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BBC reports that Japan has just sentenced Monotori Kishi to a year in prison for distributing obscene literature. Kishi has naturally appealed the decision. I don’t know how many Americans are familiar with manga as genre, but most of it has sexual content. Something I didn’t know is that 45% of books and periodicals sold in Japan are manga. I find this decision quite frightening, and an act of censorship on its purest level. If anyone can define pornography for me, in a way that everyone can agree to, let me know, ok? I’ve been looking for that elusive definition for quite some time now.

“Japan Hands Down Sentence for Obscene Manga”

  1. sara Says:

    pornography technically –is when there is intercourse being shown. a naked woman is not pornogrpahy….learned this in a library class…

  2. tangognat Says:

    I’m going to have to quibble a little bit with your statement that most manga has sexual content :)

    It is a little bit like saying “most librarians are female” or “most comic books feature spandex wearing superbeings”. While there is certainly an element of truth to that, especially in Japan where the market for manga is very different than the US market for comic books, the audience for the censored work “Honey Room” is vastly different than the audience for “Sailor Moon All-Stars.”

    Much of the manga available in the US today has no more sexual content than you would expect to find in your average young adult or teen novel.

    I’m not saying that its ok to censor manga, just that plenty of it wouldn’t prompt a censorship action in the first place :)

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