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Free USB Drive

January 30, 2004

So, higlighted this free 32MB flash drive from both eCost and PCMall. 32MB is pretty small for a flash drive, but if you’re looking to get your feet wet with this technology, this would be a good/free way to do it.

“Free USB Drive”

  1. K.G. Schneider Says:

    y’know, small, yes, but I have a 64mb that came with my Dell, and despite my best efforts, and I use it ALL the time, it’s got buckets of space left. If you aren’t moblogging or making videos of cats playing with the printer (two very worthy activities, of course), a 32mb flash drive would be a good project assistant, at minimum. Not that I would turn down a 256…

    My biggest problem is the darn thing is so small I keep misplacing it. I don’t REALLY want to put it on my keychain…

  2. Tim Says:

    Yes, 32MB seems small but it’s 32 TIMES what you can put on a (high-density) floppy. And don’t get me started about the old days, when an IBM 3747 8″ floppy disk drive help much, much less (I don’t have the exact figure here), or when we had to punch our data onto cards… and walk five miles, in the snow, uphill, both ways, to do it! And were glad to have em, too! Hey you kids, get off my porch!

  3. kajal kathiriya Says:

    i will be thunkful

  4. kajal kathiriya Says:

    i will be thunkful

  5. Kalpesh Says:

    34 mb is small but bigger than floppy disk

  6. manoj Says:

    i will be thunkful
    34 mb is small but bigger than floppy disk

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