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100 Generations CD-R Test

February 18, 2004

Alright, so some guy named Brian made copies of copies of copies of CD-Rs and documented his experiment. This is something I had always wondered about, and it’s good to see that someone with a lot of spare time actually did it, and had the presence of mind to share his results. And, the results may surprise you.

“100 Generations CD-R Test”

  1. Walt Crawford Says:

    Great post!

    Actually, the results didn’t surprise me. He wasn’t pushing CD-R limits with any of the drives (no 48x writes, for example)…

    But it’s good to see some confirmation.

    I’ve actually seen claims in the high-end audio field that a CD-R copy of a (pressed) audio CD could actually be better than the original, because of lower jitter factors. The suggestion makes me nervous…particularly since it would still be a bit-identical copy.

  2. Ray Says:

    Also not surprised with the results tho if you tried this with an silver audio CD the test would be more usefull. If you try this with audio using Nero my bet you’ll have your failure very soon as Nero doesn’t burn 1:1 audio. The only program could do so is EAC (Exact Audio Copy). Second even then you could have a failure if you don’t set your offset of the drive. Also you need to extract the audio first from the disc so if there are read errors you know where. Cleaning a disc before burning helps :D

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