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Images of Real War

January 29, 2004

Joi Ito posted a video clip that has been making the rounds. It is thermal-imaging footage shot on December 1st from a U.S. Apache attack helicopter engaging Iraqis, who were attempting to launch a Stinger missile at the Apache. The Apache responds with force.

Snopes has a posting on the video (they’ve left it “undetermined,” even though ABC News has confirmed its authenticity), which includes additional links to download it. One of Ito’s readers posted an excellent comment–that the continued shooting of a man, after he has been wounded and incapacitated, is a violation of Article 3 of the Geneva Convention. What do you think Rumsfeld would say to that?

Don’t watch the video if you are easily affected by disturbing images. I am, and I watched it anyway, mainly because my little brother was stationed in Iraq for several months when the war started, and I am now finding the war much more personalized. Fortunately, he came home safely, but the same can not be said for some of his friends.

This is what war is really about. I know that my readership is (statistically speaking) largely opposed to the war already, but images like this make more of an impact than any stories you hear on the news. In fact, every news network should be showing this clip, to remind people that the war is still going on and people are dying.

“Images of Real War”

  1. alan Says:

    Wow. Truly disturbing. It’s like they’re playing a video game and the humans will just regenerate. Thanks for alerting me to this.

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