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Nielsen’s is a great site on info tech usability that all tech librarians should have on their happy-site list (has an RSS feed too). His newest suggestions for cleaning up info glut are wonderful, and have some suggestions for companies/organizations as well as individuals. Please, anything that will result in less than 150 useless e-mails a day in my inbox…please.

“Jakob Nielsen’s “Ten Steps for Cleaning Up Information Pollution””

  1. Wim V Says:

    What a terrible website. I can’t even find the RSS feed you mention.

  2. Librarian in Black Says:

    Here’s the URL for the RSS feed: I’ll admit it’s not a pretty site, but that’s because Nielsen is the usability-king. He designs for the lowest common denominators (browser, connection speed, disabilities, etc.). That’s what makes it usable. I’ve found his site to be useful, and I hope others do too.

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