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Don’t Put Ads in my Feeds

February 4, 2004

A new online ad network, RSSAds (based in San Francisco), is working on simple ways to incorporate text ads into RSS feeds. No ads for me please. My RSS feeds are currently ad-free, and I like them that way. That’s one of the reasons I prefer RSS to site-surfing–I don’t have to deal with those god-awful flashing ads in the margins distracting me from the content.

“Don’t Put Ads in my Feeds”

  1. Owen Richardson Says:

    So long as you have no reason why you can’t use firefox, there’s this really excellent add-on called adblock plus that you can slap on to get rid of “those god-awful flashing ads in the margins”.

    It’s no trouble to install it and it works great.

    Thought you might be interested, if you didn’t know.

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