile that u hate golf!!!
    c1:i will go to visit this site!!!
    angel:soccer is like football?ps i like “chelsea” and “manchester united”!!!so cool!!!

  932. Chelsea Says:

    Has anyone read the Unicorn Chronicles? lol, I used to read them when I was a LOT younger, but they were actually fairly good, excepting the fact that they are very short.

  933. Angel Says:

    thanx c1, i know what a footballl field looks like. but i don’t know the rules, so thanx! Cherise, i agree with you on the basketball thing, all of it! and i respect your views on sports. and sorry, i’m not german or irish though my mum lived in germany!

  934. jordanpat Says:

    michigan is soo going down lol!

    eragon is one of the best books ever and i think everyone who doesn not think so should read it agin.
    personally i think that one of Horst’s sons should be a dragin rider along with Roan. Eragon is the book that got me into reading and i think it is soo cool it is comming out and i can’t wait till the 3rd book!

  935. c1 Says:

    I don’t know what i’m doing for christmas

  936. c1 Says:

    42-36 BUCKEYES!!!

    Maria: Have fun w/ your party!

    Lulu: what Americans call soccer is what you would call football

    Angel: I don’t know what all you ’bout USAfootball I don’t know anything but rugby or cricket.

    Jane: the feeling towards GB just depends who you ask and on what issue. As for Iraq I don’t think we could pull out right now all at once that could just give the country back to whoever because i don’t know how stable things are over there. But I’m also ultra conservative and that overrides everything else for me so I don’t agree w/ most democrats.

    I’m a fourth German, an eighth Polish, Croation, Greek

  937. Cherise Says:

    Haha im Republican and with GB my brother is in the Army so whatever saves our country and gets him out of there fast I am good with

  938. lulu italy Says:

    hey jane!!!welcome here!!!don’t worry if here there are many American…i am from italy,angel is from england…
    where r u from??
    c1:wow!!!!so i can tell to my friends that i see a soccer match!!
    jordanpat:welcome!!!everybody loves eragon in this site…i am waiting 4 the movie because in italy movies go out 1 or 2 years later tha in america…
    chelsea: i read the unicorn chronicles…
    angel:have u been in Germany?

  939. lulu italy Says:

    ehm…i’m feeling ignorant,but i see that everybody say lol…what does it means??
    forgive me….

  940. Angel Says:

    i don’t much about rugby or cricket either.

  941. c1 Says:

    I mean 42-39 BUCKEYES!

    I’m only part Croation and Greek I’m not sure how much

  942. c1 Says:

    Happy b-day Angel!! (sorry it’s late)

  943. c1 Says:

    Lulu: lol means Laugh Out Loud or Lots Of Love (I hope no one is using that way though) jk is Just Kidding.

    JP: I really don’t think if you didn’t like the Inheritance Trilogy the first time the second time won’t be any better I could be wrong but that just seems like the way it would be.

    The trailers I’ve seen for eragon are AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  944. lulu italy Says:

    c1:thanx!!!now my friends will become envious….
    angel:happy birthday!!!

    when is everybody’s birthday??
    my b day is on 27th february..

  945. lulu italy Says:

    cherise:i am regret 4 ur brother..i think it’s terrible to have a relative in war…
    c1:now i am becomeing a buckeye fan!!!!

  946. Cherise Says:

    My b-day is December 16 (yes I know the day after Eragon comes out) but my sister has to get her wisdom teeth pulled that day so Im not sure whats going down with the whole watching the movie thingy.

  947. Angel Says:

    um…my b-day is in 2 months time. but thanx!! :D :D lol. (laugh out loud) you guys are sweet.^_^ lol. (same as before).

  948. c1 Says:


  949. Cherise Says:

    Yeah i dont get it =I

  950. c1 Says:

    Angel:oops sory i went the wrong way or somthin with months LOL

    OH well Happy b-day 2mo. early!!!

  951. Angel Says:

    thanx c1! lol.

  952. c1 Says:

    Angel:YOU WERE BORN ON VALENTINE’S DAY!?!?! (that’s not a bad thing)

    Cherise:What don’t you get? If it’s the time thing I put up I was trying to find out what time zone LiB is in

  953. lulu italy Says:

    c1:what is 4:47???
    angel:i was born on february too
    cherise:ur birthay is near…

  954. c1 Says:

    Lulu:4:47 is a time.

    My b-day is july 14th

  955. Chelsea Says:

    Ciao! Lo amo Eragon e voi!…Did I say it right?
    I wish I could speak Italian…

  956. Angel Says:

    no! i was born a month before valentines day! in january! though being born on valentines day isn’t too bad!

  957. lulu italy Says:

    c1:thanx…i was feeling stupid because i don’t understand everything!!!
    angel:forgive me!!i have confuse ur b-day with c1′s one,because r all and two on 14!!!
    chelsea:hey!!ur italian is perfect!!so:anch’io amo eragon!!
    my b-day is on 27 february…
    can u tell me wich r the english starsign??

  958. lulu italy Says:

    i think it isn’t bad to being born on valentine’s day,it is cool….
    in italy we don’t celebrate so much valentine day…
    angel:in wich city do u live??i have a cousine who lives in oxford

  959. Angel Says:

    lulu: i live in London. i don’t really celebrate valintines day either. i’m not sure what you’re start sign would be, sorry.

  960. Mirar Says:

    The legend hath returned – valentine day *shivers*

  961. c1 Says:

    I just like candy you get on valentine’s day (CHOCOLATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

    Angel: you were born on my half b-day oh well…… i’m just a sorry confused person….

  962. Angel Says:

    no worries c1, i am always confuzled!

    mirar has returned i see. welocome.

  963. lulu italy Says:

    ok,if i will translate my star sign it is “fishes”!!!
    ehi c1:u eat chocolate on valentine’s day??isn’t valentine day the lovers day??
    angel:so cool u live in london!!!u live in the east side or in the west??
    i live in rome:the capital of italy

  964. Maria Says:

    lulu italy- What I call star signs is zodiac signs or horiscope signs. And your sign, the fish, I think is called Pisces in the Unites States. I am a Taurus, the bull. Oh and I might be visting somewhere in Tuscany for a while this summer. We also might stay in Rome.

  965. c1 Says:

    I’m a cancer. Valentine’s day in the US is a lovers day but we give candy to our friends as well.

  966. c1 Says:

    or at least that’s how we celebrate Valentine’s day in the part of the states i live in.

  967. Angel Says:

    i am a capricorn!!!!

    actually, i don’t know what side i live on….

  968. lulu italy Says:

    maria:what do u think about rome and touscany??
    when is ur b-day??
    ps i’m so happy because this summer i will go to visit new york and los angeles…wich city is nice to visit?

  969. c1 Says:

    garth nix Keys of the Kingdom seris is the BEST!!!!!!!!!!!

  970. Cherise Says:

    Well I dont know where you all are from (actually I do) but whoever doesnt get yummy chocolate from a boyfrined or a friend on Valentines day I feel SO sorry for I mean COME ON! Who will pass up a day when we all get chocolate! NOOOOT ME!

  971. lulu italy Says:

    here in italy the girls/guys that haven’t boyfriends/girlfriends(like me)on valentine’s
    day make a big party where we eat all what we want (also chocolate)and then the person who organise the party present to everybody who is single,after we dance and often at the end of the party the 50% of singles
    find a boyfriend!!!

    cherise and angel:what u do on valentine’s day instead??
    angel:all my friends r capricorn!!!

  972. Maria Says:

    lulu- I have actually never been to Italy before, so this summer will be the first time (and I’m not even sure that I will be able to go this summer). New York is awesome. There is so much to do there. I have never been to Los Angeles, but it is probably great to visit.
    My birthday is in May.

  973. lulu italy Says:

    maria-u r from new york?!?wow!!!
    ok,i can say to u that italy is a beautiful
    country,rich in historical buildings also if u go in the most little village.
    i livein the centre-north part of rome,it is wonderfull!!
    so,as i have already said, my dream is usa and uk,i think that i will go to one american’s university…
    so,i’m telling to everybody in this site:wich country do u like to visit?

  974. c1 Says:

    I’ve never been to New york or LA (Los Angeles). Right now i’m visiting relatives that drove here from Illinois, at different relatives house in Columbus.

    Lulu: I don’t have a boyfriend either (Go Single People!) what all happens at the party do you dance, watch movies, etc…

  975. c1 Says:

    I really liked France because I got to go up in the Eiffel Tower and the whole bit…

    Lulu: How big of a deal was the Tom and Kat wedding in Italy? have you ever seen the Pope?

  976. lulu italy Says:

    c1:yaeh,we dance,watch movies,sing on karaoke and we do phone trick (i don’t know ik is this the right word)…
    it is really fun!!!
    wich countries have u visit?

  977. Angel Says:

    singles rock!!! on valentines day my school paper comes out with a valentines day special where you can put love messages (none for me!). i don’t bother about valentines day. Wish we did the party that you have Maria, it sounds fun!!!

  978. lulu italy Says:

    c1:i was really exitated for tom and katie’s marriage in also keira knightley want to mess in an italian castle…
    tom and katie were really reservated,they didn’t want photographers…
    i’ve seen the pope becouse he live in rome like me…
    angel:the party was mine!!!ps i’ve seen in some movies the school paper wich gives some love messages…
    have u got a boyfriend??

  979. c1 Says:

    Lulu: what is the phone trick is that like prank calling? I’ve been to yugoslavia, croatia, france, canada, mexico, and i’ve flown over lots more

  980. jai (spazza) Says:

    i think that eragon is a wiked book and cant w8 for the movie 2 come out!!!!!!! i am gonna see it on the first day its out, and the first showing of it, my fav character is arya cuz she is sooo cool wen she is fighting

  981. Erin Diefendorf Says:

    I’ve been trying to find out where and when the casting calls are for the next movie in the trilogy Eldest. Somehow I wound up on this site, and though mabey you guys could help me out. I was also trying to find it for Eragon so I could go to the casting calls, but by the time I did it was too late. Can you help a girl out! My email is for anyone who reads this and knows where and when the casting call is I would be forever greatful to you if you would let me know the information.

  982. lulu italy Says:

    c1:yeah!!!it is that!!!
    i’ve been in svetland,france, spain..
    do u see italy in the photoes of tom and katie’s marriage??
    jai(spazza):u r new,but spazza in italian means cleaning….

  983. Angel Says:

    um…we don’t know anything about casting lists Erin. sorry.

    lulu: do i have a boyfriend? nope…not really. do you?

  984. Maria Says:

    lulu- Sorry if I made it sound like I’m from New York– I’m not. But my grandmother lives in the city so i visit there a lot. This probably sounds really pathetic, but I have never been out of the United States. The country that I would LOVE to go to is Italy.

  985. c1 Says:

    Erin: I don’t know anything about casting calls if you find out anything can you tell me?

    Lulu: There wasn’t a lot of stuff that came out over here either.

  986. Angel Says:

    oohhh, has anyone seen that new movie Happy Feet about penguins?

  987. Chad Says:

    oh my gosh. i’m reading eldest and it is sooooooooo good. i have major crushes on arya and katrina. i know it sounds kinda weird to like fictional characters but i know girls that love harry potter (not daniel readciffe, the charachter)! oh i cried when katrina was kidnapped. i’m very emotional. waaaaaaaa!!! and what’s up with eragon and murtagh?!?! i haven’t read that they’re brothers yet but my friend just spilled the beans to me today accidently!!!! waaaa i like murtagh’s character but now that he’s working for the empire, not that he has a choice…. awwww… i’m at the part where roran is getting the villagers to leave carvahall. it’s so exciting. inheritance is all i talk about now! last year my three major obsessions were harry potter, god, and koalas. now my 3 major obsessions are inheritance, god, and koalas. OMG!!!!!

  988. c1 Says:

    no it looks like it was made for younger kids so i’m not going to be to upset if i don’t get to see it what i want to see is unaccompied minors

  989. c1 Says:

    Has any one noticed Eragon comes out FRIDAY!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

  990. Cherise Says:

    Yes ma’am cuz my bday is on Saturday haha!

  991. Anniken Says:

    i think that it would be a complete waste of time if one of the Olsen twins played arya. There OK but they are no where near at hot as i picture arya

  992. lulu italy Says:

    angel:i’ve been to the cinema to watch happy feet and in this occasion i’ve seen that ERAGON WILL GO OUT IN ITALY ON 15 DECEMBER!!!!ps i haven’t a boyfriend..
    maria:i have never been outside europe…it’s the same thing!!!in wich region do you live??
    erin:i’ve got the adress to write to the actrors who interpreted eragon,arya,murtagh,roran.
    chad:be calm guy!!!so where r u from?!?

  993. Angel Says:

    ahh, my friend wants to see it. she’s kinda young for her age. lol! jkjk. no fair1 it comes out first in america! Happy B-day Cherise!

  994. c1 Says:

    Do any of u play insruments? I play the flute

  995. c1 Says:

    Chad: who’s brothers? eragon and murtaugh? are you a guy or girl?

    Anniken: When did the Olsen twin thing come back up? Don’t worry the charater’s were decied long ago I can’t think of her name right now though she is being played by a blonde if you go to and search for Eragon you’ll get a complete list of the cast. Since when is Arya is hot?

  996. Maria Says:

    lulu- I guess the region i live in would be called new england or the north east. The state I live in is Maine. Which is realllly boring. But atleast i live in a larger city in Maine, so it’s not too bad.

  997. lulu italy Says:

    cherise:happy birthday!!!!
    c1:i play electric guitar!!!do u play anything?
    maria:ok,tell me something???!!??

  998. c1 Says:

    Maria: it’s not so bad Stephen King is from Maine

  999. c1 Says:

    By the way my sis typed the insturments thing I know what istruments you play.

  1000. lulu italy Says:

    i’m sorry for yesterday,but it was 11.00 pm when i wrote that message,so i was sleeping…forgive me!!!
    so ,c1,u haven’t answer me…do u play any instrumants?
    maria:don’t worry,be happy!!!i think that everypart of usa is cool!!so i am happy to know that there r person from all the usa!!
    angel:the eragon’s world preview showig is in london…
    go there!!!

  1001. c1 Says:

    lulu: I play the flute we actually just had our christmas concert. Our head flutist (we’ll call her monster) doesn’t really like me or one of the other flutes but she does like one flutist who happensto be one of my best friends (we’ll call her Sally). So any way monster gave sally a solo and the tonoight sally gave me the solo because she had never gotten to play it w/ the band and she thinks i can sight read better and i deserve it because i’ve worked the hardest. You should’ve seen the look on her face when I played it! She refused to look at me the rest of the night!

  1002. Angel Says:

    i play Sax!
    oh, thats a good idea! but i never go to previews. standing in the cold, waiting around for celebs….nah. lol. =) good i dea though! thanx! =)

  1003. Demz Says:

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! ive already seen Eragon, and trust me the guy that plays him is blonde! ewww i thought he’d be brunette but hes still hot

  1004. c1 Says:

    I no that Ed is a blonde it was Arya that i’m surprised they picked someone w/ light hair to play

  1005. lulu italy Says:

    demz:edward speelers is really cool!!!
    c1:it is really nice!!i will do a concert with my friands at the end of the scolastic year…in our school!!i’m already afraid!!!
    angel:also my father plays sax..

    so everybody here:i have change my e-mail address:
    it is me!!!!

  1006. Angel Says:

    um, thanx Demz but we kinda new he was blond, i did, as i’ve seen the trailers and adverts. oh an welcome! =)

  1007. c1 Says:

    Lulu: what’s a scolastic year?

  1008. Cherise Says:

    Well, this site is officially worhtless seeing as the movie is out now and so now we don’t have to sit around all day guessing what the movie is going to be like, we can actually go see it HIP HIP HORRAY! Anyway, Happy Hannakuh, Christmas, Kwanza whatever y’all celebrate!

  1009. c1 Says:

    And ERAGON is OUT!!!!!!!!!!!

  1010. c1 Says:

    Cherise: This site is far from being worthless think of all the people you’ve met and things you’ve found out. Now we can talk about “Empire” and what we think of the movie what LiB needs to do is change the name from Eragon gets a script writer to The Inheritance Trilogy

    I’m kinda worried about the movie it’s rated PG and is only an hour and a half long

  1011. Sarah Houghton-Jan (LiB) Says:

    This is a post–one of almost 3,000 on my site. You all have turned it into a discussion forum, which is cool, and fine with me, but the original post was about Eragon getting a script writer, so to change the title would make the post mean nothing in relation to the title of the post. It would also permanently change the URL of this post/page. Make sense? If y’all want, I can post a new post about the Inheritance Trilogy in general and you all can start a new discussion on that post/page, leaving this one here. Let me know if you want that.

  1012. joe Says:

    What a lame lame movie. I’m trying to deside if the producer ever read the book. So freakin retarded. It was such an awesome book, but what do you except for a producer that should have choosen a different line of work?

  1013. Chelsea Says:

    FINALLY the day has come!!!

    I was saying to myself that I should come and visit this site, but I never get around to it…so I decided to at least visit when it came out…and guess what?


    lol, enjoy Eragon all!

  1014. lulu italy Says:

    c1:i don’t know how explain u…ehm…the year in wich u go to school..we go to school from 11 september til the 15 june…so 1 june we do our concert!!!!
    angel:hey,ed speelers is cool and blonde…do u like him?
    JOE:R U A GIRL OR A GUY(forgive me but i m from italy and i ve never listen ur name…)

  1015. Angel Says:

    i need to see the movie!

    LiB: please don’t make a new site, we can just change the topic of the thread.

    lulu: nope don’t like him. not even sure if he’s a good actor yet. =)

  1016. c1 Says:

    I haven’t gotten to see the movie yet but my friend said it was really good if you haven’t read the books but it was pathetic if you have. (She has read the books)

  1017. c1 Says:

    Lib:you don’t have to change the site

  1018. merry Says:

    i think IT SHOULD BE right if johnny depp where in the movie,it would be soo cool cause he could be murtagh!

  1019. c1 Says:

    merry: don’t you think johnny depp is a just a little bit too old to play murtagh

  1020. ola Says:

    so does any 1 kno when glaeder book three comes out? any one? helo?

  1021. lulu italy Says:

    guys i haven’t yet watched the movie,but
    angel:ed speleers isn’t so bad like actor,but i prefer william mosley…do u like him?he is really a good actor,if u look narnia…
    merry:jhonny deep is orrible…i think garrett hadlund is much better…he really cool!!!!!
    c1:tell me something!!!!!does go buck eye!!!

  1022. Angel Says:

    william mosley, does he pplay the oldest boy in narnia? he’s not so bad. have to watch eragon but everyone i know says its crap…=(
    Jonny Depp isn’t horrible but he won’t suit Murtagh, no way!
    anyways, MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!!!! =)

  1023. c1 Says:

    ola: where did you here the 3rd book was gleader? I heard it was empire. I have no idea when it comes out

    lulu:My friend is going to be a foriegn exchange student in Italy. You live near Rome don’t you? The buckeyes don’t play agian until Jan. 8th in the BCS National Championship Bowl game and then they won’t play again until next year. The BCS Bowl (I don’t know why it’s called a bowl) is where the best college teams in the nation play each other.

    Angel: WM does play Peter (the oldest boy) in Narnia

    William Mosley is a sweet actor and JD really wouldn’t have fit as Murtaugh. I haven’t seen the movie yet so i’m not sure how everyone did.

  1024. c1 Says:

    I LUUUUUUUUUUUUV JOHNNY DEPP He my favorite actor (no i don’t think hes hot)

  1025. Angel Says:

    the movie is crap! they ruined it changed the whole book, Brom dies in the wrong place at the wrong time, Arya is awake when they find her and she half loves Eragon, Murtagh comes at the wrong place in the wrong time….the mistakes go on and on!!!! i wasted £5.30 on it and the best thing that happened in the cinema was me listening to my MP3, and falling asleep. I hated it!!
    though, you guys might want to watch it. =)

  1026. lulu italy Says:

    c1:i live in rome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!but have u watched on the movie murtagh(garrett hedlund)???he is cool!!!
    angel:i’ll go to watch the movie tomorrow…it is cool!!!do u think that is a good movie????

  1027. c1 Says:

    lulu: no i haven’t. where can i find it?

    angel: Was the movie bad? or the acting bad? or is it just that it didn’t follow the book?

  1028. lulu italy Says:

    c1:if u go in google on images and put garret hedlund u can find his photos…he’s cool!!!!!

  1029. laura Says:

    OMG, ED SPELEERS IS SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO FIT. the movie was great but would be soooooooooooooooooo much better if they actually followed the book!!!!!!!!!!! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR THE FILM IS NOTHING LIKE THE BOOK, they have missed out all of the important bits and switched them to other bits. ed is the buffest boy ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the film is AMAZING but not what i expected any way loved the cast and the dragon was fab but saphira did not look like the dragon on the cover of eragon.

  1030. Angel Says:

    THE MOVIE WAS CRAP! the acting wasn’t that brilliant but it was okay, they didn’t follow the book, they changed a lot of things, an Angela only apperead once! Saphira was good, i think, i hated her voice though. i just hated the whole movie i think they totally ruined it, as the trailers don’t look so bad. Though it’s good if you haven’t read the book, but we’ve all read the book so…you guys might like it though…

  1031. lulu italy Says:

    i have just seen the movie:TERRIBLE!!!
    they have put 20 minutes for the war and so the other important things weren’t said.
    the end isn’t like the book,and the facts become all attached…BLEAH!!!i’m really agree…no,it isn’t like the book!!!
    garrett hedlund and ed speleers were really good…there r some beautiful landscape…

  1032. lulu italy Says:

    ehm c1:tell me something about where and when ur friend will come in rome!!
    william mosley is the oldest guy in narnia…i think he ‘s really a good actor and he’s also really nice…
    ave someone read the narnia’s books?

  1033. Cherise Says:

    I saw it the day it came out. It sucked!

  1034. ALAS Says:

    I too hated the movie your right Angel, they totally messed up the movie and i’ve been folowing the book for three years

  1035. lulu italy Says:

    i’ve seen the movie but i don’t like it,because in this movie people that haven’t read the book didn’t understand anything.i think that in this movie the war between the urgali and varden lasted to much time(20 minutes)…bleah!!!the actors were good..
    merry christmas and happy new year!!!!

  1036. Angel Says:

    Thanx Atlas, yup the film sucked!I was right! i though you guys would hate it! One film that rox ma socks is HAPPY FEET!!! love that film!
    lulu: I’ve read the Narnia Books! they’re okay!

  1037. c1 Says:

    Lulu: I’m not sure when she is going to Italy, It could be in July or in August she is going to be an exchange student. She might not go to Rome though she said she was looking for a place along the coast.

    I haven’t seen the movie yet i think i’m goning to as soon as it come out in the movie theater close to my house.

  1038. c1 Says:

    I’ve read the narnia books i luvd them! My fav one was the horse and his boy.

  1039. Sarah Houghton-Jan (LiB) Says:

    Hi guys! Christopher Paolini (Eragon’s author) was interviewed yesterday on National Public Radio. You can hear the interview here:

  1040. ALAS Says:

    Angel thought you needed a complement lulu ur right it was to short if they needed more time to make it longer than so be it I would have waited till 2010 if thats how long they needed than so be it. why dose Angela look like a belly danser not a skitsafriantic red head thats trying to prove all toads are frogs. were is solembum? Dose eragon not get taught how to read i think that brom died to soon for anyone in the adounce to care. some might still think that brom was the enimy.- Aera was never supposed to be that nice to eragon she was mean in the book because she didnt want eragon to fall in love with her. lulu sorry if u read this and it ruiens the movie for you Im sencearly sorry goes for everyone else

    id love the movie if i didnt read the book but read the book 4 years ago so to late now I love the books anyway

  1041. Millie Says:

    is it too l8 to audition for elva?? and if it isnt when and where is it?
    my aunty’s an actress but her agent is soooooo mean!! wont tell me a thing.
    can u?

  1042. c1 Says:

    ALAS: What do you mean you think Brom was the Enemy. (completely innocent question) Where r u from?

  1043. Karla Says:

    I just saw the movie!!! x] It was really really good and the lead actor did a really really great job! he gave me goosbumps and its a bonus that he’s a cutie

  1044. c1 Says:

    Karla: have u read the books?

    Mille: depending when and if they decide to make a movie is when they will have auditions it’s probably to l8 Out of curiosity who’s your aunt?

  1045. c1 Says:

    By the way if anyone finds out about auditions could they tell me

    A friend of mine found out the name of the third book was Gledar (however it’s spelled) and the third book is going to be yellow

  1046. ALAS Says:

    c1 what I was trying to say was he died too soon I almost cryed when i read about him dieing in the book because he was like a father to Eragon. I just think he died too soon in the movie to make an inpact on anyone. for some people the person that dies dosent matter and it didnt seem that Brom ment that much to him.

    oh sorry if you think im mad or anything im not I just get carried away. oh c1 im from MO

  1047. Mirar Says:

    Wow, so many new people…………I haven’t been on in ages, I wonder if anyone rembers me………ah well…EMPIRE’S Meant to be out soon, or so they say… The movie was a conspiracy – they destroyed the book, I cried in the Cinema….anyway, Hello again…and bye :D…

  1048. c1 Says:

    ALAS: That was my fault miss read what u wrote I thought u said that u thought Brom was the enemy.

  1049. Angel Says:

    thanx ALAS!
    ehm, whoever said the movie was good hasn’t read the books…
    and if anyone knows about auditions post them here!lol. :)

  1050. ALAS Says:

    thats allright so whats the real name of the third book? Mirar I remember you and I also agree with you. and everone else that the movie was bad.

  1051. Sight Says:

    Hi, everyone, I am new to this site. ALAS, you know me, duh :3 Anyway,
    CHOCOLATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!YUM!!! :)

  1052. Sight Says:

    sorry about the chocolate comment. ALAS is sitting beside me, (creepy isn’t it? we go to the same school as jibba!!)

  1053. steph Says:

    hey im gonna go see ergon on monday it looks soo kool!

  1054. Andri Says:

    That for i have to say it is…That moovie is the coolest.The first time is not enough for me and i see that moovie again and again.And i want to see it again.
    I like that part for actor say TO THE SKY,FOR EARTH OR DIE!I really like that actor named Eragon my friends are say all the time how hadnsome that actor is.And i have to say it.That actor is my favourite!

  1055. Angel Says:

    i think the name of the book is Empire, isn’t it?
    Hello, sight. nce to meet you. :P
    For all you people that say the movie is great, all i can say is you have never read the books. If you had you would agree with us that, yes the movie was crap, wasted my money, and it sucked. :D

  1056. ALAS Says:

    that was a little harsh Angel(no offince) but if you had never read the book you probably would have liked the movie.
    It was a good movie, just, didnt follow the book. I went and saw the movie with my friends one read the book but didnt remember it and the other started but stoped because the beggining was confuseing.
    the one that stoped started reading again and she now thinks the movie was crap

  1057. ALAS Says:

    welcome Sight even though your sitting right beside me hi Angel!!! Andri,you really need to read the book steph if youve read the book youll hate the movie just warning you.

  1058. Sight Says:

    Hi, Angel; Hi ALAS!!!!
    Thank you both for welcoming me to LIB. You two are the only ones that have welcomed me here.

    Angel, you are half-right about the third book–it is a RUMOR that the third book will be called Empire. I think it is a fitting name, don’t you? There are other name rumors, too, such as Glaedr, as an earlier anonymous comment mentioned.

    I agree with you Angel and ALAS, about the movie; the book was 1,000,000,000,000 times better than the movie. The movie didn’t follow the story line very well.

    However, didn’t you guys love Saphira? Especially the baby? She was ssssssoooooooo awesome!!! The animation they used was absolutely perfect!!! Also, I love her voice ;D

    By the way, Angel, which book did you like better, Eragon or Eldest?

    In closing:
    In the immortal words of my school principal,

    ALAS, JIBBA and I have to hear this every morning. It brings us much joy *makes a fake smile with a “yah right” expression on his face*

  1059. c1 Says:

    welcome, Sight I hardly bother to welcome people anymore because they never come back to read it. Sorry ’bout that. I haven’t gotten to see the movie yet i think i’mm gonna wait till it comes out on DVD and get from the library cause I keep hearing it’s terrible. (then i woun’t have to watse my money on it!)

  1060. Angel Says:

    wait! ALAS you have confused me, first you say what i said was a little harsh – (agreed, i was a tiny bit annoyed as to why so many people said the movie was brilliant, when it was bad, sorry.) – then you kind of agreed with me, and then said hi! – (hi to you too by the way! lol.)

    Sight: thankyou, and you’re welcome! *smiles* i agree Empire is a fitting name, then all books will begin with ‘E’!
    Saphira was good, i didn’t really like her vocie much but she was probably the only character from the book shown correctly on in the film.
    hm, which book? i would have to say Eldest, had the most action, but it had a few boring parts, Eragon didn’t have that many boring-ish parts.

    POOR YOU! you must be going slightly crazy if you have to hear,”MAKE IT A GREAT DAY, OR NOT, THE CHIOCE IS YOURS!” *tries to cover her laughter*

    P.S. the job of welcoming peole is pretty much mine, as i always do it…. =)

  1061. ALAS Says:

    sorry Angel I didn’t mean to sound mad I get off topic realy easaly, oh and not only will they all start with an E but thell all be six letters

    and actually hearing “make it a great day or not the choice is yours” every day gets pretty routien you can eather ignor it or say it with her.*with shrugging of the shoulders and a goofie smile on her face*

    Ps. just forget i said you were harsh your not dont know why i said u were..*holding a peace sign* see ya

  1062. Sight Says:

    c1: thanks for the welcome! I’m sorry if I offended anyone by my “you two are the only ones that have welcomed me here” comment; I did NOT mean to be rude.
    I was just surprised that, with so many people posting comments on LIB, someone would even bother to welcome a new-comer. (Especially someone who acted like a hyper weirdo in their opening comment. I only did that because I was SSSOOO excited to finally be able to talk to everyone on LIB.)
    By the way, I will definately be back to read everyone’s comments =) =) :)
    P.S.- Good idea about going to the library for the DVD.

    ANGEL: Empire not only starts with “E,” but it also is 6 letters long, just like Eragon and Eldest (ALAS pointed this out to me).
    I agree with you about Saphira, I am pretty sure that she WAS the only character shown correctly in the movie, although I don’t think that her scales were the correct shade of blue. She would have looked better if she was the color of the egg (the egg from the movie).
    You’re right; I am going slightly crazy from hearing “MAKE IT A GREAT DAY, OR NOT, THE CHIOCE IS YOURS!” every day.
    By the way, you are doing a great job with your greetings. It made me feel VERY welcome. Keep up the great work :3

  1063. c1 Says:

    I think the title should be Empire that sounds sooooo much cooler than Gleadr (still can’t spell) and it matches the other titles.

    sight: no offense but i think you’d be kinda crazy even w/o the whole slogan thing, but that’s cool cause i’m a hyper weirdo too ask my friends.

    I’m reading the LotR books now! (there’s a history behind that)

  1064. Mirar Says:

    Haha, I am memorable – I kind of left but now i’m back for good, and I have a lot to say. WELCOME SIGHT TO THIS SITE! My genuious exudes all genius comments!
    C1: Weell, I read the LOTR books when I was 11 in…1 week in old english. They are very good,and when you read them and refer back to the moive you’ll see the v.good connection and how Peter Jackson and his crew really stuck to the story, which is what the people for Eragon should’ve done >_>

    I’ll tell you the problem with the Eragon movie -there is no problem apart from this. They wrote – based on the novel by Christopher Paolini. Now that is a lie as we have all stated as it is not based on the novel. They should have written – based loosely on the novel by Christopher Paolini, because loose it was. The only thing they kept true if we’re being honest, are the names of the characters :D

    It should be called Empire because it makes sense, but as someone mentioned to me – Eragon is simply Dragon with the D exchanged for an E, and Eldset refers back to Murtagh being the Elder brother, so if people think something along the lines of – Elva is the next dragon rider it could be called Elva, or Ellesmera (the kingdom of the Elves if you think Arya, Faolin or another Elf will becoem the next Dragon Rider) or it could be called…sorry my minds gone blank but you get the picture, cause it ain’t really about an Empire is it, it’s about freeing the Empire of Galbotorix from slavery etc!

  1065. Sight Says:

    Mirar: Thanks for welcoming me to LIB.
    WELCOME BACK! You confused me on the “they wrote…, but they should have written…” thing.
    The other book titles you suggested would make more sense, but I still think that it will be called “Empire,” because it starts with “E” and it is 6 letters long, just like Eragon and Eldest.

    c1: On the subject of books, I looked up the LotR books, and I couldn’t find anything on them.
    Who is their Author?

    To everyone who likes to read Science Fiction and Fantasy books, I would suggest reading:
    “The Land of Elyon” series by Patrick Carman and the “Firekeeper Saga” books by Jane Lindskold.
    Another awesome book is “The Sight” by
    David Clement-Davies. I am reading it right now; I’m only 4 chapters into it, but already it is already one of my favorite books, next to the Firekeeper Saga by Jane Lindskold and The Inheritance Trilogy by Christopher Paolini. =)

  1066. Sight Says:

    Just kidding about the LotR books (Lord of the Rings)! They are awesome books, and so are the movies!

  1067. c1 Says:

    I luv LotR! Legolas is my fav charater in the movie but in the books i like Aragorn so far. (the reason LG beat AsoA in the movie is because of his sweet oliphant trick.) I’ve gotten through FotR and i’m halfway through tTT. The only line that is in the book that i think should have been in the movie is when AsoA says in Bree “I do look a bit rougish don’t I” cause then you can see AsoA has a sense of humor right away.

    Sight: don’t scarew me like that i almost fainted (jk)

    See if you can find something weird about this name: Ema Nekaf

  1068. Angel Says:

    wow! this thread used to be slow. i’ll have to read nearly everyday!
    Sight: Thankyou! i’m so flattered, lol. i will keep up the hard work! =) yup, agreed you are hyper, but it’s cool one of my best friends is really hyper, 2 sips of coke and she’s buzzing all day! lol. so i know how to manage it. Good point about the whole 6 letters as well thing, oh and ALAS too.
    everytime my year does something wrong we have to hear, ” YOU TAKE, TAKE, TAKE.” yup, it gets annoying!

    ALAS: good point, as above. :P and no worries about the whole harsh thing, tis totally cool. :D

    c1: you’re still here! yay, lulu and maria have kinda vanished….tis a
    LOTR rox ma sox! lol. the movies are brill, haven’t gotten round to reading the books yet but i know i have to!

    Mirar: i see you have returned….i wont welcome you back. i have done at least 3 times already and you never replied. So you say you’re back for good…probs to regain over LiB again. lol. =)

  1069. c1 Says:

    hey Angel! You should really read the books. Sometimes you can get lost because theres stuff in the movie that’s not in the books and the battles are hard to follow. Has anyone seen the extented edition of the movies?

  1070. Sight Says:

    c1: I don’t get it; what is wierd about the name Ema Nekaf? Sorry about scaring you ;)

    Angel: You’re welcome! And, yes, I also think you are going to have read this every day! lol. :) C U L8R.

  1071. Sight Says:

    c1: that’s weird, usually there is stuff in the books that are not in the movies, not the other way around.
    No, I haven’t seen the extended version of the movies. What makes them different from the regular movies? Also, do you like them better than the regualr ones?

    Angel: What do you mean by, “everytime my year does something wrong we have to hear, ‘YOU TAKE, TAKE, TAKE.’”?

  1072. Maria Says:

    Sorry, I haven’t disappeared, I was on vacation for a while. Sight and ALAS- I know I’m kinda late- but welcome!
    c1- Is the weird thing that Ema Nekaf is fake name spelled backwards?

  1073. c1 Says:

    Maria: u got it!

    Sight: I’m not positive but i’m pretty sure that angel means her year (class/grade in the US) does something wrong (breaks a rule etc.) they hear from somebody in charge YOU TAKE TAKE TAKE! meaning they just take advantage of things. The extended edition of LotR r different from the normal ones for example they shoe a drinking contest between LG and GsoG.

  1074. ALAS Says:

    thanks Maria and welcome back.
    c1 that is cool the fake name thing I would have never gussed that tis so asoume

    has any one read the fierbringer trilogy by Meredith Ann Pierce there very intresting so far.
    I never read the LOTR books seen the movies never thought about reading them.
    try U R A BUS!!!(:

  1075. Angel Says:

    Sight: everytime my year group mess up, e.g. gets into loads of trouble with different teachers, my head of year, always lectures us, and alwasy says, “you take take take!” as if we’re greedy scavengers or vultures and never give anything back to our teachers.

    c1: yes i have seen the extended edition. if you watch all3 movies extended plus special features that is 24hrs worth of movie you would have watched! but they are brilliant.

    Maria: hello!!!!

  1076. Sight Says:

    Maria: Thanks for the welcome! Welcome Back!
    By the way, good observation on Ema Nekaf.

    c1: Is Ema Nekaf a real name?

  1077. Sight Says:

    ALAS: I know what what U R A BUS means, but I won’t spoil the surprise for the rest of our friends; they will just have to figure it out on their own! *laughs an EVIL, meniacal laugh*

  1078. Sight Says:

    Angel: speaking of vultures, my Choir class is a flock of vultures, because they never pay attention and drive our teacher crazy, so I ca easily reate to you ^_^

  1079. ALAS Says:


  1080. Sight Says:

    ALAS: What book are you on in the Firebringer Triliogy? I have heard they are very good books.

  1081. Sight Says:

    abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz…just feeling a little bored.

  1082. Sight Says:

    ALAS: Iba!!! Jibba!!! Iba-Jibba!!!

  1083. Angel Says:

    oh, and yup c1 you were right.
    Sight: yup, though it’s so untrue, and the funny thing is last time we got in trouble and he lectured us (you take take take) none of us were listening. I knew because if we’re all quiet, it means know one’s listening. I was pulling faces at the girl opposite me, trying to make her laugh!
    ALAS, Sight: i hate anagrams, so i’m so not trying. but say this, it sounds funny, ” Eileen Dover” and say this, ” Ben Dover”. if you dont get it, i’ll tell yuo want it’s meant to sound like.

  1084. Mirar Says:

    Zog, how am Isupposed ot keep control? This used to be my domain!!!! Any way Sight i don’t understand how it doens’t make sense? The movie was a loose interpetation of the book, so they should’ve said that, instead of saying ‘based on the book’. It wasn’t based any where near ‘on’ the book.
    Is the Sight that book about Wolves, with a white wolf on the front cover? I started reading it when i was 9 and then i stopped cause someone took it out the local library :D Mavbe i’ll go check it up – i did enjoy it.

    c1: Never say you like Legolas over all thje other characters :P. Yes he is a prince of Assasins and so forth but ARAGORN is the man! I mean..need i explain? In truth the best character and the person who should be the most important should be Samwise Gamgee, anyone who is a devotee shall know the reasons why!

    Welcome Back Maria – the extended DVD’S are incredible!!! I wanna watch marathon of all of them in one day…that’ll be fun. Everyone should read the Sword of Shannar trillogy by Terry Brooks and the Presitess of the white/ Last of the wilds in the Age of the 5 trillogy by trudi Canavan (awesome) if you like LOTR, very good.
    Soo…off I go and when I return there will be about 18 more posts, ah well…..

  1085. c1 Says:

    U R A BUS is subaru backwards but ther subaru’s i’ve seen don’t look like buses

    Sight: I suppose it could be but you’d have to find someone w/ the last name Nekaf and get them to name their kid Ema

    ALAS: Nope sorry never read any of the firebringer books.

    Has anyone read the Keys of the Kingdom seris by garth nix (Mister Monday, Grim Tuesday, etc…)?

    Angel: Do they have kindergarten or preschool in England or do they just start out in first grade/year

  1086. Sight Says:

    ALAS: What do you think of missing all these school days because of the ice?

  1087. c1 Says:

    Legolas just barley beat out Aragorn for my fav charater. Aragorn has the best personality, but legolas has cooler fighting tricks and hes funnier w/ his friendship w/ Gimli.

    A LORD OF THE RINGS EXTENED EDITION MARATHON ROXs!!!!!!! I did it once w/ some of my friends best night/morning/12hrs. of my life!!! (We did other stuff in between movies because we watched them on tape and had to rewind them.)

  1088. Sight Says:

    Angel: I get what your to names mean, but let’s not spoil the surprise. By the Way, kids at my school are just the opposite; we talk a lot when we aren’t paying attention. Actually, I usually just stare off into space ;) Are you really from England? That is SSSSSOOOOO COOL!!!

    Mirar: Sorry, I was really sleppy when I read it, but that is a good point–the movie barely followed the story line. And, Yes you are correct about The Sight. And, YES, you should definately go read it again; it’s awesome!

    c1: that might be hard, beacause Nekaf is an awfully rare name. lol. ^_^

  1089. Angel Says:

    what is a Sabaru?
    c1: we have Nursery, 2-4, Primary school, 4-11, which starts with a year called reception, and goes up, year 1, 2 ,3 etc. then Secondary school, 11-16. then Sixth Form 16-18.

  1090. Sight Says:

    Angel: Subaru is a car model of car here in the United States. What kind of cars do you all have in England?

  1091. ALAS Says:

    people at our school when they look like there paying attation there not they will space out at the teacherc1 got it subaru9(:
    sight if i miss another day of school i will go nuts i actually miss band.
    angel 8 up thats really funny(:
    sorry everyone havent been on in a wile. peace(waves a peace sign)(:

  1092. c1 Says:

    Angel: I got your names! In the US we have Nursery/Preschool 2-4(or 3 depending when you b-day is) Kidergaten 5(mostly) Elementary Schoool 6-11 Middle School 12-15 (somtimes elementary goes to 12 then Middle school will become Junior High and only goes to 14) High School 14or15 (depending how your school is organized) to 17. Instead of years we call them grades starting at 1/first in elementary school to 12 grade. Although the people in 9th to 12th grades are called freshmen, sophmores, juniors, and seniors respectivly.

  1093. Sight Says:

    ALAS: I know what youo mean. I am actually starting to miss Choir and World History. It’s a sign of the Apocalypse!!! :O *runs around screaming like a maniac*

  1094. Angel Says:

    yes, me from england. is it really that cool? huh, i dunno, england can get old pretty quick, but not for a tourist i guess. =P
    in england we have Japanese model cars, e.g. Toyota,
    he have Chrysler cars, german cars, british cars, and loads more. i dunno really, not into cars.
    c1: omgosh! i so want to do LOTR extended marathon, 1 problem tho is that my sis an me are probs like the craziest about it. lol. =)
    ALAS: heya. * does peace sign back* lol. =P

  1095. Mirar Says:

    Angel, do not be mean about me – I am not crazy…I AM INSANE….*or so they say* England is so not that cool, its freezing, you get colds all the time, it’s grey, we have CHAV’s! I think the countryside is cool O_o. But when you say England is cool, you probably mean London is cool. It’s a very multi-cultural diverse city, with lots of heritage and ethnicity, so yes that does make london cool. England on the other hand, well it is a great country, but i guess its up to every englishman and woman and all the people from overseas to judge it for themselves. No country is perfect i guess.

    I: I bet you anything the movie was done in Oceana, either Australia or NewZealand, after LOTR they all were, even Narnia!

    ALAS, C1: Our ‘seniors’ so don’t get the kind of respect we see on US t.v. I mean the whole, most popular dude in the school, prom, football star, nope, not England.
    When i’m bored, I just get out a book and read, not allowed MP3′s in school, or i sit and talk to my freinds, either way, your gonna get the work done. I just can’t stand it when one person messes up, then the whole class gets held back for it. It’s so silly! I just think to myself – “Sir, take the kid, throw him out the class, give him a months detention then get on with the lesson! Easy!” but nooo…..the whole class has to stop what it’s doing, they don’t realise they are hindering us in our education – they will understand when we all end up as street cleaners. “The youth of today are all jobless, homeless people, why?”

    “BECASUE YOU DIDN’T TEACH US ANYTHING. WHY DID IT HAVE TO BE US????” Man my randomness has just reached new heights!

  1096. Sight Says:

    Wow, who posted the anonymous comment? That was kind of random, since we have so many regular people posting on LIB all of the time.

    ANGEL: I used to not be into cars that much until I got a car of my own. It’s a sign of the Apocylypse!!! :O *runs around screaming like a maniac* *again*

    ALAS: HI. *does peace sign*

  1097. Sight Says:

    yah peace signs everywhere
    ba da, ba buh buh… Im loven’ it!!
    sight you just got that from me.

  1098. ALAS Says:

    yah peace signs everywhere
    ba da, ba buh buh… Im loven’ it!!
    sight you just got that from me.

  1099. Mr. R Says:

    God Morning, LIB posters, this is Mr. R, here with a few words of wisdom…NEVER PET A BURNING DOG!!! With a few words of wisdom, this is Mr. R. Make it a great day or not, the choice is NOT yours. We’re all being controlled by robots!!!

    Mr R. Signing off!!

  1100. Sight Says:

    Wow, who was that mysterious man, Mr. R!
    ANGEL and ALAS: He stole my WORDS OF WISDOM!!! :(

  1101. Ed Speelerlover94 Says:

    oh my gosh i just saw the movie eragon and ed speeler was so hot. but beside that the movie was really good and i loved the book!! the only thing bad i have to say about the movie is that it seems that they took alot of stuff out of the movie from the book. i was kind of disappointed but hey you can’t fit everything in a movie. anyways i was looking at some earlier comments on this site and who would ever want mary-kate or ashley to play a powerful role of arya when eragon is going to have to like her i mean eeww!!

  1102. Angel Says:

    hello Ed Speelerlover94, thanx for your comment. i think the movie was crap, but hey thats just my Thankyou! agreed fully with the Mary-Kate and Ashley comment. like they can reallly act! lol. they can i know just saying….

  1103. hyland Says:

    man, i thought the movie eragon looked like crap! the book is my favorite book but the movie looks terrible!
    im not even gonna see it……

  1104. c1 Says:

    Ed Speelerlover94: That was about 2 or 3 years ago I wasn’t even here. But i do agree w/ you

    Angel: most of what you see on TV is fake the seniors at my school just get to eat lunch first the back seats on the bus and if your an underclassman you stay out of thier way in the halls. But the whole all seniors guys aren’t all popular and football players. I’m friends with a few seniors and their really cool of course my school is like one big “family” because it’s kinda small.

    Mirar: what’s CHAV?

    Has anyone noticed we aren’t talking about Eragon anymore except when some new person brings it up?

  1105. ALAS Says:

    yeah ive noticed that
    our school isent small. As for me hang with your friends, stay far from your enimes

  1106. Sight Says:

    Angel: Like I said when I first came to this site, keep up the good work about welcoming people! ^_^

    Ed Speelerlover94: Welcome to LIB!!!

    Hyland: Welcome to LIB!!!

    c1: HA!!! That’s funny–now that I think about it, you’re right; we haven’t really talked about Eragon for a long time. Maybe we just ran out of things to say, or maybe *giggles* we really ARE being controled by robots, like Mr. R said earlier *bursts into a painful fit of laughter*

    Mirar: c1 has a point; what IS a CHAV? Cool, you;re from England too? It’s a sign of the Apocolypse! *runs aroung screaming like a maniac* *once again* o_OO_o

  1107. Sight Says:

    Hey, what happened to Maria? She disappeared again! Did she go on vacation again or something? It’s a sign of the Apocylypse! *runs around screaming like a maniac for the…….lost track of how many times*

  1108. c1 Says:

    sight: whats Apocylypse? (ahhhh I dont know what it is it’s a sign of the Apocylypse! *runs around screaming head off*)

    Angel: How do people in England feel about the American Revolution? (That’s not the best wording) Mostly I wondered what you were taught/(felt/learned/I have no idea what i’m trying to say) about it.

  1109. Mirar Says:

    CHAV stands for Council House And Vulgar. They are a type of people, usually cuaxcasuian (or that’s how you spell it) and wear alot of burberry nad ‘bling.’ They usually are the ones with ASBO’s – Anti Socail Behaviour Order, tend to have alot of teen mothers, do street crime, smoke, binge drink. This isn’t social bashing people but that’s the stereotype/statisitics kind of.

  1110. Andri Says:

    Wow…So many people.I never thing for that moovie is that popural!

  1111. Angel Says:

    wow Sight, are you hyper? lol. you can stop running around screaming! agreed with the Eragon thing, and where has Maria gone??? and again thankyou.
    Hyland: hello!
    Mirar is my sis, and a chav is a british sterotype. a person that wears burbery, big gold hoops and chains, and is loud and vulgar. C.H.A.V. stands for Council House And Vulgar.
    c1: okay, thanx. i was wondering if everything on the TV and movies about American High Schools was real. Now i know. My school is pretty big i think. not sure how big American schools are, but i think mine is pretty big.
    ALAS: HI!!! just felt like saying that :P

  1112. Maria Says:

    hahaha sorry. i haven’t checked this site for a while for some reason. i have stages where i check every day then for some reason sometimes i don’t check for a week.

  1113. mike Says:

    this book is so good, it has no pictures, it has big words,notard,asdid,its cool,iread all my lifecauseihave no freinds,i type badcd.booksigoodl andil like ita

  1114. Sight Says:

    c1: Apocolypse is the end of the world. C1 doesn’t know what it is! It’s a sign of the Apocolypse!

  1115. lulu italy Says:

    guys i’m back again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    hi everybody who is new!!!!!!!
    please tell me who is new…

  1116. lulu italy Says:

    hi alas,mike,sight,eragontruelover94,andri…
    alas i saw that u were in this site from much time!!!
    mike…how old r u?
    sight are u a girl or a boy?forgive me but here in italy i haven’t listened ur name!!!!
    angel:so much time far from this site i missed u!!!please tell me something new!!!what happened??
    c1:i miss u too!!!!
    maria:i’m not come in this site from much time too!!!
    how r u?
    ps here in itlay there isn’t snow:terrible!!i can’t do snowboard!!!!

  1117. ALAS Says:

    YEAH PEACE Angel I know a lot of chav people. a lot of them get on my nerves. and i feel like shooting them. i guss Sight is just lucky hes not one. bang right in the kisser. lol.

    but i like peace, sometimes.
    die people of chav lol
    angel did anyone ever make fun about how you talk. i gat made fun of just because i sound british.

  1118. Sight Says:

    c1: by the way, the correct phrase is “runs around screaming like a maniac,” but yours is a lot funnier :)

    Mirar: I think you mean “caucasian.”

    Andri: welcome to LIB!!! By the way, what did you mean by “Wow…So many people.I never thing for that moovie is that popural!”

    Angel: Yes, I am hyper. It’s a sign of the Apocylypse! *runs around screaming like a maniac* *”run, marty, run!”*

  1119. Sight & ALAS Says:

    to Angel, c1, and Mirar: “the americans are coming, the americans are coming!” funny, ’cause we’re american!!! lol. no offense intended.

    FROM Sight: where in England do you live? Angel, is Mirar really your sis, or just hypithecially?

    FROM ALAS: Angel not all youve seen in movies is real some of it can happen but a lot of it isn’t real.
    by the way im OCD. So is Sight. Or is he?

  1120. Sight Says:

    Angel: What is “Council House”?

    Mike: No offence, but, WHAT???

    Maria: You’re kind of like me, sometimes I check five times a day, and sometimes I only check four. okay, so that’s really not the same, but you get the picture!!! lol ;)

  1121. Blah. Says:

    Read with an open mind, not a fan-obsessed mind. Why? Because with a fan-obsessed mind you don’t want to even consider valid points that these individuals bring up, such as the fact that he was published because his parents own their own publishing company.

    And Eragon? A fantasy-world Luke Skywalker. Discovers an object of importance and is tracked down by an empire because of it; “sees” a vision of a princess who is part of a once-proud organization and falls in love with her for her looks. His farm home destroyed in a fire and his uncle killed by the empire; he travels with an old man who was part of the once-proud organization and is trained along the way. The old man is killed and the young man has to continue on his way, to meet up with the leader of the old organization and continue his training.

    *sigh* Sadly most people will ignore this because they are too closed minded to self-criticize. I used to believe I liked the story of Eragon (though the Mary Sue-ish love affair between the hero and an elven princess really sickened me and was WAY too obvious) but I read what they had to say and, deep inside, I realized that the similarities may have been why I liked the story at all, since I enjoyed Star Wars.

  1122. c1 Says:

    Blah: You have very valid points though i would like to point out that his parents do not own a publishing companythey just decide to publish CP’s book themseleves so they wouldn’t have to go thruogh a publishing company. Though later a publishing company did take the book. And I really must point out that Arya (the elf princess) does not like Eragon. aNd really don’t be so Star Wars oreiented theres some Lord of the Rings too.

    Sight: Where i live the correct phrase would be what I said. Much more common you know.*said in very proper voice* By the way how can you tell if someone is OCD

    HI LULU!!!!: I think Sight is like a fake name i’m pretty sure its not his real name like ALAS

  1123. Sight Says:

    Hi LULU! I am a boy, and c1 is correct, Sight is not my real name. I got it from my favorite book: “THE SIGHT” by David Clement-Davies.

    c1: Actually, I thought Chris’s parents DID own a publishing company, and later KNOPH published it as well.

  1124. you dont know what ur talking about Says:

    people that have never read the book and like to compare the movie to others–
    tell me this what movie isnt like another that youve seen before? a lot of books bais off of a tragity (witch someone dies) anger(wants to fight the one that did the killing) the wise(that keeps him from getting too kocky) the mysterious friend wich you dont know that much of and the falling in love like most books.
    (Empire) this word will be an example its usually what the evil side is called in a viriaty of movies and cartoons.
    DO YOUR SELF A FAVOR AND READ THE BOOKS(yes both of them) IF YOULL READ PAST POSTS ALLMOST ALL OF US ARE DISSAPOINTED IN HOW ITS NOT LIKE THE BOOK Arya in the book did not fall in love with eragon, far from it. she dosent even like eragon in the second book.
    So what they have some similarites build a brige and get over it or right a book thats unlike any other.

  1125. ALAS Says:

    hi actually ALAS isnt my real name its my initials kind of ironic and,well, ok everone is a little ocd people that like to correct your words is one of them.

  1126. Sight Says:

    I think that another OCD habit is organizing everything, and wanting everything to be perfect. By the way, OCD stand for: Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

    you dont know what ur talking about: WOW, those were some pretty powerful words.

    Hey, I know that Maria is probably in the “don’t check for a few days” stage of her cycle, but does anyone know what happened to Angel? They both haven’t posted anything for a while, and Mike and LULU missed their greeting from her.

  1127. c1 Says:

    Sight ALAS: My friend just thinks she might be OCD from what you’ve said she probably is i’ll have to break it to her *sighs then laughs hysterically* she has a sense of humor.

    YDKWUTA: You got it can’t think of a better way to put it.

    Does anyone know who Gumby is? (he’s not a person on this sight it has to do w/ my friend she won’t tell me and it’s driving me insane (her too))

  1128. Maria Says:

    Hi lulu!
    and blah… you are definetely entitled to your own opinions, and i can see where you are coming from, but i honestly do not understand why you would try to convince us that a book we enjoyed is bad.

  1129. c1 Says:

    (“)_(“) This is Bunny. Copy and paste Bunny into your signature to help him gain world domination.

  1130. lulu italy Says:

    ok guys!!!
    i want u to know that here in italy ed spelles is considered 1 of the most hot and cool boys in the world…is it also in America??
    sight:what is ur really name?my is ludovica(from Italy)where r u from??
    maria and c1 :so happy to listen u again…
    blah:r u crazy???if u don’t like this book why r u entered in this site???there r many other sites in internet,go there.

  1131. c1 Says:

    Lulu: Yes Ed Speelers is considered a hot guy here too.

  1132. Angel Says:

    OMG!! i was so busy i didn’t check this, so i’m sorry if i’ve missed some of your comments!
    wow! i never knew i was popular on this site! *blush* lol.
    so ya, ALAS & Sight: a council house means you got given a house by the local government, usually a flat in a not nice place in a not nice building with some people who have lived there all their lives!
    Yes, Mirar and i are sisters, for real!
    What is OCD? is it like ADHD? attention defecit hyperactive disorder? i’m not good with those kind of things so i dont know. :S
    Funny, you sound british! when i went to america, the shop assistance was like, ‘are you british?’ i was like yeah, and he goes,’wow! i love your accent!’ funny! i never thought i had an accent.
    oh yah, and me is from LONDON!

    Lulu: HELLO!!! i have been so busy lately, missed ya too. how are you? nothing very new with me.


    Maria: finally you’re back!

    c1: heya! bunny is cute! my friends are always sending me him!
    (“)_(“) This is Bunny. Copy and paste Bunny into your signature to help him gain world domination.

    there ya go!

    If i’ve left anyone out, i am so sorry!!!! really i am. =)

    and finally IT’S VALENTINES DAY SOON!

  1133. lulu italy Says:

    c1:does backeyes played another match???
    angel:i know that ur b-day was on 14 jenuary,but happy btirhday!!!(hem,i’m am a little late!!!!!)

  1134. ALAS Says:

    (“)_(“) here is the bunny…WORLD DOMINATION!!!… lulu my real name is Amanda I think ocd. is when you correct every thing untill its perfect all the time

  1135. c1 Says:

    I’m pretty sure OCD is when you do sumtin and you just have to keep doing it. like i read a book w/ a girl who is OCD and when she walked outside she had to count the cracks in the sidewalk and if she messed up she had to go back to the biginning and start over. ADHD i think is when you can’t pay attention and you have to be doing sumthin.

    Oh great LiB please enlighten us on this matter!

    Lulu: The buckeyes are done with football season, now the’ve started basketball season, so the football team is done but, technically yes, they still have games to play. They have more than one type of sports team is because they are a collage team.

    Angel: Sry I forgot ur B-day Happy Belated Birthday!

  1136. Sarah Houghton-Jan (Librarian in Black) Says:

    Well, according to the Acronym Finder, OCD stands for a number of different things, but it’s most popularly known as Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. According to the National Institutes of Mental Health (, OCD is “an anxiety disorder and is characterized by recurrent, unwanted thoughts (obsessions) and/or repetitive behaviors (compulsions).” You can read more on their website.

  1137. lulu italy Says:

    c1:ok,than u!!!but they win the football match???
    ALAS:ok…i think amanda is a cool name…where r u from??if u r from usa,please tell me wich country….)
    —>hi<—do u like???
    ps has enyone here msn messanger???

  1138. ALAS Says:

    yep you gussed it im from America. Fulton Missouri to be exact. so is Sight.

  1139. c1 Says:

    lulu: They won the game that i was talking about but they didn’t win the championship. Sorry I don’t have a msn messenger. And by the way the USA is a country the parts of it are called states.

  1140. Angel Says:

    c1 and lulu: Thankyou guys very much! and no worries you forgot =)
    LiB: oh, thankyou very much.
    ALAS: Amanda’s a nice name! where in america is Missouri?
    wow, it’s funny, Sight hasn’t posted yet =P lol.
    so, what are you all gonna do for valentines day?

  1141. c1 Says:

    Angel: How do people feel about the American Revolution in Britian, and what do they tell you abount it?

  1142. ALAS Says:

    Missouri is pretty much the heart of the United States we have the Arch better known as the gate way to the west. I live about an hour or two away from it.
    thanks angel it is funny he hasent possted yet

    were are u all from again somewere in England?

  1143. Sight Says:

    Hi, I have just been very busy latley, but I have returned.
    Missouri is the best state in the U.S.!!! (or is it?) :)

  1144. Sight Says:

    c1: Gumby is a clay-animation cartoon that used to be on television a long time ago. I am not sure if it played in England or not, because sometimes shows play in some countries but not in others.

  1145. c1 Says:

    ALAS: I’m from the US.

    OH’s nickname is “The Heartland” (or the buckeye state) and besides it’s shaped like a heart MO is just The Gateway to the West. OOOOOOO BUUUUURN! (jk)

    sight: Thanks for telling me about gumby! There is no way MO is the best state. Oh definitly is because it has a lake and cedar point! Although the Arch is pretty cool i’ve been in it. Or mabye CO is or CA… (My family takes too many vacations to dif states).

  1146. ALAS Says:

    colorado is were i would deffinetly want to stayman Imiss the mountian air sight was just jokeing about the Mo being the best… its not.:) but c1 is right the Arch is pretty cool

  1147. Angel Says:

    American revoultion. is that the one with the Northern states vs the southeren states on the slave trade? if it is, then we call it the American Civil War. or is that another war? as you can tell they don’t teach us much on that, though they only focus on the Slave trade,so we know loads about the slave trade.
    I am from, moi, SOY!<—(“i am” in spanish, in case you didn’t know)

  1148. Sarah Houghton-Jan (Librarian in Black) Says:

    The American Revolution was the war when the colonies (not yet formed as the United States) revolted against the British Empire, which was ruling them at the time. Read more at Wikipedia:

  1149. Sight Says:

    c1: You’re welcome(gumby).
    By the way, I’m with ALAS. I would LOVE to live in Colorado. The fresh mountain air, the rivers and streams, Yellowstone National Park, the peaceful solitude…………..*looks around and sees that everyone has gotten bored and left* :( O_o “Where did everybody go?” o_O *Light bulb appears above head* “THEY MUST HAVE BEEN SO INFLUENCED BY MY SPEECH THEY MUST HAVE ALL HURRIED TO COLORADO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  1150. Sight Says:

    Angel: You guys were right; the American Civil War is when the North fought the South.

  1151. Angel Says:

    yes! i was right. woohooo! um, yeah Sight, where is Colorado? lol.
    THE place to live is LONDON! so diverse and fresh, and livey and fun! yah, i believe me….*cough*not*cough*

  1152. c1 Says:

    Angel: The American Revolution is when Britain started taxing American colonies because they had a War debt to pay off from the French and Indian War. And they were genarlly not giving us the same rights as the people in England had. You’ve probably heard off the Boston Tea Party that was one of the ways we revolted agaisnt the tea tax. And eventually the colonies defeated Britain and we won our Independence.

    I Luv COLORADO!!!!

  1153. ALAS Says:

    thanks LIB
    Im split beetween two loves
    wildlife and helping people geeting better

  1154. c1 Says:

    Sight/Angel: By the way about the American Civil War there was more than just freeing the slaves the original reason was the southen states wanted to cede or leave the United States, freeing the slaves was just another effect.

  1155. Sight Says:


  1156. ALAS Says:

    how bored can you be sight but your right dont touch a burning dog. and also dont go hand fishing, especially for cat fish.

  1157. Angel Says:

    oohhh. thankyou c1! learn something new everyday!

    um, sight: what?!!? lol =)

  1158. c1 Says:

    ALAS: I can’t help you there you will probably be dissapointed either way.

    Sight: r u speacking from experience?

  1159. c1 Says:

    While were on the subject DON’T STAND ON WOBBLY STOOLS!!!!!!

    Angel: Now that you (hopefully) know whitch war I was talking about how do people in Britain feel about it?

  1160. lulu italy Says:

    ok guys,i don’t understand what r u talking about!!!!
    FORGIVE ME!!!!!!!!!!!
    i went to ski and i am bigennig friend of 3 guys from berningham…angel where is it??

  1161. c1 Says:

    lulu: Hi!! What part dont you understand How did you like skiing?

  1162. Sight Says:

    c1: ……….maybe………..O_o

  1163. Sight Says:

    SCI FI Friday survival tip nnumber 23:
    If it’s teeth are bigger than your hand, DON’T TRY TO PET IT!!!!!

  1164. Sight Says:

    Angel: since you’re from england, you I hope you can say YES to this question.
    Have you ever head of “The Animals of Farthing Wood” book series by Colin Dann, or of the tv series?

  1165. lulu italy Says:

    c1:anything!!!i know only that colorado is a river!!!i like skiin and snowboarding because i practice them til i was young!!u don’t like??
    sight:wich music do u like??

  1166. ALAS Says:


  1167. Sight Says:


  1168. c1 Says:

    lulu:i’ve only been skiing once and I loved it!!!!!! For the most part we were justr talking about places we have been and random things about colorado


  1169. Angel Says:

    c1: um i think i’ve heard of the series, not sure though. sorry. do you watch them?
    and to the one on the war, we’ll i’m personally quite put off by it, but also kind of confused. i think other people are as well.
    how do you feel about it?
    lulu: i think birmingham is up north. not so far up north though. it’s a city in england.

  1170. c1 Says:

    Angel: Well that particular war won us independence from Britian. So I feel like it was a good thing (nothing against Britain!) But other than that i’m not sure how to describe my feelings about it. By the way it was Sight who asked you about the seris but i’m sure he saws your comment.

  1171. Sight Says:

    Angel: c1 is correct; I asked you about the Animals of Farthing Wood. I have never seen the series or read the books, but I REALLY want to. There is an American movie based off of the series, called “Journey Home: Tne Animals of Farthing Wood.” It is about how the animals first made the journey to the nature reservation, White Deer Park.

    I first saw the movie a couple of days ago, and it is officially my new favorite movie.

    The reason I asked you was because the author is British, and the TV series was originally shown in Britain.

    Is the series still shown on TV, or has been taken off the air? I am not sure if it was an actual TV series, or if it was a MOVIE series.

    Lulu: HI! Sorry I haven’t talked to you that much. I did not mean to be rude.

    What part of Italy are you from, and what is it like?

  1172. ALAS Says:


  1173. Sight Says:

    ALAS: where did you here it from?

  1174. Sight Says:

    Sorry, I know it’s kind of late, but, :
    HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Especially to ALAS, for reasons only she and I know of ;)

  1175. Mirar Says:

    Valentines Day is way to commercial! Isn’t OCD – Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, things have to be exact, you get obssed by things to varrying degrees. Anyway…ack we need to get a new topic!How about…nope no idea. LiB what is a technical librarian, or,well i’m not too sure what you are again, i checked your blog such a long time ago, but i’m so sure your some sort of technical librarian though…anyway the point is what is it?

  1176. Sarah Houghton-Jan (Librarian in Black) Says:

    Hi Mirar and others–I guess you could say I’m a technology librarian. My job is as a technology manager (my title is Information and Web Services Manager) for a large county library system near San Francisco. I am responsible for the library’s extensive website, our eBooks, downloadable audio books, free magazines and newspapers online, other online databases (like encyclopedias, sample SAT tests, auto repair databases, etc.), our virtual reference services (research help by e-mail or live chat), our live homework help program (expert tutor help via live chat), technology training for our 200 staff members, public relations, graphic design, and outreach. I have two Masters Degrees–one in Literature and one in Library and Information Science. What else do you want to know? :)

  1177. Sight Says:

    LIB: Wow, that sounds complicated. I would probably lose track of everything that I do. You probably have it all written down somewhere, don’ t you!!! lol. :)
    Why do you call yourself “Librarian in Black”?
    How did you set up this web site?

  1178. kcope Says:

    I’m a history teacher and one of my students was telling me about this website and the discussion you were haveing concering the revolutionary war. I can see it’s mostly over but I was wondering how much Angel knows about all the colonies that Britain used to have at one point they had colonied about 75% percent of the world. That is when the american revolution happened.

  1179. Mirar Says:

    Whoa – the way the world hath evolded ist terrifying yet incredible! That’s is so awesome! I mean it’s confusing, but awesome. Is it a hard job, or is it you sit infront of an LCD screen everyday and click a mouse! That’d be boring, but your job sounds pretty incredible. Soon all Librarians will be like that. So do you have to get a Masters in Library and Information Science – I mean do you have to be qualified to do what you do? Just, it seems confusing but still super cool. That’s like a dream job -
    :Icebreaker with LiB:

    “Hey what do you do for a living?”
    “Oh I’m a Technology Librarian.”
    “Whoa…what’s that?”
    “Well…*explains job* So that’s pretty much it.”
    “Uh wow *stutters* You’ve got it made, that is incredible”
    “Not really…”
    “Hell Yeah! I love a woman that’s smart!”
    “*Blushes* *Side of Mouth* Men are so ignorant!”

    I guess one of the perks with a job like that is when describing it you sound uber intelligent, ’cause everyone else – myself included – is ignorant.
    Nice one LiB!

  1180. Sarah Houghton-Jan (Librarian in Black) Says:

    Okay, here we go.

    I am the Librarian in Black because, from the “About” link on this site, “I am 100% goth on the inside, and usually on the outside. I have always been identified by patrons as “that tall librarian who always wears black.” It only seemed natural to accept my position in the world, and embrace the darkness…”

    I created this site through a popular blogging tool called Typepad/Movable Type. They host the site and provide the software–all I do is log in and blog. I create new entries 20-30 times a week; you guys just latched on to one specific entry and turned it into a discussion board…it’s the only entry where that’s happened. It’s not the intended use of my website, but hey–whatever. Have at it.

    Yes, you do have to have a Masters in Library and Information Science to do what I do. You also have to have a background/experience with all those things I listed, as well as managerial experience (supervising others).

    Mirar, thank you for your kind words. I would never call anyone ignorant, unless they were making racist/sexist/homophobic comments.

  1181. c1 Says:

    LiB: Your job sounds really awesome is it hard to get the degree’s and stuff that you need for a job like that? I have a random question how fast can you type (in wpm).

    This might just be me but i didn’t think there were adults that were goth i thought that was a teenage thing.

  1182. Sarah Houghton-Jan (Librarian in Black) Says:

    It’s not hard to get the degrees required. Most Masters Degrees take 2 years to get…but if you like the subject matter it’s fun, not hard :) I can type about 120 words per minute. And there are lots of goth adults–really… Some of us are a little less goth at work (e.g. no white face paint) but we still wear black, velvet, spikes, and such. I believe that being goth is something on the inside, that some people show on the outside in a way that allows them to “be identifiable” as part of a group. I think that part is a little bit more of a teenage thing.

  1183. c1 Says:

    That’s like 5 times the speed i type dang girl!!! Your job does sound like a lot of fun where can you go to school for stuff like that and how many openings for that type of job would there be

  1184. lulu italy Says:

    mirar:ya valentine day is a commercial festivity,infact here in italy nobody celebrate it.
    angel:thanx..they r cool..
    does anyone remember what happens on tuesday 27th february??

  1185. Angel Says:

    c1: whoops, sorry, i had to kinda skim read because there was so much, as i always come on too late.
    Kcope: hello. ah, yes i did realise that England/Britain had colonised 75% of the world. i know most of their major colonise of head, but that was back in the late 1800′s under the rule of Queen Victoria.
    Sight & ALAS: ooohhh!! there is some love in the air i think. no ownder Sight’s always roung ALAS’s house….
    hehehe. :P
    LiB: wow, you’re job sounds very impressive!
    Mirar: aren’t you extra.

    man i always have so much too write cos i always post late!

  1186. Mirar Says:

    Cool. There’s this whole Emo thing going round, i’m not sure if they’re substitues for goth’s or not. People are so stereotypical about goth’s they scared me at first, but reading about you, they’re just another way of people expressing themselves. Making out all they do is slit their wrists is stupid – you should be so proud to go agaisnt the ‘norm’ You inspire me in being who I am. Thanx. I want to get a Doctorate in Medical Forensics -that’s gonna be waaay hard lol!

  1187. Sight Says:

    LIB: what are your other entries? Are they all about Eragon, or does each entry have its own “theme”?

    kcope: Welcome!!!

  1188. ALAS Says:

    Havent been on in a wile just thought I would say sometheing I have nothing to add to any of the blogs above so.

  1189. Sarah Houghton-Jan (LiB) Says:

    There are lots of schools with programs in library and information science, all over the world. You have to finish college first though :) Technology librarianship is a small specialty within librarianship right now, but it’s growing, as you might imagine.

  1190. Sarah Houghton-Jan (LiB) Says:

    My other entries are all about libraries and technology. Go to That’s the main URL, the main page, where the newest stuff shows. You can also view the archives at any time using the links on the right side.

  1191. Sight Says:

    LiB: thanks for the info.
    ALAS: HI, did you get my Valentines Day message?

  1192. ALAS Says:

    ohhh you just spamed

  1193. Angel Says:

    LiB: i used to be kinda scared of goths as well. but one of them in our school is really nice, even though he like carries round a plastic severed hand on his bag, which isn’t nice.
    and emo’s are cool, one of my best friends is kinda emo.

  1194. Sight Says:

    ALAS: did you mean me or LiB?

    Angel: Your’re right; love is in the air :) but I;m not at ALAS’s house, I’m at her school.

  1195. Sight Says:

    SciFi Saturday survival tip: If it breathes fire, it probably doesn’t make a good pet.

  1196. Angel Says:

    nice tip sight!
    so, you two going out or something?

  1197. c1 Says:

    Survival tip for high school: If you don’t want a boy/girlfriend ignore the opposite gender

  1198. Sight Says:

    What happened to c1, lulu, Mirar, and WHAT HAPPENED TO MARIA!!!??? It has been one month today since her last comment. I bet she went on vacation again.

    TAKE ME WITH YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1199. c1 Says:

    My 9th grade class writes a (“news”) and this issue we are having a compition between the boys and girls andI’m writing an article on homwork excuses and i was wondering if you guys knew any good ones.

  1200. ALAS Says:

    emo isnt really a good thing, but I admit I know some one who is

  1201. ALAS Says:

    yes angel we are

    C1 how about I ate my home work
    had to repair my car and I left my backpack inside it.
    dog ate it
    got blown into a fire
    my little sister crinkeled it up and threw it into the fire place.
    tornado struck my house or at least my room

    hay c1 thats kind of funny I had to wright about students cheeting and not just on tests but coping homework forgeing names the topic was can we stop people from cheeting my anser was no just like we cant stop selling drugs or smokeing before age theyve tried but students find a way around it more than 90% of students have cheated at least once through school and even college. dosent really start untill middle school though.

  1202. c1 Says:

    Sight: i never really left i just didn’t have anything to comment on.

  1203. Sight Says:

    c1: “My dog ate it.”

  1204. Mirar Says:


    I did not find that the homeowrk would be useful to me later on in life or even now at the present so i refused to do it. If you force me it goes against my rights as a human being and you can be taken to court for mental child abuse, by forcing on me your opinions of what you think is worthy. Becasue of this i think you should just continue checking everyone’s homework, thank you Miss/Sir set something more useful next time.

    I’m so tempeted to use that, i made it right now…actually i think i have used it. Haha they can’t do much about it – unless it was a worthy peice of h/w.

  1205. lulu italy Says:

    hello sight!!!
    happened that was my b day…also if no one remember it!!!!!

  1206. lulu italy Says:

    c1 really cool u if i have understand u have a school newspaper….KWLLLLLLLLLLL
    angel:i am happy to tell u that my new boyfriend is from england,birmingham.his name is richard…
    ALAS what is emo???
    as i said before forgive me 4 everything i don’t understand…

  1207. Angel Says:

    ah, if they like cut themselves then i guess its not so good, otherwise no problem really….though i havent met extreme emo’s.

  1208. c1 Says:

    I Luv it! keep the homwork excuses comin!

    lulu:you understood correctly it is really cool but it can be hard somtimes normally i do a page with movies and books

    sight: you win the prise for the most unoriginal

    Mirar: i gotta give it to you that was absolutluey wonderful

    Therer’t really any emo’s at my school of couse we wear a uniform too so it’s ahard to tell

  1209. Angel Says:

    lulu: really? coolios! well i dont live near birmingham but i have been there. its nice, got Europes biggest shopping centre there!
    c1: we were uniform as well, cept you can tell from the scarves, hats, gloves and hairstyles.
    Sight: aawww!! thats is so cute.
    ALAS: so how long you two been dating? you dont have to tell me i’m just nosy =P

  1210. c1 Says:


  1211. c1 Says:

    Angel: our uniform is gray pants white shirt navy blue jacket. guys have to wear ties and thier hair can’t be touching their ears, shirt collar, or eyebrows. and we’re not allowed to wear scaves or anything.

  1212. Sight Says:

    c1: My evil twin step brother built a tie machine, and ALAS and I were thrown back in time to the time of the dinosaurs. We were trying to find a way back, when we were snatched up in the jaws of a T-Rex. My only choice was to save ALAS or my homework, and naturally I chose ALAS; You can put a price on paper and pen, but not love.

    “My dog ate it” would be very original if I was a dog.

    “c1 ate it!” :)

    How old are you? Congrats on the boyfriend. :)

  1213. Sight Says:

    c1: my homework was abducted by aliens. (or was it?)

  1214. Sight Says:

    Angel: thanx, I think we make a cute couple. ;)

  1215. Sight Says:

    c1: that uniform sound strict. Do you like having a uniform?

  1216. Sight Says:

    ALAS: Aren’t you 2009 band people going to England for a class trip?

  1217. Sight Says:

    Maria, come home! :)

  1218. Sight Says:


  1219. Sight Says:

    c1: what is a SCAVE?

  1220. lulu italy Says:

    c1:thanxxxxxxx!!!!!!!!!!!!!r u a journalist of this newspaper??
    angel:really???i should like to go in birmingham….
    i have been for my birthday in is really coool!!!!!!!where do u live?east end or west end?

  1221. lulu italy Says:

    ok, i like to read and read and read what is wrote in this site,and now i read that sight asked me from wich part of italy i come….sight:i am from rome the capital city…do u know something ’bout it??

  1222. Mirar Says:

    Rome’s pretty awesome! I know much about Rome but i cant be bothered to say too much.Eeveryone be happy today! Italy/Rome, the centre of European civilisation – in a sense.

  1223. c1 Says:

    Sight: I am sorry I have to break it to you but you are not a dog. I don’t think very many peolpe would know who c1 is if i said c1 ate it. I meant to write scarves as in the plural of scarf. I actualy don’t mind our uniforms there kinda comfy execpt for the fact u have to tuck in your shirt. It’s also cool beacuse you don’t have to figure out waht your going to wear every morning. But we get jeans days too so it’s not all that bad.

    Lulu: I wouldn’t actually call myself a reporter because i don’t go out and ask people questions or do reportery things like that. I just write reveiws for movies and books. But this issue is special and were doing different things.

  1224. Sight Says:

    lulu: I know somethings about Rome; we just fineshed studying it in World History class. I kow that the Roman Empire lasted for quite a long time, and it was very powerful. It was also quite large.

    I would love to visit both England AND Italy some day.
    Do you like living in Rome, Lulu?

    HI EVERYBODY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1225. Maria Says:

    Hi, I know I haven’t said anything in a longgg time. Mostly because I’m kinda boring and don’t have anything to say. Lulu- I don’t know if I told you this but my family might be going to Italy this summer, but we would probably stay somewhere in Tuscany, maybe Bologna.

  1226. lulu italy Says:

    c1:my dream is beginning a music reporter!!!
    sight:no,i don’t like it.I should like to live in usa or in england,because that countries r more cool and u like to live in the usa?
    mirar:wow u know a lot of things about rome…have u never seen it?

  1227. lulu italy Says:

    sight:i am 15 at the moment…
    how old is anyone here/??
    ps I don’wear school uniform,cos last year we occupated the school to wear not them…
    does anyone occupated the school???

  1228. Sight Says:

    lulu: Yes, I love living in teh USA. I am 16. I attended a Christain school from Kindergarten through 8th Grade that made us wear uniforms. I hated them.

    Maria: Welcome back!!!

  1229. Angel Says:

    MARIA!!!! you came back! yay!!!!

    Sight: you post ALOT! you got 7 posts all one after another! you sound kinda hyper, real hyper. and you’re welcome, you two do sound like a cute couple! i want to go and live in the USA for a bit, like 3 years. i go to a Christian, Church of England school as well. snap! lol.

    c1: yeah, i have to wear a uniform, at least the girls at your school don’t have to wear a tie, we do at mine. a black blazer with a black jumper black trousers/skirt black shoes, white shirt with a grey tie which has blue, yellow and red stripes on it…. =( lol.

    lulu: um…i don’t actually know whether i live in east or west london :S i don’t live right in the city though. but, how did you like london? and like where did you go? hope you had fun! and a HAPPY (VERY) BELATED BIRTHDAY!! sorry ^_^

  1230. Mirar Says:

    Where you being sarcastic Lulu? W/e i’ve never been to italy but i know alot about it. I just tend to pick up random info, and Rome was the centre of European Civilisation, it also was one of the first countries, or was the begining of a style of visula media i.e the colloseum was a theatre also an arena for fighting (eg old age wrestling!)and stuff like your Emperors, how it conquered most of the known world and brought technology – roads, the beginings of electrical technology etc, and so forth. Also the old roman dieting habits, eh ask me questions and i’ll answer them. I studied latin for two years then dropped it in favour of drama, but yah i know quite a bit of Rome. I think personaly it’s beautiful, along with Italy. I love the fact it’s still well rooted in its histroy unlike London. Personally the West – england and USA ain’t that great, once you get here, london isn’t paved in gold!
    Uniforms rock!!! they stop bullying, and make it easy for me to not have to be questioned on my strange non-existant fashon sense/style! Go uniforms!

  1231. c1 Says:

    lulu: I sorry I don’t understand what you mean by occupated. Occupated is kinda means you live somwhere like i occupy my house. Or you could occupy your time. Do you mean petition which is like formally requesting things.

    Maria: You are only boring when your not here.

  1232. c1 Says:

    Angel: your uniform sounds much more strict than ours but it sounds much cooler we can wear almost any shoe we want so long as it’s dress shoe and doesn’t have an open heel. Although I did laugh when you “said” at least the girls don’t have to wear a tie, in the States girls don’t wear ties. Just so we’re on the same page what exactly do you mean by blazer I mean a suit coat type jacket.

    Lulu: Considering I’ve never lived anywhere else I like living in the USA very much.

  1233. Sight Says:

    Sight’s the name, hyperactive postings the game. lol.

    SciFi Saturday Survival Tip: Even if you’re immortal, you can still get your butt kicked. =O

  1234. ALAS Says:

    good day just saying hi Im 16 and dont have school uniforms
    oh and sight You only wish you were a dog.

  1235. lulu italy Says:

    angel:thanx..this year not really a good birthday!!!
    i liked much london,really great city and cool persons live there.
    mirar:i don’t like italy cos i hate all the immigrates who r there(arabians especially)who r more than italian people.about history,rome is really a great city,but i prefer england/usa cos they r more civilizeted.
    sight:i am catholic too.
    c1:oh oh really sorry…it means that all the students of the school stay in the school(also during the night)for something wich is wrong and don’t let anyone enter inthe high school til someone accept to talk with students.
    maria:welcome back!!!only one thing:it is impossible that u go in touscany in bologna cos bologna is in emilia.probably u will see firenze…

  1236. lulu italy Says:

    sight:why u wish to be a dog??????
    ALAS:in wich country do u live( i know usa,but tell me ohio,colorado,washington dc,texas…)?

  1237. Mirar Says:

    Civilised – define civilised. England is civilised perhaps in a facade but true civilisation, dang you’re gonna get me on a rant. Rome is beautiful and all socieities should become mulit-ethnic, what’s wrong with arabs and so forth? Most Europeans have immigrated so uh, what’s wrong with others migrating?
    You should spend a year in england/usa then make a descision.

  1238. Sight Says:

    ALAS: by dog, do you wolf, since I got my name from a book about wolves? I LOVE IT!!!

  1239. c1 Says:

    lulu: we don’t have anything like that at my school we do have detentions which are kinda the same but the kids ony have to come in for an hour or so and so work around the school.

    mirar: I luv uniforms too! Heres to non-exisitant fashion senses.

  1240. ALAS Says:

    Sight you mean a book you havent read????????

    ha ha I just burned u

    oh and LU Lu Italy me and sight are from missouri

  1241. Sight Says:

    ALAS: good point.

    lulu: we live in the city of Fulton, which is in the middle of Missouri.


  1242. Sight Says:


  1243. lulu italy Says:

    mirar/c1:they want to dominate the world.nothing about other immigrates.they r really bad and one of them(who was 40 years old) asked to my dad if he could merry me!!!!!!!!!terrible…..have u never seen rome??i think that it is really great like city,but i don’t like it to live there.have u never seen it?
    sight/ALAS:missouri,yes i know that country,there is also a river?

  1244. Sight Says:

    banana banana banana banana Teracota, banana banana banana TERACOTTA PIE!!!

  1245. Sight Says:

    hey LiB, do you have a “job” at a company or something, or are you kind of “self-imployed”?

    ALAS: what did you mean bt I only wish I was a dog?

  1246. Sight Says:

    just kiddin’ ’bout the fashion sense thing =)

  1247. Sarah Houghton-Jan (LiB) Says:

    Sight: Yes, I do have a job. I’m a librarian :) I work as the Information and Web Services Manager for the San Mateo County Library. Read my About page for more info:

  1248. c1 Says:

    Lulu: nope sorry never seen Rome or Italy except in photographs.

    Sight, ALAS:What’s MO like? I’ve been there but I don’t remember it.

  1249. Mirar Says:

    No i’ve seen picture of Rome but i haven’t been there. When i’m old enough and am earning enough money i hope to travel around Europe via motorbike then i shall see Rome. They want to take over the world? It’s the westerners who are leading the world, becomeing the worlds police, England and the USA along with other European countries. They – the arabs etc – dont want to take over the world, they want to escape from their countries hell to reach a safe haven, where they can live in peace without the fear off being bombed off the face of the plant every morning! Asking you to marry him, yeah probably kinda weird but in their culture they marry off children at aged 14, they are betrothed at birth. Just like the Italians/Romans. You guys were betrothed at birth and it was normal for a young girl to be married to an old geezer (man) at the age of 12, so uh, it may seem weird in a modern context but it isn’t that strange! And i’m not an arab, so this isn’t a personal thing i just try to view the world diffrently – also i dont want it to become a massive arguemnet, just stating my views etc.

    Apparently acorrding to my sister *scowls at Angel* my fashion sense is an ethnic, male hobo. Someone threw me 20p (around um…70Cent or something) when i was sitting outside a shop – i hate shopping – casue they thought i was homeless. Absoluetly hillarious.

    Wolves are awesome, j’adore Wolves! Amore Wolves, Ich leibe wolves! YAYAYAYAAYAYAYAY!
    Randomness is the expression of the conformed human mind!

  1250. Angel Says:

    *laughs at mirar* tis true! tis so so true!!! hahahaha! sorry…
    c1: yeah, a suit jacket, same as a blazar.
    lulu: i think italy is a beautiful country, although i haven’t been there.

  1251. c1 Says:

    Mirar: according to my sis that’s probably what my fashoin sense is too but hers is worse than mine. But I like shopping. What does the p stand for in 20p?

    Lulu: Have you every been to Venice?

    Has anyone read the Stravaganza books?

  1252. Sight Says:

    c1: What are the Stravaganza books about?

    Mirar: I think you’re saying ” I love love wolves” or something when you said, “j’adore Wolves! Amore Wolves, Ich leibe wolves!” but what language are you saying it in?

    I would pay you, but I’m broke, I gave all my money to c1 :) :) :)

  1253. Sight Says:

    “…and the home of he wolf shall be my home.”

    One evening an old Cherokee Indian told his grandson about a battle that goes on inside people. He said, “My son,
    > The battle is between two ‘wolves’ inside us all.
    > One is Evil. It is anger, envy, jealousy, sorrow, regret,
    > greed, arrogance, self-pity, guilt, resentment
    > Inferiority, lies, false pride, superiority and ego.
    > The other is Good. It is joy, peace, love, hope,
    > serenity, humility, kindness, benevolence,
    > empathy, generosity, truth, compassion and faith.”
    > The grandson thought about it for a minute
    > and then asked his grandfather,
    > “Which wolf wins?”
    > The old Cherokee simply replied, “The one you feed.”

  1254. Sight Says:

    You all thought that bunny was gone for good, but he’s back, and BADDER than ever!!!

    (“)_(“) WORLD DOMINATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1255. Sight Says:


  1256. Sight Says:

    MARIA GOT KIDNAPPED BY ALIENS AGAIN!!! Why do bad things have to happen to good people, WHY?????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  1257. Mirar Says:

    P stands for pence, pence and pounds – cent and dollars, make sense? J’adore wolves = I love wolves in French, Amore Wolves = Love Wolves in Italian (I think -don’t speak it.) Ich leibe Wolves = I love Wolves in German. Ovbioulsy i don’t know how to say wolves in french, german and italian but hey, makes sense to me!

    Je suis tres bien!
    Ich bin sehr gut
    yeah i’m rocking!

    Anyone heard of Nickleback – so gooooood!

  1258. Mirar Says:

    I need the money more than c1 – he’s jsut pretending to be a bum, i’m broke and a bum, gimme gimme gimme :)

  1259. ALAS Says:

    sight your getting wierder and wierder by the day but then again I knew this would happen so……

    By the way sight your right about what Mirar said 1, is adore 2, is love 3, I dont know, and by the way sight its French.

  1260. c1 Says:

    Sight: The Stravaganza books are about a group of people called stravaganti that travel across the space time contium from England to Talia which is like Italy.

  1261. Angel Says:

    so agreed ALAS! sight you post sooo much! I used to be like oyu, stole my thunder.
    c1: the p in 20p means pence
    Sight:@ did you get you’re drivers lisecnce or something?
    maria did not get kidnapped by aliens…. -_-
    mirar is a show off! -_-”

  1262. Sight Says:

    Mirar: ok, what does “Je suis tres bien! Ich bin sehr gut” mean?

    Nickelback is the second best band of all time, a VERY close second to Evanescence.

    I would give you money, but it would be a while through the mail. and I’m broke :)

    ALAS: maybe I am, but that’s why you love me ;)

    c1: sounds interesting; i’m a Science Fiction and Fantasy kind of guy, so that would be right up my alley!

    Angel: I got my Driver’s License back in December. It was ALAS who just got hers. She’s a good driver.

    Sorry if I’m annoying anybody by posting all of the time. I like to talk; anyone who knows me will tell you that. I’ll try to tome it down a bit.

  1263. Sight Says:

    Is pence like a British version of an American dollar bill or something?

  1264. lulu italy Says:

    ok ok ok italy great country ok…..
    i do spanish at school!!!!!!!como te llamas??
    mirar:u r great,how can u know all this lenguages?ps perfectly italian…o u know what does it means banana
    alas/angel:no i think that posting much is cool…
    c1 really sorry that u have never seen rome!!stravaganti is an italian word,wich means “eccentric”
    is t an italian book?
    maria:no problem,aliens don’t exist!!!!!don’t worry!!!

  1265. c1 Says:

    Mirar: I’m gonna have to go with Angel on that one. What could you buy with 20p?Vous pensez votre Mirar tellement grand !

  1266. ALAS Says:

    ok english only please

  1267. c1 Says:

    lulu: Thanks for tellling me what stravaganti means. in America there is a word, Stravaganza, which means somthing great and really cool and includes a lot of stuff. The book isn’t really about Italy it’s about kids from England who go to a 16th centry “Italy” which is called Talia. Which isn’t really Italy it’s a different world. so the kids to get there tracel across the space time contiuim (they go to a different place and time)

  1268. nicole knox Says:

    i have the movie book and i am getting the movie soon and i thought that the guy who plays eragon is so cute well thats what me and a couple of my friends think.!

  1269. Sight Says:

    lulu: Thanks for the posting a lot comment. By the way, I do Spanish in school, too. What grade are you in? (For Example: ALAS and I are sophomores, meaning that we are in 10th Grade.

    ALAS: I am with you; all of this foreign language is making my head spin. lol.

    Mirar: Where did you learn all of these phrases in so many different languages? You are like some kind of Foreign Language Dictionary. ;)

  1270. Sight Says:

    Welcome Nicole

  1271. Sight Says:

    lulu: what age do people in Italy have to be to get a driver’s license?

    Anybody from from England (SORRY, I HAVE LOST TRACK OF WHOSE FROM ENGLAND AND WHO IS FROM AMERICA): what age do people in England have to be to get a driver’s license?

  1272. Mirar Says:

    I’m from england. Where did i learn all those languages – i’m brilliant! Nah, i jsut pick up on stuff like that, languages ae quite easy really.

    Je suis tres bien – french – i am very good
    ich bin sehr gut – german – i am very good.

    I don’t know what i could buy for 20p, ask the person who gave it to me, they’re just too cheap!Well… i could get penny sweets, mmm, sugar and geletine, so tasty! I took the foundation of languages to work out the italian,and the fact i know what amore means – hehe!

    I like being a dictionary.

    NICKELBACK!! They beat Evanescence,by far!!!!

  1273. Sight Says:

    Maybe we should take a pole: Who does everyone like better: Nickelback or Evanescence?

    “The eyes are the windows to the soul…”

  1274. Mirar Says:

    Got to be 16 to get a drivers license, but you have to drive with an adult till yout 18 – your an adult at 18, so get the license 16, can’t use it independantly till your 18.

  1275. Sight Says:

    In the U.S., at 15 you get a Permit, which allows you to drive only with a Parent or Legal Guardian.

    At 16, you get an Intermediate License, which allows you to drive by yourself, except between 1 and 5 in the morning, when you must have an adult over 21 with you. Also, you can only have 1 person outside of your immediate family in the car with you for the first six months, after that you can have up to 3.

    At 18, you get a Full License, which allows you to drive by yourself, anytime, and there is NO passenger amount limit, as long as you have enough seatbelts for every person in the car.

    At 21, you can get your MINOR restrction removed, wich allows you to legally drink (as long as you’re not driving!!!)

  1276. c1 Says:

    Sight: do hate to be rude but they changed the Permit age to 16 for everyone born in and after 1992 (wahhhhhh).

    I don’t listen to Nickelback or Eveansance.

    Mirar: your so lucky i wish i had a gift for languages!

  1277. lulu italy Says:

    hello sight: here in italy u can drive microcars at the ge of 14,the normal car at 18…

  1278. lulu italy Says:

    mirar:u r from england!!!wow!!!i love england^__^
    welcome nicole!!
    sight: i prefer evanescence…have u got microcar??

  1279. Sight Says:

    c1: They didn’t change it in Missouri, what state are you from?

    lulu: ALRIGHT, another Evanescence lover; ROCK ON!!! :)
    we don’t have “microcars” in America. What are they?

  1280. Angel Says:

    aarrgghh! i am so sorry! i lose track of people and convos
    sight: i am from England
    Nickelback is coolios!
    lulu: hello!

  1281. ALAS Says:

    what is a micro car ive never heard of one
    before i have a 1994 Ford Escort were able to drive at 16 but we have limitations like curfue untill were 18 then were free.(we cant drive past one or before 5.

  1282. c1 Says:

    lulu: what’s a microcar?

  1283. c1 Says:

    Sight: I’m from Ohio (GO BUCKS! NCAA CHAMPIONS!) they also made a law that you can’t smoke in public buildings in Ohio.

  1284. lulu italy Says:

    ok guys a micro car it’s a car like “smart”with only two is only a motor bicycle with the doors…
    hello angel!!!
    c1:ok now i am beginnig a buck’s fun!!!did they won??
    for everybody: have u seen the mondial race at melbourne (australia)?

  1285. Mirar Says:

    *Konichiwa. Genki desuka. Daijobu ka?*

    Oh their making that rule in about a year, no smoking in public or where food is served. Did you know you are legally allowed to drink alchol at the age of 5 in England, can’t buy it however till you’re 16 or 18 cant remember.
    In italy don’t people like ride scooters everywhere at the age of 12 or something?

    I love evanescene, but Nickleback – sorry beat their socks of! NICKELBACK 4 EVA – songs have more meaning!


    *When you translate it into the Roman Alphabet – the alphabet the western world uses, it’s actually spelt like that – this is japanese by the way! Means- :

    Hello, How are you. Is everything all right?

  1286. c1 Says:

    Lulu:The Buckeyes are in the Final Four for basketball. That means they have to beat 2 more teams to actually be the NCAA Champions but I think they will make it. Here’s a picture of all the teams the’ve played and who they have to beat if you have questions you can ask.

  1287. Maggie Says:


  1288. Maggie Says:

    i don’t know what is going on in the book but i will believe what everyone else is saying about it.

  1289. Mirar Says:

    Yo welcome, read the book it’s good then you’ll know what’s going on lol! Take Care – Can’t belive Sight or ALAS haven’t posted in a frenzy yet!

  1290. Angel Says:

    OMGSH!!! Sight hasn’t posted yet? it’s a mini miracle! lol :P

    oh, hello maggie, i’m the one that always says hello to the newbies! =)
    at the moment we’re not really talking about the book, but if you want us to explain just ask! we are all a friendly bunch and wont bite, aint that right LiB?

  1291. c1 Says:

    Hi Maggie where are you from?

    It is a Mini maricle I wonder where they went

  1292. Mirar Says:

    Probs on a date – at least that’s what i think, they’re always saying stuff like -you didn’t hug me, i love etc – it’s sweet hehe. Awwww. Has anyone heard the JCB song by Nizlopi IT’S AWESOME!!! here’s the link:

  1293. lulu italy Says:

    Maggie: welcome!!!!!isn’t so bad that u haven’t read the book,don’t worry!!!:-)….
    Mirar:forgive me for my question but u know that i am italian and that i have never hear americans and english names before…r u a boy o r u girl??(tell u sorry again)
    hello angel and c1!!!!
    i think it’s normal that sometimes sight doesn’t post comments…everybody needs to stay away for some days…
    c1:thanx,i visit the site…

  1294. Mirar Says:

    Hey Lulu! No problemo. Uh well see the thing is – i’m biconfused! HAHAAHAHA! No,no, Mirar is the name of a character from a book called The Preistess of the White by Trudi Cananvan. In the book the character is a male. Mirar is also the Spanish verb To Watch. However I am a girl. If you scrolled up majorly you’d see that myself and Angel are actually twins. But don’t worry a) we are unidentical and b) well i’m a totally diffrent person as you can see. Most people confuse me as a boy so you’re not alone…unless you wanted me to be a boy…hmmm……………………………………….

  1295. c1 Says:

    mirar:No I havent heard it What’s It about? I’m curious did you pick your name here from the spanish word mirar which means to look at?

    Lulu: you’re welcome

  1296. lulu italy Says:

    Mirar:ok haha!!u r great everyway!!!ho do u know spanish?i do spanish at school but i prefer english…

  1297. Mirar Says:

    Wait C1 the book or the song? Um the song’s about this guy, the lead singer of the 2 peice band Nizlopi who when he was a kid was dyslexic and to escape the taunting at school would go with his dad to work in his JCB truck instead of going to school – it’s really sweet. Paste the link i put in two posts ago into youtube and watch the video. It’s a prety old song but i still like it.
    Um i think i said my name was also a Spanish verb, Angel told me it meant To Watch but you say it means To Look At – Same thing i guess. And no, i didn’t get it from the Spanish Verb first, i got it from the book Preistess of the White by Trudi Canavan – i belive i said that before to Lulu.

  1298. Angel Says:

    no, she picked it from the book, until i told her!

    OMGSH!!!!!they still haven’t posted!!!
    where did they go?
    where they abducted by aliens?

  1299. ALAS Says:

    love you all explain everything later

  1300. Maggie Says:

    i am from the same school as the sight and alas

  1301. Maggie Says:

    i am a girl and why do you ask everyone that question when they are new to this kind of thing.

  1302. c1 Says:

    Maggie: So do you know where sight&Alas went.


    Lulu: the Buckeyes didn’t win the championship the flordia gators beat us

  1303. Mirar Says:

    Maggie: They don’t ask that question all the time. I’ve been on this site for almost a year i guess, we’re all old here…except for you. She was simply curious, most of my posts don’t really swing to a certain gender if you get my drift. Like, you can tell Sight is a girl and ALAS a boy, Lulu a girl, C1 – hmmm…Angel a girl, but with me, you can’t really tell get my drift. I mean it’s pretty obvious you’re a girl.

    ALAS – seriously, that just sounded weird, we’ll explain later, you gots a lot of explaining to do lol! But I still think i’m correct – on a date, special 3day date or something he..he…he….tres marrante!

  1304. Sight Says:

    Yeah, we have another Fulton person!!!

    Maggie: lulu was talking to Mirar, not you. As she posted earlier, she didn’t know if that was a boy or a girl name.

    hi everybody!!!

  1305. Mirar Says:

    They’re back? Alright then kids, what happened?

  1306. lulu italy Says:

    ohoh sight and ALAS r back and maggie is their friend!!!ok now i have understand….
    maggie:forgive me if i do some grammatical mistakes but i am from italy…
    c1:what’s the book/song about u were talking about?and buckeyes didn’t win..:-(
    sight:thanx,u have exlain better than me!!!have u seen melbourne 2007??and what’s Fulton?
    mirar:wich music do u like?

  1307. Angel Says:

    yes! Sight and ALAS are abck! woohooo!!! now, you have to explain the very curious message ALAS left us.

    Mirar: i think Sight is a guy, and ALAS a girl. i think they are going out. i think you don’t actually know what you were talking about.

    Maggie: coolios, you know them, kewl.

    lulu: how’ve you been?

  1308. Mirar Says:

    Excuse me Angel? Don’t you know i know everything…OK so i don’t big deal. Well whichever i belive i was the first to say they were dating,scroll up, scroll up and take a look for yourself!And whichever the case girl boy big deal! Ok it is a big deal…but that is not the point!

    Lulu: hello, hmmm what music do i like well….I like soft rock, bit of rock ‘n jazz, soft jazz, some classical, i like irish music, don’t like R’n’B or Hip hop, don’t like techno – can’t understand it. Don’t like Pop or Disco, simply cheesy, don’t like Heavy Metal cause i can’t understand it, but basically most music. If it has a good instrumental, good melody and harmonies, a nice singer then wha-hey. Just, don’t like commercial music, if it’s heartfelt then i’m all there i guess…Who do you like?

  1309. lulu italy Says:

    angel:hello!!!!how r u??
    ALAS: u must explain us why u told love u all!!!!

  1310. c1 Says:

    Mirar: I’m a girl and by the way I was bored one day and figured out who was the oldest here i think it’s you (or Angel i don’t remeber)

    lulu: the book I was talking about was Stravaganza it’s a seris the first one is City of Masks. I’m sad to the buckeyes didn’t win too the worst part is the team that beat us beat us in american football too. :-(

    ALAS: Please explain the curious message

  1311. Mirar Says:

    c1: My best freinds read those books – is it any good? And um i don’t think myself or Angel are the eldest, i swear you’re 15, or Sight and ALAs are? I think we’re the youngest or in the average belt.
    Lulu: Hello, what music do you like?

  1312. ALAS Says:

    all right allright.
    angel u are right I am a girl and the reason I havent been on is because our school is trying to block any sites that dont have anything to do with school and the one day i tried to type on here u only got that part of the message before it took over my computer im lucky it hasent tryed again wile i was typeing this. oh and sight uses the same computer so next is him.

    oh mirar u have no clue what your talking about Im A GIRL. I MISSED YOU ALL

  1313. Sight Says:

    Well, since ALAS explained the message and the absense, I talk to you all about various comments posted during our date, er, absense 0_o LOL.

    Angel: yeah, we don’t bite…..hard.

    Mirar: We NEVER said you didn’t hug me or I love you. we hinted it, but never said it word for word (not on here at least :) You were correct about one thing, we are dating. but I am a BOY and ALAS is a GIRL. (real names not included….or are they?….but it still should be easy to tell.)

    3-day date…hmm, never thought of that. LET’S DO IT!!!!

    Well, by everybody, we’ll see you in three days. WE’RE OFF TO SEE THE WIZARD, THE WONDERFUL WIZARD OF OZ!!!

  1314. lulu italy Says:

    hello mirar!!!i like house and punk/rock music.u?
    ALAS&Sight:welcome back!!
    c1:thanx,have u read harry potter?

  1315. Maggie Says:

    how long did it take to read the book eragon?

  1316. ALAS Says:

    well im 16 and 17 in september so i dont know how old id have to be to be considerd old

  1317. Mirar Says:

    Alas: Well it’s one of the other, i mean ALAS seems more masculine Sight more feminine so i took a guess, got the point across though!

    Sight: Way too lazy to go through every post but i know you guys wrote stuff like “Whay aren’t you taliking to me,” “hugs” and stuff like that. At first i thought perhaps one fo you fancied the other or soemthing, i mean it was so obvious you had/have a thing going on, you post one after the other. It’s sweet – in a sense.

    Lulu:hello, hmmm what music do i like well….I like soft rock, bit of rock ‘n jazz, soft jazz, some classical, i like irish music, don’t like R’n’B or Hip hop, don’t like techno – can’t understand it. Don’t like Pop or Disco, simply cheesy, don’t like Heavy Metal cause i can’t understand it, but basically most music. If it has a good instrumental, good melody and harmonies, a nice singer then wha-hey. Just, don’t like commercial music, if it’s heartfelt then i’m all there i guess…

    Maggie: Myself and Angel are not the eldest. And it took me 14hrs to read Eldest.

  1318. Sight Says:

    lulu: I love Harry Potter, have you read them? What is House music? I love punk and rock music too!!!

    Like ALAS, I am also 16, but I will not turn 17 until December. ALAS is OLDER than I am.

    Maggie: the amount of time it takes to read Eragon depends on how fast of a reader you are. I read 1 page of a hard-back book in about 2 to 3 minutes; I am a very slow reader. I read an average of 10 to 20 pages every day, and it took about 3 months to complete it. It was definately worth the time, though.

    I have a friend from school that could read Eragon in less than a day if she read non-stop from beginning to end. About a month ago, she read 4 and 1-half books in 3 days.

  1319. Angel Says:

    i’m older than Mirar,not THAT much older, but still older. i think c1 is a year older, and yes i knew she was a girl, and i think lulu is the same age as c1. not too sure though.
    Sight and ALAS are the eldest, and to answer Sight, yup your names are added in that. well not yours Sight, but ALAS’. i think if i remember right, ALAS said that those were her initials?

    maggie, as i’m a slow reader it probably took me about 3 weeks.

  1320. c1 Says:

    What I meant about being the oldest was who’s been here the longest?

    Mirar: close enough on my age

    Lulu:No I haven’t read harry potter i’m not allowed to because they advocate somthin the chuch doesn’t agree with and even though I really like fantasy they dn’t seem like my tpye of books.

    I don’t remember who asked (And i’m too lazy to scroll up) but yes the Stravaganza books are very good but i’m curious how many of the seris are published in England.

    Sight&ALAS: Sight got his name from a book and ALAS is ALAS’s initials (oooohhhh I remebered that without scolling up)

  1321. lulu italy Says:

    c1 & mirar: harry potter is great!!!!!!!!!
    sight:wow who is ur best singer??

  1322. Angel Says:

    lol, i rememebered that without scrolling up either c1!
    oh as in who’s been here longest that would be ME!!!!!!! I introduced Mirar to this!
    all bow before me, Angel, I’m the ruler of all…minus LiB of course!
    lol. j/k ^_^

  1323. c1 Says:

    Maggie: it took me about 2 or 3 weeks but I read it in the summer and i didn’t have a lot of time

  1324. Mirar Says:

    Lulu: Harry Potter with absplutely no offence to Rowling is a decent but in my opinion not fantastic book. There is only one ending for evvery book which you can guess after the first few chapters and it will be the same for the last book, unles Rowling decides to do a devious twist, but considering the fact she know has a massive fan base, a movie deal and it’s read by children theres a slim probabilty the outcome of the 7th book wont be expected.

    Maggie: Took me 14hrs to read Eldest, read LOTR in a week at the age of 11 in old english, read 5 400 pages+ books in 5 days whilst in Germany and suffering intense heat – the stench in the coach from the broken air-con and busted toilet didn’t help – ursh i feel sick just remeniscing! Um i’m quite fast but at the same time whilst Angel takes her tim to read she can remeber the exact place and book Josh Richter spoke his first word in the Princess Diaries – now that’s just scary.

    Maggie: Oooh your pretty special today! Um Angel’s the oldest site-wise by a few more posts than me, however if you counted post count and not entry onto the iste i’d say Sight and ALAS are whooping our *hmm* behind’s!

    Maggie: Dang girl you spring up loads of topics! I’m gonna read Sight – no hunny Sigh the book Sight not the boy – girl – which one are you again?

    Maggie: This is too much, um aren’t you 16 going on 17 if you’re in the same class as Sight?ALAS?

    Y’know what. I’m just gonna call Sight and ALAS – SALAS, makes things waay much easier!

    SALAS: House music is like garage, heavy beats you can ‘cough*dance*cough* jerk about* to.

  1325. Maggie Says:


  1326. Sight Says:

    Mirar: no, we didn’t say anything like that.
    I said “Happy Valentines Day, especially to ALAS, for reasons only she and I know” and “I think ALAS and I make a pretty cute couple.” that is pretty much the only things we have said. Also, YOU BETTER BELIEVE WE’RE WOOPING YOUR BEHINDS!!! lol.

    I’M A BOOOOOOOOOOY!!!!!!!!!! Just think of “ALAS” being like the female name “Alice” Sight is NOT a girl’s name. O_O

    Hmm…………….SALAS………….makes me think of many wonderful things, but no. (maybe our kid, though). O_o

    Actually, age wise, Maggie is the oldest.

    Mirgel (lol): which one of you is the oldest?

  1327. ALAS Says:

    SALAS. uhh NOOOOOOOOOOO two names two different genders two different people
    I am not a she male, oh, i dont care if its easer, I like my names initials the way it is thank you is that too hard to ask *Im not unkind…. im one of a kind.
    x x im not mad.
    o im glad
    this wont come up again \
    o^o hmph.
    remember im watching u (lol)

  1328. c1 Says:

    I thought of a devious twist for HP they come up agaist the ultimate evil (lord whatshisface of someone else) and they bring him down and then they die. No offense to anyone out there but the hero dying is the only way to end a book or else your always wondering what happened to them

  1329. Sight Says:

    c1: his name is Lord Voldemort (not sure on the spelling). Good point about the main character dying, kind of sad though.

  1330. Mirar Says:

    c1: I must agree with you, but here’s my twist, Harry dies and Voldermort lives, then whith Harry dead everyones in despair, till they realise Nevile is actually the hero, how funny would that be. After all that, it turns out Neville is the prophesyd kid eh? That’s what i call a devious twist.

    SALAS: No ofence but when I came back after my short break, I thought Sight was a girl and ALAS a boy, i dunno it just makes sense to me, even now i think that you guys are the other way round.
    See what I mean, Happy V day,cute couple an obvious give away -and now the (Hmm maybe our kid) how can anyone not thing your dating – even though you’ve admitted you are…BUT THAT’S NOT THE POINT!!!
    I think you should chage our name to Miguel because it’s spanish and smexy – oh and for the record Angel is older, by 20mins.

    oh and SALAS – Mirar is the spanish verb to watch, which means I’M watching YOU!!!! Mwahahahaahahahaha! :D

  1331. Sight Says:

    Mirar: NO SALAS, PLEASE!!! It makes sound like you all are calling us a Salad.

    f.y.i., ALAS and I are NOT trying to deny that we are dating, because we ARE dating. We are trying to tell you that we did NOT say many of the things you said we did (you didn’t hug me, etc.) You know too much foreign language….you should be a translater (lol).

    Actually, an even MORE ddeviuos twist would be Malfoy dying to save Harry, or vice-versa. I could see Nevile as the hero, though. *snickers*

  1332. c1 Says:

    I don’t know who Nevile is from HArry Potter I don’t read the books or watch the movie.

    I knew Sight was a boy I thought ALAS was a boy too but now I know ALAS is a girl!

  1333. ALAS Says:

    how long did you all think I was a guy. do i really sound like one?

  1334. Sight Says:

    c1: how long did you think ALAS was a boy? did you think I was gay or something when we started talking about us dating? lol.

  1335. Angel Says:

    The Queen of this forum is back!!! All bow! *watches them all kneel before her* You may rise! *sits upon her throne*
    Now, i always knew ALAS was a girl and Sight a boy cos he wrote in one of his first posts that “he” laughed.
    Now, as Queeen, my first law is that Mirar you stop using the word SALAS, makes me also think of Salad., and that makes her Ladyship hungary.
    My second law as Queen of this forum, is that no-one, i mean NO-ONE! should call Mirar and I, Mirel, Miganel, or Miguel, i do not care how “smexy” it may be.
    and finally, LiB is the Overlord of this, the Empress of the forums, i’m just the Queen right now to keep y’all in place ^_^
    Oh and Sight? Yes i do indeed about your Harry Potter twist, that would be way better than Mirar’s.
    And now my minions, i muct depart of your company, till next time.
    *Stands up and walks out*

  1336. Sight Says:

    I didn’t mean to offend any gay or lesbian people. Sorry if it seemed like it.

  1337. Mirar Says:

    Go away Angel you party pooper *goes off to think of another name for Sight and ALAS*

    Lenon: ALAS it’s not that you necessarily sound like a guy it’s just the intials, its not feminine unless you know what they stand for – get it? And Sight – i admitted i’d made a mistake, my point was that i was the first to state you were dating – tis all.

    My twist was the best, and then Neville beats up Malfoy, hahahaah! That’s even better! I’ll post a role play later!

    BTW: Sight Alas i’m calling you Lenon after his famous words – All You Need Is LUUURRVVE!:P :D

  1338. c1 Says:

    I didn’t realize Sight and ALAS were dating (I’m kinda slow to catch on to stuff llike that) but it was the initails that made me think that, then I realized they were dating and I got confuzed who was guy and who was girl.

    mirar: I havce this awesome idea for names how bout you call them………Sight and ALAS!!! (yes I know that’s totally unoriginal) how bout ALASight or Alias

  1339. Sight Says:

    Mirar: actually, I sang, and ALAS played, Beatles songs last year for Choir and Band at our school. Lenon doesn’t sound like such a bad name, except we won’t know which one of us you are talking about.

    lulu: HI!!! I MISS YOU!!!
    Maria: HI!!! I MISS YOU!!!


    Angel, er Your Ladyship: *bows down* “Shall I fetch you a salad, ‘mah Lady?” ^_^

  1340. Angel Says:

    *Sits on throne*
    *reads Mirar’s last comment*
    *throws slipper at her*
    i am no party pooper! And I was the first person to know they were dating!

    NEW LAW! I do not think Sight and ALAS should be called Lenon, i prefer c1′s idea on names, call them Sight and ALAS!

    c1: you made the Queen happy, you are now Lady c1! *gives her badge* =)

    Sight: No thankyou Sight, i’m not hungary right now, but for your thoughtful thinking i shall knight you *gets cerimonial sword* Kneel please. *places sword on his shoulders* Now rise, Sir Sight!

    c1 and Sight, you are no longer my minions, but you still serve me! =]

    Just to let you all know, i am an easily pleased Queen. I do not like Mirar right now, she defies me! :P

    Now, time for a partaaaaayyyyy!!!!!!!!!!! to honour my new subjects!
    *throws confetti and starts dancing*

  1341. Sight Says:

    c1: we SAID we were dating. did you not read that post or somethin’?

    Queen Angel: Thnk you, you’re ladyship. You are the ONLY one who actually doesn’t make fun of us. *kneels down* “I am here to serve.” PPPPPPPAAAAAAARRRRRRRTTTTTTTTYYYYYYYAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!

    Maggie, Maria, lulu COME BACK!!!

    to anyone who thinks that ALAS and I are one person: STOP!!! I bet you wouldn’t make fun of us if we weren’t dating. O___O

  1342. c1 Says:

    ALAS (or Sight don’t remember): yes I know that but before you any one said you were dating

    Angel: Why thank you your Majesty *recieves badge and wonders why she didn’t get a pretty goly circlet* then in responds joins in the party cheer PARTY!PARTY!PARTY!

    Sight: you are unleared I see in addressing royalty your ladyship is for a lady of duchess ( correct me if i’m wrong on this one. your highness is a prince or princess, and your majesty is king or queen don’t ask me how i know i just do.

    Mirar: Since I have not the station to promote you you can be my personal maid and come with me to the party

  1343. Angel Says:

    You are eternily welcome Sir Sight. Of course i don’t make fun of you too, you are very nice people, and there isn’t much to make fun of.
    yes PARTY TIME!!!!!
    *throws more confetti*
    Lulu, Maggie, Maria as your Queen i order you to come back, it’s making one of my subjects sad =( lol.
    oh, and Sir. Sight? c1, is your ladyship, you should really call me your Highness, or Your Majesty :P

  1344. Maggie Says:

    hey guys, what’s up!! i haven’t heard from any of you for a long time. did you forget i was there because i have written many messages every chance i got.

  1345. Maggie Says:

    tomorrow i will be on a field trip. i know that doesn’t have anything to do with the topic but i just thought you would like to know i would be gone tomorrow even thought i don’t have a study hall then. see you later.
    BYE BYE BYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  1346. ALAS Says:

    cant buy me looooove looooove, cant buy me love my friend cause i have sight.
    the long and winding road gona cry, cuse i sound like a guyyyy.
    let it be (no salas)let it be quit makeing us names and just let it be
    c1 Mirar and angel let it beeee e e e e
    Amanda’s got a gun(thats my real name) so you better be on the run(im not a boy)gunna shoot the queen (not you angel) of jubelie.

  1347. Sight Says:

    ALAS: aaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!! I love you, too!!! *tee hee* *giggles*

  1348. Mirar Says:

    Deliver us!!!! Now it’s jsut painful. Angle, i defy you? well darn it, i’ll be the Part Pooper – *turns up opera music, Dido’s lament from Dido and Aneus*

    Amanda and Co. I don’t make fun of you, i simply made a point then everyone went hysterical – basically i have surfured because i have never had my life requited – ha, like i’m that sad! I think it’s really sweet, just DONT do that weirdo affection thingy stuff, too scary!

    Mags: Bye, have fun, enjoy yourself!!

    C1: Maid? Just WAIT till my next post!

  1349. c1 Says:

    ALAS: you’re misunderstanding it’s your initail’s that made you sound like a guy.

    *With all the tax payer dollars i go and buy myself the prettist circlet I can find*

  1350. Sight Says:

    c1: ooowww, sounds like someone is gettin’ jelous–”*recieves badge and wonders why she didn’t get a pretty goly circlet*” Thank you for correcting me, you Ladyship.

    Queen Angel: thank you once again, your Higness. ^_^

    Maggie: What do you mean, I’ve said hi, and come back? maybe you were to horrified by the name-calling and making-fun of ALAS and I to notice. LOL. Have fun on your Field Trip.

  1351. Sight Says:

    Queen Angel: If I am a knight, and ALAS is my chosen maiden, what would her title be?

    ALAS: ^_^ *bows down*

  1352. Sight Says:

    ALAS: What is the name of that song by AFI? lyrics: “this is what you brought me,this you can keep…..just promise one thing, kiss my eyes and lay me to sleep.” its very pretty.

  1353. Angel Says:

    ah yes, Lady c1 is correct. oh and sorry, *gives c1 a pretty goly circlet as well* what is that anyways?

    oh hey maggie!!! i haven’t seen any of your posts, though you probably did right them! well, have fun on your trip!
    ALAS: nice song! where’d you get it from?

    Mirar: hm…you can be my personal scholar for now, unless you would prefer to be c1′s personal maid of course.

    ALAS, Maggie and Lulu, although i haven’t assigned you positions of the court, you are of course invited to my PARTY!!!! unfortunately, no-one will have dates, because there is only one guy here and he is taken….well only ALAS will have an escort.

    hm…where has Sofa got to? she hasn’t posted in AGES!!! and Maria…and Chelsea….hhmm…

  1354. Sight Says:

    Look out, taken Royal Escort, comin’ through!!!

    Wow, now that I think about it, i AM the only guy here :O I feel so lonely!!! *goes and cries on ALAS’s shoulder* (mirar– “EWW, GROSS!!!”)lol.

    c1: Angel has a point, what is a circlet? BTW, how does the initials A-L-A-S make anyone sound like a guy or girl?

    Would a knight’s maiden(for lack of a better word) be a Lady? or just a Maiden? I’m not very good at medieval titles.

    Mirar: Hola, mi nombre es Sight. ?En que le puedo servir?

  1355. Sight Says:

    LULU: OH, MY!!! I’m sorry; a while back you asked who my favorite singer was. I would definately say Amy Lee from Evanescence.

  1356. Sight Says:

    hey, does anybody know what “w00t” means?

  1357. c1 Says:

    I suppose i’ll have to find my own escort *sigh* I told someone about this sight but they didn’t come *sighs again*

    Angel: goly was supposed to be goldy I didn’t make up a new word I should learn not to write these so late at night. *jumps up and down with joy at seeing the gold circlet*

    Mirar: to good to be a lady’s personal maid mine go be Queen Angel’s scholar then see if I care (jk)

  1358. Queen Angel Says:

    Sight: With ALAS being your chosen maid she will be address accordingly with the title of Lady. If you spilt she will be stripped of her title.

    I just rememebered, c1 your official title should be Dame c1, but you would be addressed as Lady.

    Mirar: get over yourself :P i have offered you a posistion, and i might well take it back. I will not have commeners like yourself addressing Lady’s of my Court in such a manner. :P

  1359. Sarah Houghton-Jan (LiB) Says:

    Hi Sight–Librarian in Black to the rescue. W00t means “We Own the Other Team,” but is generally used by geeks to be a happy exclamation. Read more on Wikipedia:

  1360. ALAS Says:

    chelsea is the one im worried about it seems like she stopped comeing after the movis came out. she was on here longer than all of us than one day poof gone. i think she took the movie as such an insult she never came back.

  1361. Sight Says:

    c1: what is a circlet?

    Queen Angel: *bows down* With respect, your Majesty, what is the difference between a Dame and a Lady?

    LiB: Thank you very very much, my Empress. lol.

    ALAS: yah! party time! although, you do have a point. it is very strange that Chelsie suddenly left.

  1362. Mirar Says:

    Bonsouir. Ca va? Ca va bof pas mal. Je suis tres fatiguant parce que c’est 9:43 pm. Je vais aller au dormir! Blergh really tired. I don’t speak spansih, only french, german and english. I only know titbits of things.
    Wub: I’m not a juevnile kiddy winkle, putting your head on one anothers shoulders is your porogitive, if you met me you’d think i were 18 hehe. Moving on i have to say my ego can be massive. I belive that when you get to a certain age you delve into the sinful pools of false pride, i need to abolish that and learn to be humbel, a bumbling humble. Don’t you know yet -I AM ZE PARTY POOPER!!!!
    c1: I’m sorry, i’m just to good to be your maid :P

    Angel: Wait till your PC time stop reading over my darn shoulder! And no i wont get over myself, i have a chip on my shoulder as high as the empire State building – now how do i get over that? (j/k)!!!!

    Why does everyone worry about chelsea and marie and Lulu but when i left no one cared. i feel unloved – someone love me!!! Y’know if you need more guys for your PAR-TEH, then people should just make double accounts and put in masculine names like…lol that’d be pushing it!!!

    Auf wiedesehen – ich bin sehr langweilig, grrr, meine augen, meine augen, booooo!

    W00T i’ve become a geek WhoooooT!

  1363. c1 Says:

    mirar: don’t worry I love you nobody worries when I go away either.

    a circlet is a thin ring made of precious metal you wear on your head in LotR Galadreil wore one and Arwen and at Aragorn’s coronation Legolas had one on.

    ALAS: I don’t know it just did. how would c1 sound like a guy?

  1364. Sight Says:

    Mirar: what’s Wub? Also, it’s not like we don’t care about you leaving, it’s just the fact that Maria, Lulu, and Chelsie just got up and left suddenly, and no one knows why. You came back, for which we’re greatly glad!
    I’m suprised ALAS hasn’t told me to quit looking over her shoulder yet. lol.

    Hola, mi nombre es Sight. ?En que le puedo servir?

  1365. lulu italy Says:

    hello guys!!!!i am back now from paris!!!
    i miss u all!!!
    sight:my boyfriend says that i look like amy lee!!!!
    angel:i am 15 years old!!how old r u?
    c1:does bucks won something???

  1366. c1 Says:

    I have finnally watched Eragon and beacuse i had been warned i didn’t relate it to the book. And if you do that it’s not at all bad!

  1367. Queen Angel Says:

    Sight: the difference, is that a Dame is given her title (for service or something like that), whereas a Lady gets her’s via marriage. Although seeing as how you too aren’t married, i thouhgt ALAS might as well be called Lady.
    So everyone should adress c1, as Dame c1. The other titles for women go: Lady, Dame, Viscountess, Earless, Duchess, Princess and Queen.(in that order i think) As i have no daughters (ew!)there will be no Princess…or Princes.
    And Sight, you can stop bowing down everytime you address me. it was fun to start with now it’s just boring =P oh, and your not a Royal Escort otherwise you would be escorting me! you are a member of my Royal Court, so technically as it’s you with the title, ALAS is your escort!

    Mirar: get over yourself, just climb that chip on your shoulder! and you have not become a geek you always were :P

    ALAS: you were here when Chelsea was? i didn’t realise….

    c1: i was just re-reading things, and it seems that you and I were like the only regular people on this site for some time. ALAS cam ages ago, but she didn’t have her name in capitols, so i don’t think we noticed here
    =( sorry!!!

  1368. ALAS Says:

    ha ha lol lol do you like my rose
    lol lol lol Lol sorry if i was hurtfull
    lol lol(lol)lol lol to any one
    lol lol lol Thank you queen Angel
    lol for the title this is a
    lol n gift to you
    lo) (lol) oh the songs I got
    lol u off the beatles
    lol I like the thought of
    being a lady but id
    rather be a mage

  1369. Sight Says:

    lulu: WELCOME BACK, WE MISSED YOU! You look like Amy, that’s awesome!!! looks like u got a lot a reading 2 do to get caught up. How was your trip?

    c1: Eragon was a cool movie, it just didn’t follow the story. Loved the animation, though.

    Queen Angel: *does a running front-flip instead of a bow* if you don’t mind my asking, Your Majesty, what do you mean when you tell Mirar to “climb the chip on your shoulder”?

    Anonymous: right on!!!

    has ayone notied we haven’t had anyone new since Maggie, and before her, me?

    ALAS: so you don’t won’t to be my date to the party? no Lady? :( ^o^ lol.

  1370. ALAS Says:

    sorry about the lols but i had it to were it looked like a rose but no it got mushed together
    hhhhhhhhlol lol lol
    hhhhhhlol lol lol Lol
    hhhhlol lol(lol)lol lol
    hhhhhhhhlol lol lol
    hhhhhhhhhhhhhhlol n
    hhhhhhhhhhhhhlol (lol)
    hhhhhhhhhhhhhhlol u
    hhhhhhhhhhhhhlol maby this will work

  1371. Mirar Says:

    Hey who wants to join my group it’s called the nobody-loves-you-group we’re gonna ahve our own party! Nope, no one want to join, it’s lame, i’m not even in it even though i creeated it. Scrastch that idea! c1 – wanna be my freind? I love Arya’s circlet when she gets married, its so beautiful and elegant, the gilt silver with emerald, smexy!

    Wub: Wub is a nick name for Love y’know luv/wub/loove/luurve – uh i think your romance may have knocked out some brain cells – no worries you still have one another! Ouch that was mean, i’m not even a mean person, i really like you two, i think i may ahve an evil twin – ok two, Angel took first place already. Well i apologise, it msut be really nice to have a companion that is so close to you, yet every time you meet its like the first time – i imagine that’s what it’s like when your dating, i may be drastically wrong.


  1372. Maggie Says:

    Are you guys mad at me for something? because i haven’t heard anything from any of you for a lonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnng time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1373. ALAS Says:

    actually ive been on and off this sight I started in jan 30 of 2006 so hate to burst your bubble but I was on here before both of you. and my name was in capital letters. Angel you started in march 31 and Mirar april 30. I beet you both i win……..;0

  1374. Queen Angel Says:

    Sight: I have no idea, it made sense when i wrote it. ooh, i like the front flip!!

    ALAS: okay, i will akke you a temporar mage, but please go with sight to the ball, i do not like to see my courtiers sad, and i know he will be.

    lulu: well, i’m a year younger than you, and welcome back!!!

    c1: the film was good? really? well i guess if you weren’t comparing it to the book it was okay.

  1375. Queen Angel Says:

    oh well ALAS!!! i’m still queen, you can be Princess though. but not Queen, i don’t give up my crown that quickly!!

    Maggie: SORRY!!!!! i didn’t know you had come back already! how was your trip?

  1376. Mirar Says:

    Hey Mags. I was the only one that said Take care on your trip – aren’t I a nice freind?
    ALAS: I doesn’t matter when you’re on it’s how cool you are – SO I WIN!

  1377. Sight Says:

    Mirar: you’re dead on with the dating thing. Also, I can’t wait to see ALAS again after we seperate. Maybe that’s why I follow her to almost every class, even whan I think I might be late.

    ALAS: i WUB u!!! ;)

  1378. ALAS Says:

    ha ha mirar
    and queen angle I dont want to be queen just mage maby sorrcerous *as she flys away on her green dragon*
    me and sight are off to the mall to dress for the ball!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1379. Queen Angel Says:

    ALAS: well than you are a Mage!

    Mirar: if it was based on that you’d lose…to me!!! hahaha! joking, you’re pretty cool!

    Maggie: i said, have fun! didn’t i?

    Sight: that’s half sweet….half not :P


  1380. Sight Says:


  1381. Mirar Says:

    Wait Sight isn’t that boadering on insecure-stalker-i-love-you-follow-you-to-the-ends-of-the-earth-end-up-in-jail-for-invasion-of-privacy type of scary love thing? I mean i’ve always said, never make someone your everything beause when they go you’ll be left with nothing – that isn’t implying anything though. It’s just, unless your school is uber dangerous isn’t that a bit much? I thought what made a realtionship special is when you always have something new to bring with it. If you’re stuck to one anothers hips then you’ll only see everything in one dimension and soon it’s all grow stale – anyone in a relationship feel free to correct me, i’m stabbing blindly on my limited knowledge of realtionships, having never been in one -pity me, no don’t, i am lone by choice and not through my deed.

    I’m simply confused though, I mean i have couples in my school like that, they took them same GCSE’s so they could be with one another in year 10 and 11, regardless of whether they like the subjects -that’s just weird. yet, if you enjoy your relationship that way that’s good isn’t it, love comes in all shapes and sizes.

    Also, ALAS where are you going, are you leaving country or school or something?

  1382. c1 Says:

    angel: if Ladys get their title by being married into the royal famly who’s my husband or did he die?

    Mirar: i’d luv to be your friend and join your clubi know nobady loves me cause nobody wondered where i went when i left for almost a week (my internet went haywire)

  1383. c1 Says:

    BTY Mirar I didn’t like Arwen’s circlet so much it had too much decoration i liked Galadreil’s and legolas simple and absolutly beautiful!!!

  1384. Launii Says:

    I don’t know if you all ready did this but Eargon and Aria need to be a cuple!
    PS. Just a thought

  1385. Sight Says:

    Mirar: yep, i’m right on the border of a stalker, or maybe past it. lol. j/k. what’s a GCSE? no offense but i have no idea what the rest of that first parragraph means—i’m a liitle slow…and dense…and sheltered…and handsome *did i say that outloud?*

    c1: I love u, i just love ALAS more ^_^

    Launii: welcome! (you spelled Eragon and Arya wrong) you’re right, they should be a couple. have u seen the movie?

  1386. c1 Says:

    Launii: did you read the books or just watch the movie? Eragon is (most of the time) way too immature for Arya.

    Your Majesty or mirar i don’t remember who:you don’t say stuff like wub in England (meaning taking the hard constanents and making them soft)?

  1387. Sight Says:

    MAGGIE: people have been talking u, you’re just going 2 have to say something related 2 what we’re talking about.

    for example, ask Queen Angel what your royal title is, or if she would gracious enough 2 invite u 2 the ball.

  1388. ALAS Says:

    i told you the mall ever were

  1389. Sight Says:

    I wub u all!!!

  1390. c1 Says:

    Sight: i wub you too! (what did i do to deseve the sudden love

    ALAS: I wanna go to the mall!!!

  1391. Maggie Says:

    Queen Angel what is my royal title name and are you gracious enough to invite me to the ball? it is really nice to meet you by the way and i hope i can start to understand the book and the conversation you all are talking about!!!!

  1392. Queen Angel Says:

    c1: you got your title because you where awrded it for kindness. i don’t know anymore, i’m making up my own rules!! you can have a dead husband if you want. and sorry, but i haven’t been on for a week either.

    Mirar: you’re single by choice or cos no guy in school fancies you??? huh? lol, i’m joking, you’re beautiful!! (i can say this cos i’m her sister)

    Launii: HELLO!!!!! i agree with c1, though.

    where is Maggie?

    Sight: so you wub me too?? lol! ^_^

    no in England we do not say wub. it’s either love or luv.

    I NEED TO GO SHOPPING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1393. Sight Says:

    Yes, Queen Angel, I wub u 2, I just wub ALAS more more than any of u. ^_^ no offense. lol.

    MAGGIE: u will probably have to read the book to understand some of the things we’re talkning about….when we actually talk about the book. ;)

    lulu (if you’re still here): HELLO!!!

    LiB: HELLO!!!

    EVERYONE HOP YOUR DRAGON AND LET’S GO 2 THE MALL!!!!!!!! WHOOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1394. Queen Angel Says:

    Maggie: yes, well…i think i will let you have the title of Lady, but not Dame..not yet anyways.
    well at the moment we’re not talking about the book, but if you would like us to just start a topic or post a question or something. and of course you are invited to the ball!

    *hops on red dragon* TO THE MALL EVERYONE!!!!!

    Sight: why thankyou, i wub you too, but i wub someone else a lot lot more! not telling who though ;) they’re not on this.

  1395. c1 Says:

    Maggie: as a fellow lady i give you a pretty circlet!

    *hops onto midnight (the color) dragon while yelling*MALLAL malllll mallll!!!

  1396. Mirar Says:

    i’m english – i say wub – nad that’s what counts

  1397. Queen Angel Says:

    mallal? i like it!!! ^_^

  1398. ALAS Says:

    yaaa dragons everywere I call dibbs on green sight wants silver.

  1399. Sight Says:

    Angel: ooww, looks like there is a KING on the way lol.

    ALAS: SILVER DRAGON,SILVER DRAGON, SILVER DRAGON. HMM, what color baby would silver and green make? let’s find out!

    I wub u ALAS.

  1400. Sight Says:

    Maggie: what color dragon do you want to go to the mall on?

  1401. c1 Says:

    Sight: As a Lady (and because u r a very chilvirous knight who respsets peoples wishes) NO MORE COMMENTS ON DRAGONS HAVING BABIES! BTY the dragon whould be the dominant trait color unless they are codominant then it would be green and silver it could also be somthing elses (don’t remember the word) that the two colors would mix and it would be pastelly green.

    Q. Angel: mallal comes from when your chanting somthin w/ only one sylabble and you need a secong sylable to be able to chant it.

    My Dragon’s name is Lúthlien (looth-lee-en)

  1402. Queen Angel Says:

    a king? where? who? ooohhhhh. right i get you!
    right i have a red ragon and a deep purple dragon…purple is the colour of aristocracy ^_^

    Mirar: you always did your own thing! =)

  1403. Sight Says:

    c1: what trait color would be dominent? sorry, your post didn’t say. that’s a pretty name for a dragon. I would probably name my dragon Sight, after mahself. j/k.

    Queen Angel: red and purple are pretty colors too.

    It’s like a rainbow of dragons!!! yyyyaaaaayyyyy!!!

  1404. Maggie Says:

    i don’t know maybe blue and green

  1405. ALAS Says:

    ok c1 no more biology. ok noooooooooooooooo more. and sight no babies. both are boy dragons ok. TWIN DRAGONS. MORE POWER WHAAAHAHAHA. I CHANGE MY TITLE TO DRUID.* AS SHE CHANGES INTO A WOLF. peace. P.S. yes ill still go to the ball sight. but ill be gone a cupple of days putting order into the woods. and becoming right hand leader next to the queen of course who commands Im off to the black berry woods.
    *SHE HOWLS then listens then there are howls back she says i must be off

  1406. c1 Says:

    Sight:whichever color you want

    Q. Angel/Mirar: you’re Queen came to visit us!!!!!!!! It was on Channel One this morning (tv station of news aimed at high schoolers 9th-12th graders)

  1407. dbs Says:

    ok im new here so i don’t know your names but ALAS is my friend and she could be a druid disguised as a human

  1408. dbs Says:

    ERAGON SUCKED!!!!!!! They skipped Solumbum!!!!!

  1409. dbs Says:

    To let me get something straight….. I’m a zombie that types .
    . . .

  1410. Sight Says:

    ALAS: have fun with! but wait, are you coming to the ball as a wolf or a human? O.O

  1411. Sight Says:

    dbs: HELLO, welcome! (are you who I think u are? ;)

  1412. ALAS Says:

    havent decided yet sight but whatever I am Ill make sure I turn you in to that too.

  1413. c1 Says:

    ALAS: Could you come as a unicorn (that’s kinda dangerous though because it’s a magical animal)? How bout a tiger of a koala or a giant panda?

  1414. ALAS Says:

    unicorn sounds cou sight youll have to learn how to horse dance and try not to step on my hoves
    sight dbs is a friend of mine he is a werecat and comes and goes as he pleases.

  1415. Sight Says:

    ALAS: unicorns…hmm…..
    dbs: Hi, I know who u r, but your secret indentity is safe with me cough*spiderman*cough

  1416. c1 Says:

    Sight: spiderman as in spiderman has a secret identity, spiderman as in dbs is spiderman, or spiderman as in spiderman is a type of cough?

  1417. Mirar Says:

    I went a way for away while and no-one noticed. Yeah It was her Majesty first US visit in over 16 years, she went to Virginia, spoke to some of the survivours and the bereaveds parents. RULE BRITTANIA BRITTANIA RULE THE WAVES> GOD SAVE OUR GRACIOUS QUEEN…blah blah blah y’all know the rest! Ahh so tired, i have a head ache. Welcome newbie – DBS – , wanna join my club – the not loved club, this is where you find the SAAAAANNNE people *cough Moi Cough c1 Cough the strange shadow over there – i see you smiling at me, away you fiend!*

    I like Spider man. Does anyone here watch Ugly Betty? My imagination has run away from me – i see sheep, no i’m no insane its jsut the craving you get when writing online to be the most randomest person there because online in this cyber society random is cool, however in real life we are all truthfully very dowdy people. LET RANDOMNESS REIGN!!!!! I doubt if anyone has read this highly intellignet point – if you have mention it in your next post. Tralalala! Can’t stand that pathetic melodic phrase.

  1418. c1 Says:

    mirar: i never say anything about anybody being gone unless they’ve been gone for a very long while like Cherise because i rarley notice. Hate to burst your bubble but i am not sane i am moderatly insane my friends say i’m just psychoctic. I’m I there strange shadow or were you talking to me? I like pizza. Do you know What or That or It or How or Now?

  1419. Sight Says:

    c1: Spiderman as in dbs is Spiderman. lol.

    Mirar: calm down, calm down!!! Actually, Maggie should join your unloved club, since nobody seems to pay any attention to her.

    MAGGIE: Sorry!!! I still love you!!! (as a friend) COME BACK!



    everyone who hasn’t posted in a while: COME BACK!!!


  1420. Maggie Says:

    I have read the first three harry potter books, but it was about 5 years ago. When i last read them so i don’t really remember what they were about but i did enjoy reading them very much. I haven’t got the chance to read numbers 4-6 yet because i don’t have much time on my hands. I am going to try to read them this summer if i have time. I’m getting ready for my finals that i am about to take in a couple of weeks. when do you guys in England get out of school?

  1421. Queen Angel Says:

    yeah, i saw in the newspaper. did you get to meet her?
    she’s awesome!! the Queen of England is awesome!

    EVERYONE: yes i know i was late to reply, sorry i can’t be to personal!

  1422. Mirar Says:

    So now i’m all alone again c1 – YOU TRAITOR, DOWN WITH THE HEATHEN!!!!!!!!! You really shattered my glass bauble c1! *goes off into a corner to pity myself – sees the shadow. AWAY WITH YOU! I KNOW YOU WANT MY PINK CLOUD BUT YOU’RE NOT GOING TO GET IT – I PROMISED IT TO THE COOKIE MONSTER!* laughs as the shadow slinks away. OOh it’s shining! I’ve had 3 looong days of tests, i’m allowed to write unimportant rubbish and get away with it- and normally i am the sane intelligent one!

    DBS is spider man – now they tell me. Well when i said i liked spiderman i meat Peter Parker Spidy, but you can become my freind as well – wanna be my freind eh? No? Why are you looking at me! Ok i need to escape and regain my sanity!

    So….who want’s to be my freind, i’m not desperate, just curious…honest. Those that know me know this is not my normal behaviour -the strain of SAT’s does this to you. I apoligse for my extremeties.

  1423. Murtagh Lover Says:

    I personaly don’t think that Orik will be the next rider. Sorry. I think it would be better if someone like Roran would. Orik is too afraid of heights and all. I can’t wait for EMPIRE to come out! It’s totally on my To Read list! Write me at
    MURTAGH FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1424. Mirar Says:

    I personally don’t think there will be a 3rd rider. The whole battle is about stopping Galbatorix from getting the 3rd dragon and getting a new Rider under his power. I think at the very end when they have secured the dragon they will return to the Varden and it will end with a big Draggon choosing ceremony with some cliche’d words of wisdom. There is no one to take the place of a 3rd rider that is good enough or wont steal the limelight from Eragon, and it’s too late to introduce a new character. But that’s just my opinion – oh and Welcome Murtagh…lover…? To my humble abode, I call myself the Great of Great’s – or simply Mirar.

  1425. Sight Says:

    Queen Angel: ALL RISE!!! The Queen has returned!!! Long live the queen!

    Mirar: I’ll be your friend! Actually, they probably won’t introduce a new rider. A 3rd rider will probably be chosen close to the end of the book, and it will probably be an already well-known character.

    Murtagh Lover: Welcome. Long live Murtagh!!! and Queen Angel! lol.

    Maggie: Hi

    ALAS: Hi

  1426. lulu italy Says:

    Sight: ur calling is arrived me!!!!I Am BACK!
    forgive me if i have missed from this site guys!!love u all!!
    so what r u talking about?
    great spider man!!
    murtagh lover: my msn address is :

  1427. Oueen Angel Says:

    hello!! thankyou my loyal follower Sight! I am extremely grateful for your loyalty. i think it is time for an upgrade in your title. you shall no longer be called Sir Sight, but Lord Sight. =)

    I watched Spiderman 3…i was sick in the cinema, in a paper bag, which was embarrising, and somehow managed to sleep through about 30mins of the film… =S

    lulu: you just gave out your msn to a stranger….
    oh well, if you’re okay with it ^_^

    Mirar: get over yourself, you so do have friends.

    ALAS: how are you?

    Maggie: hello, how’re you?

  1428. Sight Says:

    lulu: HURRAY, YOU’RE BACK!!! Where did u go? We are not talking about anything in particular. We missed you!!!

    ALAS: I loved your band concert on Friday. Es muy fantastico. lol.

    ALAS, Maggie, and I have only 2 weeks of school left. Our Final Exams are next week, and then we are home free; until summer school, that is.


  1429. c1 Says:

    Mirar: I don’t wanna leave you! what’s a pink cloud got to do with anything? See
    i was gone for a while and no one said anything. You can have Cookie Monster I’m with Rubber Ducky. I agree that a 3rd rider won’t be a big issue but if Christopher doesn’t at least say who it is at the end he’ll have people out lookin to murder him (figurativly not literally). They have SAT’s in England too well i figured they did but i didn’t think they would be called SAT’s

    Q. Angel: Of course i met your lovely Queen just like every other normal person in America. She was very nice and had absolutly wonderful manners I even got her e-mail address so we can be e-penpals.

    M. Lover: when did Orik being the next rider come up and the pact was never made between dragons and dwarves so it’s hardly possible anyway. Murtaugh is very sweet though. What country are you from?

    Pirates’ of the Caribbean: At World’s End comes out in 12 days. please excuse me *starts drooling* (not for the actors silly for the movie!)

  1430. c1 Says:

    Sight: hahhahahahahah you have to got to summer school. I get to spend 1.5 week(s?) on my 4-H projets ccause i have to go to early judging cause of band camp

  1431. Sight Says:

    Queen Angel: thank you for your graciousness, your majesty. I am extremely grateful. By the way, your majesty, when is the royal ball? I do not want to accidentally miss it and make you think that I am spiting you or n-e-thing.

  1432. lulu italy Says:

    haha angel don’t worry i have 3 msn address!!!!
    sight:i missed u too,forgive me!!!!i had problems with internet….grrrrr i hate my computer!!!!!
    wow u rn’t talking about something so let’s put an argument!!!!!
    what about music????
    hello ALAS and maggie!!!!

  1433. Queen Angel Says:

    wasn’t mother’s day ages ago?

  1434. Maggie Says:

    how do you guys celebrate mother’s day in england. Do you give you mom flowers or take her out to eat for a nice meal or do you make breakfast for her and take it up to her room while she is still in bed.

  1435. ALAS Says:

    no no no no no Mirar the dragon already hatched thats why gabltorix hasen killed him yet saphira is the last female. says so in the second book. and dont give me the that dosent mean it hatched to some one thing because in the book it also says they put a spell on the egg so it didnt hatch till its rider was there. i think the third rider will be Arya because he has a vision about being on a boat holding some ones hand with two dragon flying over head
    oh Angel im doing good my friends in the forest i cant really speak for

  1436. Sight Says:

    c1: Actually, I just ment that Summer School is coming. I DON’T HAVE TO TAKE IT!!! ALAS does, though.

    lulu: I understand, I have had internet problems before too.

    Queen Angel: no, Your Majesty. In the U.S. Mother’s Day was yesterdy…May 14th.

  1437. dbs Says:

    NOOOOOOOOOOT!!! u are spiderman

  1438. dbs Says:

    ALAS as a unicorn HAHAHAHAHAH!!

  1439. dbs Says:


  1440. c1 Says:

    Yes Q. Angel you must remember we are a day behind you.

    ahhhhh sight your not going to be a nice boyfriend and take it with her?

    I think Elva will be the 3rd rider but in like an epilougue or sumtin

    11 more days!!!

  1441. Sight Says:

    dbs: I LOVE CHRISTMAS!!!

  1442. Mirar Says:

    Yo! Rubber Ducky! What-up?! Nah our SAT’s are diffrent, we do ours when we’re /7/11/14 and their only in English Maths and Science. I f you want me to explain our testing system just say.

    ~Cookie Monster~

  1443. Queen Angel Says:

    you’re a day behind c1? coolios!!!
    Maggie: well we pretty much do the same things you just described. cept my family forgets but we get her flowers and like cook her lunch, and my dad gets her a card so it all works!

    Elva could be the next rider…hm..

  1444. c1 Says:

    that’s because i’m in america so it’s just you get time earlier than we do

    -Rubber Ducky- (coolier than cookie moster he doesn’t slobber)

    10 more days

  1445. Sight Says:

    c1: Haey, we only have 10 days left now, too! We get out on the 25th of May. When does your school get out?
    Actually, ALAS is taking P.E., and the main thing we do during the summer for P.E. is walk a trail which runs through our town. I was thinking about walking the trail a bunch this summer anyway, so I will probably walk it when she has P.E. don’t tell her, though…I want it to be a surprise. ^_^

  1446. c1 Says:

    I had a dream last night that I met Chis P. (not going to attepmt the last name) He was writing empire in my backyard I i was “helping” him he was asking what i thought i listening it made sense then. You know how dreams make sense when your having them then they don’t later? Sombody else famous was there too i think it was johnny depp now but i don’t remember i wasn’t paying attention to them.

    mirar: please explain! we had a terra nova (government standerdized test) test every year until 9th grade. Then we take OGT (ohio graduation test) in 10th grade then ACT and SAT (college tests meaning colleges can see how smart you are) in 11th or 12th grade you can take them as many times as you want but you have to pay for them

    9 more days! were out of double digits!!!!

  1447. lulu italy Says:

    mmm we celebrated mother’s day on 13rd may!!!!!
    isn’t christmas on december?????

  1448. ALAS Says:

    hi dbs you found the sight again i didnt think youd be able to without me helping you to find it again.

  1449. Sight Says:

    lulu: yeah, Christmas is in December, but once it passes it’s sometimes hard to wait until it comes again.

    Our Sophomore class rings came in yesterday. They’re awesome!

    lulu, Mirar, and Queen Angel: do you guys get class rings?

    c1: when do you get your class ring?

  1450. c1 Says:

    Sight: i get out in June 1st Pirates comes out on may 25th we get clas rings our sophmore year. What does your look like?

    lulu: dbs is just being random it’s fun you should try it sometime.

    Offer not valid in Canada

  1451. Mirar Says:

    We break up for the summer in june – that’s cause we get half terms every six weks, so our summer holdiays are only 5 weeks long!

    ok -Great Britain testing system (sorry for any grammar mistakes:

    When you are 7 years old you do a National test called SAT’s to see where you are in the core subjects – maths, english and science. You get graded on this test, levels 1-3. You then do this test again when you are 11 years old before you go into Secondary school levels 3-5 (we don’t have a Junior and Senior high, you are in school from Nursery – kindergarten – aged 4, then you go into primary aged 5-11. You then go into Secondary aged 11-16, then you go to 6th form or college aged 16-18, then you go to University.)

    So once you’ve done you’re year 6 SAT’s you enter Secondary School. Then when you are 14years old you do your SAT’s, again the core subjects – maths, English, Science and your levels are between 4-7 in Englsih and Science and 4-8 in Maths.

    Once this is done you then enter year 10 and begin your GCSE courses (General Certificate in Standard Education)used to be valled O levles. These tests allow you to take a range of options which you’ve been learning since primary school. These include:

    -English Language*
    -Englsih Literature*
    -Science* – General Science is Biology, Chemistry and physics all in one. Double Science you get 2 GCSE’s. Triple science (for the smart kids) you get 3 seperate GCSE’s

    -Religious Education

    -Physical Education
    -Information Computer Technology* (CIDA, AIDA or DIDA – get diffrent amounts of GCSE’s for whihc one you do

    -resistant Materials
    -Wood Work/metal Work
    -Food Technology
    - Electronics

    - and in some schools they even do more languages depending on who they’re catering for or if they’re a specialised school

    -Applied Art

    In general the ones that have stars next to them are subjects you MUST take no choice about it – but it also depends on the school you go to. Some schools that specialise in Performing arts or Language will make those subjects core subjects as well.

    Then after that you have your AS level when you’re 16-17. This is when you take any of the subjects mentioned above, you can take 5 of them – oh usually you can only take 11 GCSE’s including your Core’s.

    After AS you do you’re A levles whihc determine whether or not you get into Uni. You can take a mximum of 4 A levels.

    Then after that it’s Uni and i think it’s the same here as in the US.

    Phew that was a mouhful!

  1452. ALAS Says:

    mirar your CRAZY for wrighting that much im not reading it all schools almost out and want to be lazy

  1453. Mirar Says:

    I’ll take that as a complimetn ALAS

  1454. c1 Says:

    but i like to read;-(……………Type As Much As You Want Mirar!

  1455. Sight Says:

    c1: we get out on May 25th.

    We get our Class Rings Sophomore year, too. We get them from a company called, Jostens.
    My class ring is silver with a December Zircon stone (the birthstone for December.) one side has my first name (my real first name) and under the name it has a dog’s paw print. On the other side it has 2009 (I graduate from high school in 2009) and under that it has a cross. a banner with
    “Fulton High Scool” on it is wrapped around the stone. My initials are ingraved on the inside band right underneath where the stone would be.

    Are you a Sophomore, c1? I am.

  1456. Sight Says:

    5 more days to go, inluding 4 days of Finals!!!

  1457. c1 Says:

    sight: We get our rings from josten’s too!!! I will prbably get my ring from wal mart or somwhere thoug. i will be a sophmore in 10 days!!!

  1458. c1 Says:

    4 days or school and 3 or Exams!!!
    Pirate’s on Friday and the first Balloon rally!!!!!!!!!!!! (at chagrin falls, OH BTY)

  1459. Sight Says:

    4 days left!!!

  1460. Sight Says:

    just wanted to let you all know, school ends on Friday, and as soon as it ends I will be heading to Arkansas. I won’t have access to a computer, so during that week I won’t be posting very much. However, when I get back, i will make sure to read everything I missed and post like the wind to get caught up!!! lol.

    Just wanted to let you all know so you don’t worry, and so Queen Angel can graciously change the date of the ball if I will gone during it. ^_^

  1461. ALAS Says:

    hi hi hi how how how are you

  1462. Mirar Says:

    What are class rings? We don’t get them over here. Oh c1 i hope you understand now, it did make sense right?

  1463. Sight Says:

    c1: What is a Ballon Rall

    Mirar: basically, a Class Ring is, well, a fancy ring that symbolizes your graduation from High School or College. (For examples, go to

  1464. c1 Says:

    sigh: It was supposed to be balloon rally i have a wierd thing (habit?) for leaving the last letter off words ( yes i did your name on purpose) It’s gotten my in trouble on a few tests (mostly spanish) but i don’t get to go now because it’s the same weekend as my cousin (who’s dad owns the hot air balloon) is in the national rowing championship w/ Ohio State women’s rowing team. Oh BTY a Balloon Rally is a bunch of hot air balloons getting together and having a compitition this one that we’re missing now (wahhhhh) is my favorite

    Mirar : As much sense as it wil ever make

    Pirate’s comes out on friday!!! I’m on vacation too that week sight except i’m in Flordia and i’ll have a computer (hahahahahahahahahaha)

  1465. Queen Angel Says:

    my post didn’t post? oh yeah cos it didn’t work.
    Sight: whats a class ring?

    well you guys ahve a nice Holiday, think about us lots in England who are still in school for another 6 weeks!! then all we get is a 6 week break!!

  1466. c1 Says:

    To all of England: hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha (you have school)

  1467. Queen Angel Says:

    yeah, well we get a week holiday next week then 6 more weeks of school

    meanie c1 *sticks out tongue*

  1468. c1 Says:

    Yeah well we get all of june july and august off little miss queen!

  1469. Sight Says:

    Queen Angel: I explained what a Class Ring was to Mirar above. I’m sorry, I don’t mean to be rude, it’s just that I don’t have much time to post anything because I have to go to bed early so I can get to school early tommorrow morning to study for my last to Finals.

    Last day of school!!!

    Sorry to everyone over in England, I wish you all could get out early too!!!

  1470. Sight Says:

    Well, everybody, this will be my last post for a while.
    Sorry, I know I am making a big deal out if this, I just don’t want it to seem like I’m just blowing you all off and leaving.

    Anyways, sorry if I missed any posts before this one. I’ll miss you all, and will probably have withdrawals from not posting something everyday lol.

    So long for now, but remember: I’LL BE BACK, AND I’M ALWAYS WATCHING!!! ^_^

  1471. c1 Says:

    Sight: GOOOOOOD BYYYYYYYYYE (for a while)

    Q. Angel: i was just jokin

    I have i more day of school the 3 days of exams!!!

    I’m going to see Pirate’s at the drive in tonight!!!!!

  1472. Queen Angel Says:

    humph, little miss c1 *sticks out tongue* :P
    Sight: ah, okay, i will ask here, not worries Good luck, come back soon though :)

  1473. c1 Says:

    I’ve seen it i really really have tell you about it later now i have to go to bed!!!!

  1474. Mirar Says:

    Take Care MATEY i’ll be here when you RETURN!!! Take it Easy

  1475. c1 Says:

    I went w/ 2 friends from school and it was so much fun!!! I’d tell you about it but don’t want to give out any spoilers. I will tell you this though, there has to be a 4th one, and during one part me and my friend’s were freakin out because of sumthin that happened we were like noooooooo that can’t be noooo it can’t happen. Oh it was so much fun.

  1476. lulu italy Says:

    what???last day of school????we will end it on 8th june!!!!
    u r lucky!!!!!!!
    lol what does it means sticks on tongue???

  1477. Mirar Says:

    We don’t get drive by cinemas in England – another downside to life eh?

  1478. Queen Angel Says:

    c1: i know you were! ^_^
    aw good bye Sight!!! you had better come back =)
    oohh, so my other post did post1 this is confuzling, i didn’t stick my tongue out twice at you c1!

  1479. ALAS Says:

    Im going to leave for a wile Ill be back when school starts again. ill miss you all…….

  1480. dbs Says:


  1481. dbs Says:


  1482. c1 Says:


    Q. Angel: i kinda thought you did i was just makin sure.

    Mirar: i meant drive in movie theater

    lulu: You Came Back!!! Angel meant sticks out tounge meaning she was sticking her tounge out at me it means she’s jealous and she can’t think of anything better to do.

  1483. Queen Angel Says:

    c1: well i didn’t mean too do it twice and yes it means i can’t think of anything to say….and i guess that i am slightly (only slightly) jealous :P lol.

    ALAS: NO!! NO!!! not you too? i’ll miss you both loads, come back here soon!!!!

    lulu: HELLO!!!

  1484. c1 Says:

    Q. Angel: Oh course your only “slightly” jealous don’t worry though you probably will be able to get me later when i’m in school some other time

    I’ve gotten all A’s on my exams so far!!!!!!!!!

  1485. Queen Angel Says:

    oh yeas, i will c1. *evil laughs for 5 mins, chokes, coughs, stops. clears throat* CONGRATS anyways!
    i haven’t gotten my exam results yet :(
    lol ^_^

  1486. Sight Says:


  1487. c1 Says:

    Q. Angel: when did you take exams?


    Where di everybody go?

  1488. Mirar Says:

    c1: isn’t a movie theatre a cinema? atleast that’s what we call it here, the theatre you go to to watch films = cinema

    ALAS: take care of Sight…who is the girl, yes…and you are the boy…no other way round, w/e have loads of fun and take it easy, we break up on 21st of July – so sad!

    If anyone here likes SCi-Fi read the Serrano Legacy by Elizabeth Moon, v.good, i’d even recommmend it to you LiB

  1489. Sarah Houghton-Jan (LiB) Says:

    Thanks Mirar–I’ll check it out :)

  1490. Queen Angel Says:

    c1: We took them in May!!! but the got sent out to mark and every kid in the country our age had to do them, so all te schools in our area, there exam papers probs go to the same group of markers so thats a lot of exams to mark if you have 180 kids in each year group at one school doing the same exam!!!

    Sight: your back!!! yay! and your gone….bye
    lol :D

    Mirar: ALAS = GIRL!!!!
    Sight = BOY!!!!
    Please, get it right, it could be rather offending!
    i hope it’s not tho…^_^

  1491. Alas Says:

    yes it could the one time i check this sight i get offended I AM A GIRL

  1492. dbs Says:

    thank you MIRIR[if i spelled it wrong i'm sorry] for knoeing that i am no spidey

  1493. c1 Says:

    Mirar: yes it’s a cinema but in the states we have one with big screens outside that you pull your car into and the sound comes in over the radio it’s really neat!

  1494. Sight Says:

    I’m back and I’ve got a lot 2 say.

    c1: congrats!!!

    Mirar: who breaks up?

    Queen Angel: thanks for setting things straight. it’s not really offensive, just annoying.

    Wow, I guess I didn’t have much 2 say afterwards. 8D

  1495. Sight Says:

    ALAS: farewell, my love. be safe.

  1496. Queen Angel Says:

    what? what is this? so you guys are off on holiday and decided you didn’t have to post or something? terrible!!
    come back!!!!

  1497. Sight Says:

    dbs: i’m sorry, you’re right…you’re not spiderman……you..are……SUPERMAN!!! ^__^

  1498. dee Says:

    this movie issssssssssssss sssssssssssssssssssssssssssoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood i would have died if this movie and book wouldn’t have come out

    i am looking forward for the 2 and 3 movie

    regards todragon believers and dragons ,
    real name : dhanishtha

  1499. c1 Says:

    Q. Angel: were not gone were just going on vacation and don’t always have acsess to a computer but I’m back

    Fine then nobody misses me i’ll go sulk in a corner now *goes to corner and sulks*

  1500. Queen Angel Says:

    Sight? where you going?

  1501. Queen Angel Says:

    c1: you came back! oh, okay, i understand i won’t dergrade you! ^_^ lol.
    i missed you, thats so not true

  1502. ALAS Says:

    hay guys I had acess to a computer today so hi and just a reminder Im always watching

  1503. c1 Says:

    Q. Angel: so not true that you missed me or so not true that nobody missed me?

    ALAS: Where Where i can’t find you *glances around crazily*

  1504. Sight Says:

    Q. Angel: i’m not going anywhere!

  1505. Sight Says:

    c1: i think that’s the idea (not being able to see her)

  1506. Queen Angel Says:

    c1: so not true nobody missed you!
    ALAS: Hi! we know you’re always watching!!! lol
    Sight: you’re not? oohhh. whoops. lol hey!

  1507. c1 Says:

    We need ALAS and Mirar back were lost w/o them we have nothing to say.

    have you guys seen the 3rd Pirate’s yet?

  1508. Sight Says:

    c1: haven’t seen it yet, but ALAS has. have you? By the way, you have a point. ever since school let out for summer, there has not been that much to talk about any more.

  1509. Queen Angel Says:

    agreed with c1!
    so i hereby declare as Queen, that Mirar and ALAS come back…and Sight of course!

    yes! i saw it about a month ago. its pretty good!!!
    have you?

  1510. Mirar Says:

    haha so they do miss me. ALAS Sight my most endearing apologies, i will get it right next time, my brain gets fried when i stare to long at the lucrative and intoicating colours of an LCD screen!
    Well hope your hol was good. now i have some more books, that i swear you will be hangin on – LIB if the Serrano Legacy doesn not Quench your thirst this sure as ‘eck will YOU AHVE TO READ IT, YOU WILL LOVE THEM, B.E.L.I.E.V.E. ME!!!!! Firstly – and this is in no disrespect – the trillogy is called the Gentelmen Bastards by Scott Lynch. So far Books 1 and 2 are out, no.1 being called The Lies of Locke lamoroa and Book 2 is called Red Seas under red Skies. I can’t realy explain how da,mned awesome they are but let me try and paint this picutre – is sure ain’t no Da Vinci but i’ll try.

    Set yourself in the time around the 3 musketeers where theives were rife and well trained. Where if you had a quearrel you’d settle it in a duel. Where the Country you live in is really ruled by the Underworld and those Overlords (gang lords) known as Capa’s. Welcome to the World of Locke lamora, a young man who lives to steal. but he’s no ordinary pickpocket, he’s got his scraftsmanship down pat.

    Put in filthy language, with unimaginable wit and intelligence. escapades that leave you incredulous and a plot that is worthy to be fed. My synopsis does this book no Justice. Go to your local book store find the book and buy it, it’ll be your money worth spent.

    yes i ahve seen pirates 3, it was a slight dissapointment but still fun. i love Jack’s dad. there i’ve started the topic, y’all continue it now!

  1511. Sight Says:

    Mirar: welcome back, and hey that sounds like an interesting book series. I might try it, although i am more of a Fantasy kind of guy.

  1512. Sight Says:

    LiB: hey, how come we don’t have to type that thing anymore to post a comment?

  1513. Sarah Houghton-Jan (LiB) Says:

    Well, you do have to…sometimes. If the system thinks your comment looks like spam, it will ask you to “do that thing” which is called a captcha (where you enter letters and numbers from an image). I think it’s a pain. I have to fill them out when I’m posting a comment on my own website. There’s something wrong about that :)

  1514. Sight Says:

    LiB: actually, i ALWAYS had to do it, on any computer, until this week. it just went directly back to the web page after i posted my comment. Hmm…having to be spam-checked on your own web page. Sounds like a government conspiracy to me…;)

  1515. dbs Says:

    we don’t have to type in the captcha! ho wlong will it be before we just have to think the sentence and it appears on the screen?

  1516. dbs Says:

    sight I can beleive that i am SUPERMAN, Peter Parker can be spidey.

  1517. dbs Says:

    yes i’ve seen the Pirates of the Carribean:at worlds end

  1518. Mirar Says:

    yeah ’tis annoying that capcha tinggy. Ja Sight me sa a Fantasy chicken tikka 2 but this book is worth it!!! AND it’s like fantasy with a whole lot more thrown in.

    Lib, how does the the PC know if it is or looks like Spam, and what happened to your library?

  1519. Sarah Houghton-Jan (LiB) Says:

    I’m not sure what criteria the blog hosting system uses to determine if the comment looks like spam. No idea. I know if you try to comment multiple times in a few minutes, it thinks you’re spamming. And I’m not sure what you mean by what happened to my library… meow?

  1520. c1 Says:

    At first when I didn’t have to type it I thought that it wasn’t going to post but it did and I was HAPPY!!!!!!

    right now i’m on vacation with my aunt right now and i don’t really have accsess to a computer all the time.

    Yes I luved Jacks dad!! did you see his mom though? That was funny sad but funny. Why did you think it was a dissappointment?

  1521. Queen Angel Says:

    hello sight! welcome back.

  1522. Sight Says:

    Mirar: what is “Ja Sight me sa a Fantasy chicken tikka 2″?

    c1: hope you have a good vacation!!!

    Queen Angel: where did I go?

  1523. Sight Says:

    Happy Independance Day!!!

  1524. Queen Angel Says:

    Sight: i dont know….

  1525. Mirar Says:

    yes Sight I am a Fantasy chick too – that’s what i meant.
    I was dissapointed because the 3rd movie didn’t really have a story,and even if it did it didn’t uh communicate (?) it as well as it could’ve been. It was riding on the credit of the the previous 2.

    Lib: I typed in got you’r homepage and there was a picture of your Library with some caption underneath – at a glane it looked like it’d been burned down. I’ll cehck it properly again, i may’ve been wrong…

  1526. c1 Says:

    Mirar: what language was that?

    Fantasy Chicks Rule (we should start a club!)

  1527. Sight Says:

    c1: hey, what about Fantasy dudes!!! Eragon wouldn’t exist without Christopher Paolini, and he’s a Fantasy dude!!!

  1528. Mirar Says:

    Behind every great man there is a greater woman.

    It’s my language

  1529. c1 Says:

    I suppose that Fanatsy dudes are cool too but I’m with what Mirar said…..

    I’m at band camp w/ that guy I metioned earlier…I’m having lots of fun!

  1530. Sight Says:

    Mirar: So I guess u just complemented ALAS :)

  1531. Queen Angel Says:

    Mirar: you’re language? haha, you got that of an oldie! :P
    hows everyones summer going?

  1532. Queen Angel Says:

    Mirar: your language? haha, you got that of an oldie! :P
    hows everyones summer going?

  1533. Sight Says:

    Mine’s going great, except for the fact that, when I work with my dad, we are usually outside in the ninety degree heat. And the fact that I don’t get to see my friends as often as I would like. How is yours going?

  1534. Mirar Says:

    Well i went paintballing today, for the 2nd time – no doubt i was pretty sweet, got honoured with a certificate and the title GI Jane, where are the brits in this? Um…yeah…a week left of school, then camping for a week, then camping again…then coming over to the Windy City…fun….hmmm

  1535. c1 Says:

    Mirar:windy city as in chicago? or is there a windy city in england?

    My summer is sweet wish I could see my friends more often though especially the one who’s going to Italy this year (for the whole year)

  1536. ALAS Says:

    hi how are you all im good have time for once to type on the computer for once ahhhh freedom at last no more 6 am summer school yeah i miss you all you know when the wolf/dragon gets busy she gets busy. talk to you all soon. oh and another thing if your looking for a new book to read try maximum ride the angel experiment its a good book three books so far

  1537. c1 Says:

    Does anyone know any good books that aren’t a seris

  1538. Sarah Houghton-Jan (LiB) Says:

    The Librarian in Black here :) I highly recommend The Diamond Age, by Neal Stephenson. This look into a future of nanotechnological revolution explores what happens when an incredibly powerful interactive device falls into the hands of a street person, who uses it to reprogram the future of humanity. It is my favorite book ever. And if that doesn’t sound good, I recommend Neuromancer, by William Gibson. It’s about this guy named Case, who had been a data-thief until mean former employers crippled his nervous system. Now a new and mysterious employer recruits him for a last-chance run. Enjoy!!!

  1539. c1 Says:

    THanx LiB i’ll check them out. cept’ my sissy won’t let me read the 2nd one u mentioned cause she read it and God forbid i read anything she reads.

  1540. Sight Says:

    I have some great books: for fiction…..”Blue Wolf” by Catherine Creedon, “A Coyote’s in the House” by Elmore Leonard, and “Ereth’s Birthday” by Avi. for non-fiction…..”Sled Dogs” by Lori Haskins and “The Cruelist Miles” by Gay and Laney Salisbury.

    How has everyone been? It seems like we have lost a lot of people since school got out. :(

  1541. Mirar Says:

    Windy City Chicago – the Windy City in Britain would be in Scotland, probs edignbrugh or Glasgow etc. I AM ALIIIIVE and will cyeck out ze books Lib Posted, whooo!

  1542. c1 Says:

    YES I’M ALIVE AND PROUD OF IT!!!!!!!! (well i think i’m alive can’t tell i’m sorta half asleep right now)

    Mirar: tell me how you like it i went and thought it was terrible but that could just be because i thought it smelled

  1543. Sight Says:

    c1: I can relate to you easily, I always am half-asleep. :)

  1544. Mirar Says:

    Yeah i’ll tell you ASAP, i’m going in uh 3 weeks for 3 weeks hehe

  1545. ALAS Says:

    hay im alive too

  1546. c1 Says:

    WOW! everyone is leaving this site for the summer i went to sea camp at lake erie for 5 days and 1 new message got posted. that’s either really pathetic or everybody’s having to much fun.

  1547. Mirar Says:

    haven’t gone yet, everyone should check out this woman called neah lee she ROCKS!! Here’s her myspace page:

    Anyone read any new good books, hope everyone’s cool i’ll be vanishing for a few weeks on Staruday lol!

    Take Care for now, I’ll be BACK hehe


  1548. c1 Says:

    I dunno about good books but i read a really crappy book called a Prayer for Owen Meant never read it unless you are forced to like i was

  1549. Sight Says:

    I’ve got another great book: “Runt” by Marion Dane Bauer. It follows the adventurs of a wolf pup named Runt, as he is the runt of his litter, who is trying to show his family, especially his noble father, that even though he may be small, he can still bring a gift to his family.

  1550. c1 Says:

    That was supposed to be Owen Meany

  1551. Sight Says:

    c1: wow, sounds like a crappy book. what is it about?

  1552. c1 Says:

    Sight: a bunch of crappy stuff. Really it was about this undergrown boy whose vice wouldn’t change who believed he wsa God’s instrument (so we all are God’s instrument but he was to the point whre he almost thought he had no free will). and it had a lot of gross descriptions in it that only teenage boys would have interest in (nothing against teenage boys they just have gross minds sometimes)

  1553. Sight Says:

    c1: I read a review on the book, that DOES sound crappy. I also agree with u about the teenager thing…most teenaged boys except me however. I NEVER have a dirty mind. :)

  1554. c1 Says:

    Sight: of course you don’t for you to even think that i would imply that you did, really.

    *muffles laughter w/ coughing*

    Sorry i have such a nasty cold

  1555. Sight Says:

    I know what you mean, I just fought off a terrible sinus inffection. ;)

  1556. Queen Angel Says:

    sorry giys, you haven’t been neglected, i just took a royal vacation and am back, but will be off again soon.
    anyways hows everyone elses holidays going?
    hope its all good!
    c1: hope you’re cold gets better, i’ve got one as well.

  1557. c1 Says:

    I’m not actually sick it was a joke cause i used coughing to cover laughing at Sight’s comment.

    My vacation is/was great considering school starts again on the 28th. I got to go to Cedar Point 2 days ago probably one of the best days of my life i was soooooo happy prolly got the best news that day that’ll ever hear.

  1558. Sight Says:

    Queen Angel: Welcome back, ma’ Lady! Glad to here u are well. sorry to here about your cold. My summer has been pretty uneventfull, I have been working four my dad all summer, although I have been able to spend some time with ALAS and my other friends.

  1559. Sight Says:

    My school starts in 5 days. I will be a Junior in High School–2 years down, 2 years to go–when does everyone else start school?

  1560. Sight Says:

    c1: wow, u start school two weeks after us. when is your last day of school usually?

    2 days of freedom left

  1561. Sight Says:

    1 day of freedom left.

  1562. c1 Says:

    Normally without snow days we get out on May 31st but we have a shorter easter break than most ppl. We start that late because our county fair is the week before and we just start one day after that.

  1563. ALAS Says:

    well you know what im at school so nuaa *as she sticks her tounge out laughing* hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi

  1564. Sight Says:

    First week of school is DONE!!! and I’m still alive, after Algebra 2 and Chemistry!!!!!!

  1565. c1 Says:

    Sight: u think you have it hard I’m taking Pre-Calc Honors Chemistry and Phisiology (another science) and i’m a sophmore!

    10 more days till school! (bwahahahahahaha I laugh at those who already started)

  1566. Queen Angel Says:

    well, while you guys have fun at school, i’ll finish my holiday! i start back at the beginning of September! whoop whoop!

    oh, you guys have already started school. how is it?

    my hols are going good-ish. missin you peoples.
    Sight how is you and ALAS?
    c1: hows you?

  1567. Sight Says:

    Now entering the second week of torture…just kdding. school is n’t that bad, until Finals come around. :(

  1568. c1 Says:

    I is wunderful You Majesty.


    And FYII my school hasn’t started yet……hahaha

  1569. ALAS Says:

    (“)_(“) sorry my name wasent on the last one

  1570. Sight Says:

    who posted without a name? I think it was ALAS but i am not sure.

    I am taking Veterinary Science, Honors Algebra 2, Honors Chemistry, Computer Applications, Honors U.S. History, Honors English 3, and Chamber Singers. Next semester I will have those plus Multimedia 2.

    I can’t believe u all haven’t started yet! u r lucky!!!

  1571. Sight Says:

    u guys like art? if so, check out:

  1572. c1 Says:

    Who all here is a band geek and what instument do you play? I am a band geek and proud of it i play flute.

    1 week till school!

  1573. c1 Says:

    Who all here is a band geek and what instument do you play? I am a band geek and proud of it i play flute.

    1 week till school!

  1574. c1 Says:

    What’s Chamber Singers?

    I have Pre-Calc, Morality (Religion I go to a catholic school), Band, American History, Physiology, Adv. English, Spanish 2, and Honors Chemistry. Most of those are adv. classes for me but my school doesn’t have Adv./Honors Pre-calc, phisiology and anything else w/o an Adv./Honors

  1575. ALAS Says:

    im a band geek and proud of it i play clariphone well my nick name is i play clarinet and saxaphone

  1576. Sight Says:

    c1: at Fulton High School, we have three Choirs.

    The “lower” choir is Campus Chorale. they are the less experienced singers.

    The main “expereienced” choir is called Cantorum. it is the choir that ALAS and our friends Zach and Haley are in.

    Chamber Singers is the elite, or top, choir. it consists of the top vocalists and sight singers in the school.

    Cantorum and Campus Chorale wear black and gold robes–our school colors–for every concert.

    the Chambers Singers wear black and white tuxedos (men) or black dresses (women) for the
    “regular” concerts, and for our fianl cocert of the year, which is in the spring, the men wear tuxedos, except we wear a black and gold sparkled vest instead of our jacket, and the women wear a black and gold sparkled dress.

    For the spring concert, the CHamber Singers’ portion of the concert consists of singing AND dancing.

    Generally, Chamber Singers consists of upperclassmen–some Juniors, mostly Seniors–but there have been Sophmores in it before, too. My cousin started Chambers in his Sophmore year. I am starting it for my Junior year.

  1577. Sight Says:

    c1: what Choir do you have at your school?

    Queen Angel and Mirar: do you have a Choir at your school?

  1578. c1 Says:

    ALAS: CLarinet’s r thee coolest instument there is that is so what i would play if i could picck again.

  1579. c1 Says:

    We just have 1 normal choir it performs at our concerts and sings at mass

  1580. c1 Says:

    All of my prediction came trueeeeeeeeee!!!!! The sight did come back to liffe after school started!!!!!

  1581. Sight Says:

    c1: Mass, as in Catholic mass?

  1582. c1 Says:

    I have just completed my 1st day of school and i realized that i forgot how hot the uniforms can be in our un-airconditioned school

  1583. c1 Says:

    well it came back for a while anyway

  1584. Sight Says:

    today was officially the 2-week mark of being in school. Our school is weird. We started on Wednesday, August 15th.

  1585. c1 Says:

    My school started on the 28th Tuesday that almost as wierd as a wed.

    sight: and yes mass as in Catholic Mass, sorry i didn’t think about clarifingy except they don’t sing i know cause we had our first mass today and if you turn around and looked up they wer’nt singing not even lip syncing (singing?). kinda made me mad can u tell?

  1586. Sight Says:

    c1: yeah, i can tell. do you go to a catholic school? i don’t think we have any religious high schools iin Fulton. we have a chrisitan Kindergarten through eighth grade school and a K through 8 catholic school, though.

  1587. c1 Says:

    is the Queen and mirar still in Chicago or r they back??

  1588. c1 Says:

    Sight: Ya it’s a catholic school, Wow in my town there’s like 3 (used to be 4 one closed last year the one i went to incidentally) catholic grade schools and 1 catholic high school.

    Our football team (American) is 1-1 but the band is still 2-0!!!! Go Band!!!!

  1589. Sight Says:

    c1: I think younad I are the only ones on here for now. unless everyone else is just not responding.

    hi everyone!!!

  1590. Sight Says:

    if anyone is still looking for a book, “A Dog Named Kitty” by Bill Wallace is a great fiction book about the bond that develops between a boy and a stray dog.

  1591. Mirar Says:

    Um just skimming sorry if i get things messed up a) We are baaaacccck, everything in the states is so BIG and sugary and CHEAP b) we have several choirs in our chool and take communion every thursday morning (optional) or every term (must) uh fill me in on whats happened since i’ve been gone but for now…show me the love people!

  1592. c1 Says:

    Mirar: Well there was some (_)(_)
    (=’,’=)BUNNY DOMININATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Other than taht not much did you happen to eat at McDonalds? It’s big and sugary and fattening. Can you imitate our accent? Did people look at you funny when you talked? I think you’ve got i wrong you fill me in :-P Oh and we went back to school

    Sight: I just don’t hink were the only ones anymore……what happened to ALAS?

    Q. Angel: what did you think of the States?

  1593. Sight Says:

    c1: what do you mean by the band is 2-0? like in competitions?

    Miar and Queen Angel: welcome back! you think gas prices were cheap?!?!

  1594. c1 Says:

    Sight: no my band director gives each band percents according to how we did at half-time and we’ve been better than the other 2 bands that we’ve watched

  1595. Sight Says:

    c1: congrats on the band thing. ALAS and I have been extremely busy since school started….especially with Algebra 2 homework…..i hate math….but I have managed to sneak on to the computer a few times :) anyway, ALAS hasn’t abandoned us, she is just really busy. in addition 2 homework, she has 2 b at school by 6:30 every morning for Marching Band, and now has a job at McDonalds.

    speaking of ALAS, yesterday was her 17th birthday!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALAS!!!!

  1596. c1 Says:

    I am so glad i don’t have to do that for my marching band.

  1597. c1 Says:

    oops hit post b4 i was ready…. HAPPY B-DAY ALAS!!!!!!!! (out of curiosity i know it’s late but did you make sweet sixteen or were you soured? you don’t have to answer)

  1598. Sight Says:

    c1: we u talking 2 me or ALAS about sweet sixteen?

  1599. c1 Says:

    to ALAS or you too I suppose if you want to answer

    Mirar and Q. Angel: did you leave us again?

  1600. Sight Says:

    I had a birthday party with my family, if that is what you mean. I really didn’t have a big party or anything, though.

  1601. c1 Says:

    When do Mirar and Angel go back to school anyone know? we need them back….can’t …..carry….on….conversation….much….looooongeeeeeer…

  1602. ALAS Says:

    idont know hi i here yaeh what sight said was true ive been busey dont like mcdonolds very much but i can cope oh C1 my friends threw me a suprise b-day party for my sweet sixteen and ill be able to write every once and a while.

  1603. Mirar Says:

    SORRY! I’m here and yes eveything in the states is CHEAP! it’s like 50p to 1 dollar! Everything there converted to pounds was like 1/2 price for us. Ur accent is waay easy to copy because it’s fairly nasal and u slurr your words, but kinda nice. People stared at us weirdy and it wass confusing going on your buses – whihc are SCARY and would not be permitted on Englihs roads, no joke. And ur train lines should be ILLEGAL! they are so NOT safe. Come to England and see what real trains are like lol!

    But on the whole it was cool, americans are kinda nice :)

  1604. Josh Grooms Says:

    I loved the first 2 book from ur inheritance trilogy. I am 14 and i have read them both and i was wondering if you would answer my question. Do you know when the 3rd book will come out i am soo excited to find out. Plz reply

  1605. Queen Angel Says:

    OhMyGosh!!! i have been so busy getting ready for school and doing homework and myspacing that i havent been on. To be honest i slightly forgot….I cannot believe myself! I’m so sorry!!

    c1: to answer you i’ve already started back. been back for 2 weeks now. Forgive me please =D


    sorry sorry sorry guy nd gals. so sorry =]

    oh, i think the States are awesome, so much bigeer and (in a way brighter) that England. This is a grey country, well where i live is anyways :P
    but i think so stuff is too big int he States..such as food portions =]

  1606. Queen Angel Says:

    i’m so sorry i havent written here, i have been busy doing getting ready for school, doing homework and..*cough*myspacing*cough* that i nearly forgot to write here. i’m so sorry, forgiveness please!

    ALAS: HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY! sorry, missed it.

    c1: so sorry. I think the States are awesome. there it is bigger, brighter than England…well where i live anyways. Although some stuffs is too big. Like the large McDonalds is illegal here…pretty much. our large is like your medium!

    well, now that i’m back..we can have a convo again!!

    Sight: How are you?

  1607. Angel Says:

    oohhh. whoops! i didn’t realise the first one had actually gone through because there was no…thing where you have to type in the letters nd numbers to make sure you’re a real human..whoops.
    i guess i’ve been away to long then

  1608. c1 Says:

    QA: you haven’t been around since that was gone it’s been gone awhile

    Seriously? I knew stuff was bigger and cheaper but not that much bigger and cheaper. I’ll have to check out your bus lines what happened to you in ours i didn’t know they were bad at all.

  1609. c1 Says:

    Oh and by the way you can’t go randomly around making things illeagal it has to go through the House and Senate and President and get voted on.

  1610. Sight Says:

    Josh Grooms: i don’t think there has been a release date set yet. I am very excited to read it as well. By the way, welcome!!! it has been a while since we have seen a new face here.

    Mirar and Queen Angel: welcome back!!! we have missed you so much!!! yeah, the typing-blocker-thingy-ma-bobber went away.

  1611. Sight Says:

    hay, what do you all want to do when you get out of school? I want to be a small-animal Veterinary Surgeon. Am I the only boy left? *looks around nervously* this is kind of creepy O.O

  1612. c1 Says:

    Sight: hate to break it to you but you’ve been the only boy for quite awhile

    I really want to be an actress but if that doesn’t happen I don’t really know somthing that has some variety I wouldn’t be able to sit behind a desk all day of do the same thing all the time.

  1613. Queen Angel Says:

    yes you are the onbly guy Sight ^_^ me wants to be a doctor…wh00p!!

    oh, i know i cant just make it illegal c1, i meant that your McDonalds large is illegal here.

    thankyou for welcoming us back!

  1614. Sight Says:

    Queen Angel: what do you mean it’s illegal, and why?

  1615. c1 Says:

    Angel: I knew that’s what you meant but mostly my point was that would never work here to many fat, McDonald’s luver’s in Government (I don’t mean that as an insult just stating facts)

  1616. Queen Angel Says:

    ooohhh. get you c1! =] i’m smart see :P lol

    Sight: i mean that the amount of fries and drink you get in a large in an american McDonald’s is illegal here becuse there is too much fat. Our large is like your medium and our small is you medium. get it?

  1617. c1 Says:

    Angel: Your small must be absolutey tiny then

  1618. c1 Says:

    You know what i think i think Cherise or lulu or Maria is going to remember us someday and we will be like ha fine you didn’t stick with us through the very slow time we are way more dedicated than you

    Am i all alone here (*squeck* that’s scary)

  1619. Queen Angel Says:

    yup, about…15 chips (sorry fries for you! :P)
    terribly skanky but we’re used to it so its normal. the only people who get smalls are little kids!

    how’s school for everyone…they made us to cross country in the rain, i got soaked straight through my games kit!

  1620. Sight Says:

    Queen Angel: oh, okay. What’s a games kit? sorry I full of questions. Im not in any sports, but I might do golf.

    c1: i’m still here!!! even though I am the only boy…….O.o

  1621. c1 Says:

    I luv running in the rain i was in cross country for t2o years and i’m thinking about going back to it next year.

    Sight: game kits are what british ppl wear for P.E. but i don’t know what all it includes

  1622. Sight Says:

    I can’t remember who it was, but a long time ago someone was asking about good books–I think it might have been c1–anyways, I just finished The Sight about a week ago, and it is an extremely good book.

  1623. c1 Says:

    Ya that was me what’s it about? Is it fantasy? Somebody needs to tell Chris P. to hurry up with taht last book so we have something to talk about

  1624. John Says:

    is eldest getting made and when is it comeing out

  1625. Sight Says:

    c1: yes, The Sight is a fantasy book. (it could technically be consisered a fiction book, but i consider it a Fantasy beacuse magic is used and spirits are summoned.) It is set in mideval Transylvania. A family of wolves must protect one of their own, Larka– a white she-wolf who is tied into an ancient prophesy with a human child, from the she-wolf’s aunt, Morgra, who wants to use the child for her own power. The prophesy states that upon the sacred alter Harja–the stone stautue of the she-wolf suckling Romulua and Remus of Rome–a wolf with the power of the Sight (a kind of ESP) will look into the childs mind and gain control of all the Lera (animals).
    The book contains elements that reflect religious beliefs of ancient Romans as well as Christians, both ancient and Modern-Day, as well as the true meanings of love and sacrifice.

    It is a great read for fantasy readers of all ages. I highly recommend reading it.

    it’s about 550 pages, if you read the paperback. the hardback, it’s about 460.

    if you like the Sight, its sequal, Fell, was realeased this month. also, another “fantasy,” “ficion,” (whatever u want 2 call it) book by David Clement-Davies is “Firebringer.” im not really sure what its about, but I like the author, so plan on reading it, too, soon.

    F.Y.I.- as u probably guessed, The Sight is where I got my name from. :)

  1626. Queen Angel Says:

    um John,
    Eldest is already out. or do you mean the film version? I hope they don’t make a film our of Eldest, ruin that one too!!!

    Sorry c1, Sight, ALAS! had so much work to do simply keep forgetting to come on here. Not that i forget you guys though.

    Sight: c1 is right about what a games kit is. Just includes Shorts, polo shirts, vest to go on top of shirt and socks, shoes, netball skirt for girls etc
    They are part of our uniform so everyone’s looks the same basically.

    It’s okay, questions are good! sometimes =]


  1627. ALAS Says:

    Thanks Angel for the commet but i was wrong im seventeen not sixteen how funny of me. while you are talking about McDonolds guss what i work at one. ttyl

  1628. c1 Says:

    sight: i do of that author i’ve seen firebringer in the library i haven’t seen The Sight at anytime though. I think i might have read something by him before. How’s school going? Tired of hearing the good day thing from your principal that you told us about yet?

  1629. Sight Says:

    first off, welcome!!! second, did u mean Eldest as in the movie? I’m not sure if they are making one or not. Feel free 2 stick around if ya want 2.. ;)

  1630. Sight Says:

    Hope u guys like 2 read, ’cause this measage is LLLOOONNNGGG!!!

    Queen Angel: since questions are good ;) what is a netball skirt? do u like having uniforms? i went 2 a Christian Acaedmy for nine years, and we had a uniform so, as u stated, everyone looked the same.
    It’s surprising how different, but similar, England is from the U.S.

    yeah!!! ALAS is 17!!!…….meanwhile I’m still 16….just 2 and a half months to go…….passing the time…….waiting……………….to strike…….O.O

    c1: wow, u remembered! it’s been such a long time since we posted that. it hasn’t really bothered me that much this year, probably because i am a Junior and i’ve coe to ignore it after 2 years :) well, a girl that clings 2 me, that i don’t preticularly care for, is only in 1 of my classes now….sorry if that seems offensive to her, it’s just that she won’t leave me alone. (no, it’s not ALAS ;) ) anyway, school has been pretty crazy. We didn’t have school today, so I got 2 spend some time with ALAS, and her family, and some of our friends but next week I have 3 tests, a book report (on The Sight:P), and a 2 hour Choir rehersal.
    I’ve to crunch 4 homework and studying because I’ve been attending an ACT Test prep course two days a week for the past three weeks. I haven’t been able to go to Wednesday night church since I don’t remember when :S

    end of message…..thank u for reading!!!

  1631. Sight Says:

    forgot 2 add this to my list of events…I performed 2 songs in a Lip Sync Contest last night. didn’t place, but I had fun.

  1632. c1 Says:


    okay now that i’ve only not checked for a couple days and there was something to read.

    Q. Angel: and ya what’s a netball skirt?

  1633. Sight Says:

    yeah!!! I finally got 2 present my book report on The Sight today in English class!!! (kind of embarrassing though, it was supposses to be around 7 min. mine was over 20!!!)

  1634. c1 Says:

    Sight : ummmmmm wow….what did you talk about.

    High school Football (american) season is over our record was 4-6. The band is still amazing basketball bring it on!!!!

  1635. Sight Says:

    c1: pretty much just rambling about all thats going on in my life.

    our last football game is tomorrow. so far, we are 7 and 2. we are playing an easy team, so hopefully we can be 8 and 2.

    hey, anyone like to write? November is National Novel Writing Month. check out however it may take a while to lod up. seems like everyone is trying to get on it. :D

  1636. c1 Says:

    Sight: well i kinda meant in your presentation I can’t even talk that long about things although i do know a person who can He talked to over 20mins about bees…… And well i would say good luck with your game but it was yesterday so in that case how did you do?

    Angel Mirar: Where did you go???

  1637. Sight Says:

    yeah!!! we ended our football season 8-2. we didn’t make it to conference, though…oh well!!!

    c1: our marching band performed “A Nightmare before Christmas.” what did yours do?

  1638. c1 Says:

    Our band isn’t a compitition band so we do lots of different things w/o having to be really good at any one but here are the shows we did
    Born to Hand Jive
    Greased Lighting
    you’re the one that i want

    Get Ready


    we only did this once and the songs weren’t memorable it was prolly the worst show

    Carry on Wayward Son
    one i can’t remember
    and a custom song made from other song lik smoke on the water, thriller, centerfold, ina vidda dia (something like that) and pink panther

  1639. Sight Says:

    c1: i basically told the entire entire 554 pages of the book in a shortened version. now that you mention it, Angel hasn’t psoted for about 2 weeks, Mirar hasn’t posted for almost a month and a half, and Lulu hasn’t posted ince who knows when!!!! XC

  1640. Sight Says:

    still the only guy……

  1641. Sight Says:

    hey, we haven’t heard anything from LiB lately either. How are you???

  1642. Queen Angel Says:

    a netball skirt is part of the PE(games) kit. The girls whave to wear it when they play netball, which is a britsh game. A bit like basketball except there is no backboard on the hoops, no dribbling wiht the ball and certain players are only allowed in certain areas ont he pitch. Thats the basic over view. you should google it or something!
    I don’t like uniforma anymore. My first year of Secondary School i didn’t mind but now it’s tiresome. Nearly all secondary schools in England have a uniform…
    i agree, we are different but in a weird slight way the same!

    c1: so sorry! i’m so busy these days. but i must rememeber to come at least once a day!!!

    I <3 Nightmare beofre Christmas…specially This is Halloween song!
    even though i have only seen that movie once!

  1643. Sight Says:

    Queen Angel: welcome back. i have never seen a nightmare before christmas, but i want too. I had to wear a uniform for nine years during elementary and middel school. i hated them.

  1644. c1 Says:

    As wierd as it sounds I like wearing my uniform

    I’m goin to Kalahari in Sandusky for a band thingy it’s going to be amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that’s where i’m gonna be and it will be sooooo much fun!!!!!!!!!! And i’m with the band and band geeks are thee coolest ppl ever!!!!!!

    yeah I’m just a little excited……..

  1645. Sight Says:

    c1: and choir geeks are the second coolest ppl ever, but if your in both your twice as cool!!!!

  1646. Queen Angel Says:

    I’m a choir geek i guess…well i’m in most choirs.
    Except in my school, your not a geek just because you’re in choir or band. more a geek if you don’t do anything other then school work i guess!

    Sight: thankyou. Yup i nearly hate uniform as well!

  1647. c1 Says:

    umm………. the ppl in your choir must be different that the ppl in my chori at my school choir is counted as a humanity so some ppl just take it to get the credit and they don’t even sing. But yes the ppl who are serious about it are very cool.

  1648. Sight Says:

    Happy Veterns Day, in honor of those who defended our country.

  1649. Mirar Says:

    *Pulls body out of bed and stumbles down the stairs. Places funky purple glasses on and can suddenly see – IT’S A MIRCALE. Then said person notices all the comments – all the unreplied comments. Shizzle, said person whispers. A grin twists their features for a moment at the word, before fingers a flexed and mouses are rolled. Here we go again…*

    Garn i’ve been away for a long time. Suddenly enetering yr10 (age 14-15, that a Freshman or Sophmore for y’all?) is a long hard year, something that wasn’t expected. Lots of work, lots of stress and very little time. Still haven’t done my piano or vocal practice *slouches in seat*. It’s not fair!

    But however, enough of my moaning i MISS YOU GUYS! I never realised cyber foraged friendships could get so deep – maybe i’m just a loser :P Ah well, it’s good to be back and to hear from you guys again. So fire away with your questions, i’m just happy to be ‘home’ :)

    Cheers guys, write back soon!

  1650. c1 Says:

    Mirar& Q. ANgel: They have returned!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Q. Angel: the geek part is more reprentative of the dedication that we have

    Mirar: if that makes you a loser than i’m a loser too!!, and that wouold make you a freshman or the slang version “frosh”

    KALAHARI WAS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!! (but being back home is wonderful too)

  1651. Sight Says:

    c1: actually, u hit the nail on the head. lots of people in our choirs don’t sing either.

    Mirar: that is generally a Freshman.

    both: yep, i’m definately a loser then, too!!!!

  1652. Queen Angel Says:

    ahhhh, well dedication is a thing that changes with how I feel the day of rehersals!
    we don’t get credit for doing choir, its an extra-curricular.
    yes we have returened…i hope i keep remmebering to post!

    ahah! Mirar i told youuuu it’d be freshman! yes..i’m so cooolll.. :P

  1653. c1 Says:

    so were all losers but Q. Angel who claims to be cool ‘cept mabye ALAS who seems to have dissapperaded

    For us band and choir are class periods

  1654. Sight Says:

    c1: they are class periods 4 us 2. ALAS has been very busy lately, with school and work. plus, we have a little less than one month before our semester Final exams. then its Christmas break, here we come 4 tw whole weeks!!!

  1655. Sight Says:

    wow, I just Eragon again this afternoon. I had a harsh reminder of how different it is form the book.

    tee hee…..this is the first comment, from one of the regulars here, that was actually directed to Eragon in quite a while……XD

  1656. Alas Says:

    HI im in band are u in band

  1657. Sight Says:

    yeah, ALAS has returned!!!

  1658. Sight Says:

    hey, the little spam checker type these letters to prove your not a spamming robot thing is back!!!

  1659. Sarah Houghton-Jan (LiB) Says:

    The little spam-checker never went away – it just shows up if it thinks what you typed looks like spam. It even catches me, though it’s my blog :) I think it will get you if you type more than one comment within 10 minutes or so, if you type a lot of text with punctuation or other non-letter characters. Probably looks for specific words too – I don’t actually know! The company isn’t very clear on how it works. And even with it – I get about 10 spam messages a day that get through. UGH!

  1660. Queen Angel Says:

    i’m joking, i’m a very coooolll geek you see. you guys are cool geeks as well
    Hi ALAS!
    i wonder if its better to do it during school instead of out of school….

  1661. Sight Says:

    it’s still wierd cause it did it on my first comment but not my 2nd one. O.O

  1662. c1 Says:

    LiB: what type of things does the spam even say?

    Sight:NOOOOO!!!!!! don’t remind us of that horrid thing (the movie not the book)

    ALAS: yes i am i play flute. u?

    i feel like being random…..DON’T LOOK DOWN!!!!!!!!!

  1663. Sight Says:

    Happy Thanksgiving!!!

  1664. kylie Says:

    if you watched the movie I have a question for you what is the real name of Eargons friend that has the black hair and saves eargons life and is the son of darsion I really want to know

  1665. Sight Says:

    kylie: his mane is Murtagh…or did u mean the actor?

    c1: dang it, I looked down!!!!

  1666. ALAS Says:

    there makeing four books know instead of three yah and the third book isnt comeing out untill the 28 of sep next year. im tired of wateing the next book may as well be called Escape becase they said it was comeing out this year and know its next year.
    C1;I play saxaphone and clarinet. my nick name is clariphone in band wonder why?
    LiB; oh I noticed the time bars are all gone why u decide to take them off?

  1667. c1 Says:

    Yes i knew i could get someone!!!!

    Kylie: And his father’s name completly escapes me for the moment wait i got it Morzan, or that’s what we’ve been lead to believe until this piont…The actor’s name since Sight wan’t kind enough to include it is Garrrett Hedlund

    I’ve been thinkin what if i changed my name it would confuse the heck out of everyone and i would end up staying c1 cause te other shoice is so mcuh longer….hmmmmmmm……

  1668. Queen Angel Says:

    ohh flute is cool. i play the sax!!! not like lisa simpson though


  1669. Sight Says:

    c1: what’s your other name?

  1670. c1 Says:

    Q, Angel: who??

    Sight: well i was thinkin about bubbleprincess but it’s alwuf long and BP whould be short for it and i don’t want to be a gas staton.

  1671. c1 Says:

    ALAS: wow i’m slow i just looked up and i saw that you said they were makin 4 books that’s for the inheritance TRIOLOGY? we have a fluteaphone in our band and a trupaphone

  1672. Sight Says:

    c1: actually, it’s not unheard of to start off with a trilogy and end with more than 3 books, but in any case,

    ALAS: where did u hear there was going to be a 4th book?

  1673. Sight Says:


    ALAS was right. Chris decided that because the ending of the series was going to be such a long story, making a BIG book, he is extending the Trilogy into a Series to properly wrap up the story. BTW, he is going to kill off a major character at the end of the 3rd book.

    for more information, go to the below site, and click on the video on the right of the screen. (you must then press play or it won’t start. i waited a while thinking it just needed to load, big mistake).

  1674. ALAS Says:

    IM not lieing read this
    It was announced that the Inheritance Trilogy is the Inheritance Trilogy no more – a forth, full-length novel has been added to the Trilogy, expanding Eragon and Saphira’s adventures.

    “I plotted out the Inheritance series as a trilogy nine years ago, when I was fifteen. At that time, I never imagined I’d write all three books, much less that they would be published” said Paolini. “When I finally delved into Book Three, it soon became obvious that the remainder of the story was far too big to fit in one volume. Having spent so long thinking about the series as a trilogy, it was difficult for me to realize that, in order to be true to my characters and to address all of the plot points and unanswered questions Eragon and Eldest raised, I needed to split the end of the series into two books.”

    In addition to the announcement of a fourth book in the series, the release date has been announced for the third book, which still remains un-named: September 23, 2008.

  1675. c1 Says:

    YES FINALLY A RELEASE DATE!!!!!!!(that might actually be right)…..ok seriously tthey’re thinking to hard about the title call it Escape and te 4th Empire and get it over with already

    So it’s more than a year away i can wait that long we’ve already waited a year or more already….

    kill off a major charatar i say Roran (oh please he is so annoying) or Murtaugh….I suppose it could be the dwarf guy can’t think of his name……

  1676. Sight Says:

    i know!!! thats such a big dissappointment. how hard could it be to finish a book? (actually, i have no room to talk, cause i am a writer myself and i have never even started an idea for any of my books. :K

    anywho, i wish they would hurry up already. were all, or at least most of us, i think, are going to be graduated from High School and off to college by the time the 4th book evn has a release date!!!

  1677. c1 Says:

    Well i’m not a writer i really suck at writing when i write every thing condeses its self and i have problems even writing a page if i were to wrtie it the whole seris would fit in a 50 page book of 12th grade reading level….yaaaaa…..

    Yep sounds good tell all my college friends ya i’m reading this 9th grade book about a kid and his dragon…..yeeeeaaaah……..

  1678. Sight Says:

    IT’S SNOWING!!!!!!!!!! i was sittin’ in Study Hall today @ school, when i looked out the window and saw snow on the ground and a truck load of the stuff pournin down. driving home was a pain in the butt though. my friend and i drive behind each other to make sure we both made it home safe–he lives like a minute or two drive down the road from me. anyways, i almost slipt off the road a couple times…although Zach had a harder time driving than i did. ‘course his car is older than mine.

    so how is everyone liking school? our last day is friday the 21st. we get at like 10:45 since our last scheduled time for a final is when the entire school has study. we get out for 2 whole weeks, baybeh!!! XD

    only 2 weeks and 1 day left of school……sleeping in till noon, here i come!!!

    when does everyone else get out of school?

  1679. Sight Says:

    ………wow……i got like…….3 hours a sleep last night….i was sick…………but….i’m…..BETTER….and i’m……………….HHHHHHHHHHHHHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYPPPPPPPPPPPEEEEEEEEEEEEERRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1680. c1 Says:

    wow…..that’s always fun…..we don’t have school the 21st as areward for making a goal of a fundraiser our exams aren’t till midway through Jan. but ya we have off till like the 3rd……i can’t sleep till noon i wake up at 7 when the sun comes over the trees into my bedroom then go back to sleep till about 10

    YES ILOVESNOW we had a 2 hour delay already it’s amazing!!!!!!!!!!

  1681. Sight Says:

    HOLY COW!!! we gots like an inch of ice on everything at my house, and we’ve had like six big tree limbs break off and fall due to the weight of the ice on them. some of our trees are leaning over cause of the weight….its kind a scary, though, ause there leaning TOWARDS our house!!! 0.0

  1682. Queen Angel Says:

    lisa simpson..from the Simpsons..never mind

    grr! tests, exams! so much work, so much work!!
    got exams all day this week! GRR!

    ah well

  1683. Mirar Says:

    I’m lsot again. I really need to check this babay regualry, but fro now i need y’all to compile me a lsit of ‘the greatest books ever’ which i ahven’t read. I’m in dire need of some books else i think i will crack. Does anyone here get physcis btw?

  1684. Sight Says:

    well, unfortuantely, the snow turned to ice….an inch or two of it!!! we ahve lost like half of our trees’ upper branches cause they the keep breaking off and falli odwn due to the weight of the ice on them. my dad, uncle and i cleane up our front yard yesterday, but now it’s full again, and we still have to do our back yard, too! D:< is anyone else besides ALAS and I getting any ice/snow? i don't know how bad her yard looks....she's been at work the past couple days cause we had our choir concerts for saturday and sunday postponed, and school was cancelled yesterday and today. it will probably be cancelled tomorrow, too. it stinks, thiough, cause now we only have 4 days of class to review before we take our Finals next week. >.<

  1685. c1 Says:

    our weather is still all rain but the ice is comin tonight (accordin to the weather guys and we all know how beliavable those are) We’ve not been cancelled at all kinda sux cept all my friends are at school and a can’t see them any other way really……OUR BAND CONCERT IS TONIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!! I SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!

  1686. c1 Says:

    and none of our trees are close enough to our house even though we have a woods in our backyard

  1687. Queen Angel Says:

    well you guys are lucky you get snow. so far we’ve had ice…and that came just today!! we might be lucky to get snow in January maybe Febuary

  1688. Sight Says:

    prepare yourself…..this is LLLLLLLLOOOOOOOOOONNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!

    we had snow last thursday..but that’s it. it turned to ice, and that’s all we’ve gotten except for freezing rain.

    our Final exams start tuesday and go till friday. we start @ 8, have a 2 or 2 and a half hour (can’t remeber which) and then Juniors and Seniors go to open lunch (we have like 2 hours to go wherever we want) then we come back and take another final that afternoon. once that time is over we get to go home.

    wednesday, i opted out of my Veterinary Science final (if u get certain score in a certain subject on the MAP test, u can choose not to take the final in that subject and u keep whatever grade u have—u can do the same thing if u have a 95 percent or above in ANY class), so i will have some extra time to study for my Honors Chemistry final that afternoon. then ALAS and i are going to eat lunch together (wednesday is our 10-month anniversary).

    im going to end the first semester of my Junior year in style….Friday (our last day) i opted out of 2nd block class–hOnors algebra 2 (bleh)–which is our only, and last, final exam. then we get out at 10:45-ish. after we get out, i, along with a large group of friends, are going to go out and parteh!!!

    we don’t go back till Monday, January 7th!!! that is, unless we have more bad weather O.O

  1689. c1 Says:

    Ya….only seniors can get out of exams at my school and only the end of the year ones…..lucky….it used to be any grade could then they discoved that we didn’t know how to study for them in collage….I’ve been with my boyfriend for 6 months…I don’t even know the date cause it was during the summer where i don’t keep track of dates so ya somtime in June

    We always end up with snow…well most of the time

  1690. Sight Says:

    happy 6 and a hlaf month anniversary, c1!!! ^_^

  1691. Sight Says:

    it’s snowing!!!!! well it was snowing…but we gots like 5 inches <_>

    i don’t remeber if any of you were around when Jibba was here–i think Angel might have been, not sure bout anyone else–but he says hello.

    and today is my birthday!!! im finally 17, yeah!!!

  1692. Queen Angel Says:

    Good luck with any exams.

    Happy Anniversary c1! don’t know when i first came here…

  1693. c1 Says:

    I was here…HI JIBBA!!!!!

  1694. Sight Says:

    good luck too all taking finals this week. we start ours tomorow, i’ve got a Computer Applications final tomorrow, which shouldn’t be that hard. we’ve just done stuff in Microsoft Word, Excel, & Power Point, and this program called typing master that teaches u 2 type faster and without having to look down at your hands…like i am doing now!!! lol.

  1695. c1 Says:

    Thank you q. Angel!! You guys should see the necklace he go tme it’s a C made out of gold and he made it himself….

    GOOD LUCK w/ EXAMS!!!!!!!!!!!

  1696. Sight Says:

    wow, have u ever had one of those days where everything is going great, then WHAM! u get smacked right in the face? today was definately one of those days.

    today was the last day of school, and we got out early today. ALAS and I, along with our friends Zach and Haley had made plans to rent some movies and go to my house for lunch. my dad droppped me off at the video rental store, and i waited for the others. Haley and ALAS showed up pretty quickly, but it took Zach a long time to get there; he was giving someone a ride home. so we decided to just go on to my house. that’s when we got the call.

    zach’s mom called and said that Zach had been in a wreck and totaled his car. my first thought was, “great, what did he hit?” so ALAS , Haley and I rushed to the scence, which was ironically just a block or two from where we were. when we got there, however, we were all stunned.

    the cars had already been towed away, and all that remained was a police car. the person Zach took home was in the passenger seat. what had happened was someone had ingored the yeild sign and went barelling through the intersection and hit Zach, who purposely turned the car at the last second to make it so he got the brunt of the hit.

    both zach and his passenger went to the emergency room. haven’t heard back from her yet, but she told us that the EMT that came by said she would be okay; just a couple scrapes. ALAS haley and i went to the hospital with zach and his mom. he’s okay, just a possible broken wrist (didn’t hear whether it was or not).

    it definately was NOT the “end of first semester party” we expected. what freaks me out the most is that, now that i think back, right about the time the wreck happened i remember hearing sirens. it’s amazing what we take for granted, and what we never expect could happen to us.

  1697. c1 Says:

    MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!

  1698. Queen Angel Says:

    Awww, sounds prettyful! who made it got it for you?

    anyways, i know this is late but…


    i hope you all had an awesome one!

  1699. Sight Says:

    well, zachs passenger is alright, she just had a couple of scratches.

    zach, on the other hand, possibly has a broken wrist. all they did was splint it. he was going back to the doctor today to find out whats up. i think the biggest damage, however, was to his psychie (i spelled it wrong); he’s pretty freaked out, and he’s not very comfortable riding in cars, but all in all i think he’s okay. his main worry was missing work, but i think he worked it out so he could at least work the register or drive-through.

  1700. c1 Says:

    Q. Angel: My boyfriend works at his dad’s dental lab so he has acsess to gold and knows how work with it so he made it and got it for me….is that what you wanted to know?

    Sight:………..that really sux….so zach turned the car so he would take the hit? But both of them are gonna b okay?…….and no i’ve never had a day blow up in my face that bad…

  1701. ALAS Says:

    SIGHT she is ok the girl that was rideing with zach her water broke and she had a beuitful babby girl. shocking

  1702. c1 Says:

    Sight/ALAS: How old was she?

    I watched Amazing Grace last night it was really good!

  1703. c1 Says:

    HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!

  1704. Sight Says:

    HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone!!!

    c1: i’m not sure how old she was. i heard amazing grace was good. i’ve never seen it before, myself, though.

  1705. c1 Says:

    Sight: it was slightly confusing at time because they tell the story in flashbacks but quite amazing in the same way botany is tedious…….lol you’d have to see the movie

  1706. Sight Says:

    has anyone here seen the movie “Eight Below” or any of the 3 “Balto” and 3 “All Dogs Go to Heaven” movies? they are my favorites.

  1707. c1 Says:

    I saw a very old all dogs go to heaven like…….10??………11??……..years ago so probably not

    Ya my favorite movies make me sound like an obbsessd teenager which i am but not because Orlando BLoom is hot…..But i like Pirates 1 then Lord of the Rings 3 then the rest of the Pirates and LotR all jumbled together…………I am very obsessd with LotR i need to reread the books………..ya and i got this 3rd grade reading level Pirates book for christmas and was to busy lookin at it to admire the Wii we got…….i have issues

    I think this is the 1st time in a long time i’ve typed so the box has to scroll down mabye it has something to do with that movies came up…….

  1708. Sight Says:

    school starts tomorrow, bleh. oh, well; at least i have a lot more classes with my friends this semester.

    when does school start for everyone else?

  1709. Sight Says:

    c1: yeah, the first All Dogs Go To Heaven movie came out in 1989. the 2nd came out in 1996, and the 3rd movie (the christmas one) came out in 1998. there was also a series on for three short seasons (about 35 episodes total) between the 2nd and 3rd movies. oldies but goodies!!!

    u gots a wii! all i gots is 2 gameboys (a color and an advance sp) and a super nintendo.

  1710. c1 Says:

    My school started on the 3rd……and tecnically there not GameBOYS and more it was considered sexist someone save us from Political Correctness HELP!!!!!!!

  1711. c1 Says:

    How is zach doing?

  1712. c1 Says:

    sight: And i would’ve seen the 1st all dogs go to heaven

  1713. Sight Says:

    zach’s doin a lot better, his arms not broken and doesn’t hurt that much anymore. although….he has to wear a baby pink tux to prom. XD

    does anyone here like Digimon? they gots a new season out now where the kids and their digimon are like “police” ad they are part of an organization that monitors the barrier from the didgital and human worlds.

    oh my gosh, the Homecoming Dance is tomorrow night; i’m so excited!!!!!

  1714. c1 Says:

    Sight: like the relient k song “in love with the 80′s (pink tux to the prom)”………I kinda thougth digimon were totally phased out but i was never into them and still am not………WOW our homecoming dance was in october……HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1715. c1 Says:

    where did everybody go i miss how i could come here after school and there i could look and see how you guys were doin’…..I miss you guys…..

  1716. ALAS Says:

    The third book is called BRISINGR it comes out in september

  1717. c1 Says:

    BRISINGR totally does not match whatever happened to Empire that was so much better and actually matched CHIRSTOPHER PAILONI!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO THE SERIS!!!!!!!!! (since you know it’s no longer a trilogy….I think i took that a bit to hard, I don’t even care if i can’t spell your name you can’t come up w/ a good name for the 3rd book)

  1718. Sight Says:

    i’m back!!! sorry, i’ve been busy lately, but i’m back now.

    c1: are u a sophomore? u told us before but i can’t remember what u said.

    it’s called Brisingr, and will be realeased on September 20th, and it’s going to be a gold-and-black book cover.

    check this site out for more details:

  1719. katie Says:

    do ya’ll know if they’re going to make a second one? they killed the first one so badly with the whole leaving all kinds of info out that i’m not sure that i want one….

  1720. c1 Says:

    Sight: well i could always make you look it up but, yea i am

    I still mad about the 3rd book title…..and that it’s no longer a triology i mean once you untrilology it you could go on forever and i’m tired of thing goin on 4eva… the young wizards seris…….i suppose the colors kinda make up for the name though even though they don’t mach either they’re sweet

  1721. Q.Angel Says:

    hi guys!
    while i was away, i had my brithday! yay me!! lol
    wow! go Sight! you found out the second boook!!
    doesn’t brisingr mean fire or something in the books?
    am checking that site out.
    I’m a rubbish Queen…anyone want to take over?

  1722. Sight Says:

    sorry, that unnamed comment was me, stupid school computer didn’t keep my name in the box.

  1723. c1 Says:


    And that would be the 3rd book and yes brisngr means fire

    I think any of us would end up being rubbish (such a bristish word) royalty (look i used alliteration :-)…….okay it’s time to stop studying poetry in english :-B) None of us really check around very much……Say hi! to Mirar for me!!

  1724. c1 Says:

    Am i the only one who is having issues with the name thing here?

  1725. Sight Says:

    i agree with you, c1. they should have kept with Empire, or at least something that kept with the six letter word starting with E pattern.

    btw, does anyone know how many books there are suppossed to be now?

  1726. Sight Says:

    c1: oh my gosh. i was just reading back through old posts and i realied that u lived in Ohio! i thought u lived in Colorado, but we talked about living there or something.

    to everyone who hasn’t been here in a while….HHHEEEELLLLLLLLOOOO!!!

    ahh, the patriots lost the super bowl… B(

  1727. Sight Says:

    just because you’re immortal doesn’t mean u can’t get your but kicked

  1728. Queen Angel Says:

    okay okay Sir Sight i apologies, there was a lapse in my mind, a weka point. But have no fear your Queen is here!
    yay i’m a poet whoop. oh we are now 15…yay!
    i will say hi to Mirar, she is just really busy at the moment becuase hse’s in our school production of My Fair Lady…its so boring, but i’m going to watch it soon!yay.
    yeah i heard about the superbowl, i watched the first quarter but it really confused me… =[

    Agreed with Sight, then we would have had Eragon, whatever the 3rd one was, and Empire. But Brisingr is quite cool.

    ahaha rubbish. it is really british as well! xD

  1729. c1 Says:

    I was actually rooting for the Giants so I liked the outcome….

    Sight: We were talking about the places we’ve gone on vacation (oh i remembered and i didn’t even have to scroll up! GO ME!) But yeah i’m from OH the state that never does anything interesting besides haveing the largest ketchup factory in the world woooohoooo……..

    Q. Angel: tell Mirar pish…I’m in a play too and I’m still here……and if the play is boring then why are you excited about getting to watch it soon?

  1730. Sight Says:

    hazzah!!! the Queen has returned…*bows down low, and moved arm in sweeping gesture*

    my cousin is in the play “You’re a good man Charlie Brown” at our school. i just got home from watching it. it’s quite good.

  1731. Queen Angel Says:

    haha, i will c1! well she says it’s boring for her but she doesn’t want to let down the drama teachers who really like her and were apologiseing for giving her her role becuse she can do so much better. But for me it looks like it will be a good production, so i’m looking forward to seeing it.
    What play are you in?

  1732. Sight Says:

    c1: what play r u in?

    q. angel: what play is mirar in?

  1733. c1 Says:

    Q. Angel: our school does something called Winter One Acts so i’m actually in 2 really short one act plays one my only part is to hold my breath for 3 mins. the other one i play Juliet in a play called Waiting for Romeo.

  1734. Sight Says:

    c1: u mean literally hold ur breath or is that what ur character does?

  1735. Queen Angel Says:

    she was in My Fair Lady. it was really good, the main person was surprisingly good actually. was a very enjoyable performance to watch!

    Ahh waiting for Romeo sounds really cute! what is it about?

    yeah did you really have to hold your breathe? nah bet you didnt you’d die wouldn’t you..or faint.

  1736. Sight Says:

    Happy Valentines Day!!!

  1737. c1 Says:

    sight: well it’s my character but i’m tring (i think i said that but the ost didn’t show up so i’m saying it again)

    Sight & Q. Angel: I was scrolling through old posts and i noticed that it isn’t actually Sir Sight but Lord Sight

    I <3 PIEROGIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1738. Sight Says:

    good catch, c1, i couldn’t remember what my title was. er, Lady c1 ;)

    im SSSSSSSSOOOOOOOO happy!!! i got a call from the local Veterinary Clinic here in Fulton this afternoon, and I am starting a part-time job there on Wednesday!!!!! sure it’s doing grunt work like cleaning out kennels and walking dogs and stuff, but at least it gives me some experience in a real Vet setting!!! and it will look good on a college application ^_^

  1739. Sight Says:

    happy anniversary ALAS!!!

  1740. Sight Says:

    speaking of jobs, i know alas has one, but do any of u guys? i think one of u may have mentioned one before.

  1741. c1 Says:

    Ummmmm……I made boxes (seriously i folded cardboard into boxes for 8 hours) for two days and got paid $8 and hour. that count? And i babysit. but anyway.

    GO SIGHT!!!!!!

  1742. Sight Says:

    c1: thanks!!! the box thing sounds boring–i would need my iPod to get through the job–, but at least it payed good. i get about $6.25 an hour, and i work either 6 and a half hours a week, or, if i work on saturdays, i work 10 and a half hours a week. also, i work for my dad-who is a locksmith-and i put in an application to a new Walgreens store that is opening up in my home town.

  1743. c1 Says:

    well sight my best friend was there and one of the school good off……Somebody wants to make lots of money


  1744. c1 Says:

    So i found this quiz…..about fantasy………tell me how you do


    Oh dear. Perhaps more time in the scriptorium might be advised. Still, you did manage to answer a few questions correctly and so may use the title, “Initiate-Apprentice, Hobbit Level.”

    GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!! (trust me I didn’t just do that badly you have to be very well read i order to get any where)

  1745. Sight Says:

    c1: that’s awesome. what kind a car is it? my friend has a Dodge Neon that is a 5 speed. i’m pretty good in it, i just have trouble backing up and remembering 2 release the parking brake before i take off.

    we gots a chihuahua @ the clinic, and….i…..wanna….pops it’s….cute…little…..head…OFF!!!! the thing barks and screams the entire time i’m there, but as soon as i leave the room, it stops!!! its so annoying!!!

  1746. c1 Says:

    Sight: glad your so good with animals!……It’s a Voltswagon Passat, it has 5 gears, backing up isn’t hard. but I have problems with the parking brake too.

  1747. Sight Says:

    c1: well, the chihuahua left, but we had a “skin-and-bones” skinny dalmatian come in last night. it was heart-rinching.

  1748. Sight Says:

    c1: well, the chihuahua left, but we had a “skin-and-bones” skinny dalmatian come in last night. it was heart-rinching.

    btw, i have a Ford Explorer.

  1749. Sight Says:

    c1: i took the quiz. i got 9, but i guessed on some of them over half. O.o

  1750. Queen Angel Says:

    ahhh! An Anniversary!
    What did eberyone do for Valentine’s day?

    I think i’ve been her for a year and a bit becuase this is my second Valentines day…

    oh it’s Leap Year today!

    c1′s title is Lady c1!

    Me thinks we should have our ball soon, very soon!!

  1751. Sir Sight Says:

    welcome back, Your Higness. how is Lady Mirar fairing with the play?

  1752. c1 Says:

    I only counted the ones I knew….well plus one that I knew but then talked myself out of the right answer.

    About Valentines Day…..I tend to think Valentine’s day (well pretty much all holidays) are over rated and arbitrary calendar events……My boyfriend made me roses and a CD though…and all my friends gave me candy that I couldn’t eat because it’s Lent and I gave it up.

    I am very glad people don’t take leap year and turn it into a holiday though. (It is arbitrary though)


    the VW isn’t actually mine I don’t have a car it’s my parents and I only have my permit anyway can’t get my liscene until I get drivers ed and it’s July

    YES!! THE BALL SHOULD BE SOON….AS IN WITH IN THE NEXT CENTURY!!!! (seeing as how we live in a fantasy world where were all immortal)

  1753. Sir Sight Says:

    Queen Angel: i agree, we should have the ball soon….just please not the next two weeks. i have 4 Future Farmers of America agronomy practices, 2 ag competitions, a National Honor Society Dinner and Field Trip, 3 choir rehersals, and ACT test day, a book report and at least 7 hours of after-school work @ the clinic. after that it’s Spring Break for a week!!!

  1754. Sir Sight Says:

    Sir Sight: the Ford Explorer i drive is mine, but my dream car (for the moment at least, it changes quite often) is a Honda Accord. nothing really specific (but i do really like the body style and interior of the accord), i just see the cars my friends have and become obssessed with them. for a while i wanted ALAS’s ford escort (1994), then my friend Alysa’s escort (2000), the my friend Haley’s dodge neon (it’s 5-speed manual) and now i like my friend Webb’s accord. right now i’m into newerish 4-door sedans, any color but white -or pink- automatic transmition with the P R D 2 1 thingy down on the console, instead of up on the sterring wheel, with the release button on the side where u would use ur thumb to push it in. idk, i’m just really wierd like that. maybe i’m watching too much NASCAR 0.o

  1755. Lady c1 Says:

    Okay….dunno if the one b4 posted so most of it’s going to be repeated (my computer decided it wasn’t connected to the internet even though it said it was….idk confuzled)

    How can people watch cars go around in a circle for hours???? seriously and I thought basketball was redundant…..

    My dream car would be a Mustang but I’ll never get one cause of price……

  1756. Lady c1 Says:

    o and what is agronomy?

  1757. Sir Sight Says:

    Lady c1: al lot of people have asked about nascar, but i think one of the coolest things ever is watching cars wrekck @ 180+ mph.

    Agronomy is a team division of FFA that deals with plants. we learn how to identify and name the longevity (time the plant grows) of over 100 different seeds/plants of crops and weeds and judge hay, crop seeds, and weed seeds on there quality.

    aahhh! i have’t been into work all week!!!! i think i’m having puppy withdrawals!!! at least i get 2 go in monday and wednesday next week, and get to o in all week the next during spring break.

    ugg, i have another FFA contest friday, and then have practice from 8am to noon monday 17th through friday 21st. bleh….more early mornings–i had to get up @ 3:30 yesterday morning.

  1758. Sir Sight Says:

    remember to set your clocks forward for daylight savings time everyone!!!

  1759. Lady c1 Says:

    Sight: what do you do at FFA contests….I know what FFA is but what would you do at a contest??????? And wouldn’t drag racing be more fun to watch I mean it’s not just going around in a circle then…….

  1760. Sir Sight Says:

    yeah! my Agronomy team got 3rd out of 32 in the overall standings 4 our contest last friday. now we gots another one this friday, bleh. i hate early mornings.

  1761. Sir Sight Says:

    c1: @ contests, my Agronomy team goes into a large room with tables. no talking or cell phones allowed. we go down a line and identify 50 crop seeds/plants. then we go down another line and identify 50 weed seeds/plants. then we go down yet another line and judge seeds–4 plates of soybeans, and we have to tell what is wrong with each plate (cracked seeds, immature seeds, other seeds mixed in, etc.) there are 8 total things wrong with the 4 mixtures. then we do the same thing with 4 plates of ?wheat? (i think it was wheat). then we judge quality of hay–4 large bundles of hay, we look for leafyness, compactness, color–greenness (not a word), and look to see if there is any foreigh material (anything that shouldnt be in there such as sticks). we order the hay from best to worst (1-4) based on those specifications. after that we take a 100 question test over various things realted to crops and production—I GUESSED ON EVERY QUESTION. the whole process takes about an hour and a half. it’s not “hard” but it’s tedious.

  1762. Lady c1 Says:

    Sir Sight: how do you order and learn all of that then guess on the test????

    HEY I’M TAKING LONG TEDIOUS TESTS TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THEY’RE CALLED O(hio)G(raduation)T(est)’s!!!!!!!!!!

    Yeah reallllllll exciting stuff

  1763. Queen Angel Says:

    wooooow S.Sight! How’d all that go? Hope it went well.
    hm..any of you have ideas of when to do it?

    I havent been on this site, not becuase i forgot i promise, but becuase i’ve been so busy that i haven’t used the computer at all.
    Mirar’s play went really well, it was amazing so was the lead actress. I don’t know why she hasn’t been on here but she hasn’t..lazy person.

    Alas and c1 you are both Ladies of the Royal Court. You do know that right? You have my upmost permisson to title yourselves. In fact it think its time you got higher stations of authority!

    Sight you are no longer to be known as Sir Sight, but as Lord Sight. A much higher and more respected position, and given to you becuase of your continued use and protection of our beloved homeland.

    c1 and ALAS, you are to be addressed no longer as Lady c1 and ALAS but as Dame c1 and Dame ALAS.

    I think you shall all be decorated with higher stations shortly.


  1764. Queen Angel Says:

    Sight: you do daylight saving in the US? I thought it was an english thing. interesting!

  1765. Sir Sight Says:

    queen angel: yep, we do it. actually, i was surprised u do it?! O.o

    well, i’m having a bad day. a dog i was walking got loose from me today. we looked for 3 hours, but we couldn’t get it. we know the general area its in, but we think its hiding cause it’s scared. it might cause a huge lawsuit for the clinic. hopefully it will show up. we r goin back out tonight, and we have animal control and police helpin. :(

  1766. Lord Sight Says:

    wow, we got our results back, and my team was 3rd, but my personal ranking was 53 out of 106. my team’s average score was about 350, but it needs to be up to 800 within a month. we gots a lot of work to do.

    Dame c1: what is a (hio)G(raduation)T(est)? actually, the test wasn’t anything like i thought it was.

    Queen Angel: *bows* Your Majesty, i am honored and humbly accept your most gracious act of kindess. I will serve you well.

    Dame ALAS and c1: congratulations on your promotions!

  1767. Lord Sight Says:

    wow, i gots 2 get up @ 4:30 in da morning 4 another FFA contest. oh, well. i feel more confident this time at least.

    i went to work this afternoon, and there was a sighting of the runaway dog this morning, but they stopped chasing it cause it kept running towards the highway. i hope we can catch it soon.

    on a brighter note, next week is SPRING BREAK!!!followed by EASTER!!! i’m gettin like 15 hours of work then, and *knock on wood* i hope there are no more incidents.

  1768. Dame c1 Says:

    Q. Angel: Ditto what L. Sight said i’m not good w/ words. (Dame is high than lady? yeah I guess I knew that Dame reminds me of old women, just the connotation my brain has)

    S. Sight: congradulations on your own promotion!!! OGT’s are tests that every Ohio High School student has to pass to be able to graduate. Most of the time sophmores take them but if you don’t pass one there are 5 more chances. GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!

    Lucky our spring break consists of Good Friday and Easter Monday. wooooooooooooooooohooooooooooooo

  1769. Lord Sight Says:

    Dame c1: our school requires that u pass a Missouri Constitution test and a United States Constitution test in inorder to both pass U.S. Government class and graduate. btw, back at my old school, that was our spring break, too. however, we hardly ever get our full sprng break cause of snow days. we did this year, though, cause they decided to just add the snow days on to the end of the year instead of taking out our spring break. i’m not gonna have much of a Spring Break, though, cause i’ve got Agronomy practice from 8am to noon Monday thru Friday, and i’ll have work mixed in with that.

    OOOOOOOHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! speaking of work, we caught the runaway dog yesterday morning!!!!! someone called our clinic and a couple of the techs went out and got him; he was just half a block down the street. it’s kind of ironic, we were worried about him being able to find food, but guess where we found him…….behind a doughnut shop!!! hee hee. XD

  1770. Dame c1 Says:

    Are the constition test long easy and tedious though? The OGT’s are standardized testing all of which sucks…..I went to the doughnut shop today…..It was yummy!

  1771. Lord Sight Says:

    Dame c1: yeah, pretty much. ooooooohhhhhh, now i’m hungry 4 doughnuts!!!!!

    speaking of tests, i’m taking the ACT test in a couple weeks. is anyone else?

  1772. Dame c1 Says:

    haha I got donuts and you didn’t!!!!!!!!!!! I took the PLAN (i dunno it like prepares you for the ACT) and it said my ACT score would be 27-31 so I think i’m set!!!!!!!

  1773. Queen Angel Says:

    yup Dame is higher! and there are higher ones for sure!

    Sight: yeah we do it as well. twice in a year, begging of winter clocks go back an hour, beginning of summer they go forward an hour!

    well you’re all welcome. whatever, I as your Queen can do to please my loyal subjects i will!

    Is it just me, or do you guys get really busy that you actually can’t remember what you were doing but you just know that you are absolutely knackered?
    i feel like that this week.

    HAPPY EASTER as well.

  1774. Dame c1 Says:

    knackered??? as soon as i figure out what that means I’m gonna use it all the time
    No I can’t say that I’ve ever felt that way….

    HAPPY EASTER!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1775. Lord Sight Says:

    queen angel: what does knakered mean? i’ve been really this week 2. i’ve had ag practice from 8-12 every morning, plus i’ve been working either 8-12 in the morning or 3-5 i the afternoon… too bad i only get $6.25 an hour. oh well, at least i’m gettin a lot of hours these past 2 weeks ^_^

  1776. Lord Sight Says:

    i is watchin Balto

  1777. Queen Angel Says:

    Dame c1 & Lord Sight: oh, woops.
    Knackered means absolutley exhausted and tired. You feel totally out of it as if all your body can do is sleep and your mind doen’t work properly…very slow.

    That’s basically what it means, and what i meant.

    Lord Sight: whats ag practice?
    wow, thats a lot of work!

  1778. Lord Sight Says:

    Queen Angel: oh, well then yes i’ve felt very knackered all week! and yeah, i got almost 22 hours in the past 2 weeks, which is will make up for the next 2 week since i’m only gettin 4 hours; 8 hours if i work this Saturday.

    ag stands for Agronomy, which is an FFA team. we do things like judge hay, wheat, and soybeans on their quality, take a 100 question test about, well agronomy stuff i general, take a 10 question test about hay and its growth patterns, and lean to identify over 100 different weed and crop seeds and 100 weed and crop plants, as well as their longevity (life-cycle).

  1779. Lord Sight Says:


  1780. Dame c1 Says:

    In other words Q. Angel nothing any sane person would ever want to do

  1781. Lord Sight Says:

    Dame c1: hee hee, i like ur desciption ^_^

  1782. Dame c1 Says:

    Lord Sight: Anything for your lordship :-P

    SPING IS ARRIVING!!!!!!!!!!!! (has arrived? completely?….yeah right….Ohio having normal weather… chance it’s gonna snow again I know it)

    WHERE’S MIRAR AND ALAS I MISS THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1783. Dame c1 Says:

    SEPTEMBER 20, 2008!!!!!!!!!!!!

    (20 or 21 for England)

  1784. Lord Sight Says:

    Dame c1: it snowed a little bit Saturday and Sunday here.

    well, i just got home (9:45pm) from another contest. my score dropped like 50 points….im doing horrible. the maximum amount of points for each person is 1000, and so far my score has ranged from 326 to 427. we’ve got another one Saturday we might go to, hopfully my score will go up.

    well, i’m going to be very knackered the next 2 weeks.
    this week:
    Monday-work 3-5
    Tuesday-Ag practice 3-5
    Today (Wednesday) ffa contest
    Thursday-Ag practice 3-5
    Friday-voice lesson 3:30-4, choir rehersal 6pm, concert 7pm, Solo/Ensemble performance 8pm
    Saturday-maybe ffa contest

    next week:
    Monday-work 3-5
    Tuesday-Ag practice 3-5
    Wednesday-ffa District Contest
    Thursday-Ag practice 3-5
    Friday-choir contest
    Saturday-choir contest solos/ensembles

    it really stinks cause i’m gettin pretty backed up on my homework, and the term ends Tuesday so i’ll be gettin my grades the end of next week.

  1785. Lord Sight Says:

    Dame c1: what was the date for?

  1786. Queen Angel Says:

    whats happening on the 20th of Septemeber D.c1?

    L.Sight: oh right, i get you. sounds…boring.
    but what is agronomy? i’ve never heard that word before.
    Oh and byt he way. where is ALAS? havent seen her here for ages.

    Mirar apologies about her absence but she’s been crazily busy for a long time and still is. I don’t know whats up with her.

  1787. Dame c1 Says:

    The date….(brethe deeply c1 it’s not their fault the discussion is so off topic) is the release date for Brisingir

    L. Sight: My deepest condolences for your busy busy weeks…..SUX TO BE YOU1!!!!…..let’s see this weekend I have a Camp Cousler thingy and next weekend I have Archery camp!!! then then next planned evet I believe is May 1st My band concert

    Q. Angel: We do not accept mirar’s apologies (just kidding)

  1788. Lord Sight Says:

    Agronomy is the name of an FFA (Future Farmers of America) team. we do things like judge hay, wheat, and soybeans on their quality, take a 100 question test about, well agronomy stuff in general, take a 10 question test about hay and its growth patterns, and lean to identify over 100 different weed and crop seeds and 100 weed and crop plants, as well as their longevity (life-cycle).

  1789. Lord Sight Says:

    oh btw, not really sure where ALAS went, i’ll give her a heads up @ school monday.

    also, does anyone else here do MAP testing? weve got them the next 2 weeks….there really boring…oh well at least it will drastically cut down on homework!

  1790. Dame c1 Says:

    No don’t do MAP’s would the M stand for MO? (No I can’t spell it) Are the anything like Terra Nova tests? LESS HOMEWORK IS ALWAYS GOOD!!

  1791. Lord Sight Says:

    Dame c1: ur a camp counselor?! that is so cool!!!!!

  1792. Dame c1 Says:

    L. Sight: just for a weekend for 8-12 yr. olds but it’s gonna be SO MUCH FUN1!!!!!!!!!

  1793. Lord Sight Says:

    wwwwwwwwwweeeeeeeeellllllllllllllllll, we had our District contest for FFA today….my Agronomy team got 2nd, and we only lost by like 60 points!!! WE ARE GOING TO STATE BAYBAY!!!!!!!! sorry, i’m just really excited. also, our Dairy Foods team got 1st in their contest, and are also going to state. whats even more exciting is that the person who got 1st overall for dairy foods is was part of that 1st place team!!! go cody!!!

    also, i improved my score by over 200 points!!! yeah!!!

    btw, not really sure what MAP stands for, but they are really boring. we get an hour and a half to do them, and i got mine done on like 15 minutes yesterday. missed today’s, ill have to make it up after school some day next week. bleh.

  1794. Lord Sight Says:

    got my 5th term grades today. not so good, ubt i did bring up most of my grades. missing some stuf in english, but pretty happy with the rest of um.

    ALAS says hi, shes just been really busy lately and their internet is really slow, so she’s not able to get on here as much.

  1795. Dame c1 Says:

    CONGRADULATIONS!!!!!!!!! BAYBAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Yeah those sound like OGT’s

  1796. Lord Sight Says:

    we wet to part 1 of Distict Music Festival today, and i got a 2 ono my solos! (the highest you can get is a 1) also, my cousin David got a 1, my friend Elizabeth got a 1, and my friend Sam got a 2. im really proud of Sam because this is the first time she has ever done a solo before, and she had to do it in front of her entire family! yikes.

  1797. Lord Sight Says:

    Queen Angel and Mirar: just a shot in the dark, but do u guys happen to know an emo guy named Frasier? (not sure about the spelling, and i don’t know what his last name is)

  1798. Dame c1 Says:

    I DID THOSE!!! (the music thingy)…..I got a 2 (flute) Fish got a 1 (piano), my boyfirend got a 1 (snare), my other friend got a 3 (saxyphone) my sisy got a 2 (tuba) and my firend’s lil’ bro got a 1 (clarinet)

    I assume urs were all voice?

  1799. Lord Sight Says:

    has anybody here taken the ACT test before? im taking it next saturday.

    hurray, i get to go back to work this week!!!! i get to go in monday wednesday and friday. i’ve been off since last monday, and before that it was 2 mondays ago. i miss my animal friends…..yes im wierd i know….im just really hyper.

  1800. Q.Angel Says:

    I don’t accept her apology either.

    D.c1: Is the relase date universal? or does it release in one country first?

    Thank Goodness you two keep this thread up and runnning. i’m still trying to use this more frequently i.e. every day like you guys :P

    I’M ON HOLIDAY!!! for 2 weeks! yay!
    but i have quite a lot of work to do…

  1801. Lord Sight Says:

    Dame c1: yep. also, my friend Zach got a 2 on his clarinet solo. and our Band got a 1 on their performance and a 1- on their sight reading. not sure what our choirs got. we had 2 groups, Chamber Singers (my group) and Mixed Choir (Chamber Singers and Cantorum–ALAS’s group–mixed together).

  1802. Dame c1 Says:

    no but I’ve taken the PLAN which is like a preparer for the ACT it said I was going to get a 27-31 on the ACT……I know I shouldn’t brag…..:-P

    YAY?!???!!!!!!! Sight gets to go back to work and bring us more stories about losing animals!!!?!!!!

  1803. Queen Angel Says:

    was this?
    do you guys do a concert or is it for exams?

  1804. Dame c1 Says:

    The numbers (well the low ones) are a kinda concert but it’s more just to see how good you are the lower the number the higher the rating

    The ACT is a kinda an exam….it’s more like to see how smart you are than for actual school though (read no studying) this one you want a bigger number

    YAY!!! Q. Angel has come back……just set this as your home page you can’t avoid seeing it then!

  1805. Lord Sight Says:

    Dame c1: actually, i’m not gonna get to work as much as i thought cause i just found out i have ag practice friday. oh well, i guess we really do need to practice cause we got thursday, friday, and next tuesday to practice and that is it. our state competition is next Thursday and Friday.

    also, if i have another story about losing animals it will be my last. their policy is i lose my job if i lose 2 dogs, cause of the liability/lawsuit issues.

    Queen Angel: do u mean the choir stuff? that is a contest.

  1806. Dame c1 Says:

    Well….I have a quiz bowl tournament on April 15th…..Were kinda good I’m 2nd highest scorer the 1st is another sophmore!

  1807. Lord Sight Says:

    and colleges look at your ACT or SAT score when viewing ur application.

  1808. Dame ALAS Says:

    hi hi hi hi my dragon is now power full ive com back from training and the wolf queen will be at the ball

  1809. Lord Sight Says:

    yeah, ALAS is back!!!! and the Wolf King shall be @ the ball as well. speaking of balls, has anyone haad their Prom yet? ours in on the 3rd of May.

  1810. Lord Sight Says:

    i took the ACT test today, the science part was really hard but the rest wasn’t that bad.

    also, i is happy cause within the next month im probably getting a job (yes, another one) @ Gerbes, one of our friendly neighborhood grocery stores. only problem is, it’s gonna be hard to find free time this summer working 3 jobs (vet clinic, gerbes, apprentice locksmith–under my dad), but i’ll manage…somehow…

  1811. Dame c1 Says:

    ALAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(add more exclamation points here)*runs over and gives hug* YOUR BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(add enen more exclamation points)

    Nope no prom yet but I can’t go anyway

    NO!!! L. Sight you ca ‘t leave!!!! Your dad’s a locksmith that ‘s kinda cool.

  1812. Lord Sight Says:

    oh don’t worry, i’ll stick around…i check this place at least 4 times a day as it is. i’ll make time.

    hee hee, speaking of my dad, he had to come to school today to unlock my friend’s car. Haley locked her keys in it.

    also, i’m really excited about the gerbes job. i’ve been going there like every day to see what it’s like, and i’ve been spending a lot more time with my friend Derek who works there. and we’ll be havin about the same hours, so i wont feel like such a complete stranger…or feel as bored of we get slow. of course thats all assuming i get the job, but the manager told me i most likely would.

  1813. Lord Sight Says:

    ……i also i applied to our local walgreens……0.o……………..retail stores are taking over!!!……..0.o………………………

  1814. Dame c1 Says:

    What’s gerbes? i’m much more for the local stores than the retail i mean DaVinci’s is the best place in town!!!! (you wouldn’t know cause you’re not from my town! ha!)

  1815. Lord Sight Says:

    gerbes is a retail store, or grocery store.

    i renewed my walgreens application last night…………AND I GOT A CALL THIS MORNING!!! i’m calling them back tomorrow to set up a job interview. summer job, here i come! or rather, 2nd summer job.

  1816. Dame c1 Says:

    I need a job……nobody will hire me though cause I’m not old enough…..and I can’t drive…..:-(

  1817. Queen Angel Says:

    ahhh, thats a good idea c1. i think i’ll try that.
    i’m so busy…stupid exams coming up.
    *shakes head*
    i want a summer job…but apparently i’m too young and i don’t relaly know anyone with kids that i can babysit
    oh the woes of teenage life!

  1818. Dame c1 Says:

    I only have one person that I baby sit for… exams aren’t till the beginning of june!!! (stupid snow days I was gettin out on May 31)

  1819. Lord Sight Says:

    Queen Angel: u can say that again….

  1820. Dame c1 Says:

    So Sight are you cursed because you have a job and therefore must give up part of your summer to work, or are you blessed because you will have money to do stuff with this summer?

  1821. Queen Angel Says:

    i have one on May 14th then another on 20th of June. grr

    Lord Sight: what should i say again?
    oh the woes of teenage life?

  1822. DameALAS Says:

    i have a job at mcdonolds oh queen angel the wolves want to know whats to eat at the ball there very picky about their food i hate testing too but its a test oh wolfie dont ansewer

    always comeing near but never here always wished for but it could never be, for it would be a great feat to be ahead of ones feet. what am i

  1823. Lord Sight Says:

    dame c1: kind of both, but i’ve got a lot of schoolwork to do and it keeps piling up. some of it i’ve had to do for over a month now. ugh. i’m gonna b up really late tonight working my but off.

    Queen Angel: yep. (see above)

  1824. Dame c1 Says:

    Why don’t you have exams all at once?

  1825. Dame c1 Says:

    D. ALAS:is it tomorrow? HI!!!!!!!!!!

  1826. Lord Sight Says:

    Dame ALAS: not sure why i u don’t want me to answer, i have no idea what it is.

  1827. Dame c1 Says:

    L. Sight: That’s why she doesn’t want you to guess she doesn’t like nonsense answer only sensible answers like mine :-P…….as if i could say anything sensible

  1828. Queen Angel Says:

    L. Sight: Oh the woes of teenage life! *does a drama queen guesture*

    D.Alas: wolves? what wolves? i think we shall have McDonalds, KFC, Chines, Thai, Indian, BBQ and fish n chips. Plus the normal firday night english curry.
    Any futher suggestions?


  1829. Lord Sight Says:

    Q. Angel: …..taco bell……….
    what’s friday night english curry?

    does anyone here have a facebook?

  1830. dame c1 Says:

    Q. Angel: what exatcly is curry?…….oh taco bell sounds good…….use that to replace McDonald’s i’m not eating there at the moment cause their promoting the gay adgenda……but we definatly need a dessert i’d like to suggest Necco’s and 3 Musketeers bars

    Nope on facebook……my dad would never let my have anything like that, xanga, myspace, facebook…….I am on youtube cause a friend was filming a drummer and I’m sitting in the background staring in amazement……w/ my boyfriend

  1831. Queen Angel Says:

    Taco Bell? Never had it but sounds yummy!
    Well, the new meal of england is Indian curry’s, we seem to really like them. Especially Chicken Korma.
    McDonald’s is yummy…but not all the time. I haven’t bought something there in quite a while…

    Nope, no facebook. can’t be bothered to actually get one.

  1832. Dame c1 Says:

    What is in curry? what’s chicken Korma?

    Taco Bell is an american fast food chain they serve “mexican” food I dunno about u guys but if I were mexican and that’s authentic mexican food I would hid my face in shame

  1833. Lord Sight Says:

    yeah, we have a foreign exchange student from mexico who said that taco bell is the nastiest thing he has ever eaten.

    pretty much, taco bell is a cheap, fast-food version of mexica food. however, it is awesome!

    yeah, i’ve gotten tired of mcdonald’s lately too. i eat there too much, need 2 take a break.

  1834. Lord Sight Says:

    11 more days of school!

  1835. Dame c1 Says:

    L. SIght: Not Fair!!! we have 17! but that counts exams and the day we all go to the park so the seniors can have the school to present their senior projects

  1836. Lord Sight Says:

    c1: i sorry

    10 days left of school (6 days of class, 4 days of exams)

  1837. Dame c1 Says:

    this is sad…I’m really not likeing those snow days now…..16 more days!!!!! but I only have 2 days of exams

  1838. Queen Angel Says:

    6 days left? i have about that long until halfterm and then another 6 weeks after that.
    lucky american kiddies.

    Dame c1: you must have had indian curry….right? Chicked Korma is chicken in a creamy sauce. very nice not spicy at all.
    you’re still getting snow c1? how come? shouldn’t it be summer-y and hot now?

    I did an exam today. it went rather well. :D

  1839. Lord Sight Says:

    dame c1: how do u guys do your day scheduling/final scheduling. we have a block schedule….classes 1-4 on one day, 5-8 the next. the days just alternate. for finals, we come in and do one final, then have 2 hours for open lunch, then come in for another final. we have 2 finals a day, 2 and a half hours each.

  1840. Dame c1 Says:

    Q angel: no were not having snow still but the snow we got in december etc. casued us to have to go longer so I don’t like the days we got off then that reappering now

    L. Sight: Our schelduling is the same cept we call them A and B days. we’re doing all our exams in 2 days this semster so we’ll have 2 1.5hour exams in the morning a 1.5 hour break for open lunch then another on in the afternoon that we can leave when we want. apparently everyone has 2 classes that don’t take exams so we can do it w/ only 6 exams instead of 8

  1841. Queen Angel Says:

    I get you now.

    i have no idea what you asked Lady c1, Lord Sight.
    no idea

  1842. Lord Sight Says:

    don’t know who posted it, but i’m gonna see prince caspian too!

  1843. Lord Sight Says:

    only 4 and half days left!

  1844. Dame c1 Says:

    Yeah….that was me that said the caspian thing I dunno why but for some reason my computer decided it doesn’t want to put my name in the spot anymore so I have to do it myself every time

    Q. Angel: mostly he asked me how my school arranges our exams (big tests over all the subjects)

  1845. Chelsea Says:

    Need I remind everyone that this is a board for Inheritance Cycle related comments…what is this a chat room???

    I should have never left…=(

  1846. Dame c1 Says:

    Chelsea: It’s kinda late for that…….and yeah we know it’s supposed to be Inheritance we’ve just pretty much run out of things to talk about so we make up stuff as we go along but if you ask nicely we might give you a title if you’d like to rejoin us :-P

  1847. Lord Sight Says:

    c1: yeah, i know what u mean, it won’t put my name in the box anymore.


  1848. Lord Sight Says:

    welcome back Chelsea!!!!!!!

    now if i could only get ALAS to come back……

  1849. Dame c1 Says:

    L. Sight: totally not fair!!! MO even gets more snow than OH (doesn’t it oh well who cares if i’m right or not) you should have to go longer than me!!!!!!!!!! Where did ALAS go anyway? Tell her she can come to my school’s out party if she comes back :-P

  1850. John Says:

    When is the second movie comeing out

  1851. Dame c1 Says:

    John: if it’s anything like the first hopefully never but the 3rd book should be coming out in september…..somewhere around the 20th

  1852. Lord Sight Says:

    well, c1, we actually would have probably, but our governor past a law that limited the number of snow days we are allowed to make up.

    has anyone seen the movie 21?

  1853. Lord Sight Says:

    i is goin to a Nightwish concert with ALAS tonight!

  1854. Dame c1 Says:

    What type of music does Nightwish play I’ve never heard of them?

  1855. Lord Sight Says:

    i got to see Sonic Syndicate open for Nightwish last night. both bands are completely awesome!

  1856. Lord Sight Says:

    c1: i would consider Nightwish “celtic-rock” but they are technically Metal. true metal, not the hard rock bands out today that people consider metal. anyways, they are awesome. i term them as celtic-rock because the instruments are rock/metal style, but the female singer has a “celtic-sounding” voice. they are from Finland/Sweden.

    Sonic Syndicate is a melodic metal band from Sweden.

  1857. Dame c1 Says:

    did they sing in english?…..What does a finnish/swedish accent sound like? and what is the actual difference b/w rock and metal? I think I missed some music lessons from the world

  1858. Lord Sight Says:

    dame c1: actually, yah they did sing in english. it’s really wierd because when they talked it was hard to understand them cause of their accent, but they sang very clearly in english.

    okay, the difference between rock and metal……wow…..this is a tough one. well, technically Metal is a form of rock music, but there is a difference in the way rock and Metal “sound” as well as the types, and arrangement, of the instruments used. for example: Nickelback–rock….Evanescence–gothic Metal. there is also different types: hard rock, pop rock, punk rock, ect.

    not sure if that helps any, but i can give some examples of both.

    Rock–nickelback, three days grace, finger eleven, 3 doors down, Hoobastank, saosin.

    Metal–led zeplin, AC/DC, type o negative, black sabbath, blue oyster cult, opeth, lamb of god, deep purple, iron maiden.

  1859. Lord Sight Says:

    dame c1: wow, the swedish accent thing is a toughy. i can’t really describe it, but if u can go to, here is an interview of Nightwish:

    u only hear the singer talking, but the guys’ accents didn’t sound that different from her’s. (she is from sweden, and the rest are from finland.)

    also, the video loads kinda slow.

  1860. Dame c1 Says:

    Their accent didn’t sound so different tahn ours, but I do get teh differece b/w the rock and metal.

    The only concert I’ve ever been to was Building 429, Family force 5, Thousand Foot Krutch and TobyMac

  1861. Lord Sight Says:

    wow, now its my turn! i’ve heard of TobyMac, but not the others. what genre are they?

    i went to a Three Dog Night (rock ‘n roll) concert when i was really young, Casting Pearls came to our school ad did a mini-concert, and the Nightwish concert last wednesday that was opened by Sonic Syndicate. so technically i’ve been to 3.

    i see what ur saying about there accents. they aren’t that different, but u can still hear it a little. the original singer had a really strong finish accent, though. teh bass player/singer has a stronger accent. i couldn’t find a good interview of him, though….

  1862. Lord Sight Says:

    dame c1: yah, ALAS’s mom expained the difference between rock and metal to me on the way to the concert. she’s practically an expert….i was amazed. and confused at times.

  1863. Dame c1 Says:

    There all chrstian rock mostly, I gotta run I’m having friends over from my schools out! party

  1864. Dame c1 Says:

    they all do some softer stuff too, except FF5 it’s all rock and screamo stuff. but never pass up a chance to see TobyMac in concert that was amazing

  1865. Lord Sight Says:

    dame c1: congrats! ur gonna b a junior, right?

    yah, i like christian rock, too. ever heard of 12 Stones?

  1866. Lord Sight Says:

    i did realy 4 life last night. my feet and bak still hurt…ugh.

  1867. Queen Angel Says:


    i dislike exams

    had too many, keeps me too busy

    and coursework, dislike that too.

    How’s everyone been? Sorry for the long abscence

  1868. Lord Sight Says:

    Queen Angel: welcome back! now if we could just get ALAS to come back on a “regular” basis. btw, is mirar ever comin back? she’s been gone a really long time.

  1869. Dame c1 Says:

    Yeah okay I was gone too for a week and I was in NYC!!!! it was sweet!!!

    L. SIght: yes i’ve heard of 12 Stones ever heard of The Rocket Summer? He’s not necissarily christian but he’s really good

  1870. Queen Angel Says:

    I don’t like this time of the year.
    I apologise to all but at the moment I’m going to have a right royal moan.
    Its June and i have a cold, i have exams, coursework due, homework due and no time to do it in. And i don’t like rounders…at all!!

    So how are you guys anyway?

    I don’t think Mirar is coming back. She’s a bit lazy and a tad bit busy. *shakes head*

  1871. Lord Sight Says:

    dame c1: i’ve heard a few of rocket summer’s songs. i like em.

  1872. Dame c1 Says:

    Guess what!?!?!? I get to go to Kelleys Island and watch little kids run around like crazy!! 4-H camp is fun!!! *cheesy grin* (it really is fun though)

  1873. Lord Sight Says:

    so, how is everyone’s summer going?

  1874. Didn't hold a candle Says:

    The movie didn’t hold a candle to the book but I still liked it. My summer is going great, btw! :- )

  1875. Didn't hold a candle Says:

    The movie didn’t hold a candle to the book but I still liked it. My summer is going great, btw! :- )

  1876. Lord Sight Says:

    didn’t hold a candle: not exactly sure what that means, but i think i get your point. and i agree!

    i start my Walgreens training tomorrow….finally!

  1877. Dame c1 Says:

    So 4-H camp was rather intereting we had a group of horrilbe boys who could not learn how to behave but other than that it was lots of fun.

    My summer is going…..wait what’s summer……yeah I didn’t quite realize that summer started yet I am taking a calc class this summer cause my parents told me too… kinda sucks…..other than that i’m good how bout you guys?

  1878. Lord Sight Says:

    i’ve been busy up the wazoo (not sure how to even begin to attempt to spell that). i started my training for walgreens…im working 6-8 hour shifts 5 days out of the week till the 8th of july roles around….its fun, though.

    on top of that, im still working my other job at the vet clinic, although my hours got pretty much cut in half cause of the time required for my WG training. and for the next 2 weeks im going to be dog-sitting for my principal, who is chaperoning our school’s band for the Washington DC independance day parade, and taking care of my aunt/uncle’s dogs while they are away with my cousin who is going to have her baby soon.

    and a week after that, my WG store (i’m training in another city) is having its grand opening…..and a week aftere that i’m taking care of my aunt/uncle’s (different couple) plants for a week and a half why they are away in the bahamas.

    after that i have exactly one month until the first day of my Senior year in high school. i’m pretty much working the summer away….but i’m having fun at least. maybe now i can actually afford gas for my car D:

  1879. Naruto Episodes Says:

    woah i loved the Eragon movie.. maybe ill get the script for my school! thanks for letting me know!

  1880. Chelsea Says:

    Wow if you loved the movie you must have never read the book. It did it NO justice!

  1881. Chelsea Says:

    Dame C1 from the May 22nd post:

    I believe I read that you said: “Chelsea: It’s kinda late for that…….and yeah we know it’s supposed to be Inheritance we’ve just pretty much run out of things to talk about so we make up stuff as we go along but if you ask nicely we might give you a title if you’d like to rejoin us :-P”

    So um…I’m very positive that you cannot actually…LETME rejoin considering this is not your website. I’m simply asking that we respect why it was made and if you want to chat, go to a CHAT room. I came back to see if there were recent comments about the 3rd book, but I found…other things. =) By the way, if you
    ve run out of things to say, just go somewhere else because…this is the Inheritance cycle…not a chat room once again.

    For backup…read LiB’s simple ground rules for comments #2. It’s right above where you put your name…simple enough.

  1882. Chelsea Says:

    Topics we SHOULD talk about…:

    -The weapon under the menoa tree

    -The Rock of Kuthian/Vault of Souls

    -The third rider

    -The death at the end of the 3rd book

    -The third dragon egg

    -Brom’s actual relationship with Selena

    -How Galbatorix gains power so quickly

    etc…just some interesting ones

  1883. Dame c1 Says:

    Chelsea: then rejoin but a)we’ve covered those topics and now are waiting for the third book to come out (sept. 21st!!) and b)LiB has to say okay to the posts first before their here so she apparently doesn’t have a problem w/ us just chatting! But if all you’re going to do is yell at us then why even bother coming back bring something up about the book you aren’t exactly talking about it either

    L. Sight: haha my school doesn’t start till the end or aug.

    I just got back from band camp and it was awesome and very tiring, so very tiring

  1884. Lord Sight Says:

    Chelsea: no offense, but no one said that we ran the website, c1 was just trying to make a polite conversation with you, you didn’t have to go all hostil on us. and while i understand your point about the purpose of this sight, we’ve talkied about the books, and we’ve made attempts to bring things up about it, but its kind of hard to talk about the Cycle when nothing new has been added to it for such a long time.

  1885. Lord Sight Says:

    Chelsea: also, as you said, its LiB’s site, and if she wanted us off, she can just ask us to leave/stop and we would gladly do it.

  1886. Sarah Houghton-Jan (LiB) Says:

    OK, so, this is Sarah again – the Librarian in Black (LiB). This is my site, and this discussion is happening in the comments section of a post I did on the “upcoming Eragon movie” a very long time ago. When I wrote about it, I didn’t anticipate that some readers would use the comments section as a discussion board. But I don’t mind that it’s happening. And I think that almost anything Eragon-related is fair game. Feel free to post away, as long as the posts follow the 2 rules (Nothing nasty & comments have to relate to the post topic).

  1887. Dame c1 Says:

    LiB: Does this mean no more random chatter?

  1888. Lord Sight Says:

    LiB: sorry things got out of hand.

    Chelsea: im sorry if what i said offended you, i didnt mean it that way.

  1889. Lord Sight Says:

    has there been a set date for the 3rd book yet?

    and is it true that the series is being lengthened?

  1890. Dame c1 Says:

    LiB: Does this mean no more random chatter?

  1891. Sarah Houghton-Jan (LiB) Says:

    Well, random chatter seems to have infiltrated this discussion slowly so for this one post, this one exception, random friendly chatter is fine. I’m happy to provide a place for you all to get to know each other surrounding a shared interest (Eragon). Just, no sniping or nastiness please. We all get enough of that in other parts of our lives. There’s no reason we have to log in to do something fun and see anger and poisonous words. ‘Kay?

  1892. Dame c1 Says:

    L. Sight: that’s what I heard too which makes it not a triology anymore but oh well

    LiB: YAAAYYY!!!! I promise I’ll be good thank-you!!!



  1893. Dame c1 Says:

    So where did everybody go?…..I’m all alone in the world….

    MY BEST FRIEND GOT BACK FROM ITALY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1894. Queen Angel Says:


    Sorry i am such a lousy Queen, and then i come back on a day before i go on holiday for two weeks…yah i suck!
    Sorry guys, i miss you all as well. Silly school making me do loads of work and courseowrk and homework! Grrr.

    Chelsea: Heya, welcome back. We do occassionally talk about the Inheritance it’s just nothing recent has happened with it. Like a while back i did ask Lord Sight when the 3rd book came out but i don’t think he knew…is it semptember?
    When the last book comes out we will talk about it until we’ve talked all about it and there’s nothing else to talk about.
    So have fun join the the random chatter and wait in suspense for the last book…just like we all are


    Oh yes, i am Queen for a reason. lol xP

  1895. Queen Angel Says:

    Eragon will go to the Vault of Souls to get a new sword and i bet it will be the original Eragon’s white sword…but thats kinda predictable. And i get the feeling Karina or Roran will die cos otherwise it’s cliche!

  1896. Dame c1 Says:

    Q. Angel: yea!!!! someone else!!!!! I don’t think CP really has a problem w/ cliche if you ask me but Roran can die anyway I never really liked him
    MWHAHAHAHA your in school we’re not out till the end of Aug…….have fun on holiday though and yea it comes out on the 21st or 22nd for england

  1897. Lord Sight Says:

    dame c1: i have returned! sorry, i kinda got scared away for a little bit, and i’ve been busy with work, but im back now! happy birthday! oh and when does your school start back up? mine starts back up on Wednesday, August 20th. its retarted. but now we’re gettin out 2 hours early on a certain amount of wednesdays so all the teachers can get together for a meeting or something. idk.

    queen angel: actually, its been extended to a cycle instead of a trilogy. have fun on your trip!

  1898. Lord Sight Says:

    LiB: thanks! and sorry

  1899. Lord Sight Says:

    does anyone here listen to Shinedown?

  1900. Dame c1 Says:

    L. Sight: I think it starts the 25th but i’m not sure I’ll figure it out like 2 days before. We have early dismissal the first wed. of every month so that the teachers can have a meeting. and no I can’t say i’ve ever heard of Shinedown

    So they’re not even sure it’s going to be a quartet as apposed to a trilogy?

  1901. Lord Sight Says:

    Dame c1: well, their calling it the “Inheritance Cycle” now instead of the inheritance trilogy. there is definately going to be a fourth book, but i dont know if there are any plans for any further ext